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strations there, or at the Church, have been The attendance of the Boys, on weekattended with any decided instance of days and at Church on Sunday, has been conversion ; but I do hope, from the as usual throughout the quarter. There abounding grace of the Saviour, that some have been 31 Boys admitted ;- 21 left; and good has been effected—that some souls 1 died: there are remaining on the books have been benefited, though it has hitherto 337 names: the average number attend been withheld, and no doubt wisely, from ing, during the quarter, has been 270. my knowledge.

Most of the Girls generally come late, Of the Services at Gibraltar Chapel, not excepting those

living even in the surMr. Wilhelm thus reports:

rounding houses next to the School: someDivine Worship has been regularly kept, thing therefore is wanting, which may setwice on the Lord's Day, and on Thursday

cure a more regular attendance. Twenty Evenings. Much, however, has been left

Girls have been admitted, 5 left, and I died undone, through my sinful backwardness this quarter. The total number of names in visiting the people throughout their

now on the books is 240: of these, 152 have scattered habitations, as frequently as

attended daily. ought to be done, for their edification, and On the indifference manifested by for my better acquaintance with their cha. the Parents for the welfare of their racters and the state of their souls.

Children, and on the general state of The Morning Worship was but thinly

the Schools, Mr. Betts remarksattended in the first part of the quarter. After I had several times expressed my

It is a pleasing thing to know that fafeelings on this neglect of attendance, I cilities are given to the inhabitants of Free, was requested to change the hour for town to have their children educated in the Evening Worship from 7 to 6 o'clock,

Elements of General Knowledge; yet which I did accordingly. This, together there exist many circumstances connected with the erection of a bell, increased the with these Schools which do not yield satisattendance of my hearers. But a much faction, considered as Church Missionary larger attendance was occasioned by an

Schools. awful dispensation of God's Providence, Scarcely any of the parents of these on the night of December the 8th, when a

children are in any sort of spiritual condischarged Soldier and his Wife, and their nection with us: many of them are disServant Girl of about 12 years of age,

affected toward the Church of England were struck dead in their house by a

and her Religious Services: and though thunder-stroke. The man had attended they do not bear any part of the expense, the Gibraltar Chapel in the late Mr.

yet they do not hesitate to complain of Flood's time; but fell afterward into the what they suppose to be the inefficiency habit of drunkenness, and paid no more

of the Schools, and say that the children regard to Religion, as I have been informed; make but little progress; whereas one main the woman still, now and then, coming to

cause of this is the want of proper discipline the Chapel.

at home. So long as the children are alTheir burial being attended by a large lowed to be running wild about the streets, number of people, I spoke to them, at the and even joining the nightly yelling and grave, on Luke xii, 1–9: since then, the dancing, of which there is very little cessaChapel has been crowded with worshippers tion the year round—so long as they are and hearers. May it please God to esta

not trained to any habits of order—it is not blish their hearts, that they may not be as

to be expected that they will make much a morning cloud, and as the early dew that progress in learning, which necessarily regoeth away!

quires thought, application, and restraintThe average attendance at the Commu. exercises to which they have never been nion has been 12: nothing inconsistent trained. If the parents felt the value of in the behaviour of the Communicants has education, they would enforce regular atcome to my knowledge. I have baptized,

tendance on the children; and would oblige during this quarter, 2 male and 4 female them to spend their evenings at home, in Infants; and buried, 3 men, 2 women, and learning their lessons, or in some rational 3 girls.

manner by which their minds would become Schools.

habituated to application. My observation The Native Teachers, George Fox leads me to conclude, that great personal and his Wife, continue in charge of exertion is called for, on the part of the

Masters and Mistresses, to carry on these the Colonial Schools; of these they Schools efficiently; owing, partly, to their, report

magnitude, but more especially to that



want of habits of submission and thought in the children before alluded to, by which William Tamba conducts Mornmuch valuable time is consumed in main- ing and Evening Worship, daily, taining order that might otherwise be employed in explaining the signification of and attends to the instruction of the the words in their lessons, in which they sick and others; and Mr. Gerber are exceedingly deficient; and also in im- preaches here on the Sunday as parting Religious Instruction.

often as his other duties permit: of the Station, generally, he remarks:

Although there has, for some time, been :. At the close of the quarter, there

po resident European Teacher in this Vilwere 8 Youths in the Institution, lage, still the people have not become under the care of the Rev. C. L.F. slack in attending the Means of Grace. Haensel: this number has increased. There have been but a few individuals by the addition of Henry Palmer and among the Communicants whom I have Joseph Bartholomew, two of the been obliged to exclude since Mr. MetzAfrican Youths who went out under ger left them. During the quarter, I have

once administered the Lord's Supper, bapMr. Raban's care: the third, William

tized 37 children, and married 133 couples. Wilson, continues, for the present, Candidates left on trial for Baptism last with Mr. Raban. Mr. Haensel ex

quarter, 15; since received, 10: total at presses his general satisfaction with present, 25. Communicants, at the close of the conduct of the Youths.

the quarter, 255.



River District.

Of this Station, Mr.Gerber writes: Mr. Haensel has preached at this

Favourably as I reported of this SettleStation on the Sunday Morning, and happy to state, that I have since not found

ment at the end of last quarter, I feel has assisted Mr. Gerber in the ad- myself disappointed: there is, to all apministration of the Lord's Supper. pearance, a work of God among the peoAbout 500 persons recently have ple

. Besides a good attendance at Public attended the Morning Service; 300 Worship, there is, also, a quiet and peace. that in the Evening; and 200 on the ful disposition among them. From the 73 Week-day: many, however, seem to

Communicants last reported, I have been

obliged to exclude 1: Candidates on come merely from custom. There are 35 Candidates for Baptism, whose since received, j1; total, 51: Baptized

trial for Baptism from last quarter, 40; knowledge is very small; but Mr. during the quarter, 17 children : MarBoston, who resides among them, riages, 34, besides 54 at Waterloo. thinks that some of them are sin The number of Scholars attending our cere, and wish to be followers of School is still small: there are but 46 Jesus Christ. He makes the follow- Children, most of whom are very young,

from 5 to 10 years old, and make but little ing report of the

progress. Schools.

Concerning those who desire BapThe number of Children who belong to tism, Mr. Gerber remarks : our Day School is 95: about 54 of them Among these candidates are many, have not attained the age of 5 or years, concerning whose sincerity I have no and therefore much cannot be expected doubt; but, on account of their insufficient from them of the remainder, 13 read in knowledge of the English Language, I find the Scriptures ; 5 in Sermons on the it extremely difficult to give them due inMount ; 6 in African School Tracts, No.3, struction in the Principles of our Religion. Part 2; and 11, in Cards, page 4. Seven of the elder Boys write in Copy-books, and

Mountain Bistrict. 12 of the Girls are taught Needle-work.

The Labourers engaged in this The Sunday School continues to be well

District are the same as in the last attended : the present number on the book is 103. As the time allotted for in- quarter; with the exception of David struction is only two hours, the progress of Noah, who has for some years been the scholars is necessarily slow.

employed as a Native Catechist, but


who has, on very unsatisfactory 11 Women in the Evening School, and 5% grounds, relinquished his connection Apprentices in the Sunday School. Twelve with the Society. In reference to this Children have been baptized, and 33 circumstance, Mr. Wilhelm writes: marriages solemnized.

David Noah has been carefully warned by me, in private, against leaving the Socie

The Church Services at Regent, ty's service; since it did not appear, to me,

on Sundays and Week-days, have that the Providence of God had afforded been the same as in the preceding him any proper call for venturing on this quarter; and no material alteration step: and if it be a way of his own making, has taken place in the average numhe cannot secure to himself the precious

ber of attendants, which may still promises of God's care, protection, and

be stated to be about 500 : on Thursblessing, and exposes himself to the danger of losing peace, hope, and joy-blessings,

day Evenings, about 150 persons for the loss of which, nothing that is to be attend. The number of Communifound in our own way can compensate. cants, last quarter, was 206: one This, by many professors of Religion, is nei. has died since that time; some have ther understood nor believed; yet it is again removed; and others have been susand again exemplified.

pended for inconsistent conduct; LEICESTER.

leaving the present number 193: David Noah continued his ser

there are 82 Candidates on trial. vices, at this Station and at Glou- The average number of Communicester, during the quarter: the ave cants has been 132. Mr. Davey has rage attendance on Worship, on the baptized 12 Infants, and married 12 Sunday, is 60, and on Week-days 30. couples. One of the Communicants having The difficulties connected with been suspended, the number is 7. the due exercise of discipline, in the Mr. Davey has baptized 7 Infants, case of those who have been susaud married 3 couples.

pended from Communion, are thus GLOUCESTER,

noticed by Mr. Weeks :of this Settlement, Mr. Davey Many of them have had an impression, makes the following report: that, when they are suspended, we do

Divine Service has been performed at not care any thing further about them, Gloucester, at the usual times, on Sundays and have therefore absented themselves and Week-days; and the Meetings of from the House of God: this feeling I Candidates, Communicants, and Back- have endeavoured to remove, by telling sliders, held as heretofore: the attendance them that we shall be very glad to see at Church has been about 300. The them attend Church at all times; and number of Communicants, for this Village that, as soon as they shall evidence true and Leicester, last reported, was 75: repentance, and manifest an earnest desince that time, 3 have removed from sire to return to the Saviour, they would Gloucester, and 2 have been suspended for be re-admitted to their former priviimmoral conduct; and one at Leicester, leges. Others have told me, that they from the same cause: the present total is are not fit to belong to God's people: I 69; out of which an average of 48 have read to them 1 John i. 7, and Jeremiah frequented the Lord's Table. The num iii. 14; and several have since attended ber of Candidates for Gloucester was 13 : Church, but have not yet applied to be to these have been added 6 others, making re-admitted. Others have said, they have 19, whose attendance at the Weekly done nothing worthy of suspension from Meetings has been regular. There were the Church, yet readily admit that they 3 Backsliders on trial last quarter: 1 of had neglected to attend those weekly these has been dismissed, and 4 have been meetings which most of the Communiadded; there are now, therefore, 6. cants held for religious instruction, and

I am unable to state any particulars seldom attend Public Worship more than about the Schools; further than, that 7 two three times in a quarter-of-a-year Boys and 4 Girls have been added to the yet vainly persuading themselves, that, if Day School, making a total of 146; out their names remain on the list of Church of which there has been an average at- Members, their non-attendance on the tendance of 130. There are 19 Men and Means of Grace would be of little conse[RECORD, March, 1830.]


quence. However, I am not discouraged,

Schools. believing there are a considerable number The Liberated - African - Girls' who are the true disciples of Christ, and School contains 179 Scholars; of are walking according to their profession. whom, 20 are able to read the Scrip

Mr. Weeks gives the following tures: 22 Scholars come to the Evenaccount of the

ing School; and the Sunday School Schools.

is attended by 33 Adults and 61 ApThe Liberated African Boys advance gradually in Spelling and Reading, and prentices: with these are also taught also in writing on slates; and I am not the larger Children of the Infants without the hope, that two or three, ere

School, and many of the Liberated long, will be found qualified for the Chris- African Girls. In reference to the tian Institution : our present number is Sunday Scholars,Mr.Davey writes:73. Since my last Report, we have re The improvement gives ample encoueeived 40 Boys, recently landed from ragement to proceed in this interesting Slave-Vessels; they, consequently, know work; and fosters the hope, that, by apbut little of the English Language, and parently weak means, much good may be are in the Alphabet Class.

done, and souls instructed in the way of of the Infants’-School Children, born God more perfectly. in the town, we have 187 Boys and Girls;

In the Infants School, under Mrs. the average attendance being 160: the progress of these little-ones is very satis- Heighway's care, there are 139 Childfactory and encouraging. The parents ren, of whom she statesare anxious to avail themselves of sending The Parents still manifest a great desire their little boys and girls to school. Mrs. to have their Children instructed, and bring Weeks regrets exceedingly that she has them while very young. They are divided not been able to take a more active part; into 14 Classes : 30 are reading in the having, hitherto, only been able to attend Testament; the others, as they advance, to the Sewing department and to the Sun- read Elementary Books : several of the elday School

der children are employed in instructing

the others, as it is our wish to impress Mr. Davey reports of this Station: on them the pleasure derived from im

The attendance on the usual Services at parting instruction to others, after having Bathurst has somewhat increased; but that

received it themselves. increase has chiefly been occasioned by an additional number of Liberated African There is a Service, on the Sunday Girls having been placed in the School. Afternoon, at Charlotte; which is The three Backsliders, who had been for a

attended by about 100 persons: considerable time upon trial for re-admission, have been again received into the

there are 4 Communicants, and 11 Church, and hitherto their walk has ap

Candidates. Of one of these, who peared consistent. Two Candidates, who died, Mr. Davey writes :were already baptized, have been also John Attarra and I visited her, during added to the Church, by which the number her illness; and, from the conversation of Communicants has been increased to 13. which I had with her the day before her The Candidates reported last quarter were death, I have reason to hope that her 16; since when, two have been received soul was resting upon that sure foundation, into the Church, and three have been add the Rock of Ages-Jesus Christ. She cd; there are, therefore, 17 at present. I said, she had no hope but in Him; and have baptized 16 Infants, and married 36 that she believed that His blood would couples.

cleanse away her sing.




pore, 12 miles further. GHAZEE PORE, &c.

Jaunporam. After taking some refresh(Completed from p. 47.)

ment, we all retired to rest. I had some Jun, 17, 1829 – Left Ghazeepore last interesting conversation with the Thanight about 7 o'clock; and reaching Nund nadar. He said, that he believed Hingung about 10, remained till daylight this dooism, Islamism, and Christianity, each morning, when we proceeded to Sayud- to be of Divine origin: he is himself a

Mussulman. The inconsistency of such a in the Evening. Here is a fine opening belief having been exposed, he replied for Missionary Labours: all are friendly, “Sir, one thing is matter of astonishment and some are desirous to support them. to me: I read and hear of people, even After visiting the Native Town, I returned Hindoos, having embraced Islamism; but to Chunar; where I arrived on Tuesday, they did so by force: on the contrary, you, having remained at a village midway during whether from your superior -wisdom, or the night. On Thursday, a Fublic Meeting what, I cannot tell, make people disbelieve assembled to form an Association ; Mr. every other religion but your own; and, Friend having preached a Sermon the Sun. self-convicted, they embrace that through day previous, and made a Collection ; parchoice: herein is a wonderful thing." He ticulars of which have been, or will be, sent then took his leave. About 12 o'clock, I you. On Sunday, I preached, in the morn. was awoke by some person singing: the ing, to the English Congregation, on Idolabard, I found, on inquiry, was a Hindoo try, as it at present exists throughout of the Chutra Caste. The burden of his Hindoostan ; briefly noticing its origin, song was the praise of Ram, which led nature, and consequences, and our duty to a conversation that lasted till daylight. with respect to it: and in the afternoon We were joined by a Brahmin soon after to the Native Congregation, from 1 Tim. i. our conversation commenced, who was in Christ Jesus came into the world to save search of his Tattoo, which he said had sinners. Monday was the Monthly Prayer broken loose and gone astray. He was Meeting. The whole time of my visit was well read, and took a considerable share in most delightfully and, I trust, profitably the discussion. In the course of conversa spent. May the Lord, who has so evidently tion, taking him gently by the hand, he ex revived His work among us, continue to claimed, rather angrily, “ Touch me not ! bless us ! I am a Brahmin.” We, however, parted Feb. 3Benares. To-day, a great many very good friends. The Chutra received books have been distributed; and a numa book, which he promised to read. I ar ber of persons have visited me in the rived at Benares on Sunday Morning, just Suray, to converse and dispute. in time to hear Mr. Eteson preach the first Feb. 7 — This morning early, some Missionary Sermon which I have heard in Pundits, with whom I met in the Bazaar, India, the result of which you will be glad came to converse. One among them to hear. It has already produced Dona- strenuously maintained his system, and, tions to the amount of 1016 rupees.

till beaten from his strong-holds, was of Jan. 21,1829--I left Benares, and pro course deaf to reason : he became at ceeded to Chunar. After spending two length attentive, and listened to a part of days with Mr. Bowley and his people the Hindoo Poem. One took away the only at home and in the Bazaar, we went to a copy which I had, and the disputant asked village across the water: it was indeed a for a Sanscrit copy. Soon after the Punblessed visit. The people are principally dits were gone, several Mussulmans Sectaries of the various Hindoo Systems, came, to ask for a copy of Mr. Bowley's less bigoted than any body of people I have Rusalu,” which they had heard read the seen, and, with respect to this world, less day before. Having only one, two of needy. They had, on a former visit, which them seated themselves and copied it : was I believe the first, asked for a Chris- they intend probably to reply to it. This tian Schoolmaster to live among them; to is what we want. During the morning, a meet which request, a man accompanied number of people asked for books; and,

We were most cordially received; in the afternoon, the principal Moolwee and one of the principal people of the vil- of the place came, accompanied by a host lage gave up a house of his own, for the resi- of Mussulmans. Having seated him, dence of the Schoolmaster, and for a School. conversation commenced, which continued A great number of villagers assembled uninterrupted till the time for Prayers. themselves, and conversed and listened The subjects of dispute were several: the with delight and attention. We left them, first, I believe, was the Divinity of Christ, rejoicing at what we had witnessed. On of which he required proofs. Several Saturday, I proceeded to Mirzapore; and having been given, he objected to the was made welcome at the house of the possibility of the Deity assuming human Judge and Magistrate, at whose house ar flesh. With urd to His Resurrection, rangements had been previously made for he said that could not be any proof of His Divine Service on Sunday. We had two Divinity, as others had died and raised Services, one in the Morning, and another themselves besides Christ, which would


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