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Midsummer, 37. The conversion of Paul (35)...

40, Conversion of Cornelius ...

41. The Gospel given to the Gentiles.
About Ap.1, 44. Martyrdom of James...
April 1,

Peter imprisoned and released.....

Herod's death......

Paul visits Jerusalem to relieve the famine.
47. Christianity makes its way to Rome ....
48, 49. Paul's first missionary journey from Antioch...

The conference at Jerusalem......
45 Cor 60) Epistle of James, written ai.......

Paul's second missionary journey, A.D. 60-53.
52. Ist Epistle to the Thessalonians, written at.

2d Epistle to the Thessalonians,
September, Paul leaves Corinth and goes to ....
Early in

Paul's third missionary journey .....

Paul at Ephesus .......
S. Spring 57. Ist Epistle to the Corinthians, written at.....

The uproar at Ephesus
Ap. to Nov.,573

Paul in Macedonia......

Galatians written in....
Nov. 27, 57 Paul at Corinth........

to Feb. 27, 58 Romans written at.....
April 20,

| Journeys from Corinth and arrives at ..
April 23,

Discourses to the Elders of Ephesus...
May 17,

Continues his journey and arrives at....
May 23,

Paul assaulted in the Temple ......
May 23,

Discourse on the Temple stairs ...
May 24, 58. Paul sent to .......................
June 58-Aug Paul a prisoner at.......
Aug. 21, 60. Paul sent to Rome by way of the ..
Autumn, 60. The voyage and storm.
Nov. 1,

Wrecked on Malta .....
Winter, 60, 61. Paul three months at...
Feb. 8, 61. Journey to Rome ......
March 1, 01.

Arrives at .......
To March, Two years a prisoner at.

Martyrdom of James of..
Autumn, 62. Epistles to the Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon, written at...

Philippians written at...

Paul released ..........

Epistle to the Hebrews..
During 63 & Paul visits Antioch, Ephesus, perhaps Spain, Philippi, and Corinth.

Ist Timothy writtten at...
Titus writen at ......
Martyrdom of Peter....

Paul's second imprisonment.
Summers 66. Paul beheaded at.......
Summer, 70. Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus...

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Yrs, of the

Divided |Kingdom. Years .c.

rs B.C.

Length of


Years B.c.

Length of


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War with Judah.

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I. Rehoboam.
075 I. Jeroboant . . . . 22

Shishak (Sheshonk I.), king
Invasion of Shishak. . .

Idolatry introduced.

of Egypt.
II. Abijah. ;:.:: 3

(18th year).
Defeats Jeroboam.
III. A sa . . . . . . 41

Tabrimmon, king of Da. (2d year) ....

054 H. Nadab . . . . . 2 mascus and Syria.
The great Reformation

(3d year) ;
953 III. Baasha ... 24

Zerah = Osorken I., son of
Defeats Zerah the Cushite

Shishak, over Egypt. 1930 (26th year) · · · · ·

IV. Elah. . . . . . ?

Benhadad I., king of Syria. 1929

V. Zimri ..... 7 ds.
Civil war for four years Assurdan II., king of As-
Omri and Tibni... 4 syria, 930-913 B.C.

925 (31st year) ..... 925 VI. Omri . . . . . 8 Mesha, king of Moab forty

years, from 925 B.C. 918 (38th year) : : : :

018 VII. Ahab . . . . . 22 | (Moabite stone.) 914 iv. Jehoshaphai ::: 25

(4th year). .

Èthbaal (lthobal), king of Baal worship.


Prophet Elijah ...

Three years' famine.
Cities of Judah fortified.
(17th year) :::..

VIII. Ahaziah

Benhadad II., king of Syria.
Alliance with Ahab. .

Prophet Micaiah
The prophet Jehu.
(18th year) : ....

IX. Jekoram · ... 12 || (The black obelisk.)
Associates Jehoram :

Elijah translated
Jehoram regent... 12

Prophet Elisha.
v. stena
Yehoram alone.

Naaman the Syrian.
1 with Ahaziah 1-8
VI, Ahaziah · · · · ·

(12th year) . . . . Hazael murders Benhadad, Slain by Jehu ....

Slain by Jehu.

and becomes king of Syria. VII. Athaliah (usurper).

Shalmanezer, king of AsExtinction of Ahab's house in both kingdoms.


|| 884 X. Yehu · · · · · · 28 97 878 VIII. Joask .... 40

(7th year)...... Pygmalion at Tyre. Great reformation :

Worships the golden Carthage founded, 870 B.C. 119 1856 (23d year). Repairs of 856 XI. Jehohaz · · 17 134 841 (37th year) .....

XII. Jehoash (2 yrs. in 16

con. with his father). 136 839 IX. Amaziah..... 29

(ad year).

Death of Elisha. 826 Defeated by Jehoash. .

Takes Jerusalem. 825 (15th year).

825 XIII. Yeroboam Il.. Declension and misfortune

Prophet Jonah. 165 1810 X. Uzziah :.

0 800?

.:: 152

(27th year). Prophet Joel ..::|

Prophet Amos.

Prophet Hosea.

784 Anarchy . . . . . . 11 | 776 B.C. Era of the Olym202 1773 | Great prosperity ... 273 XIV. Zachariah. . . 6m. piads. Greek history be(39th year)..... 272 XV. Shallum . . . im.

XVI. Menahem . .

Pul, the first Assyrian king 761 (50th year). ....

I XVII. Pekahiah. .

mentioned in Scripture. SIXTH DYNASTY.

XVIII. Pekah. . . . 20 x1Forham :::::

Foundation of Rome, 753 B.C. Prophet Micah. ...

invasion of Judah : : 1

747 B.C. Later Assyrian kingXII. Ahaz (worst king of

dom founded by Tiglath

(17th year) .... Pileser.
Prophet Isaiah, ch. 7 .
Defeat of Ahaz.::;

ad invasion of Judah. Kingdom of Babylon found200,000 captives carried

ed by Nabo-nassar.
to Samaria.
Calls in Tiglath-Pileser

Tributary to Assyria

742 B.C. Rezin, king of Da. Sacred vessels sent to

Pekah slain by Hoshea

mascus. Assyria.

Anarchy . . . . . . 9


730 XIX. Hoshea .... 9 Shalmanezer, king of AsXIII. Hezekiah.

syria. Religious reformation. 244 1721 Micah and Isaiah con

Samaria taken; its peo Sargon, king of Assyria. tinue to prophesy.

ple taken captive to Merodach Baladia, king of Assyria. End of the

Babylon. kingdom of Israel.

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