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clear Evidence, and full Conviction of their permiston
Consciences : Pom. ii. 15. ' Which shew the

of the law writien in their hearts, their conu Maker
allo bearing witness, and their thoug? Je
mean while acculing, or else excusing ook for
ther.' verf. 16. Jude 14. 15. above

The particular Place and Time of the judgment are not known to Men: lanced

And they answered and said unto A B 'Lord! And he said unto them, Sen

the body is, thither will the eag is 'together.' i Thello v. 1. 2. ' BERCE

and the teafons, brethren, yet bis 'I write unto you. For your "fretly, that the day of the L 300

ities in the night.' The Tid-722 Trt, that lien may watch, aga 29.06. xxiv. 42.Watch the

Dzik a hat h ur your Lordd "Theret re be ye also ready to Blistirk not, the Son da

borreciately after the c! fu! Frecution of the Senter

their works that are
as she will make new fie
Ceir con 12. • Nevertheitta

thous bok for dew bearer
sculing elleth righteoulre.
abores fornt from the Pan

Damned, the Saints

Fair Backs, Mart.
id unto Sentence will be
themse, in their being cat:
hance of God, and the

his Saints and Aage

And whorever wa
* book of life, was cai.

mpared with th. 2
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ne ye curled, irto eter-
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have put down all rule, power. For he mult reads

enemies under his feet. . . j. 10. "The day of the

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