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j. Metaphor.

k. Metaphor.

1. Metaphor.

f. Simile. "As the showers."

g. Metaphor.

h. Simile.

i. Metaphor.

"He is the rock."

"Kept him as the apple of his eye."
"Suck honey out of the rock."

"Oil out of the flinty rock."

"Kidneys of wheat."

"Pure blood of the grape.

m. Metaphor.

"Rock of his salvation."

n. Metaphor.

o. Metaphor.

p. Metaphor.

"The rock that begat thee.'

"Fire kindled in anger and shall burn and shall consume the earth and set on fire the foundations of the mountains."

"Burn with hunger."

[blocks in formation]

t. Personification and Metaphor. "Arrows drunk with


u. Metaphor. "My sword shall devour flesh."

[blocks in formation]

a. Hyperbole. "One man of you shall chase a thousand.

b. Metaphor. "They shall be snares and traps."

c. Metaphor.

"Scourges in your sides."

d. Metaphor.

"Thorns in your eyes."

e. Metaphor. "Going the way of all the earth.'

f. Metonomy. "A long season.'

g. Metonomy.

h. Metonomy.

"I gave them into your hand."
"Balak warred against Israel."
"Delivered you out of his hand."

"Delivered them into your hand."
"Sent the hornet."

i. Metonomy

j. Metonomy.

k. Metaphor.

1. Metonomy.

"My house."


Paul's Farewell at Ephesus

a. Metaphor. "Grievous wolves enter in among you."

b. Metaphor. "Not sparing the flock."

F. Memorial Speeches

Deliverance from Egypt


a. Metaphor.

b. Metaphor.

c. Metonomy.

"The house of bondage."

"Land flowing with milk and honey."

"Strong hand." " By strength of hand."

[blocks in formation]

G. Presentation



a. Interrogation. "Whose ax have I taken?"

b. Interrogation. "Whose ass have I taken?"
"Whom have I defrauded?"

c. Interrogation.
d. Interrogation.

e. Interrogation.

f. Metonomy.

g. Metonomy

h. Metonomy

i. Metaphor.

"Whom have I oppressed?"

"Of whose hand have I received bribe?" "Into the hand of Sisera."

"Into the hand of the Philistines."

"Into the hand of the King of Moab."

"Ye shall be consumed."

36. John's Witness

a. Metaphor.

"I am the voice."

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