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arithmetic, which subjects occupy the ment was boarded at the central remainder of the day, from ten to school, for many weeks, until qualified twelve; between this hour and one, to introduce the National system into the children are again employed in the regimental school, which the Commaking or mending their clothes, and mittee are informed he has since done in preparing their table neatly for din- in a very efficient manner. It is with ner, which is served to them at one much satisfaction the Committee are o'clock. At two, school is re-opened, able to state, that seven boys have been and the boys are exclusively engaged regularly apprenticed out to the followin reading, writing, and arithmetic. At ing occupations:*_two, as apprentices four the school is closed with prayers on an estate; one, in a merchant's and a lıymn. The boarders are called counting-house; two, to a house carin at six, from their play-ground, to sup- penter; one, to a shoe-maker; and per; and in the course of the evening, one has been taken into a highly refor about an hour, one of the elder boys spectable family, as clerk and accountreads aloud, in turn, from some work

ant. Another boy is desirous of going of amusement and general instruction to sea, but no advantageous situation out of the school library. At eight

has been yet obtained for him. All they retire to their dormitory, where these were publicly examined, and the Short Prayer for a Young Person, approved by the Committee, before from Crossman's Catechism, is read leaving school. Four girls also have aloud by the head boy. They rise in been sent out to service. According the morning between five and six to the established custom of the school, o'clock; and, after offering up a short every boy and girl has been presented morning prayer to God for his bless- with a Bible, Prayer-book, and Crossing, recommence the business of the man's Catechism, on leaving the day. On Sunday, a full attendance of school. The Committee have again boarders and day-scholars is insisted to acknowledge with thankfulness, the on at nine o'clock; between which benefits arising from the continued time, and half-past ten, (the hour of inspection of the Ladies' Committee. morning service), the Psalins and Les- To increase the number of boarders sons for the day are read aloud. The at the Girls' School, has been an object Sunday is marked by a meal of a bet- long and patiently desired by the Comter kind—fresh meat, with bread, be- mittee. They feel satisfied, that, under ing provided, instead of the vegetable under the tuition of the present schoolsoup, yams, and other roots, of which mistress, and the vigilant inspection they partake on the other days of the of the Ladies' Committee, every female week. In the afternoon, at half-past boarder will form a new security for four o'clock, the children of the the morals of the country. schools are required again to be present at church. Each child in the school, according to rank, is expected CONSECRATION OF St. Matthew's to learn the Collect, Epistle, and CHAPEL.- -March 18th., being the day Gospel, at intervals, during this day, appointed for the consecration of the and to repeat it as the first exercise on new chapel lately erected in the parish Monday morning. Both schools are of St. Michael, a meeting of the papublicly catechized during Lent in rishioners interested in its erection took the cathedral.

place at the chapel at an early hour. Although no school-master or mis- The Lord Bishop of the diocese arrived tress has been trained this year at the at the chapel door at eleven o'clock, schools; yet, on the application of

where he was met by the Chancellor, Lieutenant Colonel Hardy, of the 19th Registrar, Rector, and others of the regiment, a boy attached to the regi- Clergy, and several members of the

* It is but justice to add, that after careful inquiry into the character and conduct of several who were apprenticed out in former years, the Committee have received most gratifying accounts : and they are invited on this ground to re-double their exertions for the education of the poor.



vestry. His Lordship, being shown into The piece of land upon which the the vestry-room, and having put on his chapel is built was part of the plantaepiscopal robes, proceeded to the altar, tion called Friendship, and was conwhere, the petition having been pre- veyed to the rector of St. Michael by sented by the Rector, and read by the James Thomas Rogers, Esq. the proRegistrar, the Consecration Service prietor of the said plantation, and of commenced, according to the usual Parks' plantation in the said island of form, by the Bishop and Clergy repeat- Barbados. ting alternately the 24th Psalm. After the service of the day had been performed, during which the Psalms for the occasion were sung by the children STONE OF st. PAUL'S CHAPEL. of the Belle and Lears' plantations, the Bishop delivered a most impressive

Friday, April 23, being the day apand appropriate discourse from Psalm pointed for laying the first stone of cxxii. 1.— I was glad when they said St. Paul's Chapel

, about to be erected unto me, We will go into the house of in the Bay,—his Excellency, the Gothe Lord.”

vernor, after having attended parade The consecration of the chapel being at the garrison, in commemoration of concluded, the Bishop, with the Clergy, the birth of His Majesty, arrived at &c. proceeded to the consecration of the residence of the Hon. John A. the burial-ground attached to the cha- Beckles, at one o'clock, where the pel, when the fifth, sixth, and seventh Bishop, the Clergy, vestry, and other verses of the 39th Psalm were sung by gentlemen were assembled. The Prothe children. The congregation then cession passed through the private dispersed, highly gratified with the grounds of Judge Beckles, to the site scene which they had witnessed. fixed upon for the Chapel, in the fol

We have much satisfaction in stating lowing order :that his Excellency the Governor was

The Boys of the Central School. present at the ceremony, whose readi

The Clergy. ness to advance the interests of religion,

The Vestry of St. Michael. by cooperating in all measures taken The Grand Master of Freemasons and for that purpose, has ever been con

the Architect. spicuous. Many persons of influence Many respectable gentlemen, holding no and respectability, with their families,

official situations. were also present.

The Military and Staff of his Excellency. The foundation of the chapel was

The Bishop's Chaplains. laid on the 21st of November, and the

His Excellency the Governor, and the

Lord Bishop. building has been completed in less than four months. It is sixty-eight On arriving at the spot where the feet long, and twenty-four feet wide, is stone was to be placed, his Excellency fitted

up in a neat style, and is capable and the Bishop ascended the platform, of containing nearly four hundred per- which had been prepared for the occa

It has been erected entirely by sion, neatly covered with green baize, private contributions, and the whole when his Lorship offered up the folexpense of the building, every thing lowing prayer :considered, does not exceed £800 “ Prevent us, O Lord, &c. &c. Barbados currency

-a considerable “O Lord God Almighty, without proportion of which was contributed in whom nothing is strong, nothing is labour and materials. The children holy, look down from Heaven, thy who sang were clothed in a neat uni- dwelling place, and bless the underform dress, and the adult negroes who taking of thy humble servants. We were present evinced, by their decent desire to raise an edifice to thy honour behaviour and devout attention to the and glory, and for the good of our service, their willingness to avail them- fellow-creatures, wherein high and low, selves of the opportunity now afforded rich and poor, bond and free, may them for receiving religious instruction meet together to worship Thee their on the Sabbath.

common Father and Redeemer.


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Incline, we beseech Thee, every CODRINGTON COLLEGE.- His Maheart to this work of piety and love; jesty's subjects in the British Westgive skill to our architect, and strength India colonies, are informed, that the to our labourers; and grant, if it be Thy day of election of Exhibitioners, on good pleasure, that all we assembled the foundation of Codrington College, this day before Thee, may live to be- in the Island of Barbados, is fixed hold the completion of the work in its for the ninth of September in the solemn dedication to Thee, our God. present year; and all Students for

“ Lord, we are ourselves the work Holy Orders, from the age of sixteen of Thy hands, and Thou hast gra- years and upwards, intending to offer ciously promised to take up Thy abode themselves as candidates, are required, in every faithful and obedient heart: without delay, to send in their names, make us duly sensible of this our high with their baptismal registers, duly cerand holy privilege: and as we watch tified by the minister of their respective from day to day, the gradual rise of parishes, to “The Rev. the Principal of this material building, so may we la- the College, Barbados;" and to prebour, through Thy grace, to grow up sent themselves at the College, for ourselves into a living temple of the examination, on the 13th day of AuLord, builded together for an habi

gust next. tation of God, through the Spirit; For the further information of the that, finally, when our earthly house public, the following extracts from the of this our fleshy tabernacle is dis- minutes of the Committee of the “Sosolved by death, we may yet have a ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel building of God, a house not made in Foreign Parts," at their meeting, on with hands, eternal in the heavens, the 8th of December, 1828, are anpurchased and prepared for us through nexed :the merits of Thine only Son Jesus “ That such of the civil authorities Christ, our Lord.”

as have hitherto acted as governors of “ Our Father,” &c.

the Institution, be requested, at the Immediately after which, while the first opening of the College, to nomiGovernor, the Architect, and the Grand nate four young men professing to be Master, were adjusting the stone, the Candidates for holy orders, as exhiold version of the 100th Psalm was bitioners

upon the foundation; subject sung by the boys of the Central School, to such examination as the visitor the Bishop having first pronounced the shall deem expedient.” two concluding verses of the 90th “ That the Bishop, as visitor, be rePsalm. The stone being laid, and his quested to nominate the remaining Excellency having re-ascended the eight exhibitioners, under the same platform, the Bishop concluded the regulations.” ceremony with the Collect, “ Assist us The eight last- mentioned exhibimercifully,_0 Lord,” &c. and the tions will be open for public comBlessing. The company then returned petition. to Judge Beckles', and partook of a The twelve exhibitioners will be handsome collation prepared for their maintained and educated free of any refreshment.

charge, and may be chosen from any The whole of the ceremony was in- part of His Majesty's West - India teresting and impressive, and many

possessions. thanks are due to Judge Beckles, for John H. PINDER, M. A., Principal. his kindness and exertions, and much E. P. Smith, B. A. Tutor. credit to Mr. Anglim (the architect), By direction of the Rt. Rev. the Visitor. for his judicious arrangements.

Barbados, April 20, 1830.



Domestic.—Just as we were going being effected before the expiration of to press, the melancholy news arrived that term, the troops have at length from Windsor, that our beloved So- disembarked on the African coast, vereign departed this transitory life, and we are told to expect immediate at a quarter-past three o'clock, on the intelligence of either a battle or a morning of Saturday the 26th instant. siege. It is however rumoured, that

Lord Winchilsea has again called negotiations have been proposed with the attention of the House of Lords to the dey; should this prove true, it the melancholy fact, that our Pro- will indeed be a contemptible contestant officers and soldiers are obliged clusion to so much noise and preparato take a part in the superstitious and tion for war. idolatrous ceremonies of the Roman PORTUGAL AND BRAZIL.-It now Catholic Church, both in Malta and seems probable, that the quarrel bethe Ionian islands. That such a tween these potentates will be amicapractice should have grown up with- bly adjusted. There has hitherto out observation, is a most discreditable existed in the Emperor's cabinet a circumstance to a Protestant nation, strong party opposed to peaceful counmuch more so then, that, having been cils; these he is now getting rid of; pointed out, it should still be conti- and the arrival from Lisbon, in a nued; it is giving a countenance to Portuguese brig of war, of 250,0001., the idolatries and blasphemies of the besides diamonds,-his share of the Romish Church, strongly inconsistent property left by the Queen-mother, in a Christian government, and is cer- may have done something towards tainly an unwarrantable infringement mollifying his anger. Her death has on that liberty of conscience which is also been a step towards lessening the every man's right, and about which dissensions between the two brothers; we have heard so much in less justi- and it is generally anticipated that fiable cases.

the affairs of Portugal will be speedily A bill for repealing the punish- settled, to the satisfaction of all parment of forgery with death, (with one ties, and that Don Miguel will even be exception,) has passed the House of permitted to marry Donna MariaCommons.

an arrangement that may prove happy France.— The King has issued his to every one but the Queen. proclamation, summoning a

TURKEY.—The Turkish ambassador chamber of deputies, which it is at St. Petersburgh has so far sucgenerally expected will be more tract- ceeded in the object of his mission, able than the last, though whether that the Porte is excused from the the country at large will be willing to payment of almost the whole of the acquiesce quietly in the submission, military contribution ; in lieu of which, does not appear certain, as it is in a the fortresses of Silistria and Erzeroum general ferment on the subject of are to be surrendered into the hands politics, and great dissatisfaction is of the Russians. expressed at the measures of the AMERICA.—The republic of Mexico present ministry. The unsatisfactory is in a most distracted state; the nature of the intelligence from the reign of the present dominant is exAlgerine expedition must increase pected to be of short duration; and their unpopularity. After remaining which of the factions, that are strugsome time at Palmo, stationary on ac- gling to succeed, will obtain the precount of bad weather, till Admiral eminence, is very uncertain, as the Duperre became apprehensive that pro- soldiery, in whose hands lie the disvisions might fail, Government having posing power, are ready to forward supplied stores for only ten days, the views of that leader who will best reasonably calculating on a landing repay them with the liberty of plunder.


Bustomerte has hitherto been enabled . to maintain his power; but, as his resources are now nearly exhausted, it is evident his authority must soon come to an end. Among the evils growing out of this disturbed state of the country, the depression sustained by foreign commerce is not the lightest; and, indeed, it appears at present almost totally extinguished.

In South America, the same dreadful dissensions continue to exist. Generals Paz. and Quiroga have fought a battle in the state of Buenos Ayres, in which the latter was defeated; but since the city of Buenos Ayres has engaged to support him, and has commenced taking steps for that purpose, a civil war, and its concomitant evils, appear



NEW CHURCH. The chapel of the Holy Trinity, in the parish of Tottenham, Middlesex, has been consecrated by the Bishop of London.

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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Airy, William

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Aldrich, John Cobbold

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Norwich Almack, Henry

B.A. Fell. St. John's Camb. Lichfield Alston, Charles William Horace

St. Mary Hall Oxf. Lincoln Altham, Isaac


Rochester Amos, John Frederick

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Peterborough Armitage, Robert., ...

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Hereford Altwood, William Hamilton

B.A. Pembroke Camb. Rochester Baldock, Richard.....

B.A. St. John's Camb. London Baring, Charles

B.A. Stud. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Bristol Bateman, John Bateman Buckby B.A. Balliol

Oxf. Pe:erborough Battiscombe, Robert Sa wel

M.A. King's

Camb. Peterborough Beechey, St. Vincent

B.A. Caius

Camb. Rochester Bellamy, Richard....

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Hereford Benson, Thomas

M.A. St. John's Camb. Peterborough Bigsby, Charles Thomas

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Birchall, Joseph


Brasennose Oxf. Bristol Bland, George

B.A. Caius

Camb. Lincoln Bland, William Handley

B.A. Caius

Camb. Lincoln Booth, George

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lichfield Bowles, Charles Bradshaw

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Rochester Boyer, John.

B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Lincoln Brand, Thomas

B.A. Magdalene Camb. Norwich Brockman, Thomas

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Brown, Abner William

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Peterborough Browne, Thomas

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich Bunch, Robert James

M.A. Fell. Emman. Camb. Lichfield Campbell, Colin

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Salisbury Chafy, William Lucas ............ B.A. Sidney Sussex Camb. Norwich Challis, James

..... M.A. Fell. of Trinity Camb. Lichfield Chamberlayne, Edward Francis.... B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Charlesworth, Beedam...

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Rochester VOL. XII. NO, VII.

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