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in the city met on his case twice a Why is the intemperate gratificaday. On Monday, a letter arrived tion of appetite allowed ? Does from his brother and sister in Go- interest plead ? Does the experishen, (Conn.) which he desired me ence had of the effects which follow, to read to him, and said he under- induce ? Does the law of God stood it, but I doubt whether he approve ? Nay : all unite to frown did. His exertions to escape were their opposition. Every interest is so frequent, that beisdes the nurse, laid upon the altar ; the effects we were obliged to have two men which follow form an assemblage watch him day and night. On of the most painful things of life, Tuesday night and Wednesday and God unites his veto with his morning we thought him dying, but curse. It is the government of it was not till Wednesday evening feeling which impels; and its inJuly 12th at a quarter past 6 o'clock, fluence in this single case seems he calmly breathed his last, and ensufficient to induce the most waketered I doubt not into that rest which ful distrust of its tendency. remaineth for the people of God. Present feeling hurries the an“ IIe was a good man and full of gry man into deeds, the effects of the Holy Ghost," and through his which no regret can retrieve. instrumentality, “ much people was Against the gust of human passion added to the Lord.”

God has spread the protection of C. S. his authority over the brute tribes.

But what outrages, notwithstand

ing this, does the government of IMPORTANCE OF FIXED PRINCIPLES feeling induce the angry man to OF CONDUCT.

commit on these patient, faithful

servants. With what dismay and So far as men do not respect terror does this prepare such a man principle, and refer their conduct

to fill his dwelling! No ties are to some rule, they y.eld, of course, too sacred or too tender for him to to the government of feeling. To violate. He is terrible in proporexpose the danger of what is so tion to his sagacity and power. common, is the object of this paper. Friend and foe are the same. Un

While mere feeling impels the der the government of feeling there child, the strength of a parental is no discrimination in the choice of arm is necessary to keep him from means, and the most of those deeds self-destruction; and until child- are done which constitute the forhood is past, he needs parental in- feiture of liberty and life. struction, counsel and government. The present feelings of the imThese he must have, or the govern- penitent sinner induce him to defer ment of feeling will ruin him. attention to the gospel. He knows

Present feeling often bears away that death is approaching, that the the youth in a course that leads to retributions of eternity succeed, a life of regret. His spirits are

that life affords the only season buoyant ; scenes in prospect that to prepare, and that if his peace are gilded by imagination, invite; be not made with God, his soul is experience las not taught him that lost forever. Still he desers attenappearances may not accord with tion. Sabbaths rise upon him in facts; hence he is betrayed into vain ; in vain does the house of danger ; the precious advantages

God open to him its gates ; in vain of early life are lost, and age fol. is the celestial message proclaimed ; lows, to be afflicted with regret for

in vain does conscience speak, and the consequences which the gov. in vain is heard the voice of God ernment of feeling lias occasioned, in his word and providence. At: tention is withheld. The subject and they speak of it, as one of the of all these means goes on as things which auspiciously signalize though there were no other state the day in which we live. The than this, and no higher or more thought of having the church reworthy objects than those which trograde to the point at which she now engross his mind and heart. was when this concert commenced,

Another example is found in the or of having it given up, would Christian. Why does not Christian afflict them. It is a season which hope prepare all who enjoy its con- they greatly value, both on their own solations to profess religion, to fol. account, and on account of the genlow Christ in his ordinances, and eral interests of Zion. Nothing thus to cast the weight of their in- could tempt them to subscribe the fluence into the scale of godliness ? relinquishment of its privileges ; Not, indeed, because the propriety and yet the precious season often and the duty of these things are not passes by neglected. Why? They apprehended, but because feeling did not feel like attending. Per. dissuades. Why does not every haps they thought they should atChristian pray in his family, and tend but one half hour before the instruct his children? Not because question was to be decided; but the duty is doubtful in his view, but their feelings changed. because his feelings disincline him. Fixed principles of conduct, Why does not every professor of re- therefore, are of supreme imporligion hold the interests of the body tance. With such as are safe, and of Christ with which he is connect of universal application and obliga. ed, as supreme, watching for these, tion, we are furnished by the Scripmaking sacrifices for the promotion tures ; and God has endowed us of these, thinking less of his own with intellect, to enable us to refer wounds than of those which the our actions to them. The most imchurch receives, and thinking less portant province of intellect, is to of any slight when cast upon him- regulate the conduct of rational self, than when cast upon Christ? ogents. So far as we forego the A state of feeling has intervened use of this, we loose our dignity, which prepares its subject to seek though not our accountability, as his own things, to the neglect of rational creatures, and decline Christ's. No Christian will vindi- towards the rank of the irrational cate these things ; there is no tribes. Christian that is not constrained No more important is it that the to condemn them ; but they are voyager on a tempestuous ocean allowed through the mere influence respect his chart, and give noi himof feeling. Thus secret prayer and self up to the influence of winds, the devotional reading of God's and waves, and currents, than that word are neglected. Inattention the voyager of life respect the great to these duties is, perhaps, the last principles of conduct which are thing into which the Christian once prescribed in the word of God. thought himself liable to fall, and The reason why so many make into which he never would fall were shipwreck of their interests for time it not for the government of feeling and eternity, is their neglect to do

There is not unfrequent occasion this. The reason why so many to inquire why the seasons in which Christians pursue but an indirect the church may agree to unite in and unsteady course, is this neglect. prayer, and especially why the The obviousness of the fact is such inonthly concert, is not more gen- as to supersede the necessity of crally attended ? All unite to ap- further confirmation; and the con. prove of the consecration of this sequences induced are so apparent, monthly season. They read of it as well as dire, that I may well be

excused from the address of exhor- testimony. As many as walk actation to those that shall notice cording to this rule, peace be on these hints. To the law and to the them.

B. J.


SACRED CHAPEL OF LORETTO. language a history as interesting as

it is marvellous. Profane historiSOMETHING is known among us of ans glory in transmitting to future the absurdities of the Catholic religion, ages, facts infinitely less important but it is only when we are in a Catho than the admirable removal of the lic country, and actually witness the Sacred House. mental bondage of its subjects, that

If in any corner of the universe we are fully aware of the corruptions a spot were pointed out which had of that religion, or can fully appreciate

served as an asylum to a celestial

spirit, the most indifferent and the blessedneșs of our own. A capital frigid of mankind would undertake instance of Romish imposture is the

long voyages to visit such an asyfiction of the Holy House, or Sacred lum; and those of the least Chapel of Loretto, one of the most literary curiosity, would, at least celebrated places in the Catholic world. once in their lives, run over a book An American gentleman who visited which furnished them details the this chapel purchased a tract which most sincere, and the most true. contains its marvellous history, and is With what eagerness, with what constantly offered to strangers at Lo

holy enthusiasmn, should we not then retto; and from this tract a contribu

desire to read the expose, at once tor to the Christian Spectator has

ingenuous, simple, sincere, and

elegant, which M. Murri has given been at the pains to translate so much

us of this humble house which seras is contained in the extracts which

ved for a retreat to the Sovereign follow.

of the world?

This divine and almighty ArchHistorical Abridgement of the Mi

itect could doubtless have created raculous Removals of the SA

i for himself a second heaven and CRED POUSE of Nazareth,

have used it as his domicil ; but as by Signor Murri, Curate of Loretto; Translated into French by

he became man to teach men bu

mility, till then unknown, he chose Philip Pagés, Apostolic Peni

to be born in a spot the most ab. tentiary, fc. fc.

ject and vile, the better to condemn Preface of the French Translator.

the pride, vanity, and false grandeur

of mankind. But I mistake; this It is with the most lively interest place is neither vile nor abject; on that I translate from the Italian into the contrary it has been almost my own language the history of the rendered divine by the habitation Sacred House written by M. the and the presence of a God concealCurate Murri. The French, who ed in an human form; and for five are naturally the friends of the centuries it has justly become the beautiful and the true, will feel object of the veneration of the some degree of obligation to me Catholic world. As the learned for having given them in their own ecclesiastic who gives the historio

some deu and the

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al account of this Sacred House Still neither the ravages of time and of its miraculous removals, nor the force of arms have been, or speaks of it far better than I can, I will ever be, able to wrest from desist, and let him speak for hiin- Nazareth the glory of having been

the country of the most august Vir[Here follow four rude engra- gin Mother of God, and of having vings. The first is entitled, “ View contained within its walls the house of the Sacred House, carried by where she was born, where the angels from Nazareth to Terrata great mystery of the Incarnation and from Terrata to Loretto ;''-- took place, and where our Lord the second, “ Plate of the Cruci- Jesus Christ lived the greatest part tixion which is in the Sacred of his mortal life, that is to say, House;"- the third, “ Statue of until his Baptism. It is this sathe Holy Virgin in the Sacred cred house, which by the ministry House;"_the fourth, “Figure of of angels, has been, after so many the Key which was found in the years, transported among us, and Sacred House of Loretto and is which now constitutes the glory of preserved in the monastery of the our Italy and the richest blessing of Abbey of Farfa, whither it was the whole province of the Marqui. carried by a clerk belonging to the sate of Arcana. sanctuary.”']

It is well known that in the year

71, of the Christian era, the city HISTORY OF TIIE SACRED HOUSE OF of Nazareth was cruelly pillaged NAZARETH.

and laid waste by the troops of

Titus Vespasian. God howerer Chapter 1. The city of Nazareth, watched with a careful and propi. situated on the declivity of an agree. tious eye over the preservation of able hill in the neighbourhood of the Sacred Domicil of Mary, not Mount Tabor and of the brook Kin having permitted the fury of the shon, was one of the first cities of the Roman soldiers to penetrate to the province of Galilee, before the spot where it was situated, and in Romans conquered Judea. But which it always remained concealthic just wrath of God having deliver- ed until the moment fixed in the ed this country, drunk with crimes, divine decree for exposing it to the to the scourge of the most mur- veneration of all the nations of the derous war, of famine, and of the earth. pestilence, and to a desolation Such an event first happened in which will end only with the world, the reign of Constantine the great. Nazareth was forced to share in The empress Helena, about the the general lot of all Judea; it year 307, undertook a holy pilgrimwas devastated to such a degree in age to the sacred places of Palesthe time of St. Jerome, that it had tine. She first visited the manger become a miserable hamlet. The of the Lord, then Calvary, and the zeal of the first Christians attempt- Holy Sepulchre; and after having cd in vain to restore to it a part of caused to be thrown down and car. its ancient lustre by establishing ried away the execrable statues of there an episcopal see. The last of Adonis, of Venus, of Jupiter, which its pastors having shamefully apos- the Heathen had erected there in tatized, the city fell into such a de contempt of the Christians, she cline, that at the present day one came to Nazareth in Galilee. The can find nothing there but a mis place where our redemption had its erable remnant of cabins, or more beginning was the only one where accurately speaking, caverns which she found no mark of profanation. serve for an asylum to the bandits The holy pilgrim found the sacred and vagabonds of Arabia.

dwelling of the Virgin in the midst

of a heap of ruins. The extreme happy land, and with it all the holy poverty of this small habitation and places which rendered it so respectthe little furniture remaining in it able. He accordingly embarked inspired her with mingled sentiwith a powerful army and safely ments of respect, of sacred horror, landed on the coast of Egypt:, but oftenderness, and of the most lively the pestilence which prevailed in gratitude towards the Sovereign these countries opposed his deLord of the Universe, who from signs. So great a number of the love to us had chosen his abode in French warriors became victims to so miserable a cottage. After this scourge that the holy king, no having venerated the sacred build- longer able to resist his enemies, ing, she resolved to suffer no change was made prisoner of war himself. to be made in it, except that she God permitted that a war underdirected the altar to be rebuilt on taken from motives so reasonable, which the holy Apostles had offered so holy, should end disastrously, the divine sacrifice. To satisfy at because the time which he had deonce so rare a piety, she gave pres- creed for the deliverance of the sing orders to the imperial minis- holy land had not arrived. It seemters to have erected above and ed to be delayed that the miracle around the Sacred House an au- of the tri nslation of the holy house, gust and magnificent temple, and might be more celebrated and more to have engraved on the marble of surprising to the nation, when they the front this short but expressive should see it snatched as it were in inscription :

a moment from the hands of infiHaec est Ara in qua primo jac- dels. Saint Louis, by means of a tum est humanae salutis fundamen- capitulation, obtained his liberty, tum:

and was able safely to transport This is the Altar on which the himself to Nazareth. He arrived foundation of man's salvation was there on the 25th of March prefirst laid.

cisely. On the day of the feast of Scarcely nad this great building annunciation they saw him depart been completed than its same was on foot from Mount Tabor, covered spread throughout the universe, with a cloth of hair, in the characand this was the time when the ter of a deep penitent entering into people began to desire to under the said city with humility, his eyes take pilgrimages for the purpose of bathed in tears, to worship there, paying reverence to the house of the chamber of the adorable Mary. the Queen of Angels. Kings, Having heard the holy mass he princes and other personages as ilvished again to commune there, he lustrious by birth as for their holi- repaired to the Basilic which covness, came to visit this terrestrial ered and surrounded the holy house. heaven. Jerome, St. Paul, to say and ordered the legate of the holy nothing of others, went there Apostolic See, Odon, Bishop de to pay their homage and to offer Frascati, to celebrate with solemnitheir prayers. St. Louis, King of ty the holy Mass at the Master alFrance, was equally desirous of tar, and by his royal presence he visiting this great sanctuary. This rendered this sacred ordinance voyage was attended by circum- more brilliant and magnificent. stances so extraordinary that they Even at this time are to be discoydeserve to be minutely detailed. ered in this divine place the com

In the year 1245, Palestine had memorations of such an event. fallen under the power of the Sara. Upon the western wall, may be scenes. Louis was at this time fill- seen different paintings very aned with the desire.of conquering this cient, distributed in three rauks of

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