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2 Be our Shepherd ev'ry day, 12 His mercy ev'ry sinner claims That we little lambs ne'er stray;

For all his flock he cares; Whensoe'er we hear thy voice, The sheep be gently leads, the lambs To obey may we rejoice.

He in his bosom bears. 3. Thanks to thee for all the care 3 If unto us our friends are good, That's bestow'd upon us here ;

'Twas he their hearts inclin'd; May we evermore to thee

He bids our fathers give us food, For thy goodness grateful be.

And makes our mothers kind. 792. T, 22.

4 Then let us thank him for his grace, THOU Guardian of thy lambs, behold our meanest sacrifice of praise,

He will not disapprove
Us little ones of thy dear fold;
Take us into thy special care,

For his unbounded love.
Secure our souls from ev'ry snare.

5 When children honor Jesus thus,

And thank him for his 2 Let nothing in our minds take place, out of the mouths of babes, like us,

grace, But what comes from thy blood and

His wisdom perfects praise,
May that sink deep into each heart,
And let nought else have any part.
3 Set on our breasts thy Spirit's seal,

T. 22.
Within our hearts thy love reveal,
And our poor souls securely keep

JESUS! the children's dearest Friend, Among thy flock, thy chosen sheep.

Who dost to all our wants attend,

Thou wast child, and knowest well, 793. T. 14

How we thy helpless children feel. LOVER of little children! thee,

2 Grant unto us continually O Jesus, we adore; Our kind and loving Saviour be,

The blessings of thy infancy;

Let us, thro' each succeeding year, Both now and evermore.

The merits of thy childhood share. 2 O take us up into thy arms,

3 Thee, gracious Lord, wenow implore, + Then we are truly blest; Thy new-born babes are safe from. To manifest thyself still more,

And thus to teach us by degrees harms, While leaning on thy breast.

To live a life of happiness. 3 Still as we grow in years, in grace

4 May we thy mind still better know; And wisdom let us grow,

May we in grace and knowledge grow, That daily more we thee may praise, And learn all that whereby we may

Adorn thy. doctrine ev'ry, way. More of thy mercy know.

5 O may we ever feel thee near, 4 Strong let us in thy grace abide,

And be employ'd in praise and pray'r, But ignorant of ill; From malice, subtlety and pride

May we in thy blest fellowship

Wake, do our daily work, and sleep.. O Lord preserve us still.

6 Thus will our infant tongues. re794.' T. 14

cord JESUS, the Lord our Shepherd is, Thy birth and passion, gracious Lord, And did our souls redeem;

That thou who diedst in our stead, Our present and eternal bliss

Art God, by whom all things were Are both secur'd in him.



796.* T. 22.

2 I love his tears and suff'rings great, EMBRACE us in thy tender way,

I love his precious bloody sweat, Dear Lord, and bless us all

, we pray. I could not have been freed from guilt,

I love his blood, were that not spilt Aš thou on earth didst formerly, When children once were brought to 3 I love to hear that he was slain, thee.

I love his ev'ry grief and pain,

I love to meditate by faith 2 We are baptiz'd into thy death, And called to praise thee with each Upon his meritorious death. breath;

4. I love mount Calv'ry, where his love Thou bought'st us with thy blood Stronger than death itself did prove; divine,

I love to walk his dol'rous way, O take and keep us ever thine! I love the grave where Jesus lay. 3 Thy youth unspotted, full of grace, 5 I love his people and their ways, Teach us all virtue and all praise ;

I love with them to pray and praise ; Thou art our pattern, grant that we

I love the Father, and the Son, In all things may resemble thee. I love the Spirit he sent down. 4 From year to year, while we increase 6 I love to think the time will come In stature, may we grow in grace ;

When I shall be with him at home, In learning and obedience too,

And praise him in eternity : May we thy blessed path pursue.

Then shall my love completed be. 5 By day and night our steps direct,

799. T. 22. And soul and body, Lord, protect

I WILL a little pilgrim be,

a From ev'ry thing that grieveth thee,

Resolv'd alone to follow thee, Or unto us might hurtful be.

Thou Lamb of God, who now art gone 6 Impart to us that needful good,

Up to thy everlasting throne. A heart besprinkled with thy blood,

2 I will my heart to thee resign, Wholly devoted unto thee, For thy soul's bitter agony.

Thine only be, O be thou mine!

The world I leave and foolish play, 7 That grace upon us all bestow, To happiness to find the way. Thee more and more by faith to know, 3 My lips "shall be employ'd to bless We then the glories of thy name The Lord, who is my Righteousness; In grateful accents shall proclaim. My pleasure only to pursue

His mind, and him my Saviour know,

T. 22.
HEREare we children poor and mean, Till I my pardon seald receive;

4 So long I'll pray below to live, Corrupt throughout, defild by sin,

I then, when Jesus calls, shall die, But by Christ's purifying blood

Or rather live eternally. We're made acceptable to God. 2 May none of us, while we abide

800. T. 14. On earth, be weaned from thy side; JESUS, to thee our souls we raise, But grant that we be found in thee, And for a blessing look; And thou in us eternally.

May we, assisted by thy grace, 798. T. 22.

With pleasure learn our book. I LOVE the Lord, who dy'd for me, 2 Give us an humble, active mind, I love his grace divine and free; From sloth and folly free; I love the scriptures, there I read Give us a cheerful heart, inclin'd Christ loved me and for me bled. To useful industrya



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3 A faithful memory bestow, 2 'Twas then the children join'd the With solid learning's store ;

rest, And still, O Lord, as more we know,

And haild him with a song; Let us obey thee more.

With one accord his name confess’d, 4 Let us things excellent discern,

Amidst the joyful throng; Hold fast what we approve ;

0 may we little children, now But more than all delight to learn

Attempt the same, and worship too The lessons of thy love.

The Lamb of God, who dy'd for us

Upon the shameful cross. 801. T. 14


T. 243
STILL may we keep the aim in mind, THE holy child Jesus,
For which we hither came,

Our God and our Saviour,
In search of useful learning join'd,

Who died to releasė us, As follwers of the Lamb.

We'll worship for ever, 2 Daily to Jesus we'll look up, God's holy Lamb,-the Lord's his name, As soon as we awake,

2 In liveliest manner And for his constant blessing hope

O let us before him In all we undertake,

With joy sing hosanna, 3 His meritorious industry,

And praise and adore him; His labor, toil and sweat,

Our childlike cries-he'll not despise. Shall our support and pattern be,

3 Come then, let us follow Him we will imitate.

Our Master with praises ;
If he his grace on us confer, His name let us hallow,
We then shall learn apace,

Whose blood us releases :
Live to his glory, and declare O Christ, to thee---all glory be!
Our heav’nly Father's praise.

4 Hosanna! Hosanna!

Thou Son of king David:
802. T. 590. Hosanna! Hosanna !
O THOU, before whose Father's face For thou hast us saved :
The children's angels stand,

For ever reign-thou Lamb once slain! Grant me, a helpless child, the grace

805. That thy angelic band

T. 39. May watch my ways,and guard my bed, LORD Jesus, we bless thee that thou And minister to me,

wast a child, Till I in death shall bow my head, And hast us thereby unto God reconAnd

to live with thee.


We thank thee for sufforing and dying 803. T. 159. How heart-affecting Christ to see,

For thy being bury'd and rising again. Some days before he bled, 2' We thank thee, that thou wilt the

children permit Go to Jerus'lem willingly To suffer in our stead!

To offer their praises and songs at thy When he approach'd, the multitude feet; Their garments spread and branches That thou, Lord, their pray'rs art instrew'd

clined to hear, Crying “ Hosanna" to his praise, And always to help them and save With joy and thankfulness.

them art near.

in pain,

3 Thou wilt be our Saviour, Redeem-12 The Father in heav'n us as children er and Friend,

will own, Grant we may abide in thy love to the And we are beloved by Jesús, his Son,"

The spirit of truth will instruct us to O render us truly obedient to thee, pray, That we thy dear children for eyer

And he will direct us throughout our

end :

may be.

whole way.

we pray;



3 Ah! should not the mercies T.

dai. 39.

you WHEREIN is for children true bliss Excite you our Saviour to praise and

ly do prove to be found?

to love? When by Jesus Christ as his sheep 4. Yes, we are desirous to value his

they are own'd, In him they find pasture while here to love and adore him, and live to his


To they remain, And joys everlasting in heaven obtain.

praise. 2 We sing and we hear, how our Ma- Nor suffer us ever to wander from

4 O merciful Saviour, so grant it to be, ker came down To earth, and for us left his heavenly We're poor little children, preserve us,

thee; throne, Assuming our nature became a poor and may we our love by obedience And us by his suff'rings to God recon

display concild.


T. 14. 3 O-myst'ry of godliness! wonder of grace!

HAPPY the children who betimes May we without ceasing adore him Have learn'd to know the Lord ! and praise;

Who, thro' his grace, escape the crimes May all of us know what a Saviour Forbidden in his word; we have,

2 Who early, by a living faith, Yea love him sincerely, and in him

Have deep foundation laid believe.

In Jesus' meritorious death; 4 We now, with the angels, unite to Such need not be afraid. declare

3 Should they be early hence remov'd, The praises of him, who our sorrows He will their souls receive; did bear,

For they who Jesus here have lov'd With hearts and with voices exalting With him shall ever live.

the Lamb,
Who dy'd on the cross our poor souls
to redeem.

809. T. 14
T. 39

HAPPY the children who are gone DEAR children, assembled to hear of

To Jesus Christ in peace!

Who stand around his glorious throne, the Lord, You're here to be taught by his Spirit

Clad in his righteousness. and word;

2 The Saviour whom they lov'd when O think what great favors on you are

here, conferr'd!

Hath wip'd their tears away; A. For this may his name by us all be They never more can grieve or fear, rever'd.

Or sin, or go astray.

T. 14.

3 In ceaseless happiness they view

Our Saviour's smiling face ;
That face once bruis'd, in which below To thee, almighty God, to theo
Men saw no comeliness.

Ourselves. we now resign,

'Twill please us to look back, and see 4 Methinks I hear them joyful sing,

We were in childhood thine. (Ten thousands do the same:) Salvation to th' immortal King! 2 Let the sweet work of pray'rand praise To God and to the Lamb !

Employ our infant breath,

Thus we're prepard for length of days, 5 O that I may so favor'd be,

Or fit for early death.
With them above to join :
O that, like them, I Christ may see,
And he be ever mine.

B. For Boys.
6 Grant me but this, thou great High-

812.* T. 164. And when I'm here no more, BELOVED youths, if 'tis your aim Convey me safe to endless rest, Where thou art

To be like Christ, your Saviour, before, gone

And to extol his saving name

In word and in behavior,
T: 587.

With an obedient mind
THE child sweetly rests,

Be to his will resign'd, Whom nothing molests,

He by his blood will wash you clean, Received in mercy among the Lamb's And free you from the pow'r of sin. guests.

2 O might it be our hearts' delight, 2 He ne'er shall weep more, Amidst his flock with pleasure His sighing is o’er,

Tobey him, walk as in his sight, His travel and dangers, he's got safe And serve him in our measure,

For ev'ry thing that's good 3 The body is dead,

And just flows from his blood; And in the grave laid,

Amind that's virtuous, chaste, unstain'd, Bat shall, again raised, to life be con- May be by faith in him obtain'd. vey'd.

3 Yea, an obedient, simple mind, 4 The spirit is gone

Faithful in ev'ry station, In peace to God's throne,

To true humility inclin'd, To praise God our Saviour, where we And perfect resignation, shall be soon.

The blest effect will prove

Of that unfeigned love 5 He sings now above,

To Christ, which is produc'd by faith Made perfect in love,

In him, and his atoning death. And never, O never, he thence shall

813.* T, 37 6 He rests now in peace,

WOULD our youth grow in grače, Beholds the Lord's face,

Wisdom, and favor; Hath happily finish'd thus early his

As truly was the case

With Christ, our Saviour : 7 For that blessed day

Let them continually We earnestly pray,

View him in spirit, Lord Jesus, come quickly, and make To them he will apply no delay!

His precious merit,

on shore.


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