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ble and oppression; look down upon us, we humbly be. seech thee, with thy wonted pity, and remember the work of thy hands, our disconsolate brother. Thy wrath lies hard upon him; and all thy waves are gone over him; thy terrors oppress his mind, and disturb his reason. O thou that speakest the winds and waves into obedience and calmness, settle and quiet his discomposed thoughts; speak peace and satisfaction to his troubled mind, and give him comfort and sure confidence in the sense of thy pardon and love. Lord, help his unbelief, and increase his faith. Though he walk in the valley and shadow of death, let" thy rod and thy staff support and protect him." In the multitude of the thoughts and sorrows that he hath in his heart, let thy comfort refresh his soul. Let in a beam of thy heavenly light, to dispel the clouds and darkness in which his mind is involved. O direct to the means most proper for his help, and so bless and prosper them, that they may effectually promote his recovery out of this deplorable state. Incline his ears to wholesome counsels, and dispose his heart to receive due impressions. O gracious Father, pity his frailty, forgive his sin, and rebuke his distemper, that his disquieted soul may return to its rest. O, raise him up, and shew thy mercy upon him, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our blessed Saviour and Redeemer, Amen.

For the same.

(From Bishop Patrick.)

PRESERVE this thy servant, O gracious Father, from dishonouring thee and his religion, by distrusting thy power, or thy goodness.

Remove all troublesome imaginations from him, and give him a clear understanding of thee, and of himself, that no causeless fears and jealousies may overwhelm - him, nor his heart sink within him from any sadness. and dejection of spirit. Compose, we beseech thee, his disturbed thoughts; quiet his disordered mind, and appease all the tumults of his soul, by a sweet sense of thy tender mercies, and of the love of thy Son Jesus Christ to mankind. Keep him from forming any rash conclusions concerning thy providence; and

give him so much light and judgment amid all the darkness and confusion of his thoughts, that he may not think himself forsaken by thee; but may firmly believe, that if he does the best he can, thou requirest no more. And enable him, O Lord, to look forwards to that region of light and glory whither our Saviour is gone before, to prepare a place for all thy faithful


Strengthen his weak and feeble endeavours. Support his fainting spirit, and cause it humbly to hope in thee. Confirm and establish every good thought, desire, and purpose, which thou hast wrought in him. Make him to grow in wisdom, faith, love, and willing obedience. Conduct him hereafter so easily and steadily, peaceably and quietly, so eheerfully and securely, in thy ways, that he may glorify thee whilst he lives, and when he leaves this troublesome world, may resign his soul into thy merciful hands, with a pious confidence and a hope of a joyful resurrection; through the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer for one under fears and doubts concerning his spiritual condition, or under perplexing thoughts and scruples about his duty.

(From Mr. Kettlewell.)

O LORD our God, we offer up our humble supplication to thee in behalf of this thy servant, whose soul is dis

the safety of his condition. Remove from him, we entreat thee, all frightful apprehensions, all perplexing doubts and scruples about his duty. Make him satisfied and settled in a right understanding of all thy precepts, and careful in the observance of them; and dispel, by the light of thy countenance, all that darkness which

obscures his soul, that he may not be unnecessarily dejected, and distrustful of himself, or dishonourably jealous of thee. Deliver him from all those offences which make him so much a stranger to peace and comfort; and cause him to place his chief satisfaction and delight in obeying thy commandments, and in meditating on thy mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for one who is disturbed with wicked and blasphemous thoughts.

(From Mr. Lewis.)

O LORD GOD, the Father of our spirits, to whom all hearts are open, and all desires known; we humbly entreat thee to succour and relieve this thy servant, who labours under the burden of wicked thoughts. Let thy power and goodness be shewn in healing his disordered mind. Cleanse the thoughts of his heart by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit. Suffer them not to be defiled by any profane or blasphemous suggestions, but heal the soul of thy servant, by enabling him to stifle and suppress all such thoughts as tend to rob him of his peace, or deprive him of the comforts of religion. Enable him to be of an equal and steady temper, to be mild and gentle in his behaviour, and to keep his hopes and fears within due bounds. Make him sensible of the wise and kind reasons of these afflictions; that, if they are duly improved, they may be powerful preservatives of his soul against the prevailing sins of a li centious age; may lessen his inclinations to the enjoy ments of this life, and deaden his appetite to sensual pleasure, and the perishing goods of this world; that these afflictions may dispose him to compassionate the sufferings of others, and make him more thoroughly. feel his own infirmities, and the want of divine assistance. Open his eyes, that he may see and know the wise and gracious dispensations of thy providence; and, by humbling himself under them, may at length be lifted up and made a partaker of that peace and joy which thou bestowest on all thy faithful servants. Grant this for the sake of Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Redeemer.

A prayer for one who is afflicted with a profane mistrust of divine truths, and blasphemous thoughts.

(From Mr. Kettlewell.)

O MOST gracious God, in whose hand is the soul of every living creature; protect this thy servant, we humbly and earnestly entreat thee, against all doubts and mistrusts of thy truth, against all irreligious thoughts and suggestions.

Never suffer them, O Lord, to weaken his faith, or to hinder him from performing his duty. Preserve him not only from the sin, but, if it seem good to thine infinite wisdom, from the temptation and the sorrow, which may attend them.

But, if it be thy blessed will to continue these terrify. ing thoughts for his trial and humiliation, Lord, make him sensible that they will not be imputed to him as sin, if, as soon as he perceives them, he rejects them with horror and indignation.

During this trial, let him learn to depend upon thee, that, as often as these profane thoughts arise in his mind, he may find grace to overcome them, and without the least indulgence or delay to cast them out; and that he may learn to shew patience under them, as under every other affliction and trial of thy appointment, trusting to thy grace to assist him, and to thy goodness to deliver him; through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

A prayer for one under the dread of God's wrath and everlasting damnation.

(From Mr. Lewis.)

O ALMIGHTY GOD, the aid of all that need, and the helper of all that flee to thee for succour, accept, we beseech thee, our humble supplications for this thy servant, labouring under the dismal apprehensions of thy wrath.

O Lord, enter not into judgment with him; make him sensible that, though the wages of sin are death, the gift of God is eternal life: that thou hatest the death of a sinner, and art not willing that any should perish; that thou always punishest less than we deserve, and in the midst of judgment rememberest mercy. Revive his soul with a sense of thy love, and the hopes of obtaining thy pardon, and the joy of thy salvation, that he may be raised from this dejection, and shew with gladness what thou hast done for his soul. All this we humbly beg for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

A prayer for a lunatic.

(From Mr. Jenks.)

O LORD, the only wise God, from whom we have received all the faculties of our souls; thou art holy and righteous in all thy dispensations, though the reason of them is frequently unknown to us. Dispel, we humbly beseech thee, if it be agreeable to thine infinite wisdom, the clouds in which the soul of thy servant is now involved; that he may regain his understanding, and the right use of his faculties. Heal his disordered mind; settle and quiet his passions; pacify and compose his imagination.

O prosper the means which are used for his recovery. Make him tractable in the use of remedies, and willing to comply with the advice of his friends. But if no means can effect his cure, let him possess his soul in peace and composure, and in every interval of reason address his prayer to thee; that, when his earthly tabernacle shall be dissolved, he may rejoice in his former inability to pursue the pleasures of the world, and be presented unto thee pure and undefiled, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer for natural fools, or madmen.

(From Mr. Kettlewell.)

O ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father, pity, we entreat thee, this thy unhappy creature, who knows not his own wants, nor how to ask for thy mercies. Compassionate, O Lord, his infirmities, and supply his ne cessities. Let thy wisdom prevent those evils which he cannot foresee, or wants understanding to remove; but especially keep him from doing any thing that may be hurtful either to himself or others.

Let his mind, on all occasions, be quiet and peaceable; and, as far as his faculties extend, exercised in piety and devout meditations. O hear our cry when we call upon thee: hear us for him who is not able to pray for himself; grant him thy fatherly care at present, and thy peace at the last; through the mediation of thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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