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churches and other places of wor- the prospect of usefulness is very ship, together with the Subscrip- encouraging. tions, amounted to more than $580. On the last Wednesday in April,

The Sixth Half-yearly Meeting of the Bedfordshire Union of Christians the Cheshire Union was held at hold their Annual Assembly. Dr. Sandbach, April 5 and 6. On Tues Winter, of London, preached in the day evening Mr. Forster, from 'forenoon, at Mr. Hillyard's MeetCheshunt College, preached from ing-house, from Phil. i. 27, • StrivRom. iii. 30, 31; Mr. Ashton, of ing together for the faith of the Stock port, preached on Wednesday gospel,' Afterwards the Secretary morning at five o'clock, from Luke and Treasurer read their Reports, xxiv. 32. The Committee met at and the business of the Society was eight to conduct the business of the transacted. Mr. Henpell, of WoolItineracy. At twelve, Mr. White, laston, preached in the evening, at of Chester, preached from Dan. xii. 'Mr: Anthony's Meeting-house, from 4 ; and in the evening, Mr. Wilson, Heb, xiii. 17,. On ministers watchof Nortlawich, from Matt. xvi. 26 ; ing for souls.' Messrs. Arrow, of and at six next morning, Mr. Evans, Godmanchester, T. P. Bull, of New. of Stockport, from Isa. 1. 10. The port, and T. Morell, of St. Neot's, . following ministers engaged in pray- engaged in prayer. er at the several services : Mi, Tur The Hall-yearly Association of ner, of Knutsford; Mr. Bennet, of the Indenende

the Independent Ministers of Essex, Dunkenfield; Mr. Smith, of Nant:

will be held at Mr. Nuston's, in Epwich; Mr. Evans, &c. - The object ping, on the afternoon of Monday, of this Union of Ministers and Con:

June 5, and on Tuesday, the 6th. gregations is, the Spread of the

Mr. Chaplin to preach on Monday Gospel in the Dark Parts of the

evening, and Mr.Thornton on TuesCounts, by Meanş of Itinerant day morning. There will also be an Preaching. We doubt not but it

afternoon service, Mr. John Hyatt, will yield real pleasure to the friends of London, to preach ; when a col. of Zion to hear that a very exten- lection will be made for the large sive and promising prospect of fu. Sunday School established in that ture success appears before us. At town. Sandbach there is a small but increasing church; and in several

RECENT DEATAS. other places there are societies form.

On Saturday evening, May 13, ed for prayer, reading the Scrip.

Dr. Beilby Porteus, the Bishop of tures, and experimental conference. Those who have known, in 'times

London, departed this life, aged 75. past, the several parts of the coun

On Sunday this event was announced

to the public by the tolling of St. ty, where the gospel is now intro

Paul's bell. His Lordship’s piety. duced, are greatly affected with the pleasing change that has taken

and zeal to promote religion at

home and abroad, entitle him to a place, not only in individual charac

high place in the esteem of man. ters, but, in soine degree, even in

kind. the surrounding neighbourhoods. We have abundant reason to say, We are deeply concerned to state,

The Lord hath done great things that the Report, circulated some for us, whereof we are glad !

time ago, respecting the death of PARKGATE Cuapel. -- April 14.

Dr. Kerr, of Madras, was too well At the much-frequented watering

founded. That valuable minister of place of Park yate, Cheshire, a neat the gospel, and friend of the Missionchapel was opened, with the Church

ary Causc, expired on the 15th of Service. Those who feel an interest

April, 1808, after an illness (a bilis iu the spread of the gospel, will re

ous fever) of 14 days. joice in its being brought to a place Diep lately (after a few days illwhere the service of God was never ness) the Rev. Dr. Henry Hunter, publicly introduced, in any forın of Edinburgh, one of the Ministers whatever. The neighbourhood is of that city, and Professor of Divipery extensive and populous, and bity in the University.


MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS AND DONATIONS, which have been advised of previously to the 23d of May.

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For the Collections made in London at the Missionary Meeting, see p. 259.

L. S. d. Auxiliary Society, at Rev. Dr. Collyer's Chapel, Peckham 65 13 6

Ditto, at Walthamstow, by the Kev. Mr. Collison 14 15 0
Ditlo, Fetter Lane

3279 Rev. Gr. Williams and Congregation, Gate Street

27 3 6 W. Bishop and Congregation, Gloucester

19 00 Mr. Lainbert and Congregation, Hull

37 7 0 Mr. Kidd and Friends, Cottingham

4 0 Collection at the Chapel, Reading, by the Rev. G, Burder 52 17 6 Reading Auxiliary Society, by the Rev. A. Douglas Rev. Mr. Harris and Congregat:09), Fordhain

10 0 First Annual Sermon at Sheffield, by the Rev. John Dawson and Congregation 4

18 S A few Friends at the Rev. J. Boden's, Shefield Some Young Perenps in the Independent Congregation at 'Colchester, by Mr. Diss

200 kev. Mr. Waiker and Congregation, Peppard

5 0 Messrs. Sloper and Elliott and Friends, Devizes

23 00 Geo. Towisend and Congregation, Ramsgate

17 14 6 Mr. Bennett and Congregation, Romsey

42 2 0 Mr. Kingsbury and Congregation, Southampton Mr. Griffin and Congregation, Portsea

71 16
Benjamin Pyne and Erionds, Duxford

- 15
Mr. Jefferson and Friends, Basinsstoke
Mr. Scamp and Friends, Havant
Mr. Hackett and Friends, Shepherd's Market (additional

Mr. Start and Friends, Folkstone

5 00
J. Davison' and Friends, Rochford
Mr. Weaver and Friends, Shrewsbury
J. Slatteric and Friends, Chatham

m, by Mr. Forbes
A Friend and a Widaw's Mite, by Rev. J. Townsend
Priends, by the Rev. C. Buck
A Friend to the Society
A German Gentlenan in Paramaribo, Dear Surinam, by the R

Mr. Steinkopff
A Friend in the Country, by Mr. Ellis
A Brighthelmstone Friend
Anonymous, by the Rev. G. Burder
A few Young Ladies at a Boardiog-School at Hertford, by

Rev. Mr. Maslis .
A Friend, by ditlo

1 12 0 Friends, by the Rev. Mr. Jeary A Thank-offering, by Mr. Moxley By the Hands of the Rev, Mr. Allen, of Exeter : Rev. Mr. Marsh and Friends, Reading Rev. J. K. Martyn, jun. and Friends, Pertenhall Rev. Mr. Smelle and Friends, Great Grimsby i

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As you have, not long since, .inserted, a Memoir of my late much - re-

spected Preceptor, the Rev. T. Pentycross, a few slight Anecdoles of that Gentleman may not be unacceptable to your Readers, especially as they are characteristic of the man, and may be relied on as authentic.

fam, Sir, yours, &c. ' .

C. B. A. MR. PENTYCross had a happy method of fixing the attention of his congregation, by occasionally making a sudden pause in his discourse, followed by a short and impressive sentence, of which the following is an instance; which will also exemplify.bis method of improving little occurrences in a strik. ing manner..

One Sabbath morning Mr. P. who, like other extemporary preachers, experienced many varieties of frame, was so entirely ingrossed with the importance of his subject, that he exceeded his usual time,--and ihe clock strụck one. After pausing a moa ment, he exclaimed with great energy, Time reproves me, but Eternity commends me !"-and then resumed the discourse with much earnestness, continuing to preach for a consderable time longer in a very impressive manner.

Mr. P. possessed, in an eminent degree, that spirit which ought to distinguish every Minister of the Gospel ; namely, an ardent desire of being useful to the souls of men ; occasionally evidenced in a way which discovered also somewhat of an adventurous or romantic turn of mind, as will appear by the following anecdote:

Being in London, and not having an engagement to preach, he resolved to go to one of those offices where Clergymen are furnished with employ (hoping that he might thus get admittance into some pulpit, where the gospel was not preached); and on ask. ing the gentlemen at the office if he could procure any, he was an. swered in the affirmative, but that the spot was distant : “ And how much will you give me?" said Mr. P.-" We can only XVII.


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