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Missionary Retrospect, and foreign Intelligence.

Mr. Robinson writes, as follows, from unclean. Many give me hopes that

Java, Jan. 27, 1814, to Mr. Gor- they will soon join us; one or two don, at Calcutta.

defend the truth among their fellow

idolaters. At Orissa, a tailor de“ We are, through mercy, in good clares, both at his own house and health, and in very comfortable cir- abroad, ‘I will be a Christian;' but cumstances. We have been pro- his wife refuses. He was with me vided for in this foreign land far bet- the day before yesterday, in the vilter than could have been expected; | lages, and, holding a Testament in and if you could see how well we his hand, said, to the brahmuns, are settled, and how comfortable we

• Come, and embrace this doctrine, are, in all respects, you would be

or else you cannot be saved.' With very thankful on our account. I out fear or shame, he says, “The think, the unhealthiness of this coun- gods are all impure; our shastres are try, of which so much has been said, not true ; Jesus Christ is the true Reis a mere bugbear; the fact is, with deemer.' This he did, almost all respect to myself, that have my the day, in the villages. Other health much better here than I had Orissas say,

We have so many for some years in Bengal. The tem- brahmuns and pundits, none of them perature of the air, is, I think, the can answer the man at Balasore (Mr. reason that I have my health better Peter); Why? certainly it is because here. I am sure it is not because I he speaks the truth: we are surhave less to do, for I have never been prised at his doctrine, it must be the 80 much employed as I am now; word of God.'" and, I may add, never so happy in my employment. I have reason to think, that could I preach in the Mr. Thompson writes thus from Patna, Malay to-morrow, I should find no

Feb. 28th, 1814. difficulty in filling the church, for the

VERY DEAR PASTOR, Dutch minister wishes me to be able

“ In my last, I mentioned Lukshto preach in it as soon as possible. mun-singha, a person of respectabiI hope I shall not remain here nine lity, residing at Chapra, but who had months more, before the Malays will come upon a visit to Patna: I am have an opportunity of hearing the happy to add, that he has been with word of life in their own language.” me the greater part of this month,

Since the above date, Mr. Robin- reading the Persian and Hindee Scripson's wishes and expectations have tures, and improving his little knows been realized. He preaches in Ma- ledge of the English. While he sat lay, at the Dutch church, every conversing one morning, a kaist'ha Lord's day, and is well attended both came to me, from the custom-house, by the Dutch and natives. Mr. for a book, in Persian, containing the Trowt has reached Java in safety, words of salvation; I accordingly let and intends to settle either at Mole- him have a copy of the selections nuleit, or at Samarang. He moans from scripture, in Persian, and which to study the Javanese language. Lukshmun-singha took of him to

peruse: when he read that portion,

« Cursed is every one that hangeth Mr. Peter thus writes from Balasore, on a tree,” he desired to know its in Orissa, Feb. 12th, 1814.

meaning; and, on my telling him -Among the natives, many how Christ, by being made a curse are inquiring; many are convinced for us, has redeemed us from the that their shastres cannot be obeyed; curse of the law, he expressed a great and that they and their gods are all desire to have the book. Luksh


2 s

mun-singha professes to have no ve- | in Hindee, given to persons who neration for the devtahs, which he called. has also exemplified in his conversa

"In conséquence of repeated calls tion with a brahmun, who frequently from the poorer classes of the navisits me.

tives, for the words of salvation, in “A young Mussulman, named Ju- the current Naguree character, I goo, has attended from the 13th of have got several copies of the Hindee January, and daily reads with me tract in poetry, (the Sure Refuge), two chapters of the Hindee gospels written in the above character; the in the Persian character. He ap- expense is very trifling, viz. three pears to possess a pleasing degree of rupees a hundred, or two-pice discernment, for his age.

each." “On Lord's day, the 13th, three pundits came from Kamta, a village abour twenty miles from Patna, to the south. Two months ago, these men had seen a New Testament in Extract from a Letter', received by the the hands of a brahmun, who passed Ship New Galen, from Boston, New through the village ; and, on their England. expressing a wish to detain it a few days, for the purpose of copying from

“ Before this time, the ship Favourit, he refused, thinking it would not ite, (justly a favourite with us all), be returned to him. I gave them a

will have arrived in England, bringcopy of Matthew, three tracts, and a hymn-book, in Hindee, besides ten This desirable event has excited a

ing to you the ratified treaty of peace. tracts for their inquiring friends at

general joy throughout the country. the village. “On the 2d instant I left home, with The people, in most parts of New

England, who were reluctantly dragan intention to visit a village beyond ged into hostilities, hailed the return Toulsi-mundi; but, when I had

with delight; and, for the reached Murhi-aphabad, I began a

first few days, nothing was heard but conversation with a. kaistha, which, the ringing of bells, the discharge of together with reading brother Cham- cannon, the congratulations of every berlain's Hindee tract, brought toge class of citizens, brilliant illuminather such multitudes, that I was

tions, balls, &c. &c. The celebra, obliged to continue with them, ad- tions in Philadelphia, New York, dressing and giving them tracts. and Boston, surpassed any thing ever After some men had taken tracts, witnessed in our country; the genial others forcibly took them out of their influence of peace seeming to revive, hands, which induced the former to and give new life and vigour to all. contend with the parties; but, in In England, no doubt, you rejoiced some instances, to no purpose. Ow- at the termination of hostilities, ing to the eager reception of the though not in an equal degree with tracts, I cannot say how many were

The public mind, here, was exgiven away here. “In a garden, near the Daood-ceedingly depressed at the gloomy

aspect of affairs : many had already bigha, I gave a tract, in the current began to anticipate the summer, Naguree, to a gardener, who got me to read it through before I left him: them from their dwellings; a large

when a powerful foe would drive the one in Deva-Naguree, which he had before obtained, a brahinun of the union, and the prospect of a

army threatening an important part took, alleging it was of no use to long continuance of war; but the inhim, it being in the brahmun's cha

telligence of peace dispelled every racter.

care from the countenance of the *“ Exclusive of the above, twenty- most desponding. I will only add eight tracts in Hindee, and two in my wish, that the olive branch may Bengalee, have been distributed during my walks; and one New of the peace with Great Britain, I

permanently flourish with us; and, Testament, a copy of John's gospel, will say, esto perpetua." twelve tracts, and two hymn-books,

of peace


Domestic Religious Jntelligence, .



resolutions were moved and seconded

by the Rev. Messrs. Dyer, Shenston, BAPTIST DENOMINATION Palmer, Steadman, Innes, Hoby, Upton, In London.

and Pritchard; who, in a very eloquent Three years ago, we recorded the and impressive manner, expressed their opinion, expressed by the pastors of conviction of the importance and utility sixty-one of our churches, “ that a more of the institution, not only from the re, general union of the particular (or Cal- port then read, but also from their own vinistic) Baptist churches, in the United personal experience and observation. Kingdom, is very desirable.” Those It was unanimously resolved, who

have attended the meetings in Lon- 1. That, in the opinion of this meet. don, during the present month, have being, “ the Baptist Society, in London, held, and enjoyed the delightful effects for Itinerant and Village preaching,” iş resulting from the attempts, which have eminently entitled to encouragemeni been since made to attain so important and support, its design being, to confer the an object. The meetings, which were greatest benefits on our own countrymen, nu merously attended, exhibited strong by diffusing the knowledge and influence proofs that a UNION OF HEART was felt of evangelical truth in Great Britain, by a greater number of our ministers, and and the means it employs being calcupe rsons of our different congregations, lated, under the blessing of God, to acboth in town and country, than have, per- complish these great and benevolent ob. haps, met together in London for a hun-jects. dred and twenty years. A remarkable 2. That the thanks of this meeting be spirit of devotion pervaded these assem- given to James Pritt, Esq. the treasurer; blies. All the brethren who were ea- Mr. William Gale, the secretary; and gaged, either in preaching or in praying, the gentlemen who compose the comgave evidence that their minds were mittee, for their attention to the concerns deeply imbued with the constraining love of this society. of Christ, impelling them to an entire 3. That the thanks of this meeting are consecration of heart and life to his ser- due, and are hereby presented to the vice; and the pleasurable feelings which ministers who are engaged, under the were, by these means, excited in the patronage of this society, in itinerant and minds of those assembled, would lead to village preaching. the conclusion, that they were all of “one 4. That the situation of the inhabitants accord in one place;”--that they were, of the Scilly Islands peculiarly demands indeed, “ of one heart, and of one soul." the benevolent attention of their fellow

We proceed to give an account of the subjects in England; and this meeting various meetings, in as full and detailed earnestly entreat the friends of religion a manner as the limits of our work will in general, and the Baptist Denominaallow.

tion in particular, to enable the society, The first meeting for prayer, and an by their pecuniary aid, to carry on the address, was held on Tuesday evening, exertions that are now making in the the 20th of June, at Carter Lane meet- Scilly Islands, as well as in other parts ing. Dr. Ryland, of Bristol, preached of Great Britain. from Psalm cxxxvii. 6, “If I prefer 5. That the thanks of this meeting are not Jerusalem above my chief joy.” due to the Rev. Messrs. Upton and Brethren Anderson, of Dunstable, Stead- Keeble, and their congregations, for the man of Bradford, and Ivimey, of London, collections made by them on behalf of engaged in prayer.

this society, who have thereby set an example, which, it is hoped, will be ge

nerally followed by the ministers and BAPTIST ITINERANT SOCIETY. congregations in our denomination.

A NUMEROUS meeting of the subscri- 6. That the thanks of this meeting are. bers and friends to this society, was held due to the ministers, who have addressed at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, this meeting, for the interesting coinmuon Wednesday morning, June 21st, at nications made by them, respecting the half-past six o'clock. A report of the advantages that have resulted, and are proceedings and success of the society likely to result, from the exertions of in the past year, was read. The several this society.


of this Society. They were lovely, anch

pleasant in their lives, and in their deaths At the same hour, the Proprietors of they were not (long) divided." the Baptist Magazine met to breakfast at The report was arranged under the the Ship Tavern, Leadenhall-street. The following heads, 1st. Missionary Stations. report of the proceedings of the com- 2d. Native Preachers. 3d. Schools. 4th. mittee, for the past year, was read and Translations of the Scriptures. 5th. Pious unanimously approved ; and, from the Soldiers. present state of the work, both as it relates

The appearance of things at Seram. to its execution and the increase of its pore and Calcutta is that of a well culsale, greater assistance, it is expected, tivated garden. Those who were acwill in future be afforded to the widows quainted with the state of religion and of the deceased ministers than they have morals in Calcutta thirty years ago, can. hitherto obtained; and, from the many not fail to observe, how very different is expressions of approbation given us by the condition of that city since the esta. country ministers who attended the blishment of the Baptisi Mission. General Meetings, we are confident that We can do no more than give the they will use their utmost exertions to following extracts : procure for the work a still more extend.

“The progress the gospel has made ed circulation.

in the capital of British India, the Emporium of the East and the seat of Ori

ental Literature, is highly gratifying: BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The Missionaries


« Po take a general

view of Calcutta, at the present day, The services commenced on the same

and look back, merely to the short period day, at 11 o'clock, at Spa-fields chapel.

of two years, who can help wondering Brother Hinton, of Oxford, preached at the vast progress which the gospel bas from Revelations, iji. 7, 8; “And to the made amongst all ranks, from the very angel of the church in Philadelphia highest to the lowest orders. It is no write; These things saith he that is holy, novelty now to see a Bible upon a Euhe that is true, he that hath the key of ropean's table, or fur a Hindoo or Mus. David, he that openeth, and no man

sulman to read and admire that blessed shutteth ; and shutteth, and no

man book; or for the praises of God to be openeth, I know thy works : behold, I sung, and the voice of prayer to be bave set before thee an open door, and heard, in the families of the great. no man can shut it: for thou hast a little At Calcutta," (they add) “much has, strength, and hast kept my word, and this year, (1814) occurred of an encourago hast not denied my name. Brother ing nature. From what has already been Cox, of Hackney, brother Lister, of Li- said, you will perceive, that it is the verpool, and the Rev. Mr. Briant, of Not- scene of the labours of several of our tingham (now supplying the chapel) en

native brethren. Sebukrama, Bhagvut, gaged in prayer.

Neelon, and Kanta, labour constantly In the evening, at six o'clock, the con- there in Bengalee, and our brother gregation again assembled at Sion cha- Leonard preaches in English at the Fort, pel. Brother Birt, of Birmingham, and occasionally at other places. Meetpreached from Ephesians, iv. 13, « Till ings for prayer, in various parts of the we all come in the unity of the faith.” capital, or for more public worship, ocBrother Innes, of Edinburgh, and bro-cupy every night in the week; and, withther Fisher, of Liverpool, engaged in in the last two or three months, brother prayer. The hynns were read by Dr. Leonard has been called to preach on Rippon, Shenstone, Waters, Ivimey, and Wednesday evenings, at a house on the Brooksbank.

opposite side of the river. The number The report of the present state of the added by baptism, this year, to the missions, read by Dr. Ryland after each united churches of Serampore and Cal. of the sermons, was of a very encourag- cutta is sixty-one, and we have much ing nature. The introductory statement reason to bless God, for the spirit of harof the origin and progress of ihe Society, mony and christian love which seedus tu contained an allusion to the death of pervade the whole body." some of its first and firmest friends. On January 22nd, at Serampore, was “ During the last year, and since the baptized Jabez Carey, the tbird son of last Annual Meeting, the Society bas Dr. Carey, and, on the Soth, at Calcutta, been deeply aftlicted by the death of two Raya-muni, Rama. Gorinda Choudhooof its most able friends and directors. ree, Jugu-Mohuna, Dasa Kalee-Churuna, The names of Sutcliff and Fuller were Dasa Rama Nidhigosha, Lala-Mubumu. long associated in conducting the affairs da, aud Mrs. Scott. The first four are Hindoos of pretty high cast : Raya- excluded member, he adds, " try him, exmuni's ancestorswere hououred by several hort him, and be indulgent towards him, Mussulmen nabobs with titles of dignity, for the sake of our Saviour." and had large jaghires of land assigned The Schools in Bengal amount to about them.”

twenty. Mr. Jabez Carey, who is gone There are meetings every night in the to Amboyoa, has the superintendance of week at Calcutta, at the chapel, and at forty-two schools. The missionaries have the houses of friends in different parts of determined to pay increased attention to the city. Dr. Carey, in addition to his schools for natives, and have adopted labours as professor of four languages in some excellent regulations for conductthe college ; compiling grammars, oring and superintending them. They say, dictionaries, in five languages; translating “ So much does the utility of schools the scriptures into several ; and preach seem to have commended them to the ing in his turn at the chapel on Lord's minds of men in general, that many who days; conducts a conference on Tuesday do not warmly support missions, would evening, and receives enquirers, and gladly encourage schools.” gives advice to any members of the The number of pious Soldiers increase. church who wish to cali upon him on a In the fort at Calcutta, through the in. Thursday evening.

dulgence of the Colonel, Adjutant, and After stating the advance of the native Serjeant Major, the 24th Regiment have preachers in the knowledge of the gospel, a place set apart in the public barracks, and in that conduct which adorns it, it in which they hold meetings for worship says of those who reside at Calcutta : every morning and evening throughout " The labours of the native preachers the whole week. The church consists of are iodefatigable. It would take a near ninety members. They say, “Rewhole day to do justice to a week's work ligion may truly be said to flourish where of these men. Sebukrama preaches in Satan once ruled without the shadow of twenty different places during the week, opposition, and where the vilest prace some of which are seven miles distant. tices were carried on in the face of open He crosses and recrosses the river every day without a blush.” This regiment has day. Bhagvet preaches at eleven, in and lately removed to Digah, where the breabout the town. Neeloo, at about ten; thren have erected a place of worship and Manik at six. The brethren Jahans, with bamboos and rushes, capable of Carthano,and Petruse, speak occasionally containing 300 persons, for eight pounds. in otber quarters of the city. The first There is a church also in the 14th Regifour brethren preach regularly during ment at Berhampore, and several young the week in forty-seven different houses, men in the 66th Regiment, at Calcutta, and are invited to many more, but their are under serious impressions, and it is time does not admit of their accepting expected a church in this Regiment will these invitations.".

soon be formed. The effects produced by the Holy The congregations were unusually Scriptures on some persons of the Writer large and attentive, and the collections cast, who, by reading the Bible alone, with amounted to £336. out the instruction of any missionary, had embraced christianity, are truly astonish. ing. Three of these, out of six, who

BAPTIST were baptized, have nobly sustained alt ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. opposition for Christ from their connections, who are highly respectable in the On Thursday morning, at 7 o'clock, opinion of the world. The others, not the ministers, messengers, and other able to stand against the reproaches of brethren helonging to our churches, met the world, bave gone back to idolatry, at the Vestry of Eagle-Street Meeting. yet, of these, one was secretly returning, The chair was taken by Dr. Ryland, at and visiting his brethren. The first three, 8 o'clock, and, after prayer by brother who are men of superior information, | Upton, the minutes of the last year were labour, in a still and quiet manner, to read and confirmed. Brethren from the make known the gospel to their coun- conntry related many highly gratifying trymen. T'arachund, who lives at Chin- circumstances, of the state of religion in surah, says, “ I have here four men who the churches and associations, from which learn and hear the word of our Lord, one it appeared, that there was a considerable or more are desirous of baptism.--I have increase of members during the past year. a house here ready for a church, where I The London ministers present, at the wish to receive the ordinance of the Lord's request of their country brethren, made Supper with the brethren:" and, speaking a similar stateinent, which afforded mucka of the bearer of his letter, who was an information and pleasure,

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