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GEoRGE WHITE HEAD's TESTIMONY CoNCERNING GILBERT LATEY. As this our ancient friend and brother had learned obedience through the cross of Christ, and by His grace approved himself faithful in his place and station, he was made a living and useful member in His church, and well approv

ed in his testimony and service in his day: he

was constant in his love, and true to his brethren; he hated hypocrisy and dissimulation, divisions and causing schisms; he was for many years my true companion in laborious solicitations in the late three kings' reigns, viz. king Charles the Second, king James the Second, and king William the Third; before whom we divers times appeared, and often attended in behalf of our suffering friends, and the Lord was with us in their behalf. And thus our dear friend and ancient brother was much given up in that service with me, and we were often comforted together in the Lord's presence with us, and divers times prevailing to tender their hearts towards suffering friends; though we obtained relief from king Charles the Second not always, but in some particular cases, through diligent solicitation and attendance early and late. We deeply suffered persecution in his reign; and he left our friends under great sufferings, about one thousand five hundred in prisons, and many hundreds of families under severe prosecutions and sufferings upon those old laws made against Popish recusants, for twenty pounds a month and two thirds of their estates for not going to the parish churches (so called,) and great spoil made upon many therefore; and also the informers swarming

about our religious meetings caused great spoil

upon friends’ goods; whose cases were made known to king James also, and by several applications, much labour and solicitation, obtained relief, namely, the release of many prisoners, the prevention of the writs for seizure of friend's estates, and stopping the informers; for which service to our suffering friends, this our ancient friend Gilbert Latey was frequent in labour, attention, and solicitation with me in true living faith and love ; and the Lord was with us, and his hand was upon us, and he heard our prayers. And Gilbert Latey was a sensible man, of a good judgment; when the Lord opened unto me any application, petition, or proposal to make to any of these three kings, &c. respectively, I first imparting the same to this our friend and brother; he would be presently.sensible thereof, and given up to assist in, solicitation to king or parliament, or any of the *bility.

And in king William's reign, (who manifested great kindness and compassion towards us,) divers other friends were stirred up in and about this city to assist in soliciting for our religious liberty, and also from the imposition of oaths, wherein Gilbert Latey was truly industrious and assisting ; and also ready to help with us in attending the government in friends behalf, so long as he could, until by his age and weakness he was disabled. It would be too voluminous to repeat all our labours and exercises of this kind, wherein we travelled together under many burdens in great humility; wherein the Lord helped us, and many received ease and benefit thereby, who knew little of the same, or of our exercises for them, especially when we had occasion to approach the presence of king Charles and king James, in divers suffering cases; wherein the Lord made way for us, and gave us faith and special assistance; blessed be his worthy name for ever !

And thus my true companion, as the Lord endued him with a good degree of faith and sense of his Spirit, to enable him in his service and testimony for his blessed truth, he kept the faith in sincerity and true love, wherein he ended his days in peace: and now for the ease and liberty we do now enjoy, and the merciful Providence we are under, we have great cause to ascribe the praise, honour, glory, and dominion to our God, and to the Lamb on the throne for ever and ever. G. W.

London, the 30th of 3d Mo. 1707.


THIS is my Testimony concerning our dear and worthy friend, Gilbert Latey. He was a man whom I have been acquainted with thirty six years and upwards, and he was the first instrument in the hand of God, that sounded the truth in my ears, and directed me to the measure of the grace of God in my own heart; by which testimony I received such satisfaction, that I cannot do less but in the humility of my heart, first to give thanks to God who made him an instrument, in his hand, in love to me, for the calling me and many more out of the ways of the world, and from the fashions and customs, and the traditions of men, and to make his truth known to me, for which, I hope, I shall never forget the kindness of God, but have his love in everlasting remembrance, who moved in our dear friend for my convincement. He was a man of a sound judgment, and of a good understanding, who loved the truth, and desired the prosperity of it to his dying day; and he was of great service in the church, in his day and generation, and departed this life in a good old age; and I am satisfied his soul is gone to rest and peace, with Him that lives for ever : and many know that this our dear friend, Gil

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