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The Roman numerals refer to the volumes; the Arabic figures to the pages.

ii, 436

Ability of the Lord to save his people | Angels, the existence of, discovered by
from all sin, i, 122

faith, ii, 407--the nature of, ii, 134,
Abstinence, what, i, 246

140_-address to the, ii, 490
Abyssinia, state of, in regard to religion, Angelic Perfection, what, ii, 168

Anger, a disease of human nature, ü,
Account, which every one must render 310—the sin of indulging, i, 189-sin-
to God, i, 453

ful, a cause of spiritual darkness, i,
Actions of men, none of them purely in- 411-inconsistent with Christian zeal,
different, i, 456

ii, 291-engendered by gay apparel,
Adam, the representative of all men, i, ii, 260

46_sentence of God upon, ii, 33 Animals, creation of, ü, 28
Adamic Perfection, what, ii, 168 Animals, our ignorance of many of the,
Addison, quotation from, ii, 232, 346,

ii, 120
i, 418

Animated Nature, future state of, ii, 86
Adoption, Spirit of, described, i, 81 Annesley, Dr., quotation from, ii, 381
Adrian, the emperor, address of, to his Antinomianism, what, i, 176, 225. in the
soul, ii, 131, 425

primitive Church, ii, 61-practical,
Advice proper to be given to an awaken- not uncommon, i, 321
ed person, i, 145

Avontovs, explained, ii, 251
Ifliction, advantages of, ii, 481--the Avoow aivos, explained, ii, 213
voice of God, ii, 525

Apathy, not Christian meekness, i, 188
Africans, wretched state of the, ii, 122 A Tavyagua, explained, i, 210, 309
Ayatn, explained, ii, 280

Apostates, misery of, i, 214—possibility
Ayabocpyliv, explained, i, 266

of their finding mercy, ii, 247.
Age, the effects of, ii, 35

Apparel, costly, to be avoided, ii, 259
Aged people, duty of, to avoid public di- Arians, deny the imputation of Christ's
versions, ii, 529

righteousness, i, 174—know Christ
Aylov, to, what, i, 283

after the flesh, ii, 442
Ayun, explained, i, 310

Armour of God, what, ii, 146
Αγωνιζεσθε εισελθειν, explained, i, 290 Arrogance, to be avoided, ii, 346
Air, original state of the, ü, 27-our ig- Artificers, guided by reason, ii, 128

norance of its nature, ii, 119-state of, Assembly's Catechism, quoted, ii, 430
in the new earth, ii, 84

Assizes, description of an, i, 126
Alazovala, what, ii, 188, 252

Astronomers, contradictory calculations
nos, explained, i, 238

of, ii, 118
Almost Christian, the, described, i, 20 Athanasian Creed, remarks upon the, ii,
Alms, to be given with a pure intention,
i, 233

Atheism, described, ü, 483—a disease of
American Indians, state of the, ii, 122 human nature, ii, 309, 474-inculcated
American war, misery of the people, under various names, ii, 433 -prac.
during the, i, 517

tical, produced by riches, ii, 398
Ananias and Sapphira, the case of, ü, 60 A0801, wh), i, 394 ; ii, 192
Ancient writers, prejudices in favour of, Atheists, account of two, ii, 483
ü, 358

Atmosphere, original state of the, ii, 28
Avespaonuev, explained, i, 103

Atonement, cannot be made by the sin-
Angel, no proof that one attends every

ner, i, 182
man, ii, 142

Atterbury, Bishop, anecdote of, ii, 278



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Attributes of God, described, ii, 429– ation, ii, 214, 480-difference between

destroyed by the doctrine of absolute a mortal and a glorified, ii, 510_our
predestination, i, 488

ignorance of many things relating to
Augustine, character of, ii, 110-quoted, our, ii, 120—not to be transparent, ii,
ii, 77, 107, 238, 366

Auto da Fés, account of, by Dr. Geddes, Bodily disorders, a cause of spiritual
ii, 286

heaviness, i, 420
Awakened Sinner, described, i, 78 Bondage, spirit of, described, i, 78

Born of God, in what sense he that is,
Babe in Christ, experience of a, ii, 221 sinneth not, i, 16
Babes in Christ, whn, ii, 410-free from Brerewood, Mr., his calculations respect-
the power of sin, i, 359

ing the state of the world, ii, 74, 436
Backbiting, what, i, 433

Breathing, described, ii, 402
Backsliders, despair of many, ii, 239 Broad way, what, i, 287
may be restored, ii, 247

Brute Creation, original state of the, ü,
- Balaam, address of, to Balak, ii, 378
Baptism, not the new birth, i, 404— Brutes, subjected to vanity, ii, 53—fu-

grace of, often lost, i, 161, 406–does ture state of, ii, 54conjecture con-
not supersede the necessity of the new cerning, ii, 55
birth, i, 160

Building upon a rock, i, 361-upon the
Barciay, Robert, denied the imputation sand, what, i, 299

of Christ's righteousness, i, 175 Bull, Bishop, erroneous doctrines of, ii,
Barnabas, contention of, with Paul, i, 493
165, 195; ii, 281

Burkitt, Mr., mistake of, ii, 456
Baronet, a rich, annoyed by a puff of Bunyan, John, inconsistency of, ii, 176
smoke, ii, 257, 400

Burlomachi, Mons., treatise of,c

Bartoloyntete, explained, i, 235

ii, 433
Barter, striking quotation from, ii, 89— Business, best way of transacting, ii, 269

mistake of, corrected, ii, 295
Beggar, affecting case of a, ii, 419 Called, what, ii, 40
Beggars, common, the question of re- Caldin, quoted respecting the imputa-
lieving, ii, 419

tion of Christ's righteousness, i, 173-
Behmen, Jacob, strange conceit of, ii, 85 did not separate from the church, ii,
Believing the Gospel, explained and en- 374-burned Servetus alive, ii, 21
forced, i, 67

Calvinists, prove that opinion is not re-
Believers, in Christ Jesus, who, i, 68 ligion, ii, 20
Bellarmine, dying saying of, i, 172 Campbell, Mr., opinion of, refuted, ü,
Beneficence, à source of enjoyment, ü, 467
230-recommended, ii, 452

Cards, remarks upon playing at, ii, 272
Bengelius, calculation of, referred to, i, Carc, anxious, forbidden, i, 273

401—his doubts respecting 1 John v, Cases of Conscience, solved by the help
7, ii, 21

of reason, ii, 129
Bentley, Dr., haughtiness of, ii, 346 Catholic Spirit, defined, i, 354-illustra-
Bereans, blessing of God upon the, in trated, i, 347–distinguished from La-

searching the Scriptures, i, 141 titudinarianism, and indifference to
Bible, various editions of the English, congregations, i, 353
mentioned, ii, 280

Catacombs of Rome, mentioned, ii, 358
Bigotry, defined, i, 345—the evil of, i, Ceremonies, not true religion, i, 61

Chadsey, Eliz., case of, ii, 216
Birds, creation of, ii, 29-our ignorance Characters of all men will be unfolded in
of, in several respects, ii, 120

the day of judgment, i, 129
Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, what, Xapartmp, explained, i, 210
ii, 245

Charles XII., death of, ii, 463
Blasphemy of complaining that the terms Charity, properties of, i, 193—the exer-
of the Christian covenant are too se- cise of, a consequence of the fall, ii,

Blessedness of those that hunger and Chesterfield, Lord, infamous principles

thirst after righteousness, i, 192 of, ii, 345, 477
Boarding Schools, evils of, ii, 306 Children, the souls of, to be cared for, ü,
Body, human, description of the, ii, 402 302—how to be instructed, ii, 304,431

entrusted to men by God, i, 450- -right management of, ii, 310-pro-
influence of, upon the soul, ii, 34-not per food of, ii, 314-obedience due
the seat of sin, ii, 172–-imperfections from, to their parents, ii, 317-re-
of, ii, 479—- the four elements com- marks upon the dress of, ii, 321- the
bined in the, ü, 402--a source of tempt- bequeatlument of property to, i, 446

vere, i, 153

China, the empire of, ii, 364

ii, 364-heat of, when returning from
XoNseveral, explained,'i, 193

the sun, i, 132
Christ, the person of, ii, 533—the true Comfort, promised to Christian mourn-

God, ii, 178—the Creator and Pre- ers, i, 186
server of all things, ii, 178-eternal Comparative Divinity, beautiful view

life, ii, 180_condescension of, ii, 234 of, ii, 289, 292
Christian, a, altogether, i, 23—character Communion, duty of constant, ii, 350
of a, described, ii, 390

Commandments, guilt and doom of those
Christian's joy, ground of, i, 105

who teach men to break them, i, 224
Christian Perfection, what, ii, 168. See Commutation of duties, not allowed by

God, i, 190
Christian world, state of the, ii, 75 Compliments, the term censured, ii, 278
Christian Church, state of, in different concupiscence, what, ii, 432
ages, ii, 109, 360

Condemnation, believers free from, i, 70
Christian Revelation, overthrown by the Condition of Justification, what, i, 50

doctrine of absolute predestination, i, Conference, debate in the, on leaving the

Church, ii, 369
Christians, character of real, ii, 123, 434 Conformity to the world, what, ii, 258

-two orders of, from the beginning, Conscience, defined, i, 101; ii, 377, 479
ii, 267–-real, the special care of divine -several sorts of, ü, 380-rule of, i,
Providence, ii, 104—character of, in 102-good, the same as a conscience
Jerusalem, ii, 5!)—in the Turkish do- void of offence, i, 102
minions, character of, ii, 75-profess- Constantine, injury done to Christianity
ed, wicked lives of, ii, 65

by, ii, 63, 266, 361
Christianity, in its native form, i, 209– Contemplation, holy, not the whole of

essentially a social religion, i, 211– religious worship, i, 218
difference between, and heathenisin, Contempt of inferiors, produced by
i, 397-different from morality, ii, 485 riches, ii, 400
-causes of the inefficacy of, ii, 435— Contests about religion, described, i, 169
existing in individuals, i, 34-spread- Conventicle Act, put in force against the
ing from one to another, i, 37-cover- Methodists, ii, 393
ing the earth, i, 39

Convents, origin of, ii, 374
Church, peculiar meaning of the term, Conversation, uncharitable, Christians

j; 438—the ambiguity of the term, ii, guilty of, i, 119
154—who constitute the true, ii, 155, Conversation, advice respecting, ii, 200
156–unity of, ii, 156—why denoini- Conviction of sin, described, i, 78; ii,
nated holy, ii, 160-state of, in the 483-produced by the law, i, 312
earliest ages, ii, 60, 371---state of, in manner in which it is generally pro-
modern ages, ii, 64-glory of, in the duced, i, 145—why often ineffectual,
latter day, i, 81

i, 431
Church of England, what, ii, 157-re-Convincing speech, singular instance of

marks on attending the service of, ii, the power of, ii, 284
368—several of the members of, know Conviction, of demerit and helplessness
nothing of the imputation of Christ's in believers, i, 125
righteousness, i, 175_attachment of Correction, necessity of, in regard to
the first Methodists to, i, 496

children, ii, 303
Church of Pome, idolatry of, ii, 185 Corrupting the word of God, means of,
Cicero, remarkable saying of, ii, 68— ii, 503

quoted, on Providence, ii, 99 Corruption of the heart, described, i, 64
Clarendon, Lord, refusal of, to employ Courteousness, enforced, ii, 348
spies, i, 519

Covenant of works, what, i, 56
Clarke, Dr. Adam, his account of one of Covenant of Grace, difference between,
Mr. Wesley's Sermons, ii, 491

and the covenant of works, i, 56
Clergy, the character of, in different Covetousness, described, ii, 490—in the

ages, ii, 370—-ungodly, ministry of, ii, heart of a believer, i, 118

Cowley, quoted, ii, 261, 482
Clergyman, wicked folly of a, ii, 449 Creation, the work of Christ, ii, 178--
Circumcision of the heart, defined, i, original state of the, ii, 25

Cross, taking up the, what, i, 429–
Circumstances which will precede and cessity of, 1, 430

follow the general judgment, i, 126 Cudworth, William, separation of, from
Collier at Kingswood, remarkable ac- Mr. Whitefield, i, 497
count of a, ii, 244

Cure of evil speaking, what, i, 435
Comets, our ignorance of their nature, Custom, the Pharisees not governed by,

i, 28, 118-matter pervaded by the, .i, 227


ii, 499

Cyprian, St., testimony of, concerning Discipline, Methodist, described, ii, 392
the church, ü, 371, 63, 361-striking -neglect of, by Mr. Whitefield, in
thought of, ü, 15, 365

America, i, 500

Discretion, what, ü, 277
Daily bread, what, i, 240

Diseases, sometimes occasioned by Sa-
Dancing, remarks upon, ü, 271

tan, ii, 145
Darkness, spiritual, the nature of, i, 408 Dissimulation, what, ü, 278-censured,

-the causes of, i, 410—widely differ- ii, 347
ent from heaviness, i, 424—not need- Dissipated man, character of a, ü, 193
ful, i, 425—not profitable to the mind, Dissipation, what, ii, 191, 428
i, 416--consequent upon an evil eye, Dissolution of the universe, i, 131

i, 258; ii, 447-the cure of, i, 413 Distillers of spirituous liquors, murder-
Daughters, remarks on the education of, ers general, i, 443

Distraction of mind, what, ii, 191
David, sin of, described, i, 165, 166— Diversions, remarks upon, ii, 271-pub-

sin of, in numbering Israel, i, 515— lic, the evil of, ii, 526
grief of, at the sickness of his child, Doctrines, erroneous, held by the Uni-

versity of Oxford, ii, 492
Davis, Sir John, quoted, ii, 477 ; i, 326 Auket, explained, ii, 213, 276
Day of Judgment, will probably last Dozology, of the Lord's prayer, i, 242
thousand years;
i, 128

Dream, what, ii, 461—a singular, ii, 217
Deacon, Dr., opinion of, concerning lu- Dress, costly, to be avoided,

natics, ii, 469

lemn charge concerning, ii, 328_chil-
Dean, a courtly, preaching at Whitehall, dren, remarks upon the, ii, 321
ii, 261

Drowned persons, apparently, instances
Dear, impropriety of the term, when ap- of, restored, ü, 340
plied to Christ, ü, 443

Drunkard, instance of a, reclaimed, ii,
Death, nature of, ii, 34, 404-certainty 92

of, ií, 34--the penalty of sin, i, 401- Drunkenness, habit of, may be overcome,
of a wicked man described, ii, 227– ii, 92
of a good man described, ii, 227 — Dryness, spiritual, sometimes occasioned
certainty of, ii, 232—spiritual, conse- by the want of self denial, i, 431
quent upon sin, ii, 71—final destruc-
tion of, ii, 87—of beloved relations, a Early rising, recommended, ii, 268

cause of spiritual heaviness, i, 421 Earth, original state of the, ii, 25our
Deceit, a disease of human nature, ü, 310 ignorance of many things belonging
Deceitfulness of the heart, what, ii, 475 to the, ii, 119–inherited by the meek,
Decrees of God, what, ii, 39

i, 190—future state of, ii, 86-new,
Deist, the faith of a, ii, 384-misery of what, ii, 86
a, ii, 387_objection of a, to the Biblo," Earthen vessels," described, ii, 479

Earthquake, in Sicily, i, 507--in Jamai.
Deists, extollers of reason, ii, 126

ca, i, 507—in Lima, i, 509
Assačoutvol, explained, i, 168

Earthquakes, proved to be the works of
Demerit of belieders, benefit of the con- the Lord, i, 506
viction of the, i, 125

Eastern Church, state of the, ii, 436
De Renty, deep experience of, ii, 24- Education, design of, ü, 305, 308-prac-
conduct of, in affliction, ii, 217

tical errors in, ii, 311
Desire of the flesh, what, ii, 186, 207, Edwards, Mr., success of his ministry,

252, 399, 427, 431, 489—of the eye, i, 499
what, i, 118, 396; ii, 186, 207, 225, Effeminacy, produced by riches, ü, 257
252, 399, 427, 431, 489

Egyptians, ancient, character of, i, 359
Desire, evil, danger of indulging, i, ExBasıv, explained, ii, 216
411 :

Exdvojevoi, explained, ii, 220
Desire of ease, produced by riches, ii, Election, the sense in which some con-

tend for, i, 482
Desiring to be rich, the evil of, i, 261 Elcyxos, explained, i, 35; ü, 425
Despair, danger of, ii, 239— backsliders Encyxos avevPatos, what, i, 27, 386
destroyed by, ii, 240

Elements, future state of the, ii, 84
Depil, his power in the world, i, 338 Eli, sons of, their character, ii, 369
Devils, the existence of, discovered by Elijah, translation of, ii, 34

faith, ii, 407—in what sense they may Eloquence, sometimes substituted for
be cast out, i, 338

love, ii, 282-vanity of, without love
Devotion, should be solemn, ii, 444

ii, 284
Differences, among Christians, i, 341.- Employment, the choice of an, ii, 449
causes of the, i, 171

End, of man's creation, ii, 405, 430

ii, 446

Evepytiv 70, what, ii, 235

ed the condition of justification, i, 52
Ενεργεμενη δι αγαπη, what, 1, 350

--in what sense we are justified by,
Enlightened, what, i, 214

i, 387-in what sense imputed for
Enoch, translation of, ii, 34

righteousness, i, 320-in what sense
Evoxos, explained, i, 65, 189

we are sanctified by, i, 388_effects
Enthusiasm, a word of uncertain etymo- of, ii, 484-produces power over sin,
logy, i, 330—defined, i, 330

i, 155—produces peace of mind, i, 156
Enthusiasts, different sorts of, i, 331, -the remedy of human folly, ii, 18—

332, 335 vilify reason, ii, 126-ad. a medium of divine light, ii, 426-does
monished, i, 332

not supersede the necessity of holi-
Encikta, what, ii, 326, 398

ness, i, 319—not produced by reason,
Epiphanius, quoted, ii
, 440

ii, 123-sometimes substituted for
Epitaph, on an infidel and gamester, ü, love, ii, 283_-insufficiency of, without

love, ii, 285—supplies the defect of
EmOvpla, explained, ii, 432

sense, ii, 407—the discoveries of, ii,
Estouplas avontus, what, i, 261

407, 466-walking by, what, ii, 423—
Error, incident to the best of men, ii, 73 attacked by Satan, i, 379_often in-
Eternal life, how Christ is, ii, 180 jured by riches, ii, 256, 397_impaired
Eternal world, discovered by faith, ii, by the neglect of self denial, i, 431–

408 entrance of the soul into the, ii, implied in the circumcision of the

heart, i, 149—implied in the service
Eternity, what, ii, 13, 15

of God, ii, 301-designed to re-esta-
Eternity of God, ii, 13, 429—incompre- blish the law of love, i, 325—tried by
hensible to man, ii, 117

spiritual heaviness, i, 423—weakened
Euncions, explained, ii, 326, 398

by intercourse with ungodly men, ii,
Eu poocopov, explained, ii, 192

207—the loss of, precedes the com-
Europeans, general state of, in regard to mission of outward sin, i, 168-tho
religion, ii, 122

loss of, i, 408—of adherence and assu-
Eutpanelia, what, i, 21

rance referred to, i, 387-necessary
Ede, sentence of God upon, ü, 33 for public reformers, i, 464—the ex-
Evil, the origin of, explained, ii, 31, 70 ercise of, enforced, i, 514; ii, 125
Eoil, penal, produced by God, ii, 525 Faith and repentance answer each other,
Evil angels, the nature of, ii, 140_united

i, 124
under a common head, ii, 141-their Faith, the, of a child of God, ii, 336, 409
employment, ii, 142-temptations from, -of a servant of God, ii, 385, 409
ii, 215

of the apostles before the death of
Evil eye, what, i, 258; ii, 447

Christ, i, 14—of a Protestant, ii, 385–
Evil passions, excited by Satan, ii, 144 of a Roman Catholic, ü, 385—of a
Evil speaking, defined, i, 280, 433 Jew, ü, 383—of a Mohammedan, ii,
Evil spirits, probable employment of, in 384-of a Deist, ü, 384-of a Material:
a separate state, ii, 469

ist, ii, 384--of a heathen, i, 13; ii, 383,
Evil tempers, perfect Christians freed 384-of a devil, i, 14, 155
from, i, 366

Faith in Christ, the only foundation of
Evil thoughts, the effect of Satan's influ- good works, i, 152-a consequence of

ence, ii, 143-how far perfect Chris- the fall, ii, 44
tians are freed from, i, 365

Fall of man, what, i, 46; ii, 32, 359, 405,
EFC Kouevos, explained, i, 168, 242

478-circumstances of, explained, ii,
EŠEMUKTnp.Cov, explained, ii, 415

Expenditure, useless, the sin of, i, 445; Fall in Adam, nature of our, ii, 531—ad-

ii, 489—how to be regulated, i, 447 vantages of, to mankind, ii, 43
Experience, confirms the doctrine of ori- False prophels, wliv, I, 293-tie garb in
ginal sin, i, 394

which they appear, i,

i, 294—how Chris-
Experience, Christian, confirms the doc- tians should beware of, i, 296-admo-

trine of the witness of the Spirit, i, 96 nished, i, 297
Experience of believers, proves that there False religion, described, ii, 432
is sin in them, i, 110

Familiarity with God, irreverent, cent
Extroversion, what, ii, 196

sured, ii, 444
Eye, desire of, ii, 186. See Desire Families, dispensations of Providence
Eye, single, what, i, 257; ii, 446

towards, ii, 123

Family religion, importance of, ii, 300
Faith, defined, i, 35, 50, 149, 386 ; ii, Fasting, the nature of, i, 245-the grounds

156, 383—the true Christian, i, 23, of, i, 247—the manner in which it
155; ii, 386—the, through which we should be practised, i, 254—- neglect of,
are saved, i, 14; ii, 385—the, by which among the Methodists, ii, 440-to what
we are sanctified, i, 390—why appoint. extent practised by the Pharisees, i, 227


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