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267 8, 7, 7. 1 SEE the vineyard Thou hast planted, God of mercy, Lord of hosts Let Thy people's prayer be granted, Keep it safe from hostile boasts. Hear Thy people when they pray, Keep Thy vineyard night and day! \

2 Drooping plants revive and nourish;
Let them thrive beneath Thy hand;
Let the weak grow strong and flourish,
Blooming fair at Thy command:
Let the fruitful yield Thee more,
Laden with a richer store.

3 Further, Lord, be Thou entreated;
Plant the barren waste around.
Let Thy work be thus completed,
And no fruitless spot be found.
Let the earth a vineyard be,
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
Thomas Kelly. 1809. a.

268 Willkommen unter Deiner Schaar. 8, 7.

1 WE hail Thee, Lord, Thy Church's Rock,

With joyful acclamation |

Thou Guardian Shepherd of Thy flock,
Come, feed Thy congregation.

We own the doctrine of Thy Cross
To be our sole foundation:

Accept from every one of us
The deepest adoration.

2 O Thou, who always dost abide
Thy Church's Head and Savior,
Be still Thy servant's constant Guide,
Direct our whole behavior.

Thy statutes to Thy Church declare,
Still watch o'er its salvation :

Each member make Thy special care,
And aid him in his station.

3 Jesus, the Church's Head and Lord,

Who as a shepherd leadest,

And with Thy precious Blood and Word
Thy people richly feedest:

For mercies in such countless throng
We bow our hearts before Thee,

And hope we shall in heaven ere long
More worthily adore Thee.

From John Christian Jacobi. 1722. -
Tr. Nicholas Louis, Count Zinzendorf. 1731.

269 Zeuch ein zu Deinen Thoren. C. M.

CoME to Thy temple here on earth,
Be Thou our spirit's Guest,
Who givest us of mortal birth,
A second birth more blest:
Who with the Father and the Son
Art equally adored,
And reignest on an equal throne,
Blest Spirit, mighty Lord!
2 0 enter, let us feel and know
Thy mighty power within,
That can alone our help bestow,
And rescue us from sin.
0 cleanse our souls and make them white,
That we with spirits true
May daily honor Thee aright,
And render service due.
3. On Thee is all this world upstayed,
And in Thy hands doth rest:
Thou canst the wayward heart persuade
To turn as seems Thee best.

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Otherefore give Thy Love and peace,
Join foes in stronger bands,

And let all sad divisions cease
Through our redeeméd lands.

4 Arise, and stem this tide of woe,

Of heartache, and of pain:

Call back Thy flock, and make them know
Bright days of joy again:

To peace and wealth the lands restore,
Wasted with Satan's sword:

And bid Thy churches bloom once more,
Thou everlasting Lord!

- From Miss Winkworth. 1855. Tr. Paul Gerhardt. 1648.

270 Festival of the Reformation. C. M.

1 Lord, not to us, we claim it not,

To Thee be all the praise,

That no profane and sinful spot
Our mother Church o'erlays:

That, as in her primeval days,
From intermediate stain

Cleansed by Thy Word, to Thee she pays
Unsullied rites again.

2 To no material form confined,

A spirit pure alone, Y

We serve Thee not in likeness shined
Of bread, or wood, or stone:

Nor saint nor angel at Thy throne
We crave to intercede,

With Thee for our misdeeds atone,
With Thee for mercy plead.

3 But far remote we seek Thy face,
Hid in Thy heavenly seat:
And, sole Transmitter of Thy grace,
The Savior’s Name entreat:

And thus to Thee with honor meet
We hymn the grateful lay,

Whose Word recalled our erring feet,
And warned us how to pray.

4 To Thee, adored in ages past,

Eternal One and Three,

To Thee, whose worship aye shall last,
In trinal Unity:

To Thee, O Father; Son, to Thee;
And Thee, 0 Spirit blest,

By saints on earth all glory be
With saints in heaven addrest

Richard Mant. 1837. a.

271 Ein feste Burg.
1 A safe Stronghold our God is still,
A trusty Shield and Weapon:
He helps us free from all the ill
. That hath us now o'ertaken.
Our old deadly foe
Now aims his last blow :
Deep guile and strong power
He boasteth in this hour:
On earth is not his equal.

2. By strength of ours can naught be done,
Full soon we were down-ridden;
But for us fights the valiant One,
Whom God Himself hath bidden.
Dost thou ask His name 2
Christ Jesus ! the same
Who rules with His rod;
There is no other God:
He holds the field forever.
3 Though Satan's hosts the earth should fill,
All watching to devour us,
We tremble not, we fear no ill;

They cannot overpower us.

This world's prince may still
Scowl fierce as he will;
His threats are but vain,
We shall unharmed remain :
A word shall overthrow him.

4 God's Word unshaken yet shall stand,
Whatever foes invade us.
He fighteth for us in the land,
With gifts and grace to aid us.
They may take our life,
Goods, fame, children, wife;
When their worst is done,
They have but little won :
The kingdom ours abideth !

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1 I LovE Thy Zion, Lord,
The house of Thine abode;
The Church our blest Redeemer saved
With His own precious Blood.

2 I love Thy Church, O God!
Her walls before Thee stand,
Dear as the apple of Thine eye,
And graven on Thy hand.

3 For her my tears shall fall;
For her my prayers ascend:
To her my cares and toils be given,
Till toils and cares shall end.

4 Beyond my highest joy
I prize her heavenly ways,
Her sweet communion, solemn vows,
- Her hymns of love and praise.

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