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science of any individual in this assembly-if there be such an onewho having heard the statement that was made here last year, has not made a single effort to extricate the society out of its difficulty. Is there such a man among us? I put to you the forcible expression made use of by Bishop Wilson, when he asked his hearers if there was one among them who was tired of Christ? Bishop Wilson says there was but one voice throughout the assembly. The answer was, No! I ask you are you tired of the service of your Lord and Master, are you tired of labouring for the Saviour of the world? Is there one voice-is there even a small suppressed voice to speak according to the forms of our societythe answer throughout the assembly is, No. Then are you prepared to do for your Master what he has done for you. My Lord, I am almost ashamed to ask it, but I am sure I shall have your pardon, considering the great moment of the subject, if I trespass a little longer upon your attention and that of this assembly, while I advert shortly to the second subject for our consideration ; viz. the remedy which is proposed to be applied to the difficulty. You have heard what that remedy is ; you have heard it with aching · hearts; you have heard that if the present state of things continue, you must relinquish three missions, and confine your expenditure to £85,000. in the next year instead of £110,000. that have been expended in the last; and that every donation of £5. and every legacy of £5. is to be applied to raise a capital of £30,000. according to the recommendation of the Finance Committee, in order that in due time they may carry on to full effect the labour and objects of the society. We are to relinquish three missions, viz. Jamaica, Trinidad, and Malta; and we are to endeavour to provide that in all the others the expenditure should, as far as possible, be reduced. Now, I am free to say—and I honour the Committee for that decisionthat if the society have determined that no more than £90,000. shall be raised-that is, that we shall stop there, and that beyond that no perşon shall relax his hold on one single miserable sovereign,-if you will get all you can, and keep what you can, and determine to starve out the society by your parsimony,—then, I say,

it is an honourable, a consistent, and a Christian declaration that your Committee have made ; and no one in this assembly can get up and say that it indicates any want of faith. Faith is not an impression; faith is not enthusiasm ; faith is not an inconsiderate impulse which disposes a man to do what he likes, and take the authority of God on credit: but faith is the reception of the whole will of God; and the will of God is this, that we should be just to every living man, not trusting to future contingencies, but discharging present duty; and such is the determination of the Committee. If the Committee are right in coming to that decision, I must say, if you allow them to carry out that resolution you will be just as they are right; because the Committee being right in resolving to pay their debts, you and I must be decidedly wrong if we do not help them to pay their debts. I will own that one of the reasons by which I am tempted to address you, while your attention is in some degree fresh, is, that I may endeavour to bring the present assembly to a resolution that the Committee shall not do what they intend; and that though they have prudently put that resolution in their Report, you will enable them, I do not say to-day, but in the space of a few months, God helping you, to rescind such a resolution. It must be rescinded. We must not go from this great meeting to-day without adopting certain Resolutions, I will not say in words, but in the chambers, in the deep recesses of our own consciences and hearts; that we will take measures for relieving the Committee from the embarrassing and painful situation in which they are placed. O! what would be the joy that would break in like a beam of light upon the dark room where the Committee sit in their mourning weeds, (not counting their money, but the want of it) were one hundred clergymen from influential spots in the kingdom to write and say, "We must insist upon the Resolution being rescinded, because we see such means as will, through the divine blessing, help you to do so. Well, now, what are some of those means? I think one of the means is this. I have long been struck with this truth,—there is not a single verse in the word of God which commends personal religion to any human being, which does not

oblige that man to be a propagator of not, positively we must not, leave religion to the end of the world. Per- the Society in its present state. You sons complain that they cannot find remember that John Zitzca, when a missionary text. I say every text he had been fighting the battles of is a missionary text, because every the Reformation for many years, said, text which commends the things of 'I am worn out, I shall not last much God to my conscience compels me to longer, but having given my last become, in some form or other, a years to that cause, the Protestant missionary labourer. Just as when cause-the blessed Protestant cause, the divine Being gives me the sun- I desire now to give my skin to make shine, I am not to lock up that sun- up a drum with which to beat up for shine ; just as when he gives me the recruits to fight the battle of the air for inspiration, I am not to en- Reformation. Some of us are in deavour to imprison that air : so the same situation, at least I amwhen the things of God and the we can give you scarcely anything things of eternity are put into my but an empty drum, for we are worn hands, it is not as a deposit which I out, but we call upon you who are may in the spirit of mockery lock up younger, according to the interpretain the aisles of a church, or concen- tion of the text which we have heard trate in my own miserable self. I to-day, to be baptized instead of the am thereby bound to give to the world dead, so that when your older friends all that is given to me--to give them fall, you should come forth to occupy that which is as much the charter of their places, and to do so, I trust, their hopes and joys as of my own. with a thousand times more efficiency Here, then, is a practical inference: than your fathers and predecessors. connect with everything in religion This year has been marked by the something missionary. If you have addition of the venerable name of a school, convert it into a missionary the ecclesiastical head of our Church school; if you have a Meeting for a to the list of our Patrons; one, to charitable purpose, as far as possible, whom I myself am personally inconnect a missionary object with it; debted for mildness, forbearance, and if you have a Meeting for prayer, let sympathy, and to whom, you must a missionary-box accompany it. Carry permit me to say, the Church_of out the principle practically, that England is largely indebted. Beeverything in religion must be re cause I solemnly believe that if we lated to something missionary, or it had had an Archbishop Laud ten has not the true stamp of the Gospel years ago over our Church, we should upon it. Let this principle, then, now be sitting and mourning amidst be carried out in your private Socie- the ruins of our Establishment. If ties, in your private companies, in it had not been for the mild, cautious, your own houses. But there is ano tolerant, benevolent, and sagacious ther point which I would press upon spirit of his Grace, the Archbishop your consideration. Mr. Stowell, last of Canterbury, I, for one, should night, used three words, which were have expected calamities which it is very expressive. I may very well be impossible to conceive. Let not this a plagiarist of three words where year then be marked with the first there was so much to spare. Mr. symptoms of decay in this Society. Stowell used three words in public No doubt this Society was mistaken which he had formerly used to me in in expecting what we have not got; private as containing a simple speci- but your Committee reasonably exfic for the diseases of this Society. pected that when a very large body You long, perhaps, to hear what those of persons professed that they had no three words were-will you promise one reason in the world for not conme a large contribution if I tell you ? necting themselves with the Society, The three words were—'DOUBLE YOUR except that it had not general EpisSUBSCRIPTIONS. Double your sub- copal sanction, - your Committee,

scriptions for a single year, and the good men, fondly imagined that the • remedy, under God's blessing, will instant that barrier was removed, we be applied. I have only one more should, to adopt the noble Chair-expedient very briefly to state. It is man's expression, have had such a astonishing how much we can do if rush into the boat as would be almost we will only honestly set about it. likely to sink it. I need not say that Allow me, in conclusion, to press the rush has not taken place. Not affectionately upon you, that we must only has there been no rúsh, but it is a matter of fact, that although the try on earth, to stand in the midst of Bishops of our Church have largely the annual assemblies of British and cordially connected themselves Christians, and to catch a little of with this institution, a great many of that heavenly fire which had for years those loudly-professing Episcopalians been burning on the British shores, will have nothing to do with it. But and to carry back to his native land, I feel, with the noble Chairman, that the child and it ought to be the there is one thing better for us than cherished child-of this land, somemembers or money, or, I say it with thing of that spirit which God had respect, than even Bishops or Arch- vouchsafed to this nation. He had bishops- it is the maintenance of the already been privileged to listen to great and fundamental principles of the strong, bold, and uncompromising this society. We will preach Christ fidelity with which the servants of and him crucified, or else we will God in this country were enabled to hold our peace. Xavier, the great stand upon the principles of the saint of the Roman Catholic Church, blessed Reformation and the more confessed, a little in the spirit of the glorious truths of the Gospel, and he Abbé Dubois, that he found the re- rejoiced at what he witnessed. For sistance to the progress of Christi- years (continued the Rev. speaker,) anity in India so great, that he said, we in America have been listening 'All I can do is to baptize,' and with deep attention to the accounts though they received not the doctrine, of 'the operations of your Society, nevertheless he baptized them. Now and we have regarded it as one of our principle is just the contrary. the landmarks of the progress of We teach those we baptize; we teach God's life-giving truth through the the adult to know his Lord and to world. We have thought too, that trust and obey his laws; and then we in time of danger the truth would advance, in dependance on the blessed find a shelter in this land; but when Spirit of God, to put the holy seal of we heard of painful dissensions in the baptism upon him. I say then that Church of our fathers here, and of soundness of principle and of eccle- questions of controversy, not, as siastical practice have been the cha we believe, according to the wisdom teristics of the Society, and God grant of God, but after the devices of men, that they always may be. I believe, we trembled lest this Society, the dear friends, you have the implicit dearest of all the institutions of our assurance, as far as you can have paternal Church to our hearts, should faith in human beings, that the same become infected with the spirit which course will still be pursued. It is the we believe to bemperhaps unjustly, sentiment of our Chairman of whom but still it is our firm conviction I should have a great deal to say if I rottenness at the core. It was a subcould get him out of the chair, it is ject of amazement to the comparathe sentiment that he has professed tively little Church of which i have and avowed in this great assembly been a minister for many years, to to-day,-it has since been avowed by hear that there could be questions your Committee, and I believe you raised in reference to the propriety, may receive it as the honest pledge authority, and Divine influence of of all persons connected with the the principles under which we had Society, that they will not make a had our very ecclesiastical being; surrender of a single principle; that for we came into existence as the they will not deviate one hair's grandchild of the Reformation, we breath from the course which they have lived under the shadow of believe the Bible, and the Bible alone, its paternal influence and blessing, has marked out for them! and that and until lately were perfectly united you will find them true to their banner as one man, with one heart, in mainto the last-the great, broad banner taining those blessed principles which on which is inscribed, “Nothing but had been transmitted to us. If we Jesus Christ, and him crucified." are now divided, let the Church in

LORD Ashley, M.P. having moved this land bear thé responsibility. If the second Resolution,

now there are amongst us protectors The Rey. DR. TYNG, from Phila and favourers of principles which delphia, a minister of the American God cannot and will not bless, let the Episcopal Church, said, that he had blame rest on those upon whom the for years cherished a desire to be per blame must rest, those who have mitted, before he finished his minis- thrown the torch of discord and the principles of mischief into the Church. ence the history and life of past preAs the representative here of the lates of your Church, I do not beBoard of Foreign Missions, in con- lieve that you could find twenty men nexion with our comparatively small more signally, as a whole, devoted to Church, I hope I may be indulged in the service and glory of God, or more some remarks on its past history and eminently useful in the fulfilment of present character. For although it the duties of their high station. Of be your child, it is but little known, these twenty, thirteen have come out and certainly has been little attended in distinct and official communicato. Within the last six years we sup- tions on the subject, and have stated posed ourselves a perfectly united their principles boldly and promibody. That any man should ques- nently to the clergy. Of the remaintion the grand and fundamental prin- ing seven not a single individual has ciple of justification by the imputed been found willing to take decidedly righteousness of Christ alone, was the contrary ground. Some three never imagined in our borders; that had not uttered their sentiments at any man should lay down for one all, for there are always men, in our moment before the consideration of land at least, of the non-committal another, that the Bible, the naked principle. Others have spoken, and simple Bible, as the sword of the spoken cautiously, but not an indiviSpirit of the living God, was not the dual in that house has stood forth to guide of man, the only guide, the defend those principles which the sufficient guide, the permanent guide, antagonists of truth hoped would the everlasting guide of sinful man, shake the Church to the very centre. never entered into our thoughts. But We have a thousand clergymen, and it seemed that we were to be taught I venture to say, that not a hundred by more experienced men than our- of them will be found to speak in any selves principles like these. In the terms, however qualified, in comsimplicity of our piety we little mendation of the principles to which thought of such schemes for man's I have alluded. We have twelve redeliverance from the bondage of his ligious periodicals connected with guilt. Then commenced just the our Church, and eleven of them have struggle amongst us that we have boldly taken up the defence of the witnessed upon the surface of this Reformation. They have stood toisland. No, I must not say just the gether and sustained the brunt of the struggle, for I bless God that it was difficulty, and thrown themselves, a most unequal one there. On the like the Hittite, in the foremost of one side was only an individual here the battle, and stood unharmed. Only and there, while on the other, the one, a single, solitary one and I do great body of our Zion stood up not speak even with disrespect of like children of the Reformation of that one-has felt itself authorized to Great Britain, and higher still, the speak in the language of defence, but children of the redeeming love of always in extremely qualified terms, God our Saviour, and simply upon and with such doublings and twistthis principle, “The Bible is the ings as to render it excessively diffiguide we have received, and by that cult to identify the position it held. alone we stand.” After several years Upon the principle, then, that the of argument and discussion, after we Bible is the guide of man from guilt have gone through a trial extremely through Christ to God, we are united; affecting and fearful, the position in and I am persuaded that nothing which we stand is this, that at least could have been more spiritually betwo-thirds of the whole number of neficial to us than this controversy, the ministry of our Church stand which at one time was so alarming; simply and together upon that one for it led ministers to preach out the grand principle; and they who are truth more distinctively and forcibly; opposed to it are to a great extent it made men examine and test the persons of but little influence in dis- foundation of our principles. In seminating their opinions. We have former years we were accustomed to in our house of bishops twenty men; listen to discourses framed after the and pardon me here, if on a distant Tillotson model : but now we have shore, and away from my own much them assimilated to the style and loved land I speak of them-for as spirit of your Cecils, and Simeons, and much as I reverence the English Newtons. I shall be excused for Bench of Bishops, much as I rever- mentioning these names, as it is necessary in order that there may be no ciety; then a spirit got amongst us, mistake as to the kind of discourses of which I will not speak as I could, which I mean. Every election of a because I might possibly trench upon bishop that has taken place since the the feelings of some persons,-but controversy has been decidedly in which made men contend that every favour of opposers to those principles thing ought to be placed under ecclewhich flowed from one of the classic siastical approbation and protection : fountains of your land. At the last and we fondly yielded. But our six General Convention, which is a tri- years' experience, I am bound to say, ennial meeting of the whole body of has not satisfied the proposers of the the clergy, two bishops were set over change. We have had a slight intwo new dioceses, and they were men crease of means, and a large increase eminently qualified, eminent by cha of government; and under our cirracter, experience, and talent, to sus cumstances we are as much shackled tain the office; but still more, they by the protection we receive, as we had solemnly committed themselves are benefited by carrying out the beforehand to that great and Divine principles by which we are held and principle of the Church; and there is ruled. Since, however, you have also a full prospect before us of a further accepted the oversight of the heads of extension of simple plain Gospel the Church, we feel convinced that truth, and dependence upon Gospel we were mistaken, and that you are power. Wherever we are labouring right; and the result must eventually upon this principle, God is adding prove that you have exercised more seals to our ministry. In Philadel wisdom than we did. Still, we are phia, thirteen years ago, when I was not without rewards for our missiondirected thither by the providence of ary exertions. On the western coast God, we had but ten churches in our of Africa, God has blessed our lacommunion, now there are upwards hours in a remarkable degree, for of twenty; and this increase includes multitudes have been caused to turn not a single individual on the side their faces Zionward, and to ask their which is opposed to the most decided way thither. But the cause of misand effective preaching of the Gos- sions is always safe, as identified pel of Christ. Thus God has honoured with the principles of Gospel truth. our simple setting forth of the Sa. No man should take upon himself to viour's finished work. Every other preach to the heathen, but the man class of Christians is seeing the light who, as Archbishop Leighton says, that shines within our borders, and knows chat he was once dead, and is are gathering with delight to become alive again. It must be such a man; partakers of the bread with which others may love to rule, but he will God's children there are fed. Now, love to feed. When preached by with regard to our missionary opera faithful men, the Gospel will be tions; from the commencement, owned and blessed of God to the some twenty-two or twenty-three salvation of sinners. We, like you, years ago, our efforts, in proportion are embarrassed; and it seems that to our ability, have been respectable, I have left one wilderness only to but in proportion to the wants of the step into another. I have been hearworld certainly small. We, ourselves, ing of lamentations about debt there, are but a little one, in the midst of to prepare myself for a repetition of many, long-neglected and almost for the same melancholy strain here. gotten. Had Britain done her duty What ! are there Anakims here also ? in our land a century ago, and esta “a people great and tall, dwelling blished her Church in full episcopal in great cities and whose fame reachauthority there, we should now have ed up to heaven?” Is this land bepossessed a power a hundred-fold come a place of spiritual famine, degreater to bring into operation for the solation, and death? Are you calling evangelization of the world. If we are upon God's children for help, and has stunted in our growth as a Church, let God given them hearts which cannot it not be forgotten that it has arisen feel? Have they no arms to stretch from the early neglect of our nursing- out? Is the power of British faith mother; if we are not strong, it is be- less than of old ? Ye are not straitcause you did not take care to supply ened in God, but in yourselves. Why us well in our infancy with the milk hath God given the keys of the whole of God's word. We were, until with earth, as it were, into British hands? in the last six years, a voluntary So- Why hath God encircled the globe

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