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Balloting List, 121.

Banks at Schools, 154, 203.

Bath District Association, 45.

Bath and Wells Board Report, 77.
Battersea Training College, 139.
Bible Lesson, 173.

Bible, Popular Harmonised, 16, 43, 69.
Bibles and Prayer-Books, Old, 97.
Black-board, Substitute for, 250.
Book-keeping, on Teaching, 66, 68.

Books, Notices of, 20, 48, 69, 97, 133, 157, 180, 205,
231, 273.

Books, Purchase of by Scholars, 92.

Bridgend, Meeting of Teachers at, 124.

Buildings and Fittings, 171.

Building Grants, see Grants.

[blocks in formation]

Notes on Minutes, 171, 195, 225.

Payments on account of Queen's Scholars, 166.
Queen's Scholarships, 25.

Common Things, Prizes for, 126.

Cornwall, West, Local Board, 187.
Coventry, Archdeaconry of, 165.
Crimea, 43, 68.

Deaf and Dumb, Teaching the, 271.

Denison's, Mr. Evelyn, Education Bill, 119.

Denman, T. J., Esq., 139.

Depository, who may purchase at Members'

Prices, 140.

Derby Archidiaconal Board, 213.

Derby, Archdeaconry of, 188.

Derby Conference, 211.

Desk and Form, Section of, 36.

Dictation Lesson, how to correct, 155.

Diocesan Certificates, 38.

Diocesan Inspection, 79, 124, 164, 186, 259, 261.

Durham Diocesan Society, 144.

Durham Training School, 144.

[blocks in formation]

Hereford Diocesan Board, 102, 237.

Hereford, Meeting of Teachers at, 237.
Home-Tasks, 14.

Household Work, 13.

Industrial Work, 35, 230.

Infant-Gardens, Fröebel's, 246.

Inspection, see Diocesan.

Instruction and Needlework, 271.
Ivory, Lesson on, 40.

Lecture-the Teacher and his Mission, 17.
Legacy, 3, 21.

Leicester Archidiaconal Board, 23, 165.
Lichfield, Diocesan Inspection, 124.
Lichfield Diocesan Board, 212.

[blocks in formation]

Notes of a Lesson on the Ark of the Covenant, 149.

Notes of a Bible Lesson, 176.

Notes of a Lesson on the Resurrection, 200.
Notes on Northumberland, 59.

Notes on Durham, 219.

Notes on Cumberland, 109.

Notes of a Lesson on Glass, 129.

Notes of a Lesson on Cork, 150.

Notes of a Lecture at an Evening School, 151.
Notes of a Lesson on Dew, 249.

Old Scholars, how to attach to the Church, 204.
Order, the best Means of obtaining, 152.
Organising Masters, 234.

Organising Master's Report, 146.

Oxford, Annual Meeting of Inspectors, 148.

[blocks in formation]

Reading, 13, 41, 65, 115.
Reformatories, Sunday in, 273.
Registered Teachers, 37.

Religious Teaching in Schools, 201.
Report, the Annual, 162.
Report, the School, 177.
Ripon Diocesan Board, 3.

Roe, H. O., Esq., the Executors of, 3.
Rules to secure Attendance, 156, 229.

Salaries and Certificate Money, 94, 112.
Salop Archidiaconal Board, 213.
Sanitary Reform, 179.

School Banks, see Banks.

School Hours, 64.

Secretaries, Meeting of, 121, 139.
Sermons, Abstracts of, 40.

Singing, Instruction in, 118,

Sketches of School Work, 173, 198, 223, 252.
Songs, 43, 67, 180, 204, 253, 272.

St. Mark's College, 1, 75, 123, 161.

Stafford Archidiaconal Board, 213.

Studies in Schools, Relative value of, 250, 264.
Subjects for Discussion, 13.

Subscriptions, 2, 21, 50, 76, 102, 122, 140, 161, 185,
209, 258.

Sunday-school Teachers, 117.

Schoolmasters' Associations-

Aylesbury, 135, 207, 254.
Banbury, 70.
Bath District, 45.

Birmingham, 183.
Bridgnorth, 158.

Brighton and Sussex, 254.

Bristol, 254.

Chew Decanal, 181.

Cornwall, East, 46, 134.

Derbyshire, 17, 181, 231.

Ely, Isle of, 135.
Gloucester, 255.

Glandford Brigg, 119, 207, 276.

Grantham, 276.

Halifax, 158, 207.

Hampshire, 157.

Huddersfield, 181, 207.

Kent, 158.

Kent, West, 135.

Leeds, 45.

[blocks in formation]

Teachers' Aid Fund, 173, 196, 222.

Teachers and Parents, Communication between,

Teachers, Untrained, 229.

Teaching, the Art of, 39, 242.

Tenor, Teaching to sing, 118.

Time-Table, 193, 194.

Time-Tables for Factory Schools, 227.

Training Colleges, Encouragement to Young Per-
sons to enter, 132.

Training Colleges Fund, 139.

Training Colleges, Vacancies in, 234, 259.
Training Colleges, Erection of New, 244, 268.
Truro, Harvest Meeting of Teachers at, 187.

Union Workhouse Schools, 228, 250.
Uzzah, 230.

Ventilation, 15, 43, 63.
Vice-Presidents, 137.

Visitors' Estimate of School-work, 248.
Votes for Education, 104.

Watson, Joshua, Esq., the late, 49.

Westminster Institution, 50.

Whitelands Training Institution, 1, 47, 75, 139,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

THE Meetings of the Committee of the National Society have been attended during the past month by the Bishops of London, St. David's, and Oxford, the Earls of Romney and Powis, Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart., Sir Thomas Phillips, Archdeacons Sinclair and Harrison, Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, Rev. John Jennings, and T. D. Acland, Esq.

In addition to other Members stated above, the Welsh Education Committee has been attended by Lord Dynevor, Viscount Emlyn, M.P., Saunders Davies, Esq., M.P., J. H. Phillips, Esq., M.P., Rees Goring Thomas, jun., Esq., C. G. Wynne, Esq., and C. A. Wood, Esq.

Building Grants.

The Treasurer has been authorised to pay the Grants voted to the Schools in the following places, the several buildings having been reported as completed:

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The Annual Examination of Candidates for Certificates was held here during the week commencing December 11, by the Rev. J. P. Norris, her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. Sixty-two resident students attended the examination; twentynine working the Papers for the second year, and thirty-three those for the first year. In addition to these, sixteen Masters in charge of schools (three of whom had formerly been students in the College) attended the Examination.

The Examination of Candidates for Queen's Scholarships was held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in the ensuing week. The College will re-open on the 20th January next.

Whitelands Training Institution.

The usual Christmas Examinations have been held at this Institution. Eightysix resident students have tried for places in the Class List. Two men were unable to answer all the papers in consequence of illness. Three of the former students returned for the examination. Fifty-two pupil-teachers have tried for Queen's Scholarships at Whitelands. Forty-three of the resident students have been appointed to schools. In future all the students leaving the Institution will enter upon their engagements in January, and all admissions will be made in January.

Miss Cuckow, who was one of the first students at Whitelands, has resigned her appointment as first Governess. The Council have presented to her a hand



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