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SER M. cern, who they are that err thro' ignorance, H. and who throm a vitious disposition. (1

fpeak not here concerning matters of Immorality; for Faults of This kind; are es

vident to all men.) But if we would, yet Gal. v.23. Meekness is at all times necessarily a Fruit

of the Spirit ; And we are commanded to be patient towards Al men, i Th. v. 14. towards them that oppofè, as well as towards them that are only ignorant of; the

Truth. Who is a wise män, faith St Jam.ji. 13. James, and indued with Knowledge de

mongt you? let him fhow out of a good conversation his works with Meekness of Wifdom. For the Wisdom that is fron

above, is first pure, then peaceable, gentle i and easy to be intreated. But Anger, reft.

eth in the boom of Fools, Ecclef. vii. 9. And the Wrath of Man, worketh not the Righteousness of God, Jam. i. 20. being als Ways a certain Evidence, that Men are more concerned for fome temporal Intereft, than for the real Honour of God and Goodnefs. Men of a true Chriftian Spi: rit, sincerely desirous to promote the Knowledge of Truth and the Practice of Virtue in the World, rather than the ob



taining of Temporal Power and Domini-S ER M.
on for themselves are always willing to VII.
consider, that they themflves are. fallible;
and therefore constantly endeavour to con-
vince Others, by the Methods of Reason,
and not of Paffon and Violence. Shewing
all Meekness unto all Men, for that we our-
selves also were sometimes foolis, Tit. iïi.
2, 3. Which Temper, is much more rea-
sonable in point of Truth and Errour ;
when, even with regard to Faults of the
Will, St Paul admonishes, if a man be on
vertaken in a Fault, restore fucb a one
in the Spirit of Meekness, confidering thy-
felf, left Thou also be tempted, Gal. vi. 1.
(He speaks not of the Crimes of Malefact-
ors, fuch as must necessarily be punished
by the hand of Yustice ; But he means
such Faults, as are to be cured by Reproof.)
Our Saviour himself, tho’ infallible, and
could not err; yet was meek and lowiy in Matt. xi.
Heart: And rebuked his Disciples with 29.
great Severity, when once upon high pro-
vocation they discovered an inclination to
violent Methods ; re know not ( laid he )
what manner of Spirit ye are of, Luke ix.
55. Plainly intimating to all succeeding
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Ser m. Generations, wherein would lie the prin: VII. cipal Difference between the Spirit of

Christ and the Spirit of Anti-Chrift.

4thly and Lastly ; Here is in the Text annexed a particular Reason, with regard to the Persons to be instructed; why our Instruction to them, ought Always to be accompanied with Meekness: If God peradventure will give them Repentance to the acknowledgment of the Truth. In the Original, it is ; Least God peradventure Morild give them Repentance to the acknowbedgment of the Truth. The Meaning is: We are to Inftruct them with Meekness; least peradventure, by our Heat and Pasfion, we raise in them a juft Prejudice against us ; when, by meek instruction, they might possibly have been brought to Repentance, and to the acknowledgment of the Truth: And so we, by our ill be . liaviour, become answerable for their mif

carriage. For, nothing can be a greater hindrance to men's being convinced, than the applying Violence and Passion instead of Reafon : And nothing can give more Advantage to the Evidence of Truth, than the meek Behaviour of those who pro


fels it. For This reason, we fo frequent-Serm. ly find repeated in Scripture the follow-, VII. . ing Admonitions, which may serve for.

am proper Application of this whole Difcourse. Be ready always to give an Anfwer to every man that asketh you a reason of the Hope that is in you, with Meekness and Fear, 1 Pet. iii. 15. Give none Offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, 1 Cor. x. 32. Walk in Wisdom towards them that are without, Col. iv. 5. Have a good report of them which are , Th. iv. without, left ye fall into reproach, I Tim. 12. iii. 7. Let gour Moderation, your meek and exemplary good Spirit, be known unto all men, Phil. iv. 5. Blameless and harmless, the Sons of God, without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse Generation, among whom ne shine as Lights in the World, Phil. ii. 15. Having your conversation honest, that is, of good reputation, even among the Gentiles; that whereas they speak against you as Ervil-Deers, they may by your good works which they jhall behold, glorify God in the day of vijitation, 1 Pet. ii. 12. And in the words of our Saviour himself, Matt. V. 16. Let

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Ser M. your Light so mine before men ; the Light VII. of your Meekness, Goodness and Chari

ty; the Light of your excellent temper, and universal Virtue ; . that the whole World may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

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