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to constitute k a lying wonder; for all the various miracles of God, recorded in the Scriptures of the old and new covenant, were performed in the presence of eye-witnefles to the truth of them, the cafe of Zacharias perhaps alone excepted, whose miraculous dumbness however [was an irrefragable testimony of his miraculous vision in the temple. God never requires from his creatures faith in his miracles, without giving them competent vouchers for the truth of them.

It is highly improbable, that God should seem as it were to fix an indirect stigma on his own institution of marriage, the original of so many blessings to mankind, by withholding from the husband, Joseph, the privilege of becoming the father of your Messiah, and yet grant to his wife Mary, the privilege of becoming his mother. There is no warrant from your prophecies for the belief of this improbability, those divine Scriptures, which testify Jesus to be the Messiah, and present the

only only clue, which can safely guide both Jews and Christians through the otherwise intricate labyrinth of Christian knowledge, and the sole infallible criterion whereby to distinguish between genuine and spurious Gospels. Both the parents of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, are said to be of the house and 'lineage of Davidbut, when it is farther expressly said, that he, the Christ, was' of 'the feed of David it is impossible to suppose, that the seed of a man descended from his royal progenitor was unconcerned in begetting him.

Besides, when the people of Nazareth, where Jesus had been brought up, expressing their astonishment, * said, is not this Joseph's son?' Luke iv. 22. it is remarkable, he did not disavow Joseph for his father, whereas, if Jesus had been conscious he was not the son of Joseph, it cannot, I think, be doubted, that he would have embraced this opportunity of rectifying the error of the Nazarenes in this matter.

I cannot

I cannot close this long supplement without declaring, that thaugh your conversion, my Jewish friends, as a people, depend greatly on proving, that an husband of the feed of David, was as much concerned in begetting Jesus, your Messiah, as a wife so descended was in bearing him, and that the merely maternal origin of Christ is an hypothesis, which militates as well against common-sense, as against your divine prophecies; yet I judge my free exposure of the futility of the various hypotheses of Athanasians, Arians and Socinians, is very consistent with the most extensive Christian charity for their persons. In short, I would desire to be considered as a Christian philanthropist; and all the harm I wish to them, or to any sect of Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Deists, and Pagans, is, that some more able man than myself may arise, who shall treat the only true manhood of Jesus with more critical acumen, than falls to my share, and set it in a still more striking point of view, than I have placed it. Let such a man, if he deem my example

ample worthy of his imitation, follow it, and may success attend him!

My undissembled good-will to the respective advocates of Athanasianism, Arianism, and Socinianism, induces me to hope, that some of all among them will reflect, that the more rational a Christian's faith is, the more moral will naturally be his practise; and that a man's sins are not imputable to the rationality of his faith, but to his own unhappy choice to be enslaved by his tyrant passions, rather than governed by the sober dictates of his understanding, which cannot but approve of the moral precepts of the Gospel. On the performance of these depends the fulfilment of that glorious hope of eternal life and happiness, which an all-merciful God has given to men by Jesus Christ; and 'whereof he

* hath given assurance, or offered faith,

* unto all men, in that he hath raised him

* from the dead.' Acts xvii. 31. The resurrection of Jesus being a pledge and earnest of our own.


My heaft's wish, O house oF Israel, is your conversion to the faith, that Jesus was your Messiah, and my prayer to God is, to prosper, if it be his holy will, these my well-meant endeavours to be instrumental in accomplishing it. 'To him, your Jeho'vah, the king, eternal, immortal, invisible, 'the only wife,' good, 'God, be glory, 'through Jesus,' the * Christ,' or Messiah, 'for ever.'



Page 16, line 11, for Soc'mnimsm, read Socinianism ; p.20,1. 13, aster crucified put a note ot interrogation ; p 26, 1.17, for pedentetim, read pedetentim; p. 29, I. 19- for diabolical, read diabolical; p. 44, 1. 12, for Bethclim, read Bethlehem; p. 70,1. 16. the / in the is inverted; p. 82, 1. 10. forsuppfition read supposition; p. 86, I. 3, from the bottom, for the read the; p. 94.. I. 11. iorsather tend father; p. 105, line 2-3, for Athathanafion read Atbanafian \ \. 2, from the bottom, for on, read an; p. no, 1. 3. from the bottom, for defiurSion read dtsirutlion; p. 123,1. 5, fiom the bottom, dele a; p. 140, 1. i,for d, read dom; p. 145. 1. 12, dele as well; p. 174, 1. 1, for ftingdon: read kingdom; p. 176, 1. 7, from the bottom, add of; p. 196, 1. 9, from the bottom, foi fig-tree lead fig-trees; p. 114., 1. 1, before here, acid be; p. 223, 1. 2. for fanits read faints; p. 232, 1. 3, front the bottom, after Omar dele the comma; p. 238.1. 5. for Ebonites rwd •Ebionhes.

OCT 1 0 1916

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