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*-ious Light of all the Nations of them that are saved, 1734* and walk therein, according to sacred Writ. U*Y>J

As noted above, he got several Pieces by Heart out of the Bible, and other religious Writings, first wri* cing them with his Pen. Two stiort ones I may recite, of which .Nature were divers others, which paradventure may be edifying to some, who may cast their Eye thereon, '• J.

One Place which much affected my Mind that he ■wrote down, and got by Heart, was the 15th Versed the 57th Chapter of that evengelical Prophet Isaiah: For thus faith the high and lofty one, that inbabitetb JSternity, whofe Name is holy, I dwell in the high and Jboly Place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble Spirit, to revive the Spirit of the Humble, and to revive the Heart of the contrite Ones.

Another little Piece was five Verses, which among
Cithers he wrote, and got by Heart, viz.
As one Day goes another comes,
And sometimes shews us dismal Dooms,
As Time rowls on, new things we sec,
Which seldom to us do agree:
Tho' now and tben's a pleasant Day,
"Tis long a coming, soon away \
Wherefore the everlasting Truth
h good for Aged and for Youth,
For them to set their Hearts upon t
For that will last till Time is done,'

I have now but one only Daughter, Rebecca, left me out of twelve Children, (except my Wise's Son and Daughter.)

After thiq long and tedious Voyage, which ended in the second Month, I stay'd but a few Week* at home, and loaded with Wheat and Flour for Dublin, in Ireland; had Alice Alderjbnt my Kinswoman, and Margaret Qoupland, Paffengers. We had a very comfortable, pleasant Passage, fair Winds and Weather,

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and good religious Meetings. I think it was the mot pleasant Time that ever I crossed the Seas; about several Sloops a Whaling, and spoke With one, by which Opportunity we enquired of the Welfare of our Friends on that Island, and sent our Loves to them. Not many Miles from the Sloops we saw a Shoal of Whales; I counted eight in a Row lying Side by Side in the Water.

, We were four Weeks and fix Days from our Capes to Cape Clear in Ireland; coming near the Land we met with Fishing Boats, and got plenty of choice fresli Fish; in the Evening we gOC jnt:o Kin/ale, took in a pilot for Dublin, and sailed next Day from Km/ale, and was out one Night at Sea, got next Day to Dublin.Bay, where we went ashore, and were kindly entertained by our Friends; we were at divers large Meet" jngs in that great City, which some of us, while we live, at Times I believe shall remember. My Stay in Ireland was about seven Weeks, in which Time I visited several Meetings in the Country, and at Edenderry, the Mo ate of Greenough, Car low, Bally tore, &c. We set fail from Dublin with a fair Wind, in Company with the Ship Neptune^ and our'Friends sent many Prayers and good Wishes after us. We were about forty Persons, Sailors, Passengers and Servants on board, and had a good passage, all Things considered. We had divers religious Meetings on board, and were on our Passage, from the Sight of Ireland, to the Sight of our Land, five Weeks and fix Days; it was the quickest Voyage I ever made to Europe and back again to Philadelphia.

When I came home, finding all well, I was thank

; ful to God, in the Name of Christ, for all his Mer* cie.s, and the many Preservations wherewithal he had favoured me. ', ,

t _'After' being a little at home, and at several Meetings, and not being clear of the World, in order to it, I undertook another Voyage to Barbadoes, and from

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thence intending for London, in order to settle my As- 1734. fairs there, which I intended some Years before, but s-/"VN~' Losses and Disappointments hinder'd me: Wherefore, the 7th of the Tenth Month, I proceeded on a „ . fifth Voyage in the Barbadoes-Packet, and left Philadel- again to pbia, and was at a Meeting the next Day at Chester Btrtadott. (being First-day) and in the Evening we had a large Meeting at Grace Lloyd's, wherail met with my dear Friend Joseph Gill, who had good Service in the said Meeting; we rejoiced in Christ to see each other: "We left Chester the 9th, and got that Tide down the River to Newcastle, and, after visiting those few Friends there, we set sail the 12th in the Morning; the Wind being high, and the Weather very sharp, freezing hard, our Sails were so froze, that we had hard Work to get the vessel under sail. The 13th Day weighed Anchor, and sailed down the Bay, and the 14th we were clear of the Capes. The First-day following, we had a good, seasonable Meeting, for the .Worship and Service of God, and, in the said Meeting, as I was treating of Disobedience to Parents, and Disobedience to Almighty God, our great Parent and heavenly Father, a Youth, who was a passenger in the Vessel, went out hastily and abruptly, as I was shew- At Sea. ing the Ungratefulness of the fire, much more of the last: When I asked the Reason of his going out, he said, it was because he could not forbear crying; and thinking I spoke so because of him, he said, lie could not hear me any more. Afterwards I understood that he was a Youth who was very ungrateful and disobedient to his Parents; the which I knew not of, for his Mother told me, and himself also, that he went to Sea on Account of his Health, I thought his going . . out so hastily was occasioned by some Indisposition of Body; but it was, as he gave us to understand, thro* resenting ill what was spoken, and by his taking of it to himself. I have in like Manner, sometimes observed, that divers People have shewn a Restlessness and Uneasiness


1734. easiness in publicfc Assemblies of Worship and Devo. V"V""—' tion, and sometimes going out, en. so that they have thereby exposed themselves to the Notice of the People, as Persons guilty of the Matter publickly reprehended, or spoken against; just as though they were the only persons in the Assembly, who were guilty of the Evil thentr ien Notice of: Such publick Restlessness, is a great F oily and Weakness, besides so openly and publickly exposing themselves.

After we left our Capes, we had divers hard Gales of Wind, which lasted several Days. The 28th, being a First-day, we had a Meeting for divine worship, in which God was praised, and his holy Name exalted, for his unspeakable Grace, in sending his only begotten Son, a divine Light to enlighten the Inhabitants of the World: After which we had stormy Weather and contrary Winds for some Weeks, so that oar Passage was tedious; and of 15 Times going to Barladoes, I found this the most difficult j and the Prbk pect was very discouraging of making a losing Voyage, by the great Expence I expected for repairing and refitting the Vessel, &JV. so that I began to desoair of accomplishing my Design of discharging my Debts in Great-Britain, and the Thoughts and Consideration of losing so much of the Company and Con versation of my Wife, Relations, and Friends, and spending so much precious Time (which cannot be recalled; to so little Purpose, lay heavy on my Mind', yet by the Grace of God, my Mind was supported, and my Resolutions confirmed to praise the Almighty for every Dispensation of his Providence.

The 23d of the Eleventh Month, we saw the Island Ztrtiivs cSBarbadoes fat the Breaking of the Day) having been from the Capes of Delaware forty Days and one Night4 and was truly thankful, that at last, we, through divine Favour, got well to our desired Port; where we were lovingly received by our Friends at Speight Sown, who were joyful at our Arrivals From thence '•:4 . * I went

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