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C. M.

LRP wsc hay heade thy word our choice;

Therein our noblest powers rejoice;

Our warınest thoughts engage. We trace thy life of grief and love;

Thy judgments keep in sight;
While through the promises we rove,

With ever new delight.
Still may thy counsels, gracious Lord,

Our wandering feet command;
Nor we forsake the happy road,
That leads to thy right hand.

L. M,
THIS is the word of truth and love;

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Jehovah here descends to show
What his almighty grace can do.
This remedy did wisdom find,
To cure diseases of the mind;
A sovereign balm, whose virtues can
Restore the ruined creature, man.
This gospel bids the dead revive;
Sinners obey the voice and live;
Dry bones are raised and clothed afresh,
And hearts of stone are turned to flesh.
Our sins its heavenly power controls,
And calms the



souls; And beasts and boas of savage name, Become as lovely as the lamb.


ESUS, through thy word we see,

See our way through death to thee;-
See the life that knows no end.
See thy throne; thy judgment day;
(Right or left, all, all appear!)
See thy " Book of life” display
Our poor names, clear written there.
See the “ Terrors of the Lord ;'
Hear the last, last sentence given !
Catch thine eye, and hear the words,
Come, ye bless'd, inherit heaven."
Lord, what persons should we be !
Trusting, hoping, filled with love;
Holy, lively, following thee,
Hasting to thy rest above.

8's & 6's.
OW precious, Lord, thy sacred word !

H ,

To children when distressed ;
Thy precepts guide our doubtful way:
Thy voice forbids our feet to stray ;

Thy promise leads to rest.
Thy threat'nings wake our slumbering eyes,
And warn us where our danger lies;

But thy glad tidings Lord,
Alone can make the conscience clean,
Convert the soul, and conquer sin,

And freedom full afford.



C. M.
ARK! the glad sound! the Saviour comes

HARhe Savibur promised long :

voice a song.


prepare a throne, And

every He comes from heaven with truth and

grace, God's mercy to display; He comes,—the prisoners to release,

The captives to set free.
He comes,—the broken heart to bind,

The bleeding soul to cure ;
And on the eye-balls of the blind,

Celestial light to pour.
He comes,-with tidings for the poor,

Of God's salvation given;
To preach on earth th' accepted year,

The Jubilee of heaven.
Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heaven's eternal arches ring

With thy beloved name !

C. M.
TORTALS! awake; with angels join,


Love, joy, and gratitude combine

To hail th' auspicious day.


In heaven the rapture sounded high,

To earth the anthem ran;
Lo! angels fly with eager joy,

To bear the news to man.
Hark! the cherubic armies shout,

And glory leads the song ;
Peace and salvation swell the note

Of all the heavenly throng.
With joy their chorus we repeat,-

Glory to God on high !
Good-will and peace are now complete ;

Jesus was born to die!”
Hail! Prince of Life ; for ever hail !

Redeemer, Brother, Friend !
Though earth, and time, and life shall fail,
Thy praise can never end.

S. M.
EHOLD the grace appears,

D The promise is fulfilled;
Mary, the virgin-mother bears,

And Jesus is the child.
The Lord, the highest God,

Calls him his only Son;
He bids him rule the lands abroad,

And gives him David's throne.
T' announce this love divine,

Delighted heavenly tongues ;
Let us with hosts of angels join,

And loud repeat their songs.


“ Glory to God on high !

And heavenly peace on earth Good-will to men, to angels joy,

At our Redeeiner's birth.”

C. M.
ESSIAH came: no monarch's train

Bespoke his presence nigh;
No comely form nor regal mien

Attracts the carnal eye.
We all, like sheep, from God had stray'd

Away to ruin's road;
Yet all our sins on hint were laid,-

He bore them far from God.
Rejected, scorned, despised of men;

He suffered, loved, and bled : Those woes were ours, those pangs for sin,

Which laid him with the dead.
He rose; and now well-pleased, beholds

The purchase of his pain;
And soon the “ travail of his soul,”

With him to live and reign.

C. M.
HE race that long in darkness pined,

Have seen a glorious light;
The people dwell in day, who dwelt

In death's surrounding night.
To us a child of hope is born,

To us a Son is given ;
Him shall the tribes of earth obey;
Him, all the hosts of heaven.


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