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world even despises. His knowledge, how. of the gospel in Lyons and its neighbour, ever, of the New Testament made him de. hood. A thousand families are open to the sirous of obtaining the whole Bible, and he gospel; and we trust that the number will travelled to Lyons to purchase one; but he soon become still larger. These families would do nothing without first consulting belong nearly all to the working classes, his spiritual director, who was a Capuchin exposed to sickness, and who have no monk. He confessed his design to bim. other refuge than the general hospital. Did “No, no," replies the monk, “ do not read our Infirmary not exist, it would frequently the Bible; it's all very well for learned happen that persons listening to the gospel, men ; but you would entirely lose yourself and being forced to put themselves into the if you were to read it." He determined, bands of the so-called Sisters of Mercy, though heart-broken, to obey his spiritual would be exposed to lose, in this sad place, director, and to leave Lyons; but on cross the good impressions previously produced. ing the bridge, he cast one more look of In our Infirmary they can pass the solemn regret at the city which contained the much- days of suffering, contemplate the fruits of desired Bible. Again he determined to re the gospel, enjoy Christian instruction, and turn and purchase it. "No," he says, " it make the most rapid progress in divine is a temptation of the evil one;" and he things. When on the point of opening our sadly continued his journey home. A year Infirmary, we published an appeal to our passed by. On some solemn occasion, at friends in France and elsewhere ; for, alas! the confessional, he asked permission of the appeals are almost the only resource of a poor priest to read the Bible and New Testa. church, and which has before it an immense ment. At first the confessor appeared in- | work from which it cannot recede. This clined to accede to his request, but con appeal was liberally responded to, and we cluded by refusing it. On his return home, commenced the year 1846 with a balance in he fancied he heard the voice of God him- hand; but since that period, the assistance self, which told him to read his book con we have received is so small, that, in spite tinually. He did so, though he returned of the strictest economy, we bad, on the yet once more to mass ; but the scales had 30th June last, a deficiency of 6,500f., and fallen from his eyes. Image-worship and which has since increased. We informed other idolatries now appear to him to be our friends of the state of our funds in our monstrous errors. He wishes to leave the Report of the Infirmary, and although some church; but, to avoid making a disturb. few of them have come forward to assist ance, he waits till the mass is concluded, us, yet this has been insufficient; so that our While obliged to wait, he reads attentively distress has continued to increase. What the portions of the New Testament con must we do? We know the many Christian tained in the Romish liturgy, and then leaves and benevolent works that our brethren the church, bidding a final adieu to Rome and friends have had to sustain, especially and to the Pope. The evangelist stationed during the past winter ; we know that it at Tarare soon became acquainted with him, appears less interesting to support a recent and instructed him more fully in the way than to form a new establishment; and al. of the gospel; but it is by the simple though other infirmaries in France are suffi. reading of the word alone that he was led | ciently provided for, yet we have been to reject papal errors. We trust he is now tempted, by our increasing deficiency, to sincerely converted. The seed sown in ask ourselves, “ Must we give up this tower good ground had taken strong root, and its which, reckoning on the kind assistance fruits were soon visible externally. He is of our friends, we had began to build ?" very useful to the cause of the gospel, and Nevertheless, we take courage when we look has made many sacrifices for it.

to God; and though he may try our faith, We cannot conclude this review of our we cannot believe that he will permit our undertakings without mentioning our In establishment to be closed, which would be firmary. This establishment was formed in a great misfortune to us, an opportunity of 1844. The necessity for a hospital for our triumph for the enemies of the gospel, and Protestant females appeared so urgent that a fatal blow to the missionary work. Per. we felt forced to satisfy it, looking in faith haps these lines may induce the numerous to Him who is abundant in means. During friends of Lyons to add to all they have the two past years we have received much done for our city a fresh mark of their encouragement: several sick persons have generosity, by regularly assisting our Inlearned to know the gospel; others have firmary. fallen asleep in the Lord. At the present We annex a few detached facts. The time we have one person who has learned work at Lyons proves, more than many the love of Christ during her sickness, and others, that souls must never be despaired rejoices to be with him. Our past expe- of. One of our agents visited a family, rience respecting our Infirmary shows it to | where he met with but little encourage. be an indispensable complement to the work ment. One day the father said to him, after a long discussion, “ You would not so home, she read it over again. From that easily refute my son as you do me; you moment sbe gave up both mass and theatre, should talk to him." A rendezvous was | and her sole pleasure is attending our refixed for the young man, but he would not ligious meetings. She seems to devour the attend. Happening to come in at the time, word of God; and one of our sisters, with he would not so much as speak to the whom she now lives, gives the most satisevangelist, but went to bed. Another agent factory testimony to the sincerity of her afterwards called, but was so badly received, conversion, that he had not sufficient courage to return. Six months since we mentioned a con. Some time afterwards the first one called ference that had taken place between two again; but matters were very much changed. zealous Popish partizans and our pastor, in The mother said to him : " I hope the Lord the house of an old colonel, and which had will have mercy on me, and open my heart been useful to him ; it was also to be useto understand his will." Our brother's ful to some others. The principal Popish surprise increased still more, when the son speaker printed a pamphlet, which he en. held out his hand to him, and excused him- | titled, “The Triumph of Truth over a Chief self for having been so rude on the former of the Heretics ;' and pretended to give an occasion. “Ah!" said he, “I was then account of the defeat of the arch-heretic, very wicked, and at war with God; but I who, it was said, had been vanquished by have read his word, and have found peace some poor weavers, and had been obliged for my soul.” This family perseveres in to hide his shame by flight. Some thou. the way of truth.

sands of this pamphlet were distributed in A young woman, whose husband was a Lyons; but, by God's blessing, by which soldier in the African army, came into the efforts made in favour of error turn to France to receive an inheritance. She was to the advantage of the truth, this publication go to the north ; but she preferred remain has fulfilled its title very differently than its ing at Lyons, where she had formerly spent author intended ; and we know of a good her time very agreeably in the pleasures of many persons, in whose hearts it has really the world. She contrived to combine a accomplished the triumph of truth; or, at passionate love for the theatre with very least, produced serious impressions in favour great devotion to the virgin. She discovered of the gospel. One young man, a devout at Lyons one of her old friends, who, in the Romanist, who had had some discussions meantime, had embraced the gospel. One with one of our agents, and to whom this Sunday evening, this young person was pamphlet had been given, as an arm to going to the theatre, when she met her defeat all heretical colporteurs, immediately young Christian friend, who was going to called upon our brother with it, persuaded the chapel, and said to her, “ You are going that he was now invincible. There was to your church, and I am going to mine.” | little difficulty in showing him that, in order Ah," replied she, with a sigh," would to to prove the authority of the Romish church, God you were going to mine." They sepa- the author began by undermining that of rated at the door of the theatre; but the Scripture itself; and that, in order to benext minute the young worldly woman come good Romanists, the book proved that changed ber mind, and running after her we must begin by becoming infidels. The friend, they both entered the chapel to. | young man was much struck with this, and gether. One of our deacons, as is the usual | | began to doubt of a church which could only custom, gave each of them a tract. The be established by the destruction of the one he gave to the young Christian woman, Holy Scriptures. He bought a New Testawas “ The Doctrine of Scripture on the ment, and soon after was knocking at the Worship of Mary;" and as it had a bright. | door of the chief of the heretics, to be more coloured paper cover, her friend exchanged fully instructed in the way of truth. Anit for her own, which had none. This other person, who is exceedingly zealous for tract, which was not intended for her, was the gospel, and who has introduced M. Cuethe instrument which was to break, at one nod into about a dozen families, has been blow, her love of the world and her attach- awakened by this publication. ment to the Church of Rome. She read it The following is one of the fruits of M. several times. Her conscience was alarmed. Laügt's ministry, since he has been labouring If the worship of Mary gave way, she saw at the Guillotière, and which we give in his that all her religion must go with it. She own words :-"I saw Mrs. M. for the first would do all she could, however, to save it; time," says M. Laügt, "on Whit-Monday ; and solemnly promised the virgin she would she was then merely indisposed. I an. remain faithful to her. The following Sun. nounced the gospel to her; but she did not day she went to mass; but she had hardly seem to understand it. A few days after. entered the church, when her tract came wards I called again, and found her in bed. into her miod so strongly that she could As soon as she saw me, she said, “Ah, Sir, listen to nothing else; and, on returning you do well to come to see me again. I

have been thinking continually of what you will become very great indeed by the end of said to me lately, and I wish to hear yon the year, unless our kind friends come to again. What would have become of me, if our assistance. Even the above sum is a I had died without seeing you again?' I very heavy one for the poor of Lyons. Our then spoke to her of the grace of God. She different works have rapidly extended ; and listened with tears in her eyes. I then said our own resources, instead of increasing, to her, Do you believe that Jesus Christ tend rather to diminish; for the additions to is the Son of God?' Yes, Sir.' • Do you our church are principally from the poorer believe that he died for our sins, and rose classes, who not unfrequently require assist. again for our justification ?" Yes, I believe ance themselves from our poor's fund. This that.' 'Well, God has said, that whoso

year our expenses have been increased by believeth in the Son hath eternal life. But the establishment of our new chapel at the must I not do something to merit this great Croix Rousse ; we are therefore compelled salvation” I replied to this question, and to ask our brethren to renew their sacrifices continued speaking some time to this awa.

fur us.

In geographical extent, our field of kened soul; but she did not yet perfectly labour is not very large ; but if estimated at understand. The next day, wben I called its real value, we are convinced that it will again, she cried out, . Ab, Sir, I understand be found to be one of the finest and most now: we must not do works to merit salva. important in which the gospel is preached tion, but from gratitude to God, who gra- at the present day. Some of our brethren ciously saves us. Ah, Sir, how happy I are beginning to feel that Lyons is a place

• What makes you so happy?" I on which vigorous effort should be concen



for me,

Are you now afraid to die?' mentioned that enormous sums are annually Ob, no: I am ready to die when God sent hence by the Propaganda Society, for pleases. I know I shall go to my Saviour.' the dissemination of popish errors in differShe has since expressed a wish to take the ent Protestant kingdoms. Two hundred communion, which I had the pleasure of thousand francs, or 80001., are annually giving her, with a few friends who were sent, for this purpose, into Great Britain assembled in her room.

Never have I seen alone. Protestant Christians should make a soul enjoy a deeper and more heavenly similar efforts, and returning good for evil, peace. She communicated to all around secure the abundant preaching of the truth something of her own ineffable happiness. in what may be called the head-quarters She was full of love to the Saviour and to

of error, and the very seat where Satan the brethren ; and in our infirmary, to which dwelleth. she was afterwards removed, sbe caused much For the Evangelization Committee, joy to the attendant sisters. Since writing

G. FISCH, Pastor, the above, this happy Christian, who was

Côte St. Sebastien, No. 11. called at the eleventh hour, has rejoined her Donations thankfully received for the Saviour." We have rarely witnessed a more Evangelization Committee of the Church of glorious end.

Lyons, by—The Foreign Aid Society, ExeWe must conclude with a word on the state ter Hall; Messrs. Hankeys, bankers, Lom. of our funds, We have already alluded to bard-street : Mr. E. Suter, stationer, 32, that of our infirmary: our otbers are like- Chespside; Messrs. J. Hatchard and Son, wise deficient. Our evangelization fund 187, Piccadilly ; Messrs. J. Nisbet and Co., was indebted 9,000f. on the 1st July last; 21, Berners street; and by the Record and and our deficiency goes on increasing, and Patriot newspapers.


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