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V. 2




CHAP. I. What is declared concerning Christ rendered pro-

fitable to us by the secret Operation of the Spirit.

CHAP. II. Faith defined, and its Properties described.

CHAP. III. On Repentance.

CHAP. IV. The Sophistry and Jargon of the Schools con-
cerning Repentance, very remote from the Purity of the Gos
pel. On Confession and Satisfaction.

CHAP. V. The Supplements to their Doctrine of Satisfac-

tions, Indulgences, and Purgatory.

-CHAP. VI. The Life of a Christian. Scriptural Arguments,

and Exhortations to it.

CHAP. VII. Summary of the Christian Life. Self-denial.
CHAP. VIII. Bearing the Cross, which is a Branch of Self-


CHAP. IX. Meditation on the Future Life.

CHAP. X. The right Use of the present Life and its Sup-


CHAP. XI. Justification by Faith. The Name and Thing

CHAP. XII. A Consideration of the Divine Tribunal, neces-
sary to a serious Conviction of gratuitous Justification.
CHAP. XIII. Two things necessary to be observed in gra-

tuitous Justification.

CHAP. XIV. The Commencement and continual Progress of



CHAP. XV. Boasting of the Merit of Works, equally sub-
versive of God's Glory in the Gift of Righteousness, and of
the Certainty of Salvation.

CHAP. XVI. A Refutation of the injurious Calumnies of the
Papists against this Doctrine.

CHAP. XVII. The Harmony between the Promises of the
Law and those of the Gospel.

CHAP. XVIII. Justification by Works not to be inferred
from the Promise of a Reward. '
CHAP. XIX. On Christian Liberty.

CHAP. XX. On Prayer, the principal Exercise of Faith,

and the Medium of our daily Reception of Divine Blessings.
CHAP. XXI. Eternal Election, or God's Predestination of

some to Salvation and of others to Destruction.

CHAP. XXII. Testimonies of Scripture in Confirmation of

this Doctrine.

CHAP. XXIII. A Refutation of the Calumnies, generally,
but unjustly urged against this Doctrine.

CHAP. XXIV. Election confirmed by the Divine Call. The
destined Destruction of the Reprobate procured by them-

CHAP. XXV. The Final Resurrection.


On the Manner of receiving the Grace of Christ, Benefits which we derive from it, and the Effects which follow it.


THE two former books relate to God the Creator and Redeemer. This treats of God the Sanctifier, or of the operations of the Holy Spirit towards our salvation, being an accurate exposition of the third part of the Apostles' Creed.

The principal topics of this are seven, relating chiefly to one object, the doctrine of faith.

First, Since our enjoyment of Christ and all his benefits depends on the secret and special operation of the Holy Spirit, it discusses this operation, which is the foundation of faith, newness of life, and all holy exercise-Chap. I.

Secondly, Faith being as it were the hand by which we embrace Christ the Redeemer, as offered to us by the Holy Spirit, it next adds a complete description of faith-Chap. II. Thirdly, To improve our knowledge of this salutary faith, it proceeds to shew the effects which necessarily result from it; and contends that true penitence is always the consequence of true faith. But first it proposes the doctrine of repentance in general-Chap. III: and then treats of the Popish repentance and its constituent parts-Chap. IV.-of indulgences and purgatorial fire Chap. V. But institutes a particular discussion of the two branches of true penitence, the mortification of the flesh, and the vivification of the spirit, or the life of a Christian, which is excellently described-Chap. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X.

Fourthly, In order to a clearer display of the advantages and consequences of this faith, it first treats of justification by faithChap. XI.-then explains the questions which arise from itChap. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. XVII. XVIII.—and, lastly, proceeds to a dissertation on Christian liberty, which is an appendage to justification-Chap. XIX.

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Fifthly, Next follows prayer, the principal exercise of faith, and the
medium or instrument by which we daily receive blessings from
God-Chap. XX.

Sixthly, But since the communication of Christ offered in the Gospel,
is not embraced by men in general, but only by those whom
the Lord hath favoured with the efficacy and peculiar grace of
his Spirit: it obviates any supposition of absurdity, by subjoining
a necessary and appropriate dissertation on the doctrine of di-
vine election Chap. XXI. XXII. XXIII. XXIV.
Lastly, Since we are liable to various difficulties and troubles while
exercised in the severe warfare which always attends the life
of a Christian, it contends that this may be alleviated by medi-
tating on the final resurrection: and therefore adds a discourse
on that subject-Chap. XXV.

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