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Art. XX. The Christian Officer's Complete Armour : containing Argu

ments in Favour of a Divine Revelation. By Colonel A Burn, of the
Royal Marines. Second Edition, 12mo. pp. 240. Price 4s. boards.

Matthews and Leigh, 1808.
WE gladly embrace the opportunity afforded us by a new edition of

this excellent little work, to give it the sancțion of our warmest re.
commendation, It exhibits the chief arguments in favour of a Divine Re-
Felation in a distinct, luminous, and pleasing form. The substance of it is
cast into a free and interesting dialogue between a captain, a sincere be-
liever in Christianity, and his sceptical friend, a major in the same regiment.
Both characters are taken from the life. We are glad to observe that the
name of the worthy writer is ayowed in this second edition; the first, it
may be proper to observe, was intitled the Christian Officer's Panoply.
Art. XXI. The Privilege and Hope of the aged Christian. A Sermon,

occas oned by the Death of Mr. John Bailey, of the Grove, Hackney,
preached at Ram's Chapel, Homerton. By the Rev. W.B. Williams,

M. A. 8vo pp. 36. Price 1s. 6d. Sold by the Author. 1808.
THE text of this discourse is Job v. 26. from which Mr. W. deduces

two propositions ;--that the full age attained by some of the servants of God, is to be esteemed a privilege and that at such a period, death, or coming to the grave, is a privilege also. These are ingeniously, though not unexceptionably illustrated.

The remarks on Mr. Bailey's character, and on the circumstances of his dying moments, are introduced by the following sensible observation :

In truth, the question of prime importance, is not how men die, but how they have lived. And the proof that a man is a Christian, should arise from the evidence of the years of his past life, and not from the experience of his few last hours : we must decide from the repentance deepened day by day, and not the perturbed sorrows of a dying bed ; always suspicious, and seldom sincere,' p. 22.

After these particulars, a few remarks are added by way of improvement; but in this part of the discourse we are sorry to observe a very capital defect, as we are sure the pious and respectable author will also consider it, on sober reflection. The discourse contains no clear exposition of the way of salvation, by faith in a crucified Redeemer, no accu. rate description of the Christian character, no pointed address to the conscience of the hearers. An omission of these on any occasion, is highly censurable. Every congregation, it may be supposed, includes some in. dividuals, who are strangers to vital religion, and the preacher's object should always be, that even these may be warned of their danger, and left without excuse. But the duty is peculiarly binding on preachers of Funeral Sermons, as many hearers attend on those occasions, who never come at any other time, and as the solemn state of mind which is usually prevalent, and the subjects which necessarily fall under consideration, af. ford a peculiar facility and encouragement for explicit and animated addresses. We the more regret the omission in the present instance, as the author evidently possesses considerable talents, and probably produced, by this very sermon, a strong impression on his audience.

An Appendix is annexed, in which the author shews, that Ram's cha. pel, of which he is minister, is perfectly regular. We wonder how he could prevail on himself to mention, with any other feeling than that of Vol. IV.

3 D

reverence, his eminently pious and amiable predecessor, the Rev. John Eyre ; and how he could forget that, in speaking of some irregularities in Mr. Eyre which “ might have been punished,” he impeaches the vigilance of his ordinary, and the state of discipl ne in the Established Church.

An unusual number of notes are attached to this sermon, only a few of whicl, in our opinion, were worthy of insertion. Art. XX... Rules of the Annuity fund, established for the Benefit of Gover

nesses. With an Account of he institution, and Proposals for enlarging its Plan by Means of an Honorary Subscription. 4to. pp. 16. Cheyne,

Edinburgh; Johnson, 1808. WE rea lily give publicity to this Institution, without being satisfied of its

preferableness to the established public offices. The association is to consist of one thousand members ; they are to become annuitants at the age of 55, if then single, or, after that age, at the death of their husbands. It is at their option, on entering, to subscribe to the first table, intitling them to 251. per annum, or to the second intitling them to 501, per annum. Persons subscribing under 25 years of age pay one guinea entrance, 11. 6s. annually ; all above 25, pay two guineas entrance, and if under 30, 16. 15s. per annum; if under 35, 21. 15s ; if under 40, 41, 9s. 3dı; if under 45, 61, 6są odi ; if above 45, the same sum, and become annuitants at the end of een years, The entrance money and annual payments in the second table, of 50l, annuities, are double, Moral character is indispensable.

A sensible Introduction recommendin the Institution is prefixed to the plan, and is ascribed to the estimable Miss Hamilton. It proposes à secondary fund to be formed by voluntary contribution, for extending aid to individuals reduced to indigence before they reach the age of 55, or afflicted with blindoess, insanity, or incurable disease.

It is proposed that the Lord Advocate and Solicitor General for Scotland at the time being, and three Ministers or Professors of Edinburgh chosen for life by tiose Officers, be the Trustees of the Institution. Applications forwarded to Mr. Cheyne, George Street, Edinburgh. Art. XXIII. The Artist's Repository; or Encyclopedia of the Fine Arts;

exhibiting the Principles, and explaining the Practice, in all their various
Branches. Svo. Part l. p.p. 160. price. 55. sewed. with 29 Plates.
C. Taylor, 1808.
THIS well known and esteemed work, which will be found highly

serviceable to artists, and deserves a place in the library of every amateur and elegant scholar, is now in a course of republication with one hundred and fifty new plates. It will be completed in ten parts, and contain upwards of 300 engravings It is undoubtedly the most satisfactory and comprehensive work on the subject including an entire course of information on the several branches of the arts The following is a sketch of the contents ; · The Principles of delineating the Human Figure, &c.; the Methods of preparing and using all kinds of Colors ; Instructions for painting in Oils, Water Colors, Crayons Miniature, &c.' En graving, in Strokes, Chalk Aquatinta, M-zzotinto, on Wood, &c. A Dictionary of the Terms used in the Arts, with their peculiar sig nifications A History of the Origin and Progress of the Arts-Biographical accounts of the most celebrated Artists --Essays on Sculpture, Perspective, Architecture, Landscape, &c. &c."


A volume of Critical Notes and Observa- ready for delivery, the far greater part hartions, explanatory of the four gospels, ing been printed before the author's death ; and founded on circumstances peculiar to and the sixth volume, containing posthu. our Saviour and the Evangelists, will shortly · mous pieces left for publication by the be published.

author, will be published in the course of Dr. Glasse is about to publish another next month. This new volume may be had edition of the New Testament with Burkitt's separately. No money is required on subObservations, to be comprised in a large scribing, but the whole to be paid on deoctavo volume : containing such parts of livery of the five volumes. A duodecimo the commentary as are most necessary for edition, ia 12 vols. will soon appear. the explanation of the text, with short An- The Rev. Mr. Bichenn bas in the press notations.

a new and enlarged edition of the Signs of Mr. Southey has been employed eight the Times, with a second appendix on the years on a History of Portugal, arranged present aspect of public affai s, which under three different heads, Portugal, will be published in the course of the present Portuguese Asia, and Brazil. Each part in month. itself forms a complete whole, and has no An Antidote to the Poetical Works of the other connection than that of relating to the late Thomas Little, Esq. being an exposure same people. The History of Brazil is the of the sophistry and plagiarism of that publast in chronological order; but as public lication, is preparing for the press. curiosity is now particularly directed to- In the press, a new edition enlarged, in wards that country, the author intends to . octavo, of Ludlam's Introduction to the put it to press immediately.

Mathematics, with an appen lix, by W. A History of Portugal, in the Portuguese Fever, Superintendant of the Philosophical language, will shortly appear in three small Institution, Bristol, volumes.

Mr. Crabb has in the press a second part -Mr. Farmer, of Stow on the Wold, of his work, called the Preceptor and his Gloucestershire, is preparing for the press, Pupils : in which a comparison is made of an Account and Analysis of a Carbonated the syntax of different languages, and Chalybeate Spring, which he discovered special rules, dialogues, exercises and exlast year in the adjoining parish of Lower aminations, are given on the English lanSwell, and over which he has erected, a gnage. commodious pump room. The peculiarities The History and Antiquities of Cleveland of this water are said to be, a stronger cha. oy the Rev, John Graves, is nearly comlybeate property, and a larger portion of pleted at press, and will be ready for pubnitrogen gas in solation, than exists in any lication immediately. spring hitherto analysed. It is bright, colour- In the course of this Month will be publess, and not disagreeable. A wine quart is lished, in three Volumes, crown 8vo. beaustated to contain Mur. Lime 0, 5. gr. --Mur. tifully printed by Bensley, and embellished Magnesia, 1.--Sulphat of Lime 1, 5.-- by upwards of Forty Portraits of the Persons Sulph. Magnesia 1,5---Carbon. Lime 1, 25. mentioned in the work, a new edition, re-Carb. Magnesia 0,5---Carb. Iron 2---Neu- vised and corrected, of Memoirs of Count tral Salts not ascertained 0,65_-Undissolved Grammont, by Count A. Hamilton : with residue, chiefly silex 0, 1. --Gaseous con- Notes and Illustrations. tents of 100 cubic inches of water, Carbo

Mr. Nicholson's New Chemical Dictionary nic acid gas, 10 cub. in. Nitrogen gas. 40 will appear in a very short time, in one cub. in. Specific gravity, 1,0025; usual large volume, 8vo. temperature, 52, the adjacent spring-water

The second volume of the History of Susbeing 50. The medical properties of the sex, and the concluding volume of the Hise water will be sufficiently obvious.

tory of Leicestershire, which were burnt at To be published by subscription (under the Mr. Nichols’s late fire, are again at press. direction of his executors,) in șix volumes, In the press, and in a few days will be demy octavo, handsomcly printed, on good published, under the Patronage of, and Depaper, pr. 21 14s. to subscribers, in boards, dicated to the King, Part I, of the First the only complete octavo edition of the Volume of a Chronological Series of all the works of the Rev. John Newton, late Rec- most valuable, scarce, and faithful Engliski tor of St Mary Woollnoth, London.

Translations, in Poetry and Prose, from Conditions, Five volumes are nearly the Greek Poets and Prose Authors, (several


never before printed,) with selected and taken, with the permission of the Hononirs new Notes, entirely English : Corrections, able the Court of Directors of the East India Prefaces, Lives, Maps, and Heads from Company, from a memoir of the embassy, Antient Statues, Busts, Gems, Medals, deputed in 1793, by the Marquis Cornwallis and Paintings; Chronological and Mytholo- (then governor-general of British India) to gical Tables, &c. By Francis Lee, A. M. the Court of Cåtmondû; written originally Chaplain in Ordinary to His Royal High- by Colonel William Kirkpatrick, the British ness the Prince of Wales, Member of the Envoy on that occasion, and prepared for Asiatic Society, &c.-The Work is print- the press by Lawrence Dundas Campbell, ed in Royal Octavo, on a fine Wove Esq. The above work is printing uniPaper, and with new Types, in double formly with Symes's embassy to Ava, TurColumns, compressing several Volumes into ner's to Tibet, and Lord Valentia's travels


The Works of the different Authors in India (now in the press.) The price of may be had separately, as they are printed; the small paper will not exceed three guior in Sets, arranged in Chronological Order. neas, and the large four guineas and a This First Part contains a Translation of half. Hesiod's Works and Days, and Theogony ; An edition of Musce Seatonianæ will appear with Notes, a Preface and Life; illustrated this month, containing the poems which with a Bust, and Chronological and Mytho- have obtained the annual prize, founded by logical Tables. The next Work of this Mr. Seaton, at the University of Cambridge, Series, speedily to be published in English, from the first institution of the premium in is the whole of Pindar's Odes in Celebration 1750, to the present time. of Victors in the Olympic, Pythian, Neme- Mr. Skurry is printing a volume of Poemas an, and Isthmian Games, not one fourth of on rural and descriptive subjects. which have ever been published. The new Mr. Mayne, author of the Poem of Translation by a Person of eminence, illus- Glasgow, has in the press the Siller Gun, trated with a Bust, Life, and Notes. a poem in four cantos : founded on an an

A new edition of the Greek Text of Hero- ' cient custom of shooting for a silver gun, dotus, carefully corrected from the edition given as a prize to the best marksinan of Wesseling and Reitz, is now printing at among the corporation of Dumfries. The the Clarendon Press, Oxford, and probably poem will be illustrated by noles and a gloswill appear early in October next. This sary. will be speedily followed by “Porti Lexicon It is intended in the ensuing winter, to Ionicum," a work which has long been commence a Classical Journal, to be conextremely scarce, and expensive; it is tinued quarterly, which will contain origiintended to be printed uniformly with the nal Essays, Remarks, and CommunicaHerodotus, and to be adapted to the various tions, on subjects of classical literature, in editions of that Author.

English, Latin, French, and Italian. It In the course of this month will be pub- will be undertaken by a member of the Uni. lished, a Supplementary volume of Birds to versity of Oxford, and several distinguished Barr's edition of Buffon's Natural History. Scholars of both Universities have 'proThe proprietors of that work have engaged mised their aid and active co-operation. a literary gentleman to collect all that has Mr. Parkes has for some time been en. been discovered in ornithology of an interest- gaged in revising the Chemical Catechism, ing nature since the death of Buffon, and in order to accommodate every part of that for that purpose procured the splendid edin work to the new facts lately developed by tion of his work, lately published by Son- the highly interesting, and truly important nini, in 114 volumes. From this has been discoveries of Mr. Davy. A new edition (beselected every article of importance, or ing the third] thus amended, and with other curiosity from the additions of Sonnini, very considerable additions, is in the press, and J. J. Virey. Several new plates of and will be ready for publication in the rare birds will accompany the volume.

course ofthe next week. In the press, and will be published in Mr. William Chapman, of Newcastle, has the Spring of 1809, elegantly printed in one in the press and nearly ready for publica. volume royal quarto, and a few copies in tion, a Treatise on the Progressive Endeaimperial quarto, an Account of the Kingdom vours to improve the Manufacture and Duof Nypâl; comprising a particular descrip- ration of Cordage, with a discussion on the tion of its geography and topography. means of causing Ships to ride at anchor Illustrated with a Map, and embellished with greater safety. with various engravings, from drawings made The Rev. Mr. Furness, of Pontefract, isby A. W. Devis, Esq. This publication is about to publish by subscription, a Treatise

ou Land Surveying, for the use of schools, to Navigable Rivers and Canals; accompato be called The Practical Surveyor. nied by Maps of each, with account of the

Mr. Alloutt, of Henley, has announced a Trade, Profits, Capital, &c. It will be pubGeneral History of Inland Navigation of lished in twenty-five parts, at 7s. each, and England and Wales, by the various existing the first part will appear in January next.






ner, A. M. F. R. A. and L. S. &c. No. X. General View of the Agriculture of the royal 4to. 7s.6d. to be continued monthly. county of Inverness; with Observations on

A few copies infolio, 13s. 6d. the Means of its Improvement. By. J. Robertsoa, D. D. 14s.

D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis SatiræXVI. Observations on the Influence of Soil and ad optimorum Exemplarium Fidem recen. Climate upon Wool; from which is deduced sitæ, perpetuo Commentario illustratæ, ata certain and easy method of improving the que Proæmio et Argumentis Instructæ, a Quality of English Clothiug Wool, and pre- Georgio Alex. Ruperti, secundum editionem serving the health of Sheep; with Hints Gottingensem. Accedit Index copiosissimus, for the Management of Sheep after Shear. 8vo. 12s. ing: an Inquiry into the Structure, Growth,

Eutropii Historiæ Romanæ breviarium ; and Formation of Wool and Hair; and Re

et Sexti Aurelii Victoris de Viris illustribus marks on the Means by which the Spanish liber; juxta Editiones Caroli Henrici Breed of Sheep may be made to preserve Tzschucke et Joannis Arritzenii, 12mö. the best Qualities of its Fleece unchanged,

new edit. 2s. bound. in different Climates. By Robert Bakewell. With occasional Notes and Remarks, by the Right Hon. Lord Somerville, 8vo. 7s. Abregé de l'Histoire de France, Faisant

Partie de Cours d'Etudes, imprimé par or.

dre de Louis XVI. A l'usage de l'Ecole General Biography; or, Lives of the most Royale Militaire, 12mo. 58. eminent Persons, of all Ages, Countries, Abridgement of Universal History, for the Conditions and Professions, arranged accord

use of young Persons. From the French of ing to alphabetical order; composed by J.Ai- Virey, 18mo, half bound, ís. 6d. kin, M. D. Rev. Tho. Morgan, and W. Johns- Merchants Accounts; or, Book-keeping, Vol. VII. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. This Volume according to the Italian method of Double includes the Alphabet, as far as the letter P. Entry. By R. Langford, Master of the AcaThe work will be completed in two, or at demy, Haydon-square, 8vo. bound, 4s. 6d. farthest three volumes more.

A New Method for learning French, Memoirs of the Life and Commercial Con- adapted particularly to the English Tongue, nectious, public and private, of the late B. with two complete sets of Exercises. By J. Goldsmid, Esq. containing a cursory View Guisy, second edit. 3s. of the Jewish Society and Manners; inters- A Short Grammar of the English Lanpersed with interesting Anecdotes of several guage, simplified to the Capacities of Chilremarkable Characters. By L. Alexander, dren. By J. Hornsey, 2s. in Six Numbers, 18. each.

A Comparative View of the Plans of EduA Statement of the Circumstances and cation as detailed in the publications of Dr. Manner of the Death of Mr. Goldsmid, the Bell and Mr. Lancaster. By Joseph Fox, Evidence of the Witnesses, and the Charge London 1s. 6d. of the Coroner to the Jury, 2s.

The Life of the Right Hon. Francis North, Baron of Guildford, Lord-Keeper of the

The History of the Rise, Progress, and Great Seal, under King Charles II, and King Accomplishment of the Abolition of the James II., wherein are inserted the Charac

Slave Trade. By T. Clarkson, M. A. % ters of Sir Matthew Hale, Sir George Jef- vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. fries, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Sidney Godol.

The Annual Register ; or, a View of the phin, and others,

the mest eminent Lawyers History, Politics, and Literature for the and Statesmen of that time. By the Hon. year, 1794.--And also the Volume for 1802, Roger North. The second edition, 2 vols. price, each 16s. 8vo. 11. Is.

The Volumes for 1795 and 1803, are in

the press, and will appear early in the A History of the Fuci. By Dawson Ture Winter,



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