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By J 0 HN NORRIS, Rector of Bumer ton
near Sarum.

Immenfum rerum confecimut aquor,
Et jam tempus equum fumarttia folvere colla,

Printed for S. Munjhip, at the Ship in ComhiE, near the Rcj/it-
Excbange; and W. Hivies, at the E$fi in Luigati-stnet,
near the West-Eni of St. Paul's Church. MDCCIV.

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To the Right Worshipful Sir Thomas Cookes Winford, of Astly in the County of Worcester, Baronet.


TH E Respect that I intend You, and the real Honour that I do my Self, in prefixing your Name to these Papers, will, I hope, excuse my Presumption in waiting upon You with* so mean a Present: If not, your own Goodness Iamperswaded will, of which the greatest Commendation that I can give, will be my Reliance upon it. Should You meet with any thing like Entertainment here , I should be well pleased, tho' I dare not promise You any. You are desired, Sir, to sit down at a Philosophers Table, which does not use to be either very nicely, or very magnificently spread, but whose chief Furni

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