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will not be wanting, on His side, in ful. Missionary would have full employment, filling all the good pleasure of His good without attending to any other place. ness and the work of faith with power, On account of there having been no though we may now and then see oc. resident Teacher in this Village, I have casions to sow in tears: the blood of hitherto found much difficulty in adChrist cannot have been shed in vain, ministering the holy Sacraments of Bapwithout effect or success; the death of tism and the Lord's Supper ; especially the Son of God must bring forth fruit. as my visits are so scanty, on account Are there thousands and thousands who, of the great distance from my resident in unbelief, thrust His salvation from Station, when on such occasions I am them ? It will one day appear, that there obliged to leave bome for two or three were yet thousands and again thousands days: this inconvenience has been rewho were made willing, in the day of His moved during the quarter, by placing power, gladly and thankfully to receive Mr. Boston at Kissey. The people atit. At the Marriage-Supper of the Lamb tend well on Public Worship. The the tables will be furnished with guests: Members of the Church last reported His Father's house will be filled.

were 143: 7 have since been excluded, In the COLONIAL SCHOOLS there and 1 removed ; leaving a total of 135 : are 328 Boys, with an average at- Candidates on trial for Baptism and the tendance, of 239; and 226 Girls, Lord's Supper, 35. The Government with an average of 139: during the School of Children born in the Colony

was, on Mr. Boston's removal, given up quarter, 46 Boys and 17 Girls have to him: he has begun to introduce the been admitted; and 12 have left the Infant System, which appears to attract Boys' School, and 27 the Girls'.

the attention of the children: the schoCHRISTIAN INSTITUTION.

lars have increased by more than half The Institution has, at present, the former number. 7 Students, whose conduct has been In the schOOLs there are 79 Chilsatisfactory to Mr. Haensel. Sa- dren; of whom, 44 are Boys, and muel Crowther, who for some time 35 Girls. Of these, Mr. Boston rewas employed as assistant to Mr. ports Haensel, has quitted the Institution, 12 can read the Scriptures, 10 Ahaving been appointed as Native frican Tracts, part II.; 17 Cards, pp. Teacher at Regent; but none of 5-11; 10Monosyllables; and the remainthe other Youths appear fully qualified ing so scarcely know a letter in the Alto succeed him.

phabet. On the whole, I am much

pleased with these Children ; for though River District.

they do not know much, they are so af. The Rev. John Gerber has the ge- fectionate, and have such a desire to get neral superintendence of this District, forward, that it is quite encouraging to in which three Stations are at present · instruct them. The Sunday School has, occupied by the Society-Hastings, the Church at this place : the attendance

since my residence, been carried on in Kissey, and Wellington: Mr Gerber's

on last Sunday was 78. With the as. residence is at Hastings; Mr. Ed-sistance of Br. Haensel's Youths, I anmund Boston has had the charge of ticipate our School going on well; but Kissey since July 30th; and William without that assistance, it could not be Tamba, a Native Catechist, is entrust- carried on to the extent to which it is ed with the care of Wellington. Con- at present; for I do not see the least prosiderable assistance as also been ren

spect of getting any number of Teachers dered by Mr.Haensel, who has preach

from our own Congregation. ed eight times at Kissey during the

Mr. Boston presents the following quarter, and has conducted a Sunday general view of the StationSchool there since the 9th August;

Religion is at a very low. ebb among the Youths from the Institution acts Congregations

are increasing: For se

us; but I am glad to tell you, that our ing as Teachers. Of

veral Sunday Mornings past, Mr. HaenKISSEY,

sel has preached to about 400 hearers. Mr. Gerber reports

In the evening, I have usually addressed This is a Station where a zealous an average number of 300 persons; and



on two additional Services which I have Morning and Evening Prayers are
commenced, one on the Tuesday and the kept regularly. On Monday, after Even-
other on Friday Evening, not less than ing Prayer, I meet with those on trial;
200 have been present. Daily Morning on Tuesday Evening, I speak to the peo-
Prayers have been attended by about 60 ple; on Wednesday, I visit the sick, when
persons. There are 36 persons who meet I am able; and in the Evening, after
on trial for Baptism. Of these, I can only Prayer, I meet the Females' Class; on
say, that they regularly attend the Thursday I speak to the people; on
meetings appointed for their edification; Friday, after Evening Prayer, I meet
but, as they know but very little En the Females' Class ; and on Saturday,
glish, I fear they do not receive much after Evening Prayer, I meet the Males'
profit from them. The number of Com Class.
municants is 134. There are a few
among them who give evidence, by their This place possesses advantages
life and conversation, that they really above others in the District, in having
possess and follow the truth. Of the
others I am at a loss what to say; for nister. Of the general state of the

the pastoral care of a resident Mi-
they are so extremely ignorant of what
is contained in the Scriptures, that they Congregation and School, Mr.Gerber
themselves hardly know what they be makes the following encouraging
lieve; and thus it is no wonder that they statement:-
should have but little regard for the I have reason to bless the Lord for
Ordinances and Means of Grace. Did we what I am allowed to see among the in.
not know that there would be tares habitants of this Village. The attend-
among the wheat, these things would be ance on Public Worship has much in.
discouraging: let us, however, be thank- creased during the quarter : there is but
ful that the Lord has in any measure

little difference between Sundays and prospered the work of His servants. Week-days: the Place of Worship is

always crowded ; and, from the general William Tamba has for a long time conduct of the people, I am led to consuffered from a rheumatic complaint, the Word of the Lord in vain. The Com

clude, that a good number will not hear which for some time confined him to

municants last reported were 64 ; of his bed; but he is now sufficiently these, 4 have been excluded, and 2 have recovered to resume his duties at the died; since received, 15 : total, at preChurch, though not able to walk to sent, 73. Candidates on trial for Baptism a distance. There are a number of and the Lord's Supper, remaining from old Christians from among the dis- last quarter, 32 ; of these, 15 have been banded soldiers, of whom Mr. Boston baptized, 2 died, and 3 dismissed : re. speaks favourably: the younger

Chris ceived during the quarter, 29: total at tians look up to the old as their is improving gradually: the number of

the close of the quarter, 40. The School guides. Divine Service is generally Scholars is 47 : the School discipline well attended : sometimes there are adopted for the Society's Schools appears above 300 persons; but, during the to be for the better, as the children ato rains, about 200. The number of tend more regularly than formerly: Communicants at the end of last there have been but 6 dismissals during

the quarter was 247; since admitted, ll;

quarter. died, 2: total at present, 256. Can

Mountain Bistrict. didates on trial for Baptism and the This District at present comprises Lord's Supper, 15. As a proof of the following Stations:— Leicester, the zeal manifested by the people, Gloucester, Regent, Bathurst, and Mr. Boston mentions that they have Charlotte; among which the Laboua neat stone Church nearly finished: rers are thus disposed—the Rev. T. this is much needed, as the present Davey, Mrs. Davey, and Mrs. Heighbuilding is in a very bad state. way, and John Attarra and his Wife, William Tamba gives the following Native Teachers, at Bathurst; Mr. account of his labours among the John Weeks, Catechist, and Mrs. people:

Weeks, with Samuel Crowther and

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his Wife, Native Teachers, at Regent; had anticipated : they were, however, David Noah, Native. Teacher, at more orderly in their behaviour than Í Gloucester; and some other Native had been accustomed to see them. Many Teachers, not specified, at Charlotte. of them had commenced writing: several,

indeed, had made sufficient progress to en. LEICESTER.

able them to write in copy-books. The David Noah visits the people here present number on the books is, 79 Boys, on the Sunday Afternoon, and Mat- 56 Girls ; total 135; out of which there thew T. Harding on the Wednesday has been an average attendance of 118. Evening. The attendance on Public Worship is encouraging: some of the people attend at the Church at Glou

The usual Services and Meetings cester on the Sunday Morning. There and Mr. Davey

goes to Regent on

have been continued by Mr. Weeks; are 8 Communicants, who attend the social meetings at Gloucester on Sa- the second Sunday in the month, to

administer the Sacraments of Bapturday Night: one person has offered himself as a Candidate for Baptism.

tism and the Lord's Supper. The attendance on the Sunday Services

has increased; and the last time, Mr. Boston left this place for Kis- previous to making his report, that sey, July 30th; and was succeeded by Mr. Davey officiated, the CongreDavid Noah, who has conducted the gation consisted of at least 600 Public Services and the School. Mr.


There are 206 CommuniDavey administers the Lord's Supper cants; of whom, generally, Mr. Daon the third Sunday in the month. Of the Congregation, Mr. Davey 20 backsliders are on trial.

vey does not speak favourably; and makes the following report: want of adequate superintendence

The attendance on Divine Service is has been greatly felt in all the Staon the increase. At the time I last tions throughout the Colony; and performed Divine Service there, I had a Congregation of upward of 350, in

on this subject, in connection with cluding children. The number of Com. Regent, Mr. Davey writesmunicants has been reduced to 66, by This is still a place requiring much vithe suspension of 1.' There are 8 Com- gilance from those who have the spiritual municants at Leicester, which, added to charge of the souls of its inhabitants : those of this Village, make 74; out of much more vigilance, indeed, than can which there has been an average of 48 be afforded by one individual, if, at the present at the Lord's Table. One of same time, he has the charge of the whole the two backsliders reported as being on of this populous district. There is trial last quarter has been dismissed for much to discourage us in the discharge irregular attendance; and 2 have since of our duty, on the one hand; and much been received; making a total of 3. to animate us to increased exertion on the They have hitherto attended the Weekly other. How can we help being discouragPrayer Meetings regularly. Two of the ed, when our attention is drawn to the Candidates have been suspended for ir cases of those professing and calling regular attendance; there are now 2 men themselves Christians who are living in and 4 women; total 14: these bave been open sin—when we witness the cold ingenerally present at the Meeting of difference shewn to the Means of Grace Candidates every week. I have baptized and the apathy manifested by many 10 infants, and married 7 couples. respecting their Church privileges ? Such David Noah states, that the num

abuses need correction, and ought to

have it. But how is the task to be efbers in the schools are, 79 Boys, fected? The little that can be done, I and 56 Girls, and that the average trust is done.

Certainly the Members attending are 118: of this depart of the Church are now in the way of ment of labour, Mr. Davey writes being more narrowly watched than for

When I visited the School last, the merly; and there is a probability of the children appeared to have made some whole of them becoming better known improvement, though not so much as I to their Teachers than they have been,



for some time past. On the other hand, have upward of 100 little ones in the it is animating to see many of the Mem- Alphabet Class: bers walking consistently with their pro Mr. Weeks adds fession, to meet them regularly at the I trust that I shall be able to speak House of God, and to witness their ap- still more favourably another quarter; as parent attention to the Services of the I have now a good Assistant in Samuel Church and to the word spoken. Many Crowther, who was lately appointed to of the Candidates also, we trust, are Regent: he promises fair to be very usetreading in the steps of the latter. This, ful: he has, no doubt, had great advantogether with an increased attendance tages while in the Christian Institution; at Divine Service, affords us abundant and, I think, he has made good use of encouragement to go on in our work. them. May the Lord give him grace

The Candidates on trial for Bap- and keep him humble! I earnestly hope tism and the Lord's Supper are 81

that those Youths, who shall hereafter be in number, 39 men and 42 wo

sent from the Institution to instruct men. Mr. Davey has found it needful others, will do equal credit to their

Tutor. to be very circumspect before he admits candidates to these ordinances, Infant School: some are working sam

Mrs. Weeks has now 26 girls from the there being considerable difficulty in plers, and the rest are improving in their ascertaining their real character: on sewing. She has commenced a Sunday this he remarks

School, which is very well attended. I With all my knɔwledge of the Africans, have lately begun an Adult School on I find every day that I am but a learner Monday Evenings : our present number in these matters, and that I need the is 9. wisdom of the serpent with the simplicity of the dove.

Mr. Davey, in his Quarterly ReThere are two SCHOOLS; one for the port, states, that the Sunday and larger children, and the other an In- Week-day Services at Bathurst have fants' School. The former of these been regularly kept and well attended; was, considerably increased, in July, the number on Sundays being about by the addition of 78 who had been 500, and on week-days 200, includinstructed in the Government School ing children and some of the people for Liberated African Children: their from Charlotte. The Communicants number has since been reduced to 50, which, in addition to the children Of the SCHOOLS, Mr. Davey makes born in the Colony who attend, makes

the following report: the number of Boys, 148, and of On the 13th of July the Liberated Girls 97: total, 245. Of this School,

African Girls of this place were taken Mr. Davey, writes

under our charge again: the number at It bids fair to be the foremost of all

that time was 142, but has since been

reduced to 126. These Girls are taught our Schools; for the children are at

in the same room, and nearly on the same least three or four years advanced in

system, as the Infant-School Children: age before those of any other village ; the elder children, it is hoped, will there

the lowest class is reading in the Afri. fore soon be of great service, in the

can School Tract, No. 3. Part I.

The Infant-School Children appear way of Teachers.

to me to improve in behaviour, attend Of the Infants' School, Mr. Weeks

ance, and learning. thus reports

The Sunday School now assumes a With pleasure and gratitude I record pleasing appearance. The fact, that some the progress of our Infants' School. The have learnt to read Elementary Books number has increased during the quarter, who have only attended on Sundays, from 183 to 195: the average attend, and that since November last, at which ance is 160; which I think, considering time they did not know the Alphabet, the rainy season, is as many as we could begins to excite in others a desire to go expect. We have 24 in the First Class and do likewise. Thus we have found reading the Scriptures: many have been our numbers almost imperceptibly inpromoted from different Classes : still we creasing for the last few Sundays. We

are 16.

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sincerely trust that they will continue have to come and the unfavourable state to increase. Nothing but religious in

of the weather for the last three months struction is given to our Scholars, the are considered, it affords encouragement whole of which is generally closed by a to see them attending their school so short and plain address suited to the well, and to know that the parents are capacities of those who attend.

as anxious to send the children as they The Evening School, though small, are to come. Many of the children are is interesting, and I trust useful. It brought as soon as they can just walk contains one Bible and one Testament and speak: several of them are not more Class: the total number is 22. John than two years old. May it be found, Attarra constantly attends it, and I go that the instruction imparted to them when I can.

proves like the doctrine which drops as In the Infants' School, which is un the rain, as the speech which distils like the der Mrs. Heighway's care, there are

dew, as the small rain upon the tender 130 children, with an average at

herb, and as the showers upon the grass ! tendance of 114: of their proficiency, Mrs. Heighway writes thus:

Mr. Davey gives the following ac. There are in all 12 Classes, but the count of this Stationdistinction between some of them is very

Charlotte continues to claim and to retrifling: the three upper Classes are ceive all the attendance which we can reading in the Scriptures: the others are give. The number of those who attend reading Elementary Books, learning to

church is not so great as we could wish: spell Monosyllables, and about 20 are in

about 100 usually attend on Sunday the Alphabet. The improvement of the

Afternoons, when either John Attarra children in reading and general know

or myself go to keep Service. The four ledge is on the advance, though it may Communicants are constant in their at. not appear 80 rapid as in English tendance on the Means of Grace at BathChildren.

urst: the same may be said also of the In reference to their attendance, she Candidates of this village. The numadds—

ber has been increased by 1 this quarter, When the distance that some of them making it 12.


MEDITERRANEAN MISSION. The circumstances connected with Churches were formed; and Christhe commencement of this Mission, tianity shone with splendour in the and the general principle on which it holy lives of multitudes, till these is conducted, having been some time Churches fell into heresies and suago stated in one of the Society's perstitions. Then the Romish AntiQuarterly Papers, they would not christ, that Mystery of Iniquity, have again been noticed, had it not which began to work deceitfully appeared desirable to prefix to each against the Truth (2 Thess. ii. 7) even Mission a brief sketch of its history. in the times of the Apostles, openly

The countries which lie round the shewed itself; and the Man of Sin Mediterranean Sea

are peculiarly in was revealed, corrupting and oppressteresting to us as Christians. In the ing the true Church of God. Almost Holy Land, which forms the eastern at the same instant the Mahomedan shore of this sea, the ancient people Antichrist arose; and speedily conof God lived; and there the Incarnate quered all the countries on the AfriSaviour was born, was crucified, and can and Asiatic Shores of the Medirose again. From that land He terranean, and at length one of the ascended to heaven, and there He finest parts of Europe, while the rest poured out His Holy Spirit on His of Europe sunk under the Romish Apostles. From that land the Apo- Tyranny. The Greek, Armenian, Sy. stles and their successors travelled rian, Coptic, and Abyssinian Churches over all the shores of that great sea are chiefly situated in the countries and to many remote nations. Christian overrun or oppressed by the Maho[RECORD, Jan. 1830.].


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