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Thro' hidden Dangers, Toils, and Deaths,
It gently clear'd my Way,

And thro' the pleafing Snares of Vice,
More to be fear'd than they.

When worn with Sickness, oft haft Thou
With Health renew'd my Face;
And when in Sins and Sorrows funk,
Reviv'd my Soul with Grace.


Thy bounteous Hand, with worldly Blifs,
Has made my Cup run o'er,

And in a kind and faithful Friend
Has doubled all my Store.

Ten thoufand thoufand precious Gifts

My daily Thanks employ;

Nor is the leaft a chearful Heart,

That tastes those Gifts with Joy.


Through ev'ry Period of my Life
Thy Goodness I'll purfue,

And after Death, in diftant Worlds,

The glorious Theme renew.

When Nature fails, and Day and Night

Divide thy Works no more,

My ever grateful Heart, O Lord,

Thy Mercy fhall adore.

VII. Through


Through all Eternity to Thee
A joyful Song I'll raife,
For oh! Eternity's too fhort
To utter all thy Praise.





Four Gospels;


The different Manner of relating the FACTS by each EVANGELIST is exemplify'd.

To which are annexed,

REFERENCES to other Parts of the HOLY· SCRIPTURE, but efpecially to those contained in the NEW TESTAMENT.


The HISTORY of the ACTS of the APOSTLES.

JOHN III. 16. GOD fo loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him fhould not perish, but bave Everlasting Life

17. For GOD fent not his Son into the World to condemn the World, but that the World through him might be faved.

19. This is the Condemnation, that Light is come into the World, and Men loved Darkness rather than Light, because their Deeds were Evil.


Printed by Jos. DOWNING, in Bartholomew-Clofe. M.DCC.XXXIII.



HRISTIANITY is founded upon the Principles of what is called NATURAL RELIGION.

THAT there is ONE SUPREME and ETERNAL BEING, the Creator of all Things, and whom all Men ought to WORSHIP and OBEY.

THAT the SOULS of Men are IMMORTAL, and capable of fubfifting after Death.

THESE being the Foundations of all RɛLIGION, it is most agreeable to Reafon, that the God whom we are to serve should himself prescribe the Way of his own Worship.

THE Heavens indeed proclaim the GLORY of God, and the Firmament fheweth his Handywork; but these itinerant Preachers, tho' they declare his Eternal Power and Godhead, yet they could never inftruct Mankind how the Favour and Mercy of the Almighty were to be obtained. For fuch was the lapfed and vitiated State of the human Nature, that tho' they profeffed to know God, yet they glorified him not asGod; but grew vain in their Imaginations,

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