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BAPTIST MISSION. The Friends to this Mission are respectfully informed, that the ANNUAL MEETINGS of the SOCIETY will be held in LONDON, in the course of the present Month, according to the following arrangement:

TUESDAY, JUNE 16. MORNING, 11.—The Committee of the Society will assemble at Salters' Hall

Meeting House, Cannon Street, when the Company of all Ministers of the Denomination who may be in town, is particu. larly requested.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17. MORNING, 11.-Sermon for the Society, at the Wesleyan Chapel in the City

Road, near Finsbury Square, by the Rev. W. H. MURCH,

Theological Tutor of the Stepuey Academical Institution. EVENING, 6. -Sermon for the Society, at Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars-road, by

the Rev. THOMAS Swan, lately from Bengal, now of Cannonstreet, Birmingham.

THURSDAY, JUNE 19. MORNING, 9.–Prayer Meeting for the Mission, at Eagle-street Meeting House.

Some Minister from the country is expected to deliver an

Address. 11.- Annnal Meeting of the Society, at Spa Fields' Chapel, when

John FOSTER, Esq. of Biggleswade, is expected to preside.

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. property, bis regular attendance on the

means of grace, by his Christian conduct in

the church and the world, and lastly, by his CALCUTTA.


He died greatly respected by those who knew him, nearly a hundred of

whom attended his funeral. On the Sunday (Continued from p. 221.)

evening following, his funeral sermon was II. HOWRAH.

preached by brother G. Pearce to a nomer

ous congregation. The death of this good The state of things at this station con- man places the affairs of the cause here in Linues, in reference to the English church a very critical sitaation, as there is now no and congregation, much the same in point one except the minister, on whom the affairs of pumber. As the population of Howrah of the chapel can devolve. If it be desirable is very fluctuating, owing to the pature of to cultivate this spot, a European Misthe employment which persons find on that sionary must reside bere. Here is a neat side of the river, the congregation is of chapel, the erection of which cost about coorse affected by these changes ; hence £1400, a good congregation, likely to in. the attendance is sometimes thin, and at crease; a church formed, and the most others very good. Some additions during abundant and unfettered scope for mission. the last year have been made to the church, ary operation ; excepting on the Lord's day, wbile on the other band these bave been the people are as sleep willout a sbeplerd, balanced by death and removals. We are for no one station can be left to supply this, happy, however, to say, that no one has unless our bands are strengthened with more been excluded or suspended froin commo- brethren from Europe. nion. In the month of June last, this little interest was deprived by death of Mr.

UJI. DOORGAPORE. Thomas Davis, the deacon of the church, In uns of our former communications we by whose removal from this transitory state informed you, that the Ladies of the Circu. it has suffered a severe loss. He had been lar Road chapel congregation, had formed from the building of the chapel, one of the themselves into an Auxiliary Society to aid sbief sopporters of this infant cause, by bis the Mission. Since that period they have


offered to undertake the entire support of people. At the church meeting when she this station, (Missionary's salary excepted,) gave an account of her religious experience, which proposition was, of course, gladly she delighted as much with the knowledge accepted. Through this generous and un- she evinced of the way of salvation, and the looked for aid, the bands of our Missionary simplicity, humility, and feeling with which brother here bave been greatly strength- she related the exercises of her mind. In ened, and particularly in the English school these last respects, she surpasses most of under his care, he has been enabled to pro. the native converts. Her conduct, since her secute bis wishes to an extent which, with. baptism, has still more confirmed our çonout this aid, he could not have done. viction of the genuineness of her conversion.

Having been reminded how necessary it Native CHURCH.

was that she should be able to read the Yon will be much gratified to learn, that word of God, she commenced learning imone of the native brethren residing at this mediately, and has already made such prostation, who last year on account of sinful gress, that her efforts, if persevered in, will conduct was excluded from the church, bas soon be crowned with success. The conthis year been restored to it again. His version of her husband is a subject that she repentance we hope is genuine. Among bas very much at heart, and it is most other signs which lead us to think this, we pleasing to witness the pains she takes to may mention, that prior to bis re-admission effect this desirable object, and bow mach into the church, he, of his own accord, went she is grieved when his conduct indicates to each of the members, confessed his sin, the waywardness of his mind. Her exerand solicited forgiveness. As he is in ta- tions on his behalf bave, we are happy to lent and in temporal circumstances above all say, been in a great measure successful. the native brethren, and had previously beld He has renounced idolatry, unites with her an office in the church, it is apparent that in family and public worship, and often tbis act exhibited no small degree of humi- evinces signs of attention to the welfare of lity and self-denial. His deportment since his soul. He cannot, however, be consithis time bas afforded us much pleasure, dered as any thing more than a bopeful and excites the hope that he may hereafter character. be again usefully employed in preaching the There are now living at this station, under gospel 10 his countrymen.

the care of brother G. Pearce, about 18 In the beginning of the month of June persons bearing the Christian name, chiefly last, a female, residing here, was baptized of Hindoo extraction. Of these individuals and added to the church. The history of eight are in communion with the church; of this individual will afford you much gratifi- the remaining ten, three are adults, and the cation. She is by birth a Hinduo, and was rest children and youths of different ages. brought up in the belief and practice of They, with occasionally a few of the heaheathenism. Abuat cigliteen years ago she then neighbours, form the congregation for married, or rather co-habited with a hea- Christian worsbip on the Lord's day, when then man, who is still living, and to whom it is conducted twice, chiefly by the breprior to her baptism, thinking that it was thren W. H. Pearce and Aratoon, brother sinful to live as she had done, she was mar- G. Pearce being on the Lord's day engaged ried by one of the Missionaries in the pre- either at Howrah or Calcutta in English sence of the church. Having about six or worship. In the week also, subject to some seven years ago, come to reside in the neigh- interruption, a service for the native brebourbood of some of our native brethren, thren has been beld in one of their own she became particularly acquainted with the houses, at which most have attended. They wife of one of them, and in consequence have also among themselves, daily, morning often visited her at her house. In these and evening family worship. On this occavisits her mind was directed to the truths sion the Scriptures of the Old and New of the Bible, and was somewhat affected Testament are read in course, when the thereby. It was the custom of her friend majority of the people are present. on these occasions, to read the Scriptures, Amongst all the imperfections of the na. and explain them to her, and to these in- tive bretliren which at times are a source of structions she listened with attention. Of much grief to their instructors, we who see any deep sense of sin and concern respect- every part of their character, often find in ing her salvation, she, however, continged them occasion for the liveliest emotions of destitute antil about two years ago, when gratitude and praise; so as to exclaim, Wbat in one of her visits to her neighbour, she bas God wrought? especially when they are heard the parable of the rich man and Laza. seen collected together on the Lord's day, ras read and explained. From this period in the house of God, listening to the glad her anxiety commenced, and continued to tidings of mercy, bending prostrate in the increase, until she found rest in the name of presence of the invisible jehovah, and in the Saviour, and in communion with his harmonious strains hyinning bis sacred

praises. At such times the mind is invo, effected with very little preparatory expense, luptarily led to call to remembrance the as the bangalow which brother Pearce left comparative difference of their former vile, last year, and of which yon have published disgusting, and soul-destructive worship be a drawing, * has been found to be very elifore hideous idols. The native christians, gible for the object. There are at present like ourselves, are far from being perfect. four children in the school, and little doubt If the gospel has not wrought in them per- is entertained as to our obtaining more as fect purity, however, it bas proved the soon as its existence shall be generally power of God in delivering them from Hin- known. A well-informed native christian dooism. In their bouses not a vestige of and bis wife have been procured to reside idolatry is to be seen. They are not to be in the house, and take charge of the domes. found mixing with the idolatrous proces- tio concerns, subject to the control of bro. sions, nor are the great holidays of the ther G. Pearce. For the support of this heathen regarded by them. Resort to the institution we bave appropriated the legacy conjurer in sickness, the observance of lucky of 501. left by the late Mr. Berridge of and unlucky days, the making vows for the Northampton for native schools, and which obtaining of favours, the pretended extra- you forwarded us in September 1825. This vagant and noisy grief of those who have sum, with interest to tie present time, lost their relatives, with many other super- amounts to rupees 650, which is more than stitious, heathenish customs and vices, do sufficient to support the institution for twelve not pollate the characters of our native months; and when expended, we trust tbat christians. In observing this difference be- other means will be found for its further tween their present and their former condi- maintenance. tion, it cannot fail to afford us the parest joy; and enable us to bear with their defi

HEATHEN Boy's SCHOOL. ciencies with more patience, hoping that

The English school here, for natire boys, increased knowledge of the word of God under the immediate superinteudence of will eventually redeem them from all their brother G. Pearce, continues to prosper. remaining imperfections.

For the greater convenience of the obildren,

wbo pow write and cypher, the school-room Mission BOARDING School.

has recently been fitted up with desks aud Having been long impressed with the benches after the Çuglish style. The aveimportance of attempting something towards rage attendance of the scholars is about 60, ameliorating the condition of the children being as many as can be comfortably seated. of native christians, many of whom are in a Numerous applications for admission con, deplorable state of ignorance, we bave tinue to be made, so that, if thought desir. recently commenced an institution for this able, the number of boys might be increased object, which has been denominated the to an indefinite extent. So eager are the Mission Boarding School. Our plan is to parents to get their children admitted, that receive children of this class, (and others they will sometimes intreat for their admisunder peculiar circumstances, such as des. sion upon their knees. Connecting their titute orphans, &c. should our funds allow,) education with their future promotion in for a certain term of years, something after life, the boys are almost without exception, the manner of apprenticeship, and instruct exceedingly devoted to their studies ; in them carefully in the knowledge of Chris- proof of this, we mention the following extian truths, communicating at the same amples. Within the last six monthis the time, such a general education as shall fit boys of the first class bave committed to them, when they leave the institution, to memory the whole of Murray's Abridged obtain comfortable situations in life. The Grammar, and are proceedivg over it a seimportance of this measure will appear to cond time; they have also learnt by heart, he great, when viewed not only in relation many hundred words in Carpenter's Spelto the welfare of the children, but in refer- ling Book. They have read and given the ence to the interests of Christianity in this meaning, and parsed many chapters in the country. The heathens are accustomed to Gospels and Acts of the apostles ; they have associate with the loss of cast, every idea also read and translated forty pages of the that is repulsive, as contempt, poverty, &c. first volume of Joyce's Dialogues. Besides and there is too much reason to fear, tbat this, in a foreign langnage, ip Bengalee they unless more care be taken of the education have read in Genesis, Digdarshun (a work of this interesting class, (for such indeed chiefly historical), Yates's Natural Philosothe children of native christians are,) their phy, and Pearce's Geography. For the use condition will strengthen these impressions ; of the school a pair of globes have been and bence to be a Christian will be syno. parcbased, and for the same object, a minymous with being ignorant, miserable, de- croscope was presented by a gentleman A spised, and cast off. The commencing of this institution was

Quarterly Paper, No. o.

short time ago. Occasionally, experiments witnessed. Indeed, in the various departa in natural philosophy have been made, to! ments of our labour generally, we have illustrate the lesson of the day; at which reason to rejoice, and we feel satisfied that times several of the scholars bare exhibited if you will but aid as by your coutinued a decided taste for these things, and a lervent prayers, and by sending out to our number of interesting questions have been belp realous and devoted coadjutors, this put by them. Perhaps nothing is so calcu. wilderness will yet abundantly repay your lated to undermine that confidence which is labour. We return you our hearty thanks so generally put in the Shaslers, (10 which for ull your kindness to our dear brother the natives always resort, when driven by Yales, and especially for your allowing bim argument, as to an impregnable fortress,) as permission to engage some other young inan these simple demonstrations to tbeir senses. of piety and talents to accompany him to It is amusing and encouraging to witness the labour in Calcutta. We cannot bat bope struggle that is evidently going on in the that such an, une lias ere now been found; minds of some of tbe boys, wlien experi- and that while bailing the return of an ex. ments in natural philosophy are being shewn perienced veteran to the field of warfare here, to them. Aware of the conviction produced we may have the pleasure of welcoming also by them, and how they will be turned by an active and zealous recruit. their teachers against their Shasters, they Wishing you divine direction in all your are almost determined not to give attention; measures, and abundant success to accom. but their curiosity overcomes their fears, pany them, we remain, dear and respected and at length they look, inquire, and con- brethren, verse, regardless of the consequences. When Yours, very affectionately, the respectability of their birth and situation

JAS. PENNEY. is considered, it will not excite wonder that

W. H. PEARCE. they should discover no libing to Christian

Jas. THOMAS. instruction, and resist the introduction of

GEO. PEARCE. Christian books. At first, attempts of this Calcutla, Sept. 1828. kind were made, but now they have altogether subsided. The following books for their religious instruction are read in the scbool :- the Old Testament in Bengalee,

COLOMBO. the Gospels, (ope of which has a commentary, recently written by Mr. Mundy of Extract of a letter from Mr. Chinstrah, a most useful book for the ela- Chater to the Secretary, dated cidation of the Scriptures to the natives, 6th Aug. 1828. summary of Scripture, (a book of 300 pages,) and the New Testament in Englisb. “ During the time the Symmetry has The subject of religion is also daily intro been lying here preparing for her voyage to duced to their notice by Mr. Pearce, and England, I have been obliged to visit Hapwe trust that it will not be in vain. Men. well, and also, according to a previous ention has been previously made of the master gagement, have had to preach an anniversary of the school, as being favourably disposed sermon for our Wesleyan brethren at Neto Christianity. We hope that bis know- gombo. Immediately after my return from ledge of it is increasing, and his convictions the latter place, I had a severe bilious of its truth and superiority are strengthen- attack, from which I still feel weak, and ing, but we can say nothing yet of his for nearly a week have been unable to do conversion,

any thing. This must be my apology for We must now conclude this long epistle. not sending by this opportunity my cash Brother Robinson, whose labours are more account for last year, and such regular reimmediately in connection with the Bow ports of our schools, &c. as I should otherBazaar chapel, will report them fully to wise bave forwarded. It calls for onfeigned yoa bimself; and with regard to the various gratitude, that I have not been laid aside female schools in the neighbourhond of Cal- from my labours till last week, since I recatta, saperintended by Mrs. M. H. Pearce, turned from Bombay, and bave had po attack and of those still more numerous at Chit. of my complaint which brought me so very pore, under the direction of Mrs. Yates, we low last year, and from the effects of which, deed not enlarge, as the report of those in-|(at any rate in a torrid zone) I scarcely ever teresting exertions will be hereafter pre-expect to be free. seuted you in another shape. It may be But I must proceed to give such an acsatisfactory to their liberal sapporters, bow.count of the state of this mission as time ever, in the meanwhile, to hear, that in the and strength will allow me. We should schools generally evident progress is being bave bad twelve European members in our made, and that in three particularly very church at present, but tbe two baptized in gratifying improvement bias been lately Earope have fallen, and one of those who bave been baptized here, and are excluded. congregation at the Grand Pass in SingbaThe latter has once fallen into intemperance, lese is pretty good, but the Portuguese on and seems very penitent ; the other two at week evenings is very small. We have present afford us no hope. It is matter of here also a number of enquirers who wish regret that the fine regiment, (the 78th) in to join the church whenever it appears to us which this good work has begun, are every that they are fit subjects. And some wbo day expecting to be removed from this sta. were excluded last year, I trust, may ere tion. Were they to continue here for some long be received again. It can scarcely be time longer, there is much cause to bope expected that the cause at Hanwell can that many more would enlist under the ban- flourish much in present circumstances, but ner of the great Captain of salvation. Could I trust it does not retrograde. If a European I relate to you balf that those who have could once take his station there, I tbink, joined us, bave bad to attribute to sabbath under a divine blessing, we might bope to schools, &c. it would afford no small encou- see many souls brought home to God, in ragement to those who are engaged in such that and the other villages wbere we have benevolent institutions. They would see schools at that station. Carolus seems to beautifully exemplified the language of Dr. be doing all he can to carry on the work, Watts

and I afford bim all the help I can, by giving him sketches of my sermons.

In bis * Though seed lie buried long in dast, It shan't deceive their hope !'

monthly reports he has stated that his

hearers have been more than a hundred. Our Pettah meeting-bouse las for some when I go I have from 200 to 300. But time past been too small to accommodate here I bave to relate a calamity in which the congregations. Not less than twenty we have shared with many others. In the have gone away on Sabbath evening for month of June we were visited with such want of room. For about £40 it may be an inundation as never was known in this enlarged one third beyond its present size, island before, at least not in the memory of and then it will seat between 300 and 400 the oldest man now living. Almost whole bearers. Of the small number of members streets in Colombo were desolated, and for we have hitherto gathered in from this, our a great distance on both sides the river, the largest congregation, we had last month to devastations were distressing beyond all that exclude one. It appears, however, that he I ever witnessed before. We apprehended was overtaken in a fault, and as he seems that our buildings at Hanwell would have deeply penitent, we hope he may soon be been completely demolished; but I am restored in the spirit of meekness. 'The happy to say, that the place of worship and same day that he was excluded, two of our house, though much damaged, are still hearers from this congregation were re- standing. To repair the damages, however, ceived for baptism, and two Europeans. and to secure them effectually in case of a The former, who are man and wife, and similar occurrence, will require the expenhearers in the place of sixteen years stand- diture of forty or fifty pounds."* ing, will we trust, be useful members of the church. The wife has, I have no doubt, been a partaker of grace for many years, and for about four years has been wisbing HOME PROCEEDINGS. to join us. Her husband bas been acting against the strong convictions of his better

ANNIVERSARIES, &c. judgment, sor a long time ; but God in bis providence and grace bas now taught him On Wednesday, April 1, the Annual better, and his wife's long cherished wish Meeting of the Wilts and East Somerset that they might both come in together, has Auxiliary to the Baptist Missionary Society, now been realized. She is a sensible, re- was held at Chippenham, the Hon. and Rev. spectable, and for her station in life, a well G. H. R. Carzon in the chair. On the preeducated woman. They have a house in vious evening, a sermon was preached at the Pettah well adapted for a female school, the Baptist Chapel, on behalf of the Society, and we bave employed her to begin one, by the Hou, and Rev. Mr. Curzon ; and also She commences with about twenty poor on the morning of Wednesday, by the Rev. girls, which number we have every reason R. Elliott, Devizes. For the public meetto expect, will soon increase. She teaches ing, the Tabernacle was kindly offered by them needlework, and to read and write the Rev. Mr. Rees and friends, when a rePortuguese, and if required, can carry tbein spectable and interesting meeting took place, on a little in English. We expect a very the effects of which it is boped, will not be respectable young man from the Pettal congregation will soon join our church, and Since this article was sent to press, we there is much reason to believe that he will bave received the painful intelligence of Mr. be followed by many more who bave heard Cbater's decease at sea, on the 3d of Jan. to profit in that place, Oar Sabbath day I last.

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