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church, prevailed to the middle has taken place in the management of the seventeenth century. of his connexion. The preachers,

We sincerely regret that the edi- not content to be considered as tor was not better acquainted with lay-instructors, have, in England, sound divinity, for we much ad- with a very few exceptions, asmire the plan of the publication, sumed the ministerial character, especially the short life of each au- and administer the sacraments thor which iß given, We cannot to their people ; thus openly avowrecommend the work to our read. ing their complete separation from ers; on the contrary, we would the Established Church. Nor can caution them against it, lest they they now be considered in England should be imposed upon by the in any other light than as a body title, and the names of the writers. of Protestant Dissenters actively The editor seems to have studied engaged in promoting the interests to keep out of his volume every of their own denomination. thing that was of a doctrinal na In Ireland, hitherto things have ture. From the divines we have been different; the parishes being mentioned he might have made a very extensive, and few churches selection which would have been having more than one service on highly interesting and improving the Sunday. The Methodists have to the young Minister ; instead of found their interests best promoted this he has given a set of dis- by still continuing members of the courses upon subjects confessedly Church of Ireland, and communi. important, but certainly least inte. cating with the other parishioners resting to the Christian. Did qur at the parish-church. By this means plan allow it, we could easily, by they have much conciliated the quotations from the different au- minds of those Churchmen who thors, prove to the satisfaction of have not joined them, and they our readers, that we have not been have imperceptibly gained a consiunnecessarily severe.

derable footing,

In the north of Ireland many of A candid and impartial Inquiry

the inhabitants are members of the into the present State of the Me

Church of Scotland, and here the thodist Societies in Ireland. Bu preachers have found the greatest a Member of the Society. Com. difficulty: but as Mr. Wesley's plan mins, Baynes, London ; Dug

was, to permit his followers, to redale, Keene, Dublin ; and J.

ceive the sacrament with the dengOgle, Edinburgh. pp. 483.

mination to which they originally

belonged, the Presbyterian who, Most of our readers are aware became a Methodist, continued that the principal part of the so- still, to go to the ordinances at the . ciety of Christians called Method- meeting-house, and to have his , įsts, in England and Ireland, are children baptized by the Presbytethe followers of the late Rev. John rian minister. Now, from the conWesley: that they have been a tinued interchange of circuits, very active and diligent people, which takes place according to and in many respects an useful Methodist discipline among their one in instructing the ignorant, preachers from the intercourse will be allowed. Mr. Wesley pro: between English and Irish Mefessed himself sincerely attached thodists, as the English send to the to the Church of England to his Irish the chairman of their annual death, and pleaded necessity as an conference, and the Irish send one excuse for his irregularity. Since of their preachers to represent the decease of this truly laborious them at the English conference, it and pious man, a great alteration was to be expected that many of.. their preachers would begin to as, ing administered by their own pire after the priest's office, especi- preachers; but he is likewise cans ally as we find, from the volume did enough to acknowledge anobefore us, that there is only one ther cause, which is the want of clergyman whom the Irish Me a clear statement of the doctrines thodists think properly qualified to of the Gospel; and we incline to administer the sacrament to them. think that this is the true cause of Bishep White, delivered at the second have collected above fire thousand rix-dok meeting of the members. By' a resolution lars, bank money, the greater part of which of the managers, I am directed to make a they hare sent up to the Evangelical Society, communication to the British and Foreign from whom they have lately ordered a new Bible Society of London, advising of the supply of a thousand Bibles and five hunestablishinent of this institution.. . dred New Testaments; all of which they

From our imperfect information the declension which the auihop we had been led to think that there laments. : was a large body of truly pious The writer gives us a statement clergymen in Ireland, from whose of his own views of doctrine, which hands the most scrupulous Me is certainly a fair specimen of Westhodist might have received the leyan divinity. He acknowledges, consecrated elements; and we fully the fall of man, the necessity have been strangely misled, if by of the new birth, justification by far the greater part of the Irish faith, and sanctification by the. Methodists have not been con- Holy Spirit. If these doctrines . stant communicants at the parish are faithfully preached, though out churches, though this respectable of our Church, we do and will re . writer asserts the contrary. joice. To those persons who wish

According to this anonymous to know the sentiments and proauthor, spiritual religion is on the ceedings of this large body of decline among the Irish Method- Christians, we would recommend ists. This he principally attributes this volume, which is written in a to the want of the sacraments be good spirit.




COMMUNICATION FROM THE KING OF poor friend, the late Rev. Henri Martynt, I

PERSIA TO THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN presented, in the name of the Society (as he BIBLE SOCIETY, RELATIVE TO THE LATE particularly desired), a copy of his translat REV. H. MARTYN'S TRANSLATION Ortion of the New Testament into the Per: THE NEW TESTAMENT INTO PERSIAN. sian language, to His Persian Majesty, Fas

teh Ali Shah Kajar, having first made cont From His Excellency Sir Grove Ouseley, ditions that His Majesty was to peruse the

Bart. Ambassador Extraordinary from whole, and favour me with his opinion of His Britannic Majesty to the Court of

to the court the style, &c. . . .1. Persia. Addtessed to the Right Hon. Previous to delivering the book to the Lord Teignmouth, President of the Bri

Shạh, I employed transcribers to make some tish and Foreign Bible Society.

copies of it, which I distributed to Hajce St. Petersburg, Sept. 20, 1814. Mahomed Hussein Khan, Prince of Maru, MY DEAR LORD,

Mirza Abdulwabab, and other men of FINDING that I am likely to be detained learning and rank immediately about the here some six or seven weeks, and appre person of the king, wbo; being chiefty conhensive that my letters from Persia may not verts to the Soof philosophy, would, I felt have reached your Lordship, I conceive it certain, give it a fair judgipeat; and, if callmy duty to acquaint you, for the informa ed upon by the Shah for their opiniony retion of the Society of Christians formed for port of it according to its intrinsic merits. the purpose of propagating the sacred writ. The inclosed translation of a "Letter from ings, that, agreeably to the wishes of our His Persian Majesty to me, will show your

Lordship that he thinks the complete work were known in this country, had never been a great acquisition, and that he approves of before explained in so clear and luminous & the simple style adopted by my lamented manner. We, therefore, have been partifriend Martyn, and his able coadjutor cularly delighted with this copious and com, Mirza Seyed Ali, so appropriate to the just plete translation. Please the most mercia and ready conception of the sublime mora- ful God, we shall command the select serlity of the sacred writings. Should the vants who are admitted to our presence, Society express & wish to possess the ori- to read* to us the above-mentioned book ginal letter from the Shah, or a copy of it from the beginning to the end, that we may, in Persian, I shall be most happy to pre in the most minute manner, hear and comsent either through your Lordship.

prehend its contents. I beg leare to add, that, if a correct copy, Your Excellency will be pleased to reof Mr. Martyn's translation has not yet joice the hearts of the above-mentioned digbeen presented to the Society, I shall have nified, learned, and enlightened Society, great pleasure in offering one that has been with assurances of our highest regard and copied from, and collated with the original approbation; and to inform those excellent left with me by Mr. Martyu, on which he individuals who are, so virtuously engaged had bestowed the greatest pains to render it in disseminating and making known the perfect.

true meaning and intent of the Holy GosI also promise to derate my leisure to the pel, and other points in sacred books, that correction of the press, in the event of they are deservedly bonoured with one royal your thinking proper to have it printed in favour. Your Excellency' must consider England, should my sovereign not hare yourself as bound to fulfil this royal request. immediate occasion for my services out of Giren in Revialavel, 1229. England.

(Sealed) FATEH ALI SHAH KAJAN. I beg you to belicre me, my dear Lord, * I be leave to remark, that the word Your Lordship's most sincere and « Tilawat,” which the translator has reilfaithful bumble servant,

dered “ rend,” is an honourable significaGURE OU SELEY tion of that act, almost exclusively applied

to the perusing or reciting the Koran. The Translation of His Persian Majesty's Let making use, therefore, of this term or ex

ter, referred to in the preceding. pression, shows the degree of respect and In the name of the Almighty God, whose estimation in which the Sbah holds the New glory is most excellent.

Testament.-Note by Sir Gore Ouseley. It is our august command, that the dig. nified and excellent, our trusty, faithful, and loyal well-wisher, Sir Core Duseley, EXTRACTS FROM THE CORRESPONDENCE CF Baronet, His Britannic Majesty's Ambassa TIIE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE so dor Extraordinary (after being honoured CIETY, SINCE THE PUBLICATIOX OF THE and, exalted with the expressions of our TENTH RETORT. Lighest regard and consideration), should From Parimaribo, Surinam. March 12, know, that the copy of the Gospel, which

1814. was translated into Persian by the learned

You can scarcely form any adequate idea exertions of the late Rev. Henry Martyn,

of the eagerness with which the Dutch and which has been presented to us by your Excellency on the part of the high, digni

Bibles and Testaments have been sought fied, learned, and enlightened society of

after. Indeed, scarcely was it known that Christians, united for the purpose of spread

such books had arrived, when old and ing abroad the holy books of the religion of

- young flocked to my house in such crowds, Jesus, (upon whom, and upon all prophets,

that my door was, as it were, besieged from be peace and blessings !) has reached us,

morning to night; and no sooner was it

opened to dismiss one party, than another and has proved highly acceptable to our au

eutered, in such numbers, that I was really gust mind. “In truth, through the learned and un

apprehensive lest accidents might happen. remitted exertions of the Rev. Henry Mar

As I myself enjoyed the privilege of being

an almoner of this bounty, I can testify, tyn, it has been translated in a style most

from personal observation, that the gift was befitting sacred books, that is, in an easy and simple diction. Formerly, the four

received with evident marks of gratitudo, Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and

reverence, and attention. John, were known in Persia; but now the whole of the New Testament is completed

From the Female Bible Society at Philain a most excellent manner:, and this cir

delphia. May 28, 1814. oumstance bas been an additional source of INCLOSED you will receive a copy of the pleasure to our enlightened and august constitution of the Female Bible Society of mind. Even the four Evangelists, which Philadelphia, together with an address fron,

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You will perceire, Sir, that this Society hare paid for beforchand. has been recently organized; but the en- . The distribution by sale and gratuitous, couragement and success it has already ex- gifts has also been very brisk. Indeed, perienced, are strong indications of its fu- from what I learn at this place, the various ture respectability and usefulness. As soon editions of the authorized version which as the plan was proposed, ladies of all bave within these ten or twelve years issued Christian denominations in this city came from the presses in Lund, Linkoping, Oere . forward to promote it; and during the first bo, and Gothenburg, hare all been consveck there were nearly five hundred sub- sumed. Such has been the effect of the scribers. Since then the number has been zealous labours of only three societies with considerably augmented, and is now daily in the space of a few months. increasing. The counsel and assistance of the clergy and distinguished members of

From the Russian Bible Society. St. Pethe Philadelphia Bible Society, have been liberally conferred, and the direction of fe

tersburg, June 17, 1814. male efforts to this object bas received un

The new donation of 10001. which the qualified approbation and support from the

Committee of the British and Foreign Bible most eminently pious among us.

Society has been pleased to offer to the

Bible Society of St. Petersburg, and of From the above Address of the Right Rev. which you make mention in your letter, is a Bishop White, of Philadelphia.

new proof of that zeal which always distinContemplating

guished the members of the London Comthe recent institution

mittee in promoting the knowledge of the of Bible societies, begun in England, and

word of God over all the world. The Bible extending rapidly throughout the world, as

Society of St. Petersburg is so much ina prodigious effort for the raising of a debted to the encouragement they have remound against the threatening inundation

ceived from the British Society, that they of infidelity; as being also one of the hap

cannot but accept with gratitude this addipiest expedients which have been devised for

tional supply, especially as they engaged spreading the knowledge of the Gospel of

themselves, in the very first year of their Christ, and as tending directly to the ac

institution, to undertake considerable entercomplishment of the assurances given, that

prises, which can bear no delay, and to the his kingdom will be at last co-exteusive

executing of which proportionable ineans with the world; I will not suffer myself to

are requisite. believe, that your sex, any more than ours,

The Committee of the St. Petersburg are debarred from promoting these blessed

Bible Society have charged us, therefore, to ends, in your distinctive character.

desire you, Gentlemen, to present their

most sincere thanks to the London CommitFrom the Virginia Bible Society. Rich

tee for their gift. The value of it is much mond, June 11, 1814.

enhanced when we reflect upon the multifar The managers of our society had a mect- rious benefits you have already conferred on sing this day; when, for the first time, it several of our infant societies. As every was communicated to them, that the Ame- letter and communication that our Society rican prisoners in England had received the receives from yours breathes the most particular attention of your agents for the friendly concurrence in forwarding our comdistribution of Bibles. I will not attempt mon end, so your last letter, Gentlemen, to express the pleasure which this commu- has caused the greatest satisfaction to our nication afforded. Who, that has the feels Committee; and all the members of it were Migs of a man or a Christian, will not be particularly-affected by the expressions of delighted to see, ainidst the calamities and that Christian charity which influences your desolations of war, the wild genius of actions, and induces you to propagate the Christianity dispensing its blessings and af- word of God in a country so far distant fording its consolations ?

ftom Great Britain.

We can do no less than imitate your hu

mane aud Christian undertakings, and From the late Rev. Dr. Brunnmark. Go

therefore we exert ourselres to procure a thenburg, June 3, 1814.

sufficient supply of copies of the sacred The society in this place has been very Scriptures, in order to distribute them at active, and deserves truly the name of an the lowest rate to our fellow-countrymen in anxiliary society to that in Stockholm. They the vast empire of Russia. To this end the


Committee of the St. Petersburg Society has the fiames, but was delivered by the partiatready ordered the printing of the Scrip- enlar interposition of the providence of tures in seven different languages; and the God, whilst the inhabitants of an adjoining committees of the lesser associations are village were driven from it by a dreadful likewise advancing the printing of them in cannonade, escaping only with their lives. three other languages. We only desire that No words can describe the tender emotions the success of these our indertakings, as , of gratitude with wbieh, they received the well as the means to accomplish them, may present of a Bible from my bands. Many answer the ardent zeal of our Committee. came afterwards to me, expressing a cheer

What you are pleased to say, Gentlemen, ful confidence, that the same compassionate about the fundamental principles of the Redeemer, who, by the word of his paBible Society, that the circulation of the tienee, had thus pourished and refreshed Scriptorcs, without rote or comment, is the their souls, would likewise mereifully supé tery life of the institution, which proposes ply the wants of their bodies. Nor was to unite in one harmonious confederation their confidence disappointed, for they aca

those who differ from each other in their tually partook of the temporal relief sent > modes of interpreting the word of God, is from England. I esteemed it a real privisuch an undoubted truth, that it requires lege to he employed in dispensing both the no enforcement among those who venerate spiritaal and temporal gifts. May the Rethe holy, books, We can have no other warder of all acts of Christian kindness guide in supporting our institution than your richly recompense our British benefactors, example, and we shall be attentive to profit and may many of those whom their donaby your concurrence in every improvement. tions have benefited, meet them in a better

The increasing demand for the copies of world, to receive them into everlasting ha: the Holy Scriptures makes it necessary for bitations ! our Committee to request the Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society to send

From the Netherlands Bible Society. Ant

f the Greek New Testament. As for the books in other lan

sterdam, July 1, 1814, guages, the Committee bave already giren Rev. Sir, a commission to the Rev. John Paterson, The Netherlands endeavour to be ranked and they will write to him again about among the nations that make the light with them.

which God has blessed them shine forth The blessing of the Lord, which you upon those who were hitherto in darkness. were pleased, Gentlemen, to invoke on the The establishment of the long-wished-for endeavours of our Committee, has largely peace in Europe, the independence of our and visibly manifested itself upon your So- country, its approaching prosperity, and thể ciety, by manifold successes in all your un connexion between reciprocal labours, wbich dertakings; and we heartily wish and pray, was broken asunder, but now happily rethat the same grace of our Lord may con- stóred: all this renders it incumbent ünon tinue to rest upon the patrons and directors us to make the most effectual use of this of your Committee, and upon you their moment; and to answer, at the same time, fellow-labourers in this holy work, to make the benign intentions of Him who you all, more and more, the happy instru blished this peace. ments of his goodness and wisdom, by cir

It was on the 29th ult. that we laid the culating his blessed word throughout the foundation of that institution which is so whole world, and imparting it to all man

agreeable to God, and so benefcial to mana' kind.

kind, and of which Great Britain set such We are, Gentlemen, with due regard, an excellent example to the rest of the · Most respectfully, your humble servants, world---the National Bible Society for the BAS:LL PAPOFF, . } Secretaries.

Netherlands. We beg to inform you of Alex. TOURGENOFF, S.

this erent, but we shall not fail to give you coon a more detailed account of the esta

blishment of our Society. We request you From Löbau, in Lusatia. June 21, 1814.

will communicate the contents of this letter : IN justice to our British benefactors, I to tbe Directors of the British and Foreign consider it a pleasing duty to inform you, · Bible Society, and assure them of our cortat, on the receipt of the Bibles, the poor dial acknowledgment for their gencrous shed a thousand grateful tears, and implor- offer of 500l. of the value of which we are ed the best blessings of Heaven upon the fully sensible; and we bless a nation in

donors. Of this I was an eye-witness, and which the Father of all spirits has excited . it proved to me the most refreshing scene, such sontiments. We shall rejoice when ' in the midst of all the sufferings of war, we find that the restored connexion between

during which our town was twice in the the two nations proves also beneficial to most imminent danger of fulling a prey to this most exoellent cause. We have the

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