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him there is none other, which he who infers, denies not the Son, but another God; for the Son is not another God from the Fa. ther."

The learned and the amiable Origen says, “ Love the Father in the Son, and the Son in the Father, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength.” “ The word which was in the form of God, descended to man, that he might be comprehended by man, and yet without inducing any change of good into evil. He who became the physician of souls, received no infection from the ills he remedied. The word, the immortal God condescended to man, who is unable to look upon the light and splendour of the Godhead; he became flesh, speaking in a body, till he who received or heard him thus, being, by little and little, sublimed by the word, should be enabled to behold him in his original form.” “ All things are subject to him, in the right of his Majesty and the necessity of power; in this view he is the Almighty and the universal King, but the second species of his sovereignty is not by coercion, but by invitation and persuasion ; not by exerted power, but by compassion and lenity."


Prospects of the Church. Our letters from different parts of the United States, particularly the western country, represent the prospects of the church as of the most encouraging nature. The exertions which have been made, to disseminate the truths of the New Dispensation, by an extensive circulation of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, by preaching and by conversations, have already been crowned with great success.

The works have found their way to the libraries of hundreds who had never before perused them, and the glad tidings of a new and glorious revelation, to all who are disposed to profit by this additional proof of the goodness of the Almighty, has been proclaimed to thousands. Such a zeal in the cause of the gospel, as has been displayed by the members of the church, throughout, cannot fail to be productive of the most happy results—and although the progress of truth, must, in its nature be slow, yet it will be certain. Those who are acquaintad with the very gradual reception of the New Church doctrines

in the hearts of persons, who by education or misinformation, have formed unfavourable impressions respecting them, can scarcely expect that the accession of professed converts could have been very considerable, during the short period since which the New Church may be said to have had in this country, a manifested existence.

Very little more than a year has elapsed, since its first public annunciation was made in this city, and yet several have been added to our society, as avowed disciples, while others, again, who are seriously inquiring after the truth, have become partial receivers in a more or less degree. And what is further subject of great rejoicing, is, that since the New Church has taken its stand, amongst the religious societies of the land, and proclaimed unequivocally and loudly, its acknowledgment of the Sole and Exclusive Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, an investigation as to the object of worship, has occupied no small share of the public attention. Many individuals, especially among the societies of the Friends and Methodists, have been heard to declare their unqualified belief in Jesus Christ, as the only God of heaven and earth, and there is every reason to believe, that this faith, which is the corner stone of the New Jerusalem Church, will have a wide and powerful influence with many other sects of the Old Church. We, ourselves, have lately heard from the mouth of a Trinitarian preacher, the expression of “ JEHOVAH Jesus;" at another time, from a Presbyterian pulpit, that “if Jesus Christ was not Jehovah himself, all our faith was vain," and again, from the lips of a Baptist clergyman, that the invitation of Christ “ come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest," was conclusive as to Christ being one with Jehovah. Such expressions as these, which are by no means consistent with the declared orthodoxy of the Old Church, are manifestations of the strong influence, now operating in the spiritual world, to cause genuine truth to break its way forth into the natural world. Individuals are thus, at times, when they suffer themselves to be abstracted from the doctrines of their particular church, and open their minds to the heavenly influx, made to feel and acknowledge a truth, which, when com. pared with the dogmas, by which they consider themselves bound to be governed, they afterwards abandon.

Since the dedication of the New Jerusalem Temple in Philadelphia, on the first of January last, service has been regularly performed therein, by the established pastor, the Rev. Mr. Carll, and it affords us pleasure to state, that the house is usually crowded with hearers. From what we have seen, and from what we daily see, we feel confident that the Lord will prosper the work which has been commenced, and in his own good time, bless his church with such an increase, as will make glad the hearts of his people.

Ordination of a Minister. Mr. Lewis Beers, of the county of Tioga, in the state of New York, having been unanimously and solemnly called, by the incorporated New Jerusalem Society of said county, to take upon himself the office of pastor thereof, was, on Sunday, the 19th of January, 1817, in the Temple, in the city of Philadelphia, “ordained a priest and teaching minister, in the Lord's Church of the New Jerusalem, with power, under the authority, and at the request of the said New Jerusalem Society of the county of Tioga, in the state of New York, and in the manner and under such restrictions as they may prescribe, to ordain other priests and ministers of the New Jerusalem Church, and with power, also, to conduct public worship, to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, marriages, baptism, and funerals; and, generally, to perform all holy rites and divine ordinances of the Church.” The ordination service was performed by the Reverend Mr. Carll, after which, an instructive and animated discourse was delivered by Mr. Beers.

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Notice for a Convention. At a meeting of a number of members of the New Church, from different parts of the United States, held in Philadelphia, on Wednesday, January 1st, 1817, the Reverend Mr. Hargrove in the chair, it was

Resolved unanimously, That a Convention of the receivers of the doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church, throughout the United States, who may find it convenient to attend, be held at the New Jerusalem Temple, in the city of Philadelphia, on Ascension day ensuing, which will be on the 15th day of May, 1817, at nine o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of consulting upon the general concerns of the Church.

CONDY RAGUET, Secretary.

Names of Corresponding Secretaries. In order that our friends at a distance may be enabled to open a communication with each other, when desirable, we publish the following list of the names of the gentlemen who have taken upon themselves the duty of the correspondence of the respective societies to which they are attached.

CONDY RAGUET, Philadelphia.
NATHAN BEERS, Danby, Tioga'county, New York.
JOSIAH ESPY, Bedford, Pennsylvania.
REV. ROBERT AYRES, Brownesville, Pennsylvania.
RICHARD H. GOE, Steubenville, Ohio.
THOMAS NEWPORT, Lebanon, Ohio.
REV. ADAM HEARDUS, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Sunday schools, for the instruction of poor children, are warm. ly recommended to our friends of the Church, throughout the country. They have been established, pretty generally, by religious societies of all denominations, and in imitation of so laudable a means of promoting the happiness of the human race, the ladies of the congregation have opened one, in the New Jerusalem Temple, which is free to children of all societies.

An extensive supply of the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and other New Church publications, has arrived at New York, from London, for the society at Philadelphia, where they are daily expected. A complete catalogue of all the works on hand, will be found upon the cover of this number of the Repository.

The ceremony of ordination, promised in our first number, will be given upon a future occasion.

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Of the proceedings of the first annual convention of the Receivers

of the Doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church, from different
parts of the United States, held on Thursday, the 15th day of
May, being Ascension Day, and continued until Saturday, the
17th of the same month, A. D. 1817–61.

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pursuance of a resolution of a number of members of the New Jerusalem Church, from different parts of the United States, unanimously passed on the first day of January last, at the city of Philadelphia, of which public notice was given in the New Jerusalem Church Repository, a nămber of members, male and female, from the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio, convened at the Temple, in the said city, on Thursday, the 15th day of May, being the day of Ascension, and continued their sittings, by adjournment, until the 17th of the same month. Mr. John Stirling, of Glasgow, in Scotland, and Mr. Jacobson, from Sweden, also attended the convention. The morning service having been performed by the Rev. Mr. Carll, pastor of the church, and a sermon on the Ascension of our Lord having been delivered by the Rev. Mr. Hargrove, of Baltimore, the resolution upon which this convention was assembled was read by the secretary of the former meeting, in the words following, riz.

" Resolved unanimously, That a convention, of the receivers of the doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church, throughout the

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