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Episcopal office, were required. These ordinary ministrations have
afforded me facilities for becoming better acquainted with the state of
the parishes; and the counsels which any special occasions may have
called for, have always been cordially received. The rite of confirm-
ation cannot be profitably administered in the smaller parishes, oftener
than once in two or three years. In the larger parishes, it is required
more frequently. During the past year, I have administered this holy
rite in the following parishes, viz. :
Aug. 3. At Norwich to 9 persons.

April 23.

S. Canaan 12
Chatham 16

Salisbury 9

May 18.

Hartford 21 " 27. Milton 19

“ 20. Woodbridge,Beth, 43
New Preston 7

Amity 2

Branford 12
New Milford 24

June 31. Derby

Humpreysville 29
Newtown 24

3. Stamford 13 Sept. 1. Huntington 6

4. Norwalk 15 2. Bridgeport 6 66 4. Hamden 19

In all, to 346. On my visit to the Parish of Kent, on the 29th day of August last, I consecrated the new Church erected there, by the name of St Andrew's Church. This is a very handsome stone edifice, built in the Gothic style of architecture, and is the fourth Church erected, in four adjoining Towns, under the auspices of the Rev. George B. Andrews.

On the 13th of May last, I laid the corner stone of a new Church, which is now in the course of erection, at Hartford. This will be a very spacious stone edifice, and it promises to be one of the finest specimens of Gothic architecture in our country. A new stone Church is also erecting at Norwich.

The following ordinations have been held during the past year. On the 8th of August, at St. Peter's Church, Hebron, I admitted the Rev. George C. Shepard, Rector of that Parish, to the Holy Order of Priests. On the 2d of September, at St. John's Church, Bridgeport, I admitted Mr. Nathan Kingsbury, and Mr. Edward W. Peet, the latter a graduate of the General Theological Seminary, to the Holy Order of Deacons. The former is employed as a teacher of an Academy at Brooklyn, Long Island ; and the latter is at present officiating as a Missionary in the Diocese of Virginia. On the 15th of February, at Christ Church, in the City of Hartford, I admitted Jacob Oson, a man of color, to the Holy Order of Deacons, and on the following day to that of Priests. This person had been for some time a candidate, and had been useful as a Catechist and Lay-reader, among the people of color, in the City of New-Haren. He was admitted to Holy Orders, at this time, in consequence of his appointment as Missionary to Liberia, in Africa, by the Directors of the Missionary Society, established by the General Convention.

On Monday last, the 20 inst. at St. John's Church, Huntington, I

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admitted the Rev. William H. Lewis, Rector of that Parish, to the Holy Crder of Priests ; and this day, in your presence, I have admitted the Rev. William A. Curtis, Rector of the Parishes of Oxford, to the same grade of the Ministry. pageAmong the changes which have taken place in the Diocese, since the last Convention, I have to record the decease of the Rev. Thomas K. Peck. He was zealously employed as a missionary in the eastern part of the diocese, and was called from his labors, when there was the fairest prospect of success ;-another example of the inscrutable providence of God, which is calculated to inspire us with humility and reverence, and which should incite us to pray to the Lord of the harvest, that be would send forth new labourers into bis harvest.

It is known to the Convention, that the Rev. Menzies Rayner has relinquished his Ministry in this Church, and connected himself with another religious communion. Having communicated to me in writing, the relinquishment of his official standing as an Episcopal Clergyman in the Diocese,” that I might“ record” the same, according to the provisions of the Canon, in that case made and provided, " and also take such other measures, as in my judgment, the canon might require;" I have, therefore, recorded his said declaration, so made ; and also, in the presence of the Rev. George W. Doane, and the Rev. Norman Pinney, have pronounced the said Menzies Rayner to be suspended from the exercise of the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and have recorded his suspension, pursuant to the provisions of the Canon above referred to. The Rev. Mr. Rayner, by making his suspension the result of his own voluntary act, has greatly relieved me from the pain which such an act of discipline is otherwise calculated to create. And however we may regret the cause which has led to it, we are not to be judges of other men’s consciences _" to his own Master he standeth or falleth,"

The Rev. Sturges Gilbert, has received letters dimissory, and removed to the Eastern Diocese. The Rev. Bennett Glover has re. ceived letters dimissory to the Diocese of Pennsylvania. And the Rev. George W. Doane, lately a Professor in Washington College, having been called as assistant Rector of Trinity Church, Boston, has taken his dimissory letters from this Diocese.

The Rev. Enoch Huntington, with letters dimissory from the Diocese of Pennsylvania, has taken pastoral charge of the Parish of NewMilford. The Rev. William H. Lewis, and the Rev. William A. Cur. tis have presepted to me letters dimissory from the Diocese of New York. The former has accepted the pastoral charge of the Parish of Huntington, and the latter that of the Parishes of Oxford. The Rev. Francis L. Hawkes, with letters dimissory from the Diocese of North Carolinia, is officiating with peculiar acceptance, as Assistant Minister in the Parisb of New Haven. The Rev. John Wurts Cloud has presented to me letters dimissory from the Diocese of Mississippi ; and the Rev. Horatio Potter,lately assistant minister of Christ Church,

Boston, having been appointed Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Washington College, bas become a resident of this Die


The pastoral connexion between the Rev. Benjamin Benbam, and the Parish of Brookfield, being dissolved by mutual agreement, I have assented thereto, and that parish is now vacant. The Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg has resigned his charge of the Parishes of New Preston and Milton, and has been appointed a missionary for the eastern part of the Diocese. The Rev. James Keeler has taken charge of the Parish of Meriden, in connexion with that of Northford. The Rev. Peter G, Clark has accepted the pastoral charge of the Parishes of East Haddam and North Killingworth ; And the Rev. William Jarvis has accepted the rectorship of the Parish of Essexborough.

The following Cures and Parishes are now vacant. The cure of Woodbury, Roxbury and Washington, by the removal of the Rev. Mr. Gilbert. The Cure of New Preston and Milton, by the remov

of the Rev. Mr. Kellogg. The Parish of Brookfield, by the resignation of the Rev. Mr. Benbam. And another Cure may be formed, by an union of the vacant Parish of Trumbull, with that of Weston, or Monroe. Besides these, there are several small Parishes which receive only occasional services, from the Clergy in their vicinity.

The following persons are now candidates for Holy Orders in this Diocese, viz ;-Harry Finch, Charles W. Bradley, and William H. Judd, (who are pursuing their studies at the General Theological Seminary,) and William Croswell, Allen C. Morgan, John T. Adams, and Oliver Hopson.

Brethren ;-having laid before you this statement of the affairs of the Diocese, I will detain you no longer from the business of Convention.—May we enter upon it, in the fear of God, and with an earnest desire to promote his glory through the welfare of his Church. And may he, who by his Holy Spirit, did preside in the councils of the blessed Apostles, direct our deliberations, preserve us from the evils of prejudice, ignorance and error; and by the same Spirit, so sanctify and govern us in our present work, that the portion of his Church which he has committed to our care, may be built up in the most holy faith, and that the comfortable gospel of salvation may be truly preached, truly received and truly followed,in all places, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

THOMAS C. BROWNELL, Norwalk, June 4, 1828.

On motion of the Rev. J. S. Stone, William Dunning, Esq. a member of the Church in Litchfield, was admitted to an honorary seat in Convention.

The following rules of order were read by the Secretary, and adopted by the Convention :

1. The business of every day shall be introduced by prayer.

2. When the President takes the chair, no member shall continue standing, or shall afterwards stand unless to address the chair.

3. No member shall absent himself from the service of the convention, unless he have leave from the house.

4. When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to the convention, he shall rise from his seat, and without advancing, shall with due respect address himself to the President, confining himself strictly to the point in debate.

5. No member shall speak more than twice in the same debate, without leave of the house.

6. A question being once determined, shall stand as the judgment of the convention, and shall not be again drawn into debate during the same session.

7. While the President is putting any question, no one shall hold private discourse, stand up, walk into, out of, or across the house, or read any

book. 8. Every member who shall be in the convention when any question is put, shall on a division be counted, unless he be particularly interested in the decision.

9. No motion shall be considered as before the house, unless it be seconded, and reduced to writing when required.

10. When any question is before the convention, it shall be determined on before any thing new is introduced, except for adjournment.

11. The question on a motion for adjournment shall be taken before any other, and without debate.

12. When the convention is to rise, every member shall keep his seat until the President leave the chair.

The Rev. H. Croswell, corresponding Secretary of the Society, for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, read the following report of the proceedings of the Society, which was accepted :-

At the request of the President of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, and in behalf of the Board of Directors, the Corresponding Secretary begs leave to present the following report :

As the expenditures of the Society, have been confined, for several years past, to the support of Missions; and as the President is authorized, with the advice of a committee of the Board of Direction, to make the appropriations for this object ; it has not been found necessary to call any special meeting of the Board.--From the report of the Treasurer, the Convention will perceive, that the annual receipts of the Society are still small, and inadequate to any extensive operations.-With the exception of an allowance for a portion of the past year, to the Rey Mr. Beach, Salisbury, and the Rev. Mr. Kellogg, New-Preston-and $50 to the parish of Weston, the like sum to the parish of Middle-Haddam, and $25 to the parish of New-Canaanappropriations have been made for missionary labors only in the eastern part of the diocese. In this section, the Rev. Mr. Peck labored, with encouraging prospects of usefulness, until removed by death

and his place is now supplied by the Rev. Mr. Kellogg.-With regard to appropriations for the special benefit of weak or decayed parishes, the Board fell persuaded that nothing can be done with any due degree of equity, unless the Convention can devise some measures for

fixing and defining the limits of the respective cures in the diocese. -Were all the parishes arranged in suitable and convenient cures, very few of these cures would be found unable to maintain a clergyman ; and in these few instances, such aid might be afforded, as would prevent the officiating clergymen from seeking the residue of his support in a parish belonging to another cure. Perhaps there are but few cases, in which a cure should consist of more than two parishes ; and no more than three should ever be associated under the care of one clergyman.

The Board regret the necessity of saying, what they now feel bound to repeat, that the resources of the Society are too small to meet the fair demand for missionary labors within the diocese.--They venture to hope, however, that their operations, even with their very limited means, have been such, as to secure to the Society, not only the countenance, but the more liberal patronage of the friends of the Church, throughout the diocese.

On motion by the Rev. Mr. Croswell-Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to arrange the parishes composing this diocese into separate cures, and to report the same to this Convention, with such resolutions on the subject, as they may deem it expedient for the Convention to adopt.

The Rev. H. Croswell, the Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, and Stephen Betts, Esq. were appointed on this Committee.

On motion by the Rev. Mr. Humphreys-Resolved, that the part of the Bishop's address, which relates to Sunday Schools be referred to a Committee.

The Rev. H. Humphreys, the Rer. D. Burhans, and Col. Daniel Putnam, were appointed on this committe.

On motion of the Rev. B. G. Noble-Resolved, That the part of the Bishop's Address, which relates to the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire, be referred to a committee. The Rev. Messrs. Noble, Croswell, and Wheaton, and Wm. R. Hitchcock and Wm. H. Imlay, Esqrs, were appointed on this committee.

On motion by the Secretary-Wm. R. Hitchcock, Esq. was appointed assistant Secretary of the Convention.

The following report of the proceedings of the Standing Committee, during the last year, was laid upon the table by their Secretary the Rev. N. S. Wheaton. Abstract of the proceedings of the Standing Committee, between the Conventions of 1827, and 1828.

HARTFORD, June 7th, 1827. The Standing Committee, consisting of the Rev. H. Croswell, Rev.

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