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of Scripture before us the prophet had in contemplation. And your consciences attest the justice of the woe denounced against every instance of that sin by the Spirit of God. What is the warning voice which, while we ponder on these examples fingly or collectively, resounds in our ears? To the law and to the testimony. If they Speak not accorda ing to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Thus faith the Lord: stand ye in the wars, and fee, and afk for the old paths where is the good way, and walk therein ; and ye sball find rest for your souls (n). Let not the fumes of a heated imagination bewilder you into enthusiasm. Let not the natural aversion of the heart from religion chill you into luke, warmness. Conceive not that it is religion to obey some of the commandments of God, and knowingly to persevere in difobeying one. Conceive not that it is charity to exe, plain away the heinousness of fin; or ceń. foriousness to pronounce that to be guilt which God has pronounced to be guilt, that to be the subject of punishment which God, has averred that He will punish. . Let not your minds be corrupted from the fimplicity which is in Christ into a habit of referring to that unauthorised and miserable arbiter of (n) Ifaiah, viii. 20. Jerem. vi. 16. : ''?



morals, that ideal power before which the world bows down in senseless adoration, the principle of honour. My fon! Give, I pray thee, glory to the Lord God. Woe unto you, if in any of the instances which have been specified, or in any analogous example, you are deluded to call evil good and good evil, to put darkness for light and light for darkness, to put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe unto you if you wilfully become the inftrument of seducing others into similar delufions! Stand fast on the sure rock, the sacred Word. Let ignorance misunderstand the gospel : let indifference strip it of its energy: let pride, let sensuality, let worldly mindedness frame to themselves schemes of religion conformable to the corrupt principle in accomodation to which they are severally framed. Let the language of igno. sance, of indifference, of pride, of sensua. lity, of worldly mindedness, on topics of piety and morality, be unrighteousness, be folly, be madness. In God, in His counsels, in His recorded law, there is neither variableness nor shadow of turning. Jesus Christ, the Judge of all, is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever. Measure thou all things by that standard, by which thou fhalt thyself be measured. Weigh all things

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in those scales, by which thou shalt thyself be tried. Make thy reference in all things to that tribunal, from which there shall be-no appeal. Judge all things by the word of God: for by that word shalt thou and all things be judged.

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An Exposition of the first Part of the Lesson

appointed for the Burial Service.


I cor. xv. 20. Now is Chrif risen from the Dead, and ber

come the first Fruits of them that fept...

ALL Șcripture is given by inspiration of ** God: and is profitable for doftrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in rightecusness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works (a). Such is the divine authority, such is the comprehensive nature, such are the manifold and supremely important uses, of the Bible, Hence it becomes the duty and the wisdom of the ministers of the gospel, in their en.. (a) 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17. n. , C & 2


deavours to train up the flocks committed to their charge in the knowledge and obedience of the faith of Christ, from time to time to vary the methods, in which they deduce instruction from the word of God: to vary them however within such limits only as the Scriptures themselves completely authorise; and to vary them, if in some measure for the purpose of exciting a more lively attention among their hearers, yet principally for the sake of successively impressing on their congregations the different helps and encouragements to holiness, and the different dissuasives from sin, which the sacred writings supply. Thus at one time the preacher will dwell chiefly, though by no means without a decided reference to practice, on doctrines. At another time, regarding the truth and import of the do&rines as established, he will

enter into a fuller detail concerning the con: duct, which a firm belief in them is designed and adapted to produce. Sometimes he will unfold the nature and evince the efficacy of faith.'. Sometimes he will enlarge on holy tempers and good works, those fruits of the

Spirit, by which genuine faith is manifested - and adorned. Sometimes he will build his

admonitions on the preceptive parts of the : Old or of the New Testament, Sometimes

sin sis: he

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