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Jérémie, although we are there greatly also have been highly acceptable to us opposed by Popish influence, yet God had our other young candidate, Lilavoie, has singularly blessed his work in that been received; but I suppose we must part of his vineyard, not only with the not expect too much at once.

I trust, conversion of souls, but also with the however, that this favour will also be hope of the erection of a building, to be granted to us, especially as the individevoted to the public worship of God. dual referred to is showing a growing

At Port-au-Prince we have great rea- fitness for our work. son to rejoice in the gradually increased We are, upon the whole, encouraged extension of the Redeemer's kingdom. in our labours, and are looking out for We have many difficulties to contend greater things than these. A few days with, and may expect many more of since a Missionary landed here from the every kind. In fact, it is not to be ex. United States, who has been a Romish pected that Satan will allow his kingdom Priest. He is a Frenchman, and thereto be shaken, without a great effort to fore, as to language, ready for his work ; maintain it. Truth, however, is in the and it is to be hoped that he will be end stronger than error, and light never useful in this country. failed to chase away darkness at last. We shall not be able, for some time to We have never had a rapid increase in come, to make a great show in finances numbers ; but we have been gradually in this District, in consequence of conincreasing now for some time past, and tinued depreciation of the currency of the have still the hope of its continuance for country ; but it must not be for a mosome time to come. There is, indeed, ment imagined that our friends here are much to deplore in Hayti ; but, with not exerting themselves on this subject. regard to religious liberty, we have much I would remind our friends at home, to be thankful for : the fact of our preach- that, in addition to what is done in our ing in the streets of a country where societies to help in the support of the Popery reigns, is perhaps one of the Mission, great progress has been made greatest proofs that could be given of with regard to Mission-premises and Misthe toleration with which

sion-property in general. The property favoured. In fact, notwithstanding all at Port-au-Prince has now a good chapel we have to lament, as to increasing, upon it, and also a good school-house, and sometimes unhappy, changes that both of which are free from debt; while, are taking place with regard to civil and at the same time, two public schools are political matters, we have much to rejoice supported in the Circuit, without any over and be thankful for as to the gene reference to the Committee's funds. ral cause of God, not only with regard Also at the Cape we have new premises, to the feeling of the country towards the with chapel and Mission-house, and the truth of Christ, but also for the harmony efforts in behalf of the expense of the and peace which prevail within our buildings have been in every way ho. borders.

nourable to that Circuit ; while at the We have been truly delighted and same time two schools are also in the thankful to see that our young candi. Circuit, principally, if not entirely, supdate, Heureaux, was received by the ported on the spot. In fact, there is last Conference as Assistant Missionary: every reason to hope, that as Hayti has this will doubtless be a valuable help to now begun to help herself, so she will us in our increasing work. It would continue to do increasingly.



RECENT MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. CHARIBB-Town, HONDURAS-Bay. say, that I cannot report much progress -I trust a brighter day is beginning to in any thing here : a total indifference to dawn on our work at Charibb-Town. all that is good is the chief object I can The Charibbs, as a people, are deeply clearly perceive. I may state, however, sunk in ignorance and superstition, and that a person who bas three wives has been exhibit all the characteristic fruits of induced to put away one; another, who Heathenism. In December last I ap- lives with two wives, says he will leave both pointed our old and tried friend, Mr. and be married to another, in order that John Armstrong, a native convert, to there may be no jealousy between the take charge of the Charibb-Town sta- present two : you will see from this, that tion, as Schoolmaster, &c. In January some little good is doing." March 31st, Mr. Armstrong writes,—“I am sorry to Mr. Armstrong writes,—"The transac


tions of the last three months are not of morning he very quietly took his departsuch a nature as to claim any particular “ The entrance of God's word giveth observations from me, though it has light.” We use every effort to circulate pleased the Lord to grant us an addi- this word. Many of the Spanish Roman tion of five members, three of whom were Catholics are now in possession of God's backsliders. The Charibbs are just like word ; that word is read by them ; light other men, and show the real condition is shining upon their minds. Many of human nature in its fallen state : the of them are dissatisfied with their presacred image of the Creator being de- sent religion, and even ridicule some of faced, all the powers of their minds are the ceremonies in which they engage. subverted, they walk in darkness under Doors of usefulness are opening in this the immediate government of the prince country on every hand. Our daily of this world, and are found glorying prayer is that the Lord of the harvest in those things of which they ought to would send forth more labourers.--Rev. be ashamed. Alas ! I speak from sad Joseph Webster, April 12th, 1849. experience: God alone can make the ST. CARISTOPHER'S. We have just crooked straight. On Good-Friday not held our examination of our day and a single Santo made his appearance : Sunday school children belonging to the the worshippers of Baal repaired to Mul- Wesleyan Schools in Basseterre. It was a lins-River, a settlement about ten miles pleasing sight, to behold upwards of three distant. We may, from this secret hundred assembled in our large chapel, movement of the enemy, suppose that surrounded by our kind friends, and at he finds his powers weakened in this the head, as President on the occasion, our quarter. It will be our duty to follow excellent Governor, MACKINTOSH. He up this retreat of his, keeping up the remained for three hours, and appeared to skirmish, holding fast every foot of be much pleased with what he saw and ground we may gain on his outposts, heard. His lady was there also for some and securing our adversary by mighty time. Just before he retired, he presented prayer."

me with his second donation of £10 sterA short time since, on a Romish Priestling : this was the same sum as he gave making his appearance at Charibb-Town, last year, which you will see by a referone of our members, a converted Charibb, ence to our school-account. holding an appointment under the Go- His Excellency has taken a lively invernment, came to our Teacher to ac- terest in the welfare of the schools in quaint him of his arrival ; and, in the this island. All our schools, which, like fulness of his zeal, desired to know if he our chapels, form a chain around the should“ turn bim off the place.” “No,” island, have been visited by him repeatsaid the Teacher, “take the Bible to edly. I shall be glad if you can find a him, and request him to expound the corner in our Notices for the above note, Second Commandment." The Bible was inasmuch as it may induce others who taken ; the word of God was quick and are called to fill such elevated situations powerful, it was too much for the Priest to imitate so good an example.- Rev. R. to grapple with ; and on the following Hawkins, January 9th, 1849.

POSTSCRIPT. (From the Watchman" of January 16th, 1850.) TAE Quarterly Meeting of the London District Auxiliary Missionary Society was held on Friday evening, January 11th, at the Centenary Hall. The Rev. the President in the Chair. The Meeting was very numerously attended.

After the regular business had been transacted, the propriety of entertaining certain proposals of change in the constitution of the General Society, introduced at the last Meeting of the District Committee, was brought under the notice of the Meeting.

Objections to the introduction of such subjects into the Local Committees were strongly urged, on behalf of the officers of the General and District Committees, who recommended that this Meeting should strictly confine itself to the proper business of such Committees, as defined by the rules of the Auxiliary Society; and that the Meeting should speedily conclude, there being a desire to have an opportunity, in a distinct and subsequent friendly meeting, of answering certain injurious misrepresentations which had been of late widely circulated. It was then moved, seconded, and almost unanimously carried,—That this Meeting do now adjourn. The Meeting was adjourned accordingly.

The President was then requested, by the numerous friends and supporters of the Society, who remained in the room, to resume the chair, for the purpose of free conversation on the general subject. After solemn prayer, and some preliminary conversation, Mr. Hoole directed attention to an anonymous circular, containing severe accusations against the financial management of the Society; and refuted them very luminously and succinctly. After hearing his and other statements, the following Resolutions were passed with warm and general feelings of approbation, there being only four dissentient votes from the First Resolution, and none from the remaining Three :Moved by COLPITTS HARRISON, Esq.; seconded by John W. GABRIEL,

Esq.; supported by WALTER GRIFFITH, Esq., and CHRISTOPHER

GABRIEL, Esq. ; “That the cordial thanks of this Meeting be given to the Secretaries and Treasurers of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, for the frank, candid, and satisfactory manner in which they have met the wishes of this Meeting by the explanation they have given.” Moved by John VANNER, Esq. ; seconded by EDWARD CORDEROY,

Esq. ; supported by R. M. REECE, Esq.; “That this Meeting hereby expresses its unwavering attachment to the Wesleyan Missions, carried on under the direction of the Wesleyan Conference ; its fixed resolution to maintain unimpaired the constitution of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, and to endeavour to promote the interests of that Society by measures in accordance with its established constitution; and its perfect confidence in the integrity of its Officers and Committee, and

the practical wisdom and efficiency of the general management of its affairs. Moved by WALTER GRIFFITH, Esq. ; seconded by William BOURNE,

Esq.; supported by John LIDGETT, Esq. ; “That the preceding Resolutions be inserted in the Watchman, the Missionary Notices,' and the Wesleyan Magazine."

Moved by JOHN VANNER, Esq. ; seconded by James HUNTER, Esq.;

supported by J. W. GABRIEL, Esq. ; “That the cordial thanks of this Meeting be respectfully presented to the Rev. the President of the Conference, for his very kind and able conduct in the Chair."


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