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the grain of Human Nature ; Nor
does it require any Thing beyond our
Strength, or above our Power or Abili-
ty to do; God measures, our Gratitude
not so much by the largeness of Gifts
and Offerings, as by the Inward Affecti-
ons of Heart and Soul. By an humble
Dependance on God, and such a due
Sence of all his Mercies, as will engage us
to Serve honour and obey him, and to
Show forth his Praise both with our Lips and
in our Lives, and by Deeds of Mercy
and Charity according to what he has.
given us; I say, by such Expressions of
our Gratitude as these, we may Offer the Heb. xii.
Sacrifice of Praise unto God continually ; 15.
and 'we Thall do it more Acceptably
than we could do with Thousands of Rams,
and ten thousands of Rivers of Oil.

And Thankfulness to God is not only
an Easy Duty, but a great and experi-
enc'd Master in it, tells us moreover,
what a Joyful and Pleasant Thing it is to be Pf.cxlvii.
Thankful. This may be well illustrated ".
in the Words of an excellent Author,
much to my present Purpose There Hooker's
“ is great Cause (says he) why

we should Pol. B. Så “ Delight more in giving Thanks for par. 43. “ God's Blessings than in making Requests for chem, in as much as the “ One hath Pensiveness and Fear, the • Other hath always Joy annexed; the

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“ One belongeth unto them that seekin 66 the Other unto them that have found “ Happiness; They that Pray do but " Sor; They that give Thanks declare " they have reaped

Now Men may Som in Tears but they Reap in Joy. In our Trouble and Heavinefs We Pray unto God, But when he has Delivered us, we Rejoice in bis Salvation : He has then tarned our Heaviness into Joy, and our Mouths Praise him with Joyful Lips.

But we may also farther consider, that Thanksgiving is a Duty that will never Cease. Other Duties will Ceafe when we come to Heaven ; When our Troubles and Weakness and wants are at an End, there will no longer be OCcafion for Supplications and Prayers; but Then especially is the greatest Occasion for Thankfgiving : Therefore Lauding and Magnifying the Lord is ftill the great Bufiness of the Blest above. Everlafting Blessedness will require Everlasting Thanksgiving and Praise. Therefore by this Divine Exercife we may be gin our Hallelujahs before-hand, and in Tome Degree have our Conversation in Heaven even whilft we are here on Earth; and may thereby be training up our. selves for Heaven, and for thofe Hallelujahs and Anthems of Praise, which, if we are ever admitted into the Regions


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of Bliss, will be, we suppose, in great Measure, our Blessed Employment to all Eternity

4shly and laftly; If we neglect this Duty of Gratitude to God, ThisŘeasonable, Easy, Delightful Duty, we have no Excuse for our Ingratitude.

Ingratitude, when it is to Men, has Many

Shifts and Excufes to cover itself withal “ 'Tis True, (fays the Un

grateful Perfon) he once did me a « kindness, but twas by ChanceOr, « That was a long time since - Or, “ he has Disobliged me since - Or, He " has since That assisted my known

Or he has upbraided me 6 with it

Or he has sufficiently “ Disgraced me for it. Or he sets “ such a Value upon a Trifle of a

Kiadness Or he has done More for « Others with Less Reason Or he “ has made fo Bold with me for it, " that he has long since canceld the • Obligation. Or I had such Diffiu cult access to his Favour. It cost

me so much Importunity and Media« tion of Friends, that 'twas hardly 6 worth the Attendance. Or he gave

it at last in such an Unhand. “ fome Disobliging Manner, with “ so much lingring and indifference -

66 with

« Enemy

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66 with such Sowreness and Supercilia
« ousness --- or with such Reflections----
“ Or else fo Publickly for the Oftenta:
« tion of his Bounty, that he sham'd
“ and Reproach'd me, even whilst he
“ Reliev'd me. Or perhaps, he had

an Eye to his own Interest, expecting
66 the Benefit should at last redound to
6 himself; and so the Kindness was to
• himself, though he is pleased to charge

me with the Obligation, de

These, and many more Pretences may serve to furnish out some Plea for Ingra. titude to a friend or Benefactor, but which of all these can possibly be charg'd on God? His Gifts are all of a Just Standard; Perfect and Intire in all their Circumstances: He can have no Self-Interest, nor By-Designs in his Beneficence,

which is always Free and Undeserv'd : Jam. i. He is the Giver of every Good and Perfect

Gift, and he Giveth to all Men Libe-
rally and Upbraideth not.

Thus we fee how we are surround-
ed with Obligations to Gratitude. But
forasmuch as we cannot perform our
Religious Duties to God aright, with-
out the Assistance of his Grace, our
Church has not only taught us to beg
of him, that he would Mercifully Afift
our Prayers that we make before him in all
our Troubles and Adversities, whenfoever


they oppress us ; but has likewise taught us to Pray to him to Affist us in our Thanksgiving also; to Open Our Lips that our Mouths may show forth his Praise.

Let us therefore humbly beseech him to give us that due Sence of all his Mercies, that oar Hearts may be unfeignedly Thankful; and that De may show forth his Praise, not only with our Lips but in our Lives, by giving up ourselves to his Service, and by walking before him in Holiness and Righteousness all our Days, through Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be all Honour and Glory World without End, Amen.

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