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AS lately, brethren, from the Lodge I came,
Warm'd with our royal order's purest flame;
Absorb’d in thought ;-before my ravish'd eyes,
I saw the Genius, Masonry, arise :
A curious hieroglyphic robe he wore,
And in his hand the sacred volume bore :
On one side was divine Astræa plac'd,
And soft-eyed Charity the other grac'd;
Humanity, the gen'ral friend was there,
And Pity, drong the nathetic tear;
There too was order; there, with rosy mien,
Blithe, Temp'rance shone, and white roja Truth was seen.
There, with a key suspended to his breast,
Silence appear'd ; hiships his finger prest :
With these, soft warbling an instructive song,
Sweet Music, gaily smiling, tripp'd along.
Wild laughter, clam'rous noise, and mirth ill bred,
The brood of folly, at his preserce fled.
The Genius spoke,“ My son, observe my train,
Which, of my order diff'rent parts explain.
Look up-behold the bright ASTRÆ, there,
She will direct thee how to use the Square.
Pity will bid thee grieve, with those who grieve;
Whilst CHARITY will prompt thee to relieve ;
Will prompt thee every comfort to bestow,
And draw the arrow from the breast of woe ;
HUMANITY will lead to honour's goal,
Give the large thought, and form the gen'rous soul.
Will bid thee thy fraternal love expand,
To virtue of all faiths,-and ev'ry land.
ORDER will kindly teach her laws of peace,
Whicha, discord stop, and social joys increase ;

TEMPÄRANCE instruct thee all excess t avoid,
By which fair fan.e is lost, and health destroy'd :
Truth warn thee ne'er to use perfidious art,
And bid thy tongue be rooted in thy heart;
SILENCE direct thee never to disclose,
Whate'er thy brethrep in thy breast repose ;
For thee shall Music strike the harmonious lyre,
And what she charms the ear, morality inspire..
These all observe ;- and let thy conduct show,
What real blessings I on man bestow."

He said, and disappear'd ;-and Oh! may we,
Who wear this honour'd badge, accepted, free,
To ev'ry grace and virtue temples raise,
And by our useful works our Order praise.

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