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1727. in East-Jersey, which held three Days, and was very W large, and che last Day the People were very stiil

Joppua Fielding was at this Meeting, and was therein concerned to preach the Gospel of Christ with good · Authority, and Matter suicable to a crue Gospel-mini.

fter ; Fobn Oxley was ill of a Fever, so that he could not be there; but there were Brethren from divers Parts, and the Power and Presence of the Most High

was with and among us ; blessed be his Name. Rohaway. I was also ac Robaway River, where was a solid,

good Meeting. From chence I'returned Home, hav. ing been abroad about a Month, and at above cwenty Meetings, and travelled about 350 Miles.

In the Eighth Month, ac Frankfort, we had three frankfors. Burials out of one House, at one Time ; the Mother,

Daughter, and Grand-daughter (of which I had never known the like Instances before) on this Occasion we had the Company of many Neighbours, and a very solemn Meeting at our Meecing-house at Frankfort.

About this Time I was at divers Meetings at Pbila. Philadel.

delphia, Abington, and Burlington: We had an Evensom ing-meeting at Burlington with Richard Smith, junior;

who had been so ill that he could not get out to Meetings for some Months: It was such a satisfactory Meeting, that he, and I, and others that were there, will not easily forget, our Hearts being broken together.

The World still continued to frown upon me; but, tho' my Case was such in chis World, yet, ac Times, I had great Consolation in Christ ; and, in the Midst of my Troubles, when I looked back, I could truly say, That I had not been extravagant, but frugal ; not covetous, but charitable ; nor idle, bur industrious ; not willing to be such an Infidel as not to take Care for my Family; it was some folid Comfort to my Mind; and I bless the Almighty, that I always preferr'd his Work and Service to my own, and therein had greac Peace. This I can also fay, if it were the last I should fay, That I never wilfully, or knowingly, wrong'd

• any

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any Man, Woman, or Child, since I came to Years 1727. ot Discretion ; and yet I have nothing to boast of

i n it is the Lord's Grace and Mercy wbich saveih us.

Having Occasion to make another Voyage to Bar badoes, I wrote to the Teacher of my Children as fol. lowech :

Frankfort, 10tb of the 10th Month 1727. Loving Friend, · 1 BEING going to Barbadoes, leave the Charge 61 of my little Children to thy Care, not doubting ciny Management of them, by their growing in their • Learning, please to instruct them to Sobriety, and " the Fear of God, and Faith in Christ; and, if I i never should see them or thee any more (our Lives • being uncertain in chis World) pray let them know, . o that it was their Father's Will and Desire, That they · should mind their Learning, and, above all'Things, • mind the Fear of the most High. When my little • Daughter hath read her Testament thro', I wauld

have her go to Writing ; and George the same, on - the same Terms. Please to learn them the Use of « Chapter and Verse, that if any ask them where they • are learning, they may tell. And, kind Friend, in• asinuch as I perceive thou hast followed my former · Directions, I look on myself obliged to thee; • therefore am so much the more free to impart my 6 Mind to thee, now on my Departure ; which, with • real Love, is from thy loving Friend,

T. C. P.S. Although my Care is great for my Childrens • learning their Books, yet it is much more so as to

their learning crue Piety and Virtue.'

On the 25th of the Tenth Month we set fail from Fhiladelphia, in the Sloop Dove, Oswald Peel Master ; having taken a solemn Farewel of my dear Wife, Chile dren, and Friends, in order for the Support of my


qual area of ween the Peight's Doce

727. Family, and answering my juft Debts, which I had

contracted. On the 27th Day of the Month, in the Evening, we took in our Boat, and put to Sea ; had some rough Weather in our Passage, but lived comfortably; we being all loving and obliging one to

another. On the 15th of the Eleventh Month we safely Barksdoes, arrived at Speights Town in Barbadoes; and the 18th,

,between the Hours of five and six in the Morning, we An Earth felt the greatest Earthquake that I had ever felt ; havquake.

ing been fensible of Three, one at London, one at Ja. maica, and one at Frankfort in Pensylvania. I was thankful in my Heart to the Lord for my fate Arrival, and that we were all preferved safe in our stormy Passage, and deep loaded Veffel ; one Veffel being lost that came out a little Time before us, and another, which came from our Port to this Island a few Days sooner than we, lost three Men by the Violence of the Storm, and received much Damage otherwise ; one of them being a Neighbour of mine, with whom I was well acquainted, it affected my Mind very much. I visited Friends Meetings in Barbadoes, and some di. vers Times over ; and had Occasion in some Meetings to mention the Earthquake, which I told them I did believe was a Visitation from the Almighty, in order to put People in mind of Mortalicy, and to reform them from the Evil of their Ways, and call them to Repentance.

While I was in Barbadoes, Francis Gamble died, whom I went to visit several Times in his Sickness: Ac his Funeral was a large Gathering of his Neighbours, and others; and divers not of our Society, expressed their Satisfaction with the Meeting. The People in and about Speight's Town in Barbadoes, were very loving and kind to me, more than I ever had obferved before ; even some vile, prophane Men, whom I could not forbear to reprove for their Swearing, and taking the sacred Name in vain, yet they shew'd Refpect, notwithstanding I reproved them sharply. Who can Rake the facred Name of God into their Mouths in vain,

om being a

spected my Minand fome di


and be guiltless ? Or who can hear it, and forbear 1727. reproving it, without being remiss in their Duty ? This' great Evil is too frequently practised in this rich (poor) Inand of Barbadoes (rich in Earthly, but poor in Heavenly Treasure) which caused me many Times to mourn in secret before che Almighty, praying him for che Reformation of the People, for Chrilt's Sake, and for the Glory of his own eternal Name.

The 27th of the First Month 1729, having done 1728. my Business in Barbadoes, and seen Friends generally, in an Opportunity offered for my Return Home, in the . Brigantine Sarah and Mary, Samuel Gallop Master, Af Som bound for Burlington, in Company with William Dury and William Callender, both of Barbadoes. Our Master was exceeding kind to us in the Voyage. The Wind hanging Northerly, we could not go có Windward of Martinico, but drove to Leeward, and failed by the Isles of Lucia, Marlinico, Dominico, Guardaloupe, Antigua, Montserrat, Rodondo, Nevis, Christopher's, Statia, Saba, Martin's, Anguilla, Bartholomew's, Sombre. ro, and four other small lands which are called The Saints. It was very pleasant sailing by these INands, only some of them were so exceeding high, that in some places we were becalm'd, and the Clouds appear'd below the Tops of divers of the Mountains. At Christophers (which is counted the highest of them) there being a small River of good fresh Water, we sent our Boat on thore for fome, having none very good on board : We lay off and on about two Hours, but did not come to. I was thankful for this Water, it being my constant Drink ; it was also very service. able to the People on board. After we left the Ifle of Sombrero, we saw a Sail, which we choughe stood after us, and hearing at Christopher's that several Spanifh Privateers were on that Coast, our Master, and some others on board, were a little surprized ; but we soon Jeft her out of Sight, and we afterwards went plea- fantly on our Way till we came to the Latitude of Ber.


P 2,

1728. mudas, where the Winds blew freth, and much against ni us; and this Winter having been very hard, we felt

the Tharp Blasts of the latter End of it. We had a Pallage of about thirty Days, and came very pleasantly up, the Bay and River; and it pleased God that I got home. once more to my beloved Wife and Children, and was joyfully received by all my Family,

whom I found in a good Degree of Health ; for which Frankfort, I did (as I had Occasion to do) bless and praise the

great Name of the most High, who is worthy for ever.

After I came. Home, I was at many Meetings in Pensylvania o and Jersey, 5

Pensylvania and Jersey, viz. at Philadelphia, Burlinga ton, Bristol, Biberry, Frankfort, German-town, Nerea Hanover, Croswicks, &c. in all which Meetings I had fome Service to Friends Satisfaction, and was comfort,

ed with the Goodness of God in the Midst of my Af. Burlington. Aictions.-My Business lying much at Burlington, I

spent pretty much of my Time there for leveral Weeks ; where my Friends manifested a tender and hearty Respect towards me, and lympathized with me in my Troubles and Travels ; and there I prepared for another Voyage ; for I was fully resolved, thro' divine. Alliftance, to pay all my juft Debts (which I contracted, and lay on me, through many Lofles) or elle co die in the Pursuic of it ; in which Resolve I had inward Peace and Satisfaction ; though fuch Labour, Travel, and Separation from my Family, was a great Crofs to Nature.

On the 14th of the Fifth Month we went on board the Brigantine Sarah and Mary, Samuel Gallop Master,

for' Barbadoes ; and on the 16th we failed down the AB Sea. Bay, and put to Sea, and I wrote a loving, cender

Lecter, co my Wife and Family, and another to my Friends at Burlington. We had fair Winds for about cwo Weeks, after which they were contrary for feve*ral Days, during which two of our Men had a Fever, and our Vessel proved leaky (though right in smooch Water) which was fome Concern to us, and obliged


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