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nuel Swedenborg, as agreed upon by the London Printing Socie-
ty, the 19th of June, 1817. It may perhaps be useful to mention
here that Mr. Schlatter, in his edition of the Treatise on the Sa-
cred Scriptures, has added the article Word from the Index to
the Arcana Cælestia, and to nearly all the editions of his various
books some useful additions have been made. Several other
books of the New Church have been purchased and distributed
by Mr. Schlatter. Seven hundred and fifty copies of Miss
Jones's Letter have also been published in Philadelphia. The
number of volumes published by Mr. Schlatter, with those of
Mr. Johnson Taylor, mentioned in a former number, amount to
upwards of seven thousand. The Arcana Cælestia has been pur-
chased by individuals and societies of gentlemen, chiefly of the
Western country, to be deposited in Tennessee, the Missouri
territory, Kentucky, and the Alabama territory. In the two lat-
ter the Apocalypsis Explicata has been also procured. The dis-
tribution of these books, throughout the remote parts of the Uni-
ted States, will proclaim, with many thousand tongues, the glad
tidings of the Second Advent, in regions where heretofore the
Gospel has never sounded, and prepare the way for the active
energies of our future missionaries.

A letter lately received, from our aged but warm and still
active friend, Thomas Newport, of Lebanon, in the state of Ohio,
gives a pleasing account of the reception of the doctrines, by a
number of individuals, once far gone in absolute infidelity, but
who are now zealous advocates for the sole divinity of the Lord
Jesus Christ, and affectionate members of the New Jerusalem.
This excellent member of the Church appears to be indefatigable
in his endeavours to spread the Truth of the New Dispensation.
His sphere of usefulness is not confined to his immediate neigh-
bourhood, but is extended by means of his affectionate corre-
spondence to individuals at a distance from his residence, whom
his bodily infirmities do not permit him to visit in person.

The return from Europe to this country, after a long absence,
of a highly valued friend, and zealous receiver of the doctrines,
has presented us with a particular, though verbal account of the
state of the Church in England, and delighted us with much
agreeable information as to the brethren in that country, calcu-
lated to confirm and increase our affection for those worthy fel.

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low-labourers in the vineyard. During his absence, he visited á portion of the northern part of Europe, and the contiguous districts of Germany; but met with little to cheer the hopes, or raise the expectations of those who look for the building up of Zion. In the following extract of a letter to this gentleman from England, in answer to one from him on the subject of the state of religion in the places which he had visited on the continent of Europe, our readers will recognize the amiable and well-known style of the inestimable friend, whose skilful and unwearied pen has so amply enriched the treasury of the New Church :

“ Your account of the state of the neighbourhood, in which you at present reside, is a melancholy one, so far as concerns religious knowledge and life; but yet, melancholy as it is, it tends greatly to confirm the truth of our enlightened author's testimony respecting the state of the Christian Church in general, and thus respecting the necessity of a new dispensation of truth, to awaken mankind out of their sleep of ignorance and evil, and elevate their eyes and hearts to the sight and enjoyment of the Supreme Good, which is the LORD and His Holy Word. Alas! alas! the picture which you draw of Germany is but too exact a resemblance of the condition of all other countries in Europe, not excepting even England; for though in this latter country the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem have perhaps been more extensively received than in other places, yet it is too manifest that the great body of its inhabitants are immersed in earthly loves, and thus are content with their old wine and old garments, instead of seeking the new wine and new garments presented to their acceptance in the above doctrines. We must look, then, out of Europe for the descent of the New Jerusalem; and we have every reason to be thankful, that, if we look with a steady and enlightened eye, we may already discover, in the accounts lately transmitted from America, that the Holy City is rapidly building in that country, and that multitudes are about to enter its gates, and be enclosed within its walls. Allow me then to congratulate you on your expected speedy return to a land which is beginning to be watered with the river of life, flowing from the throne of God and of the LAMB; and allow me also to hope, that on your return you will be enabled to confirm the good ti. dings which have already gladdened our hearts."

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On a Blank Leaf in his Family Bible.

To Thee, my God, I would ascend,

But cannot leave the world behind :
My groveling thoughts will downward tend,

And drag to earth my struggling mind.

Joys that are present to my view,

Engross too much my foolish heart;
With fruitless care I still pursue

Shadows, which no true bliss impart.

Away, delusive world, away!

Thy gilded titles hence remove!
Heaven is my home ;-to realms of day

My soul shall rise on wings of love.

Cleanse then, O God, my sinful breast,

My thoughts from earthly shackles free;
Wrapt up in prayer, I must be blest,

Excluding all things else but Thee.

Ah! what are all the fading joys

This transitory life can give!
Hope once obtain'd, possession cloys :-

In vain we ask, in vain receive.

Meanwhile fierce foes, a gloomy train,

The hasty grasp at bliss delay,
And grief, and care, and want, and pain,

Like spectres cross our devious way.

Like Noah's dove, the impatient soul

Looks round, in hope some rest to find; But troubled waves tumultuous roll,

And adverse blows the boisterous wind.

Where shall she seek a safe abode ?

Ah! whither turn her trembling wing? But in the bosom of her God ?

But to thy courts, Almighty King!

Who shall direct my steps aright,
Thro' life's bewildered darksome


? False friends pretend to show me right,

And meteors glare uncertain day.

Passion points out some dangerous road,

Where Truth is said to harbour nigh; Whilst Reason, with assured face,

Stands ready to confirm the lie.

Thy Word, Thy Sacred Word alone,

O God, shall be my faithful guide; My soul no other aid shall own,

But in thy promises confide.

Teach me the Book of Truth to read,

With heart devout and faith sincere ; In all distress, in every need,

Oh! let me find my comfort here.

When gloomy cares assault my soul,

And grief dissolves my yielding heart, When round me clouds of trouble roll,

And earthly joys no peace impart,

Whom shall I seek, my Lord and King ?

To whom but Thee for succour fly? 'Tis Thee alone can comfort bring, And every pressing want supply.

(To be continued.)

THE SUBSCRIBER, Through the medium of the Repository, respectfully inforins his brethren of the New Church, that he has made arrangements for the accommodation of a few Young Ladies, to be instructed in the various useful and ornamental branches of education. He wishes to inform those of his brethren to whom he has not the honour of being personally known, that he has been in the constant habit of instructing Young Ladies upwards of fifteen years. Strict attention will be paid to all the useful parts of education, at the head of which will be ranked the study of the Holy Scriptures, from whence a rational and consistent system of doctrine will be derived and inculcated. The ornamental branches, consisting of French, Music, Drawing, &c. will also receive that share of attention which may be considered useful in promoting a refinement and delicacy of taste and manners. Pupils will enter by the year, each one furnishing herself with what is usual in similar institutions. To commence about the middle of September. Terms, two hundred dollars per annum, to be paid quarterly. The ornamental branches, as French, Music, Drawing, &c. will form extra charges. Letters, requesting any further' particulars, will be promptly attended to by the subscriber.

MASKELL M. CARLL. July 23, 1818.

TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. We acknowledge, with great satisfaction, the contributions to the present number, of our intelligent friends to the North ward. Those who have done well we would request not to become weary of well doing, and those who have yet done nothing we would request to follow so good an example. One excellence of such a work as this should be variety, not only in the subjects, but in the style and modes of thinking, which never can be attained but from a variety of contributors to its pages. This also, whilst it administers to our delight, will promote that knowledge of each other, and of the various talents in the Church, which is so useful and neces. sary to the whole. In addition to this, we may observe, that indi. viduals, in the different parts of the United States, best know what is most wanted to aid the propagation of the truth in their own section of the country, as our people differ greatly in their genius, and especially in their religious views.

Page 412, line 11, for “honour,” read “horror."

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