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the command of lord Bridport has feen an enemy's fhip for many days paft.

other inhabitants have efcaped into Germany, and many, more into the dominions of the king of Denmark., Portsmouth, ug. 24. The duke of 21. A form fell with particular Gloucefter arrived here this morning: violence at Richmond and Twicken- he immediately went on board the Jafon ham, in the neighbourhood of which frigate to fee the count d'Artois. Dithe lightning burnt feveral fhafts of rectly as he got on board, the ftandard wheat, and a good deal of itubble. was hoifted, when a royal falute was The rain was violent in the extreme. fired by the whole fleet he was acAt Putney, and in its vicinity, hail-companied by feveral naval and milifiones of an unusual fize fell in great tary officers. quantities; which may be accounted an extraordinary phænomenon, confidering the exceffive heat which preceded the form. No mifchief has yet been heard of: but the effects of fuch a tempeff, it is natural to expect, must have been feverely felt,in its progrefs.

A complete furvey of the island of Corfica is now taking by furveyors fent out on purpofe from England, in particular with refpect to the foreits, of which a report is to be made to government as foon as poffible. In fome of those it is where there are very lofty pines, fit for malts for the men of war.

22. It is calculated by fome of our merchants who are best informed of the trade with Spain, that the latter country owes to Great Britain at the prefent moment between two and three millions flerling,

25. Orders have been iffued from the War-office, for the raifing of fixteen new regiments of cavalry.

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The price of bread has fallen very confiderably in all the northern counties, and particularly in the towns of Sheffield, Leeds, Wakefield, &c, where the markets are now plentifully fupplied with the beft wheat flour. at 2s. 6d. the flone of 14lb. and fome fo low as


The profpect of the enfuing harveft in all parts of the kingdom is extremely encouraging; and the damage, fuppofed to have been done to the wheat by the fly in fome places, is much iefs confiderable than was apprehended.

Dublin, Aug. 25. This day has been one continued fcene of alarm and terror in Dublin, from the defperate declarations and refractory spirit of some of the regiments in garrifon here.

A rumour has for fome days prevailed

infantry above No. 100, were to be immediately reduced, all their privates and non-commiffioned officers to be drafted into other regiments, many of which were under orders for foreign fervice, and that their officers were either to go upon full pay with beating orders to recruit men, or be provided for in British regiments.

By intelligence received this day from fir John Borlafe Warren's fqua-here, that all the young regiments of dron, it appears that the commodore having, on the 10th inftant, detached two frigates to land a quantity of ammunition on the left bank of the Loire, deftined for the royalift army of La' Vendée, the republicans marched towards the place of debarkation to oppofe it. But general Charette detached against them a part of his army encamped at Machecoul, which attacked the republicans with fo much gallantry, that they were entirely defeated: two hundred of them were killed, and the refl put to the rout. The ammunition was then landed without any further oppofition.

The frigates have, rejoined fir J. B. Warren's Iquadron in the Bay of Quiberon. The officers on board both fhips fpeak in terms of the highest praife of the manner in which they were received by thofe of the royalift army.

Neither his fauadron nor that under

Murmurs were thus excited among the junior regiments, as the 104th and 111th,both British fencibles, and enlifted in Great Britain on condition of not be |ing drafted into any other regiment, nor required to ferve out of Great Britain and Ireland, and to be brought home to their respective counties at the end of the war, and then pofitively dif charged.

Refractory fymptoms appeared on Saturday and Sunday, chiefly from the marching the 104th regiment to the camp at Lehauftown, and keeping them under arms the whole day, The whole


of Sunday the privates of both regiments traverfed the fireets in groups; the populace fpiriting the foldiers to be firm. promifing to fupport them, and treating them with whiskey.

The oppofition becoming ferious, 2000 infantry from the Londonderry, Longford and Weltmeath militia, and the Effex and Breadalbane fencibles, with two guns and a party of artillery to each detachment, arrived in town The foldiery had left the barracks, and difperfed themfelves feveral ways, but were discovered and forced back to the barracks. Three of the ring leaders received 500 lafhes each, by judgment of a court martial.

Next morning nevertheless groups of drunken foldiers were every where feen, fwearing and refolute in their refufal. The men on the cattle guard were not lefs ref actory, and a plan was formed by the defperadoes, to feize the regimental colours, throw themfelves into the old cuftom-house as a citadel, and there defend themfelves to the laft. One of the mutineers wrefied the regimental Standard from the enfign, who bravely attacked his affailant fword in hand, and recovered the colours. I his tranfaction being reported at the caftle, a fufficient force was fent againft them, who fecing refiitance vain, fubmitted, and were marched back to the barracks, when two of the ringleaders were inftantly tried by a court-martial, convicted, and received 500 lafhes each. Troops of horfe then patrolled the ftreets, and all mutinous appearances were at least fufpended, it not entirely removed.

27. The number of Eaft India fhips taken up to carry troops to the Weft | Indies, independently of thofe bought by government to ferve as fhips of war, amount to fifteen fail. These ships are to be ready at Gravesend, to receive the troops by the fecond week in September. Ten fail of them are to be completely cleared in the course of this week, and taken into dock for one tide to have their copper examined. It is however not fuppofed that these hips will fail before the beginning of October.

Several perfons, to the number of 14, belonging to a gang of defperate river pirates, are in confinement fór robbing the lighters on the river, of inerchandile to a very, confiderable amount,

by opening various packages, and taking out a part of their contents. To prevent fulpicion, they nail or few up the packages again, leaving them in appearance in the fame flate as when firft put on board; by which art the lofs has not been discovered until they have been opened by perfons abroad, to whom they were configned. This fpecies of robbery has been carried on for a great length of time with much fuccefs but is now happily detected by means of one of the accomplices having turned king's evidence. He was firft fufpected, from his having been frequently feen with large fums of money, which, from his fituation, it was thought he could not have obtained honeftly. It is hoped that the whole gang, fo injurious to the credit of our commerce, will be foon brought to juftice./

Sept. 2. The laft accounts from the Weft Indies are of the most affecting nature, in regard to the mortality which fo generally prevails in fome of our islands. There is a great want of medical affiftance in that part of the world.

The duke of Bourbon arrived at Yarmouth. The duc d'Angoulême is alfo come to town with the earl of Moira, to whofe care he is entrusted by Monfieur.

Athboy, Ireland, Sept. 4. On Sunday night laft, as a party of the foldiers were parading the town, they met a drunken man, the ferjeant knew him, as he lived in the town. The ferjeant took him by the hand, and asked him how he did, and giving him a fign of secrecy, asked him what news: then brought him to an alehouse where he primed him finely, and took him safe to the guard-houfe, and the next morning before a juftice, where he turned king's evidence, and fwore that in eight days' time there was to be a meeting of the head offers (he was a captain) and that on Hollentide eve they were to turn out in a body to maffacre all the proteftants. Their meaning was to divide the lands among

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5. The Betfy, capt. Bloomfield, from Quebec, is arrived at Cowes; the failed about the middle of July, and left upwards of 30 fhips loading with corn, which would fail as foon as their cargoes were completed. He fays there was plenty of old corn, and the prefent harveft was begun, and promised well.

General fir Ralph Abercrombie is to fail in October with 25,000 men, 15,000 of whom are deftined for the Leeward Ilands, and 10,000 for St. Domingo. Colonel Knox is to have a corps of 3000 pioneers, black flaves, whofe mafters are to have fo much a day for them, and a certain fum for every one that dies..

Ipfwich, Sept. 5. Fine new wheat fold in our market on faturday laft from 285. to 335. per coomb. A fortnight | fince it was fold for 56s. and this, perhaps, is as great and as fudden a variation in the price of that effential article of life as ever was remembered.

The Crofs at Walton, near this place, is now converting into a prifon-house for the refractory.

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Botany Bay, was 87. per man; an expenfe exceeding all the good that could arife to either country from the banishment, or the evil that could arife from the continuance in either country, of the miscreants.

Sept. 10. A building of curious confruction was exhibited at a timberyard near Weftminfler bridge, before officers of the ordnance board. It conlifts of two ftories; the lower forms. completely a barrack for troops, the upper is a fort capable of mounting fix or eight brafs guns, four to fix pound- / ers. Twenty-four of them are built to go out to St. Domingo. Workmen, who are to form part of the corps of artificers, go out with them to put them up, or remove them, in cafes of emergency. They are built of seasoned oak; and are the invention of an officer of the board. The model is fent to the tower to be there kept.

15. It appears from the report of the agricultural fociety, that 50,000 acres of potatoes have been planted this year beyond the number planted laft year.

16. An affair of a very ferious nature lately occurred at Tripol. A banditti being in a flate of infurrection in the country, the bey fufpected, or pretend ed to fufpect fome of the fervants belonging to the English consul (Mr. Lucas) of holding a correspondence with the rebels, and fent a meffage to him, peremptorily demanding a Jew and a native belonging to his establishment.". Mr. Lucas conceiving the demand to be contrary to the cftablished cuftom of nations, befide, dreading the favage nature of the Mahometan defpot, remonftrate, and at the fame time folemnly afferted, to the beft of his judgment, the innocence of the parties: but the 8. A fresh order was issued from hey, inftead of attending to his remonthe navy office, to expedite the equip frances, fent a guard, and had the two ment of the Eaft India and other fhips individuals arrested and brought before taken up in the river, as flore-fhips, to him. The alleged crimes were read to carry out troops, &c. to the Weft Indies them; and, notwithstanding their plea in the enfuing convoy appointed to fail of not guilty, they were both ordered to under the command of admiral Chrifimmediate execution: the Jew was tian. burned alive, and the native hanged.

An account was received in town from Jerfey, of there having been fent in there three large French merchantmen laden with flores and provisions: they were captured by two privateers fitted out from that place, named the Hero and Victory, carrying 26 guns, 12 pounders, each..

9 Owing to the high price of vic-To this outrage upon law, juftice and tualling, the demand for fhipping, and rifque of capture, or price of infurance, the contract for conveying the laft convicts from Great Britain and Ireland to

humanity, may be added, that the conful himiclf received a threat, which has rendered him very apprehenfive of perfonal danger.



Aug. 18. The lady of Andrew Stuart, of Lower Grofvenor-ftreet, M. P. for Weymouth, of a daughter.

22. The lady of Dr. Grieve, of Norfolk ftreet, Strand, of a daughter.

31. The lady of Capt. Foote, of the navy, of a fon.

Sept. 1. The lady of Rochford Grange, of Bromley, efq. of a fon.

11. The lady of William Rochford, of Beaumont fireet, Devonthire place, efq. of a fon.


Aug. 18. John Maitland, of King's Arma-yard, Coleman-fireet, efq. to mifs Curtis, only daughter of T. Curtis, of Homerton, efq.

21. G. H. Browne, of Lincoln's Inn. e'q, to mifs Smith, only daughter of the rev. Samuel Smith, of Stanton St. Quintin, Wilts.

place, efq. to mifs Briggs, only daughter of the late John Briggs, of Iflington, efq.

William Monnery, of Southwark, efq. to mifs Baylife, of Highgate. DEATH S.

Aug. 9. Benjamin Heywood, of Liverpool, efq.

12. Henry Evans, of Hatton Garden, efq.

14. The hon. Mrs. Molyneux, of John-ftreet, Berkeley-fquare.

Samuel Cockerel!, of Harwich, efq. The rev. John Watkin, B. D. vicar of St. Giles's, Northampton.

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Lady Sufan Cochran, one of the daughters of the earl of Aberdeen.

16. John Smith, of Cirencefter, efq. in the commiffion of the peace for the county of Gloucefter.

The right hon. lady Sufan Drummond.

17. The right hon. lady Mary Stanley, of the Crefcent, Bath.

E. May, of Fenchurch-buildings, efq. to mifs Anna Blakefley, of Mark-White-chapel, Middlefex.

The rev. Dr. Holmes, rector of



25. The rev. William Gould, D. D. rector of Stapleford Abbot, Effex, to mifs Gordon, eldest daughter of Edward Gordon, of Bromley, Middlefex, efq.

George Stevens, efq. commander of the Ceres Eaft Indiaman, to mifs Hamilton, daughter of the late David Hamilton, of Bristol, efq.

William Harvey, of the county of Wexford, efq. to mifs Dorothy Crofbie daughter of the hon. and rev. Dean Crosbie.

29. William Markham, of Broca Lodge, Yorkshire, efq. eldest fon of the archbishop of York, to mifs Elizabeth Bowles, eldeft daughter of Oldfield Bowles, efq.

Burrell Neale, of Uxbridge, efq. to mifs Fryer, of the fame place.

31. Thomas Beevor, eiq. eldest fon of fir Thomas Beevor, bart, to mils Hare, only daughter of Hugh Hare, of Hare ham, Norfolk, efq. Sept. 3. John Freer, of Guildfo rd

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22. John Goodalk efq. of the Southfea House.

Philip Money, of Aldeburgh. efq. 28. The rev. Mr. Naifh, rector of St. Helen's, Bishopfgate freet.

Caleb Preton, of Bofton, Lincolnhire, efq.

Mrs. Clarke, the lady of general Clarke, now in the Eaft India fervice.

Mrs. Barlow, of Haverfordwett, lady of the late George Barlow, of Stebech, Pembrokeshire, efq.

30. James Jackfon, of Bedfordfquare, cfq.

The rev. Dr. Fawcett, chaplain to admiral Parker, and vicar of Milford, Hants.'

The hon. and rev. Richard Butler, of Great Longford ftreet, Dubin.

Sept. 4. The rev. Archdeacon Boyd, of Wexford, Ireland.


Hugh Bofcawen, of Half-mo freet, Piccadilly, efq. knight inarshal of his majefty's household.


10. Michael O'Brien, of Chelfea,



Lady's Magazine;

O R,

Entertaining Companion for the FAIR SEX, appropriated folely to their Ufe and Amusement.

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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern for a Handkerchief or Apron. 2. The Careless Sportsman. 3. The Rye-House. And 4. The Lily of the Vale. Music by Mr. Hudson.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinfon, No. 25, Paternofter Row, where Favours from Correfpondents will be received.

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