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tem of principalities. Whether Von coronets on their blazon. The bazaars Gagern is really in earnest, in at were deserted: the tables-d'hôle mitempting to labour towards this end, or serably attended. If thirty people whether he is merely keeping up the assembled in one of the great saloons, appearance of such a union, for the which formerly used to be occupied purpose of paving the way to a more by two hundred, the countenance of the sweeping measure of democracy, may host relaxed, and he evidently caught be the subject of legitimate doubt. Ít at the circumstance, as a gleam of rethe former be the case, he has com- turning prosperity. There were still mitted a grave error, in allowing the one or two desperate gamblers to be Diet to be annibilated. Though diffi- seen at the roulette and rouge-et-noir cult, it was by no means impossible to tables, staking their gold with as much have adjusted the separate constitu- eagerness and stern determination as tions of the German states upon a ever ; but, in general, there seemed to liberal basis, and to have devolved prevail such a serious scarcity of bul. upon the chambers the right of nomi- lion, that those who possessed any were nating the members of the imperial chary of hazarding their florins. The diet. Such a system might have se- brass bands still played as of yore, but cured as much unity of purpose as

their music sounded dull and melanwas requisite fo general administra- choly. Few subscribed raffles, and tion, without resorting to the dan- the balls were miserable failures. gerous experiment of a parliament The state of the small capitals is elected by universal suffrage.

But still worse. Darmstadt, never nothing of this sort was attempted. lively town, is literally shut up. You On the contrary, the Diet fell without may wander through the streets of a struggle: its old functions had ceased Carlsruhe, as in the solitudes of when Prussia deserted it for the car. Balbec, wondering what on earth rying out an independent policy of her can have become of the whole populaown: and no one attempted to resus- tion, and not be able to solve the procitate it by the infusion of novel blood. blem, unless, indeed, you should hap

Notwithstanding such charm as pen to hear the clattering of the hoof's might be derived from the society of of the Baden cavalry awakening the Messrs. Zitz, Simon, and Co., and the dormant echoes of the street. Then, fund of information which professor with a shrill whoop of “ Hier kommt Klingemann was ever ready to pour die Badische cavallerie!” man, wointo my ear, I soon became tired of man, and child,—chambermaid and Frankfort, and betook myself to the waiter, rush to the windows to admire watering-places. This was a good the exciting spectacle of their native year for calculating what proportion heroes, mounted upon animals not of the company usually located during very much larger than ponies, and, the summer months at Wiesbaden, the moment the procession has passed, Homberg, and Baden, sought those relapse into the same state of somnoplaces for the benefit of the Hygeian lency as before. The palaces do not springs, in contradistinction to those seem to be occupied, and the voice of whose main attraction was the Casino. the syrens on the boards of the The number of the former class, I theatres is mute. should sny, was comparatively small. Perfectly disgusted with the change, Although one cannot feel much sympa- which was too conspicuous everythy for such nests of gambling, main- where, I bent my way towards tained, to the discredit of the smaller Switzerland ; and there, amidst the German princes, for the sake of the re- mountains, snows, cascades, and glavenue obtained from the Israelitish pro- ciers of the Oberland, strove to banish prietors of the banks, it was yet painful from my mind all thoughts of revoluto observe the dull appearance of the tion and its concomitant ruin. But towns. There was hardly any rem Swizerland has suffered, in its way, nant of that gaiety and sprightliness, almost as much as Germany. Alwhich used to characterize these haunts though the central point of Europe to of fashion and dissipation—none of which the steps of the tourists iend, the equipages which were wont to it furnishes ample proof of the general roll along the environs, with ducal consternation and misery in its lonely

roads and empty hotels. There are seizing hold of your skirts, thrusting no English travelling abroad this year. their hands upwards in your face, and Sometimes you encounter an Ameri- denying you one moment's leisure to can party who have crossed the survey the scene. Their yelp for Atlantic, curious to see how the old pence is heard above the sullen roarcountries are getting on in their novel ing of the cataract. In vain you take craze for republican institutions, but to flight—they cleave to you like a the staple of the travelling commo swarm of midges. You leap brook, dity consists of Italian refugees from scale bank, and scour across the meaLombardy. These men also seem to dow towards the road, but you fare have adopted a kind of mediaval no better than the Baron of Cransgarb, more graceful than that of the toun in his race with the Goblin Page; Germans, and are, to outward appear- and at last are compelled to ransom ance, no despicable specimens of yourself by parting with the whole of humanity. They vapour and bluster the change in your possession. largely about their exertions for If I can judge from the present temItalian independence, though I never per of the Swiss, they are not likely to could meet with one who had actually return a very complacent answer to struck a blow in its behalf. They the charge made against them by the were furious at Charles Albert, whom central power at Frankfort, of having they characterized as a “ traditore harboured Struve and his gang. The sceleratissimo," and vaunted that, but German troubles have kept back so for him and his Piedmontese troops, many visitors from their country, that they would long ago have freed their the Swiss are not inclined to be parcountry from the grasp of the Austrians. ticular as to the political opinions of I was not altogether able to comprehend any one who may favour them with a by what process of ratiocination these sojourn; and in the present state of illustrious exiles arrived at this result. matters it is rather difficult to deterIt would appear odd if they could not mine who are rebels or the reverse. accomplish, with the aid of allies, the Bitterly at this moment is Switzerland very same task for which they as- execrating a revolution which has enserted their notorious unassisted com- tailed upon her consequences almost petency. This is a political riddle equivalent to the total failure of a harof such a nature, that I shall not vest. attempt to solve it.

After spending a fortnight among It is, however, comfortable to re- the mountains, I retraced my steps to mark, that Swiss industry, in many of Frankfort. There I discovered that, its branches, still continues undimi- in the interim, some little change had nished. The squat and unwholesome taken place in the aspect of political hunter, who for years has infested the affairs. Prussia had at length taken Rosenthal, still pursues his prey, in the heart of grace, and had remonstrated shape of the unwary traveller, with against the arbitrary refusal of the perpetual impudence and importunity. armistice with Denmark, which she Out of his clutches you cannot get, had been expressly empowered, by until you have purchased, at triple its the authority of the Reichsverweser, artificial value, the wooden effigy of to conclude. This tardy recognition a chamois, a horn whistle, or the of the laws of honour had, of course, image of an Alpine cow; and even given enormous umbrage to the Frankafter you have made your escape, forters,who now considered themselves crossed the bridge, and are in full re as the supreme arbiters of peace or war treat up the valley, you hear him cla- in Europe; the more so, because they mouring behind you with offers of a were not called upon to pay a single staff to sell. From every cottage- farthing of the necessary expenses. door rush forth hordes of uncompro- They appeared to think that, jure dirinn, mising children; nay, they surprise they were entitled to the gratuitous you in the very wastes, far from any services of the Prussian and Hanovehuman dwelling, and their only cry is rian armies; and, with that sublime “ Batzen!Approach a waterfall, disregard of cost which we are all apt and you are immediately surrounded to feel when negotiating with our by a plump of those juvenile Cossacks neighbours' money, they were furious


at any interruption of the war unwor- do not altogether like, for they put thily commenced against their small me forcibly in mind of what I saw in but spirited antagonist. Such, at least, Paris this last spring; and, unless a was the feeling among the burghers, German mob differs essentially from a in which they were powerfully encou- French one, we shall smell gunpowraged by the co-operation of the wo der to-morrow. I should be sorry to

It is a singular fact that, in see my ancient preceptor fragmentally times of revolution, the fair sex is distributed as an offering to the godalways inclined to push matters to dess of discord.” greater extremity than the other, for “Don't speak of it, August Reignwhat reason it is literally impossible to old, my dear boy!” said the Professay. I had the pleasure of spending sor in manifest terror. “I wouldn't an evening at a social reunion in mind much being hauled up to a Frankfort, and can aver that the sen- lamp-post, for I am heavy enough to timents which emanated from the la- break any in Frankfort down; but dies would have done no discredit to the bare notion of dismemberment Demoiselle Theroigne de Mericourt fills my soul with fear. Well says in the midst of the Reign of Terror. the poet, varium et mutabile; and he

But other motives than those of might safely have applied it to the mere abstract democracy had some people. Will you believe that I, influence with the members of the whose whole soul is engrossed with the parliament. Many of them who, in thoughts of unity and the public weal, the first instance, had voted for the was actually hissed and hooted at as peremptory infraction of the armistice, a traitor, when I emerged to-day from were fully aware that they could not the assembly?” afford as yet to affront Prussia, or to “It is the penalty you must pay give her an open pretext for resiling for your political greatness," I replied. from the movement party. Such å. “But, if I were you, I should back step would have been tantamount to out of the thing altogether. Cobbling annihilation, and therefore they were constitutions is rather dangerous work disposed to succumb. Others, I in such times as these; and it strikes me verily believe, thought seriously upon that your valuable health may

be sometheir five florins a day. Hitherto what impaired by your exertions." Prussia had been the only state which “ Heaven knows," said the Profeshad granted a monetary contingent, sor devoutly, “ that I would willingly and to refuse compliance with her die for my country—that is, in my wishes would inevitably involve a sa bed. But I do begin to perceive that crifice of the goose that furnished the I am overworking this frail tenement supply of metallic eggs. Therefore, of clay. Once let this crisis be past, after a long and rather furious debate, and I shall return to the university, the assembly retracted their former resume my philosophic labours, and decision, and consented to a cessation finish my inchoate treatise upon the of hostilities.

* Natural History of Axioms." A parliament, chosen upon the basis “ You will do wisely, Professor, and of universal suffrage, is only safe humanity will owe you a debt; only when its opinions coincide with those don't employ that fellow Blum as your of the mob. In the present instance publisher. Apropos, what is Simon they were directly counter to the of Treves saying in this state of matsweet will of the populace, and of ters ?" course the decision was received with “Simon of Treves," replied my every symptom of turbulence.

learned friend, “is little better than Professor," said I to my learned an arrogant coxcomb. He had the friend, on the evening after this me- inconceivable audacity to laugh in my morable debate, “you have given one face, when I proposed, on the ground sensible vote to-day, and I hope you of common ancestry, to open negotiawill never repent it. But, if you tions with the Thracians, and to ask me will take my advice, you will do well if it would not be desirable to include to absent yourself from the parliament the whole of the Peloponnesus.” to-morrow. There are certain symp “ He must indeed be a blockhead! toms going on in the streets which I Well, Professor, keep quiet for the


evening, and don't show yourself in coffee, Professor, and let us await the streets. I am going to take a little events with fortitude. You are tolestroll of observation before bed, and rably safe here." to-morrow morning we shall hold a The Professor groaned, for his spirit committee of personal safety." was sorely troubled. I really felt for

On ordinary occasions, the streets the poor 'man, who was now beginof Frankfort are utterly deserted by ning, for the first time, to taste the ten o'clock. This night, however, the bitter fruits of revolution. They were

was different. Groups of ill as ashes in his academical mouth. looking, ruffianly fellows, were collect There was a balcony before my wined at the corners of the streets; and dow, from which I could survey the more than once, beneath the blouse, I whole of the Zeil, or principal street conld detect the glitter of a furtive of Frankfort. The people were swarmweapon. There were lights and bustle ing below as busy as a disturbed nest in the club-houses, and everything of ants. A huge gang of fellows, with betokened the approach of a popular pickaxes, took up their post immediemeute.

ately in front of the hotel, and began “ You will do well,” said I to the to demolish the pavement with a toleSwiss porter of the Russischer Hof on rable show of alacrity. re-entering, “ to warn any strangers “ Here is the work of unity begun in your house to keep within doors to. in earnest ?" I exclaimed. Where morrow. Unless I am strangely mis- is your armed burgher guard now, taken, we shall have a repetition of Professor ? This is a glorious devethe scenes in Paris to-morrow. In the lopment of your national theories ! meantime, I shall trouble you for my Quite right, gentlemen ; upset that key."

carriage-roll out those barrels. In Í rose next morning at six, and five minutes you will have erected as looked out of my window, half expects pretty a fortalice as would have ing to see a barricade ; but for once I crowned the sconce of Drumsnab, if was disappointed—the Germans are Dugald Dalgetty had had his will. a much slower set than the French. The arrangement also of stationing At nine, however, there were reason- sharpshooters at the neighbouring able symptoms of commotion, and I windows is judicious. Have a care, could hear the hoarse roar of a mob Professor! If any of these patriots in the distance whilst I was occupied should chance to recognise a recusant in shaving.

member, you may possibly have the Presently up came a waiter.

worst of it. For the sake of shelter, “ The Herr Professor desires me to and to prevent accidents, I shall even say that, if you have no objection, he put my portmanteau in front of us ; would be glad to breakfast in your for damaged linen is better than an room.” My apartments were on the ounce of lead in the thorax.” third story:

In a very short time the barricade “ Show him up,” said I; and my was completed, but as yet no assailfriend entered as pale as death. ants had appeared. This circum

“ O August Reignold, this is a hor- stance seemed to astonish even the rible business !"

insurgents, who held a consultation, “ Pshaw !” said I, “ how can you and then, with tolerable philosophy, expect unity without a row ?"

proceeded to light their pipes. They * But they tell me that the mob are were not altogether composed of the already breaking into the assembly, lower orders; some of them seemed into the free, inviolable, sacred par- to belong to the middle-classes, and liament of Germany ?"

were the active directors of the de“ Is that all ?, They might, in my fence. We could not, of course, tell humble opinion, be doing a great deal what was going on in other parts of worse."

the town, for all communication was " And they are beginning to put up barred. Better for us it was so, for barricades."

about this time Prince Lichnowsky “ That's serious,” said I; “how- and Major von Auerswaldt were murever, one comfort is, that they expect dered. somebody to attack them. Take your A considerable period of time elap

sed, and yet there was no appearance a bad wound in the shoulder. Imof the soldiery. I had almost begun mediately afterwards a bullet went to think that the insurrection might plump into my portmanteau. pass away without bloodshed, when “Oh confound it !” cried I; “if they à mounted aide-de-camp rode up are beginning to attack property, it is and conferred with the leaders on the full time to be on the alert. With barricade. From his gestures it was your leave, friend, I shall borrow evident that he was urging them to your musket.” disperse, but this they peremptorily Next morning I took a final fare. refused. Shortly afterwards a body well of the Professor. The good man of Austrian soldiers charged up the was much agitated, for, besides his street at double-quick time, and the bodily terror, he had been suffering firing began in earnest.

from the effects of a violent purgative “ I am a doomed man!” cried the attack. Professor, and he leaped convulsively “ I have thought seriously over on my bed. “ As sure as Archimedes what you said, my dear boy, and I was killed in his closet, I shall be begin to perceive that I have been actdragged out to the street and mas- ing very much like a fool. I shall sacred !"

pack up my chattels this evening, “ No fear of that,” said I. “ Body wash my hands of public affairs, and of Bacon, man! do you think that return to lay my old bones in peace those fellows have nothing else to do beside those of my predecessors in than to hunt out philosophers? That's the university.” sharp work though! The windows “ You can't do better, Professor ; are strongly manned, and I fear the and if, in your prelections, you would military will suffer."

omit all notice of Harmodius and The loud explosion of a cannon Aristogiton, and say as little as posshook the hotel, and a grateful sound sible about the Lacedæmonian code, it was, for I knew that, if artillery it might tend to promote the welfare were employed, the cause of order of your students, both in this world

It produced, however, and in the next.” a contrary effect on the Professor, “ Of that, my dear August Reigwho thought he was listening to his nold, I am now thoroughly convinced. death-knell. On a sudden there was But you must admit that the abstract a trampling on the stairs.

idea of unity“ They are coming for me!" groaned “ Is utter fudge ! You see the rethe Professor, “ Ora pro nobis ! I sult of it already in the blood which shall never read a lecture more !" is thickening in the streets. Adieu, And sure enough the door was flung Professor! Put your cockade in the open, and five or six Prussian sol- fire, and offer my warmest congratudiers, bearing their muskets, entered. lations to your friend Mr. Simon of Klingemann dropped down in a Treves."

Two days afterwards I experienced “ You must excuse ceremony, gen- a genuine spasm of satisfaction while tlemen," said the corporal ; we setting my foot on Dutch ground at have orders to dislodge the rioters." Arnheim. The change from a demoAnd forth with the whole party stepped cratic to a conservative country was out on the balcony, and commenced a so exhilarating, that I nearly slew regular fusilade.

Presently one of myself by drinking confusion to dethem dropped his weapon, and stag-mocracy in bumpers of veritable gered into the room ; he had received Schiedam.




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