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AARON and Moses, their mis- and reproach, each other,
sion to Egypt, xii. 170.

1187. hide themselves from
Abdiel (a seraph) opposes Satan God (the Son), x. 97. appear-

promoting the angels' revolt, ance before him, 109. repent-
&c. v. 803. reply to his an- ance, 1098. expulsion from
swer, 877. his fidelity, &c. Paradise, xii. 625. (vide Si-
celebrated, 896. retreat from milies.)
Satan's party, vi. 1. soliloquy Adam, his discourse with Eve
on view of him at their head, on the prohibition of the tree
114. speech to him thereon, of knowledge, iv. 411. to her
130. reply to his answer, 171. at night, 610. answer to ber
encounters him in the battle, question about the nightly
:189. vanquishes Ariel, Arioc, luminaries, 660. viewing her
and Ramiel, (fallen angels,) sleeping, v. 8. answer to her

relating her dream, (the sub-
Abel and Cain, their story re- ject of Satan's first illusive
lated, xi. 429.

temptation,) 94. to her weep-
Abraham's and the patriarchs, ing, 129. invites the angel

xii. 113. all nations his sons Raphael to his bower, &c.
by faith, 446.

361. discourse with him, 460.
Acheron, a river of hell, ii. continued on various subjects,

viii. 651. (vide Raphael.) His
Adam and Eve, described ge- creation and dominion, &c.

nerally, iv. 288. particularly, over the creatures, ix. 524.
295. their state of innocence, prohibited the tree of know-
312, 492, 738. V. 211, 303. ledge, vii. 542. viii. 332. ac-
viii. 510. (vide Innocence.) count of himself and objects
night orison, iv. 720. morn-

about him,

&c. his
ing orison, v. 153. prepara- ation, 253. of his first view
tions to entertain the angel of the Divine Presence, in-
Raphael, 313. the table and stationed in Paradise, &c. 311.
entertainment described, 391. speech to God thereon, and
their nuptial bed, iv. 708. his solitude there, 357.
nuptials celebrated, viii. 510. reply to God's answer, 379.
parting preceding the tempta- sleep on the formation of Eve
tion, ix. 385. behaviour after described, 451. his first view
their fall, 1004. find them- of her, 481. passion for her,
selves naked, 1051. make 521. valediction to Raphael,
themselves breeches of fig- 644. discourse with Eve pre-
leaves, 1099. recriminate on, ceding the temptation, (on





Satan's subtilty, and the nation, 370. discourse with
means to resist it, &c.) ix. Michael, discovering to him
205-384. care and fears for in vision what should happen
her in absence, 838. meets in the world till the flood,
her returning with the for- 450–867. discourse with him,
bidden fruit, 847. soliloquy relating what should happen
lamenting her transgression, to the general resurrection,
896. resolves to die with her, xii. 61–551. general reply to
907. speech to her thereon, him, (resolutions of future
921. eats the forbidden fruit, obedience, dependence
996. incites her to carnal God's providence, &c.) 552.
fruition, the first effect of it,) (Vite Eve. Michael. Raphael.
1011, 1016. the place, &c. Similies.)
described, 1037. after-speech Adonis, a river in Syria, i. 450.
to her on their fall and na- Adramelec and Asmadai, fallen
kedness, 1067. another, charg- angels, wounded, and put to
ing her as the aggressor, 1132. flight, vi. 365.
reply to her answer, (recrimi- Air first clouded on Adam's fall,
nates her affected self-suffici-

xi. 182.
eney, &c.) 1162. answer to Allusions. (Vide Similies.)
God (the Son), calling him Amarant, a flower transplanted
to judgment, x. 115. reply to from Paradise to heaven, iii.
him, (accuses Eve,) 124. the 352.
sentence pronounced on him, Ambition censured, ü. 482 a
197. soliloquy thereon, 720. cause of Satan's fall, iv. 86.
eǝntinued, 854. wishes for Angels (celestial) obey God of
his dissolution, 746, 771. choice, not necessity, v. 536.
reflections on the immor- imbattled against Satan, and
tality of the soul, &c. 782. the fallen angels, vi. 15. their
repulsory speech to Eve at. signal and march, v. 56. signal
tempting to consolate him, to engage, and engagement,
866. relents towards her, 937. vi 202. prevail, 386. dispo-
reply to her (accusing herself sition to re-engage, 524. re-
as the first in transgression,) treat, 597. rally again, and
947. answer (to her reply ad- renew the fight, 634. their
vising to die by their own song on the creation, vü. 180,
hands,) 1013. resolves the 252, 557, 602. on its dissolu-
contrary, (submission to God's tion and renovation, x. 641.
will, and repentance,) 1028. guardians of Paradise, their
speech to Eve (on the efficacy parade, watches, &c. iv. 778,
of prayer, &c.) xi. 140. hails 782, 861, 977. v. 287. re-
her the mother of mankind, ascent to heaven on Adam's
158. speech to her on the fall, x. 17. appointed to expel
omens preceding their expul- Adam, &c. from Paradise, xi.
sion from Paradise, 193. on 127. descent there, vii. 208.
the view of Michael approach- post assigned, viii. 220. march
ing; 226. behaviour on receiv- possessing it, and expelling
ing the message, 268. speech him, &c. xii. 626. (Pide God
to Michael thereon, 295. resig- the Father and Son, Si-

milies.) guardians of mankind,

ix. 152.
Angels, fallen, their after-state, Baalim and Ashtaroth, (fallen

j. 50, 339. numbers, 331, v. angels,) i. 422.
743. names, i. 374. various Babel, the city and tower, built
pursuits, &c. ii. 528. loss sup- by Nimrod, &c. xii. 38. the
plied by man's creation, iii. confusion of languages there
677. embattled against the described, 48.
angels celestial, vi. 79. en- Baptism, what the sign of, xii.
gagement, 202. defeat, 386. 442.
disposition to re-engage, 507. Baptized, the Holy Ghost given
their artillery-cannon, &c. primitively to all such, xii.
572. prevail, 597. entire de- 497.
feat and expulsion from hea- Battle, &c. between the celestial
ven, 831-877. transformed and fallen angels, (God the
to serpents, x. 519. further Son concluding it,) described,
punished with an illusion of vi. 202—877. (Vide Angels
the forbidden fruit, 547. both Celestial, and Fallen.)
annually continued, 575. (Vide Beasts, part of the sixth day's
Satan. Similies.)

creation, described, vii. 453.
Apostles, their mission, &c. xii. Beelzebub, (a fallen angel,) i.

439. gift of the Holy Ghost, 79. described, ii. 299. his an-
497. successors (wolves, false swer to Satan's first speech

teachers, &c. described,) 508. after their fall, i. 128. to his
Argument of the poem, i. 1. ix. second, 272. speech in coun-

cil, called by Satan thereon,
Ariel, Arioc, and Ramiel, (fallen ii. 310. promotes an attempt

angels,) vanquished, vi. 369. on the world), 345.
Ark, its building by Noah, de- Belial, (a fallen angel,) i. 290.

scribed, xi. 728. (Vide Noah.) described, ii. 108. his speech
Ark of the covenant described, in council, 119. to Satan, on
xii. 249.

their advantage gained in the
Ashtaroth and Baalim, (fallen re-engagement with the ce-
angels,) i. 422.

lestial angels, vi. 620.
Astoreth, or Astarte, (a fallen Birds, part of the fifth day's
angel,) i. 438.

creation, described, vii. 417.
Author's hymn on conjugal love, Blasts, an effect of Adam's fall,

iv. 750. to light, iii. 1. invo-
cations, i. 6. iii. 61. vii. 1. xi. Bridge from hell-gates to the
20. reflection, in prospect of world over Chaos, the work,
Adam's, &c. fall, ii. 380. on &c. described, x. 293.
Satan's premeditated attempt,
iv. 1. on Eve's parting with
Adam preceding it, ix. 404.

on their nakedness after the
fall, 1114. on his own blind-
ness, &c. iii. 22.

Cain and Abel, their story re-
Azazel (a fallen angel) Satan's lated, xi. 429.

standard-bearer, i. 534. Cham's story, xii. 807.


X. 692.

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