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vancing At the end of December While the direct object of the 1828, the Congregations consisted Society is the conversion of Mahoof somewhat more than 5000 per- medans and Heathens, it gladly sons, of whom 760 had been bap- avails itself of opportunities of astized; and at the end of June 1829, sisting to restore any of the fallen 1855 Families, containing 6240 Christian Churches which are sursouls, had become inquirers after rounded by Mahomedans and Heathe Truth. In connection with the thens, not only for the sake of those Mission there are 53 Places of Wor- Churches themselves, but because, ship distributed among 205 Villages, when restored, they may reasonably at which Service is performed, by be expected to become active and Native Catechists, almost daily; 46 useful Labourers among their ignoSchools containing 970 Scholars, rant neighbours. On this ground, the with an average attendance of 680, Society, at Colonel Munro's instance, of whom 48 are Girls; besides a commenced its labours in TravanMale and Female Seminary, con core, in which District Allepie was taining 30 Male Scholars and 21 first occupied as a Missionary StaFemale. There are also 43 Native tion; shortly after, Cottayam, the Catechists, whom the Missionaries principal seat of the Mission; and find valuable Assistants in their la subsequently Cochin. Among the bours. The Appendix to the So chief means planned by the Presiciety's Twenty-sixth Report con dent for the elevation of the Syrian tains a succinct account of the ori- Church, were—the Translation of the gin and progress of this work, to- Scriptures and Liturgy into Malayawards the accomplishment of which lim, the vernacular language of the the preaching of the Gospel and the country; the formation of a College preparation of Native Teachers ap for the education of the Priests; and pear to have been mainly instru the establishment of Schools at each mental. Several of the Youths un of the Churches in the District, for der instruction were the first seals of the instruction of the Children at Ministerial Labour; and these, when large. These important measures their character had acquired some were generally approved by the degree of stability, were the means Syrian Clergy, and received their of awakening the attention of their support; and they, without delay, own countrymen to spiritual subjects. took steps toward a Translation of

The fallen condition of the Syrian the Scriptures. In the second of Churches in Travancore is familiar these objects, the President's plans to all who are acquainted with the were greatly facilitated by the mulate Dr. Buchanan's Researches. In nificence of Her Highness, the Ran1815, Lieut. Colonel Munro, the then nee of Travancore; who, in addition President in Travancore, having in- to benefactions of 21,000 rupees, vestigated the state of those Churches, endowed the College with a tract of felt a strong desire to use means for land seven miles in circumference. re-animating those principles of pure With these facilities, the Missionadoctrine and primitive discipline ries entered on their work, which which prevailed among them at a required the exercise of great deliformer period. Under the influence cacy and wisdom; but in which, by of this desire, he opened a commu the Divine Blessing, they soon connication with the Society's Repre- ciliated the respect and affection of sentatives in Madras, for the pur the Clergy, conducting the Mission on pose of obtaining the assistance of the principle of making the Church Missionaries for accomplishing the as much as possible the instrument important objects which he had in of its own improvement, by means view.

of the constituted Ecclesiastical

Authorities, the Metran and Cata

Extracts from Mr. Schaffter's Journal. nars.

Jan. 1, 1829 — The greater part of The Missionaries have succeeded

our Christians, and many Heathens, in their endeavours to remove much came to-day to wish me a good New Year. that was objectionable among the We had also, this morning, the Annual Syrians; and have each been occu Meeting of our Native Association, which pied in his own particular depart- has existed now for more than four years. ment of labour, one of them taking mote, in one way or other, the cause of

money which is collected is to procharge of the College, another of the Missions in the vicinity of Madras. Grammar and other Schools, and the About thirteen Rupees were collected, third engaged in the Translation of nearly all in Dudies; for these Christians the Scriptures and Liturgy, and in are poor. I read to them, and preached the Superintendence of the Press. a Tamul Sermon adapted to the occaThere is good reason to hope, that

sion : after which, one of our Catechists

addressed them. the instructions given to those who have availed themselves of the ad- Catholic, whom a Catechist brought to

Jan. 9 — Spoke with a Native Romanvantages of the College have, in

me. After some conversation with him on several instances, been the means of Religion, seeing that he is 'a sensible man bringing them into a saving know- and has an open ear to Truth, I tried ledge of Divine Truth, and of im to point out to him some of the chief errors pressing them with a sense of the

of the Roman-Catholic Church, which he responsibility of the Christian Mi seemed to see. I gave him a Tract, calnistry. Besides 53 Students in the

culated to give him further information

on the subject; of which he read a part College, and between 50 and 60

with fluency. Scholars in the Grammar School, Jan. 10 — Heard this morning the there are 860 Boys in 32 Parochial weekly reports of our Catechists : they Schools, and a Female School with write down briefly, in Tamul, the sub18 Scholars. The Gospel of St. stance of their daily employments, in Luke has been translated into Ma

order that I may fully understand their layalim, and an Edition of 5000 reports, and ascertain the correctness of

them. Christian, Catechist, is now much copies printed; and portions of the engaged in giving Religious Instruction Acts of the Apostles, and of the to five persons who seem desirous to Liturgy, are in progress.

become Christians. Besides the Stations already men

Jan. 15 — Visited the Congregation at tioned in South India, the Society Pursewalkum, and one School; having has a Catechist at Tellicherry, but with me Christian, Catechist, to shew me has been unable to supply it with a

the houses. The people are still more

reserved with me than they were with Missionary.

Mr. Sawyer: I was gratified to see We subjoin to this brief sketch

that some of them keep their houses clean some communications from the Mis

and in good order. sionaries, which give a detailed ac Jan. 19— Visited the people of our count of their labours at their re Congregation at Black Town: neither spective Stations.

are these people so open with me as

they were with Mr. Sawyer. On the Rev. William Sawyer's re

Jan. 20–Made a journey to Poona

mallee, to visit our School and Congregaturn to England, the Rev. P. P. tion there. In the forenoon, I read Schaffter, who had shared Mr. Bä- Prayers and a Sermon, in Tamul, to a renbruck's labours at Mayaveram, Congregation of more than thirty persons, removed to Madras, and took charge who were attentive, and seemingly valued of the Native Congregations and the preaching of the Word of God. After Seminary which had been under Mr. the Sermon, I proposed some questions

and gave some exhortations to four Na. Sawyer's care. The general state

tive Women, who were desirous of Bapof the Congregations and Schools tism, and for that purpose receive daily will be seen

from the following instructions from our Catechist stationed (RECORD, April, 1830.]



-“ Who gave


there. After dinner, I visited the per our souls depends. I tried also, assisted sons belonging to our Congregation, as by Christian, Catechist, to make them Mr. Sawyer was used to do. I fear that feel the importance of Christian Baptism, many of them received me with more cus and the great responsibility connected tomary kindness than real Christian love. with it. To all this they gave very satis

Jan. 21, 1829– I went to see Br. Kind- factory answers, always expressing a linger, a Missionary of our Society, who great desire to become Christians. After came yesterday from Pulicat, and is now this, Christian, Catechist, who has atvery ill at Mr. Bannister's. Though he tended them ever since they have been is under great bodily pain, yet he is re under instruction, at my request, exa-. signed and composed.

mined them on Sacred History, the Fall Jan. 24 — Four persons, who have of Man, the consequences of the Fall, been now for three months under in the coming of the Redeemer into the struction, were brought to me by Chris- world, His life, His death, His resurrectian, Catechist : they first repeated the tion, His ascension, and the spreading of Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Gospel through the world ; and, by and the Creed, which they know per the answers which they gave, I was confectly by heart: I then proposed to them firmed in my opinion, both that Christian, many questions on the fundamental truths Catechist, is an active and able Assistant, of Christianity, to which they answered and that these Candidates were really dein a very satisfactory manner. On my sirous of learning the way of Salvation. asking them what made them desirous to At this examination, a great number of the become Christians, one of them said, “I poor people at Cunshee Totty attended. wish to save my soul.”.

Feb. 4 Had a conversation this you first the desire to save your soul ?”— morning with two Young Men from Chit

Nobody," he said: “I felt that desire for tore. One of them, already a Christian, some time before I knew any thing of has been brought to the knowledge of the Christianity.” After some more con Gospel by Mr. Dacre, late Judge in that versation with them, they asked me if place : the other, still a Mahomedan, I would not soon baptize them : has, as he told me, a serious desire to which I said, that they ought still to become a Christian also. He said, that, learn diligently for some weeks, and to beside him, there were, at Chittore, three pray to God to enlighten their minds by of his Relations who had made up their His good Spirit; then, if I found that minds to leave Mahomedanism, to become they had attended to my advice, I would Christians, if they could find a way to do not refuse to admit them into the Chris. He is a pleasant and intelligent tian Church, by the Holy Sacrament of Young Man; and, as he reads Tamul very Baptism. I had already seen them be- well, I gave him a Gospel and some fore; and intend to visit them several Tracts in that language, in order that, times more, before I baptize them. After by it, he and his Relations might become these people were gone, another Hea- better acquainted with the way of Salvathen came to me, who also was desirous tion : his present knowledge of it is still of becoming a Christian. I examined very defective. After having examined him, as I had done the others; and dis. him, and given him some further instrucmissed him with the same hope. It tion on the various fundamental truths of would be a great joy to me to continue the Christian Religion, I advised him, if to instruct, and afterward to baptize he had no means of being instructed at these people, if I had a full persuasion Chittore, to bring his Relations to Madras, that they are converted to God.

that I might become better acquainted Jan. 28–Visited and examined four with them and instruct them; to which of our Tamul Schools, near Madras : he assented. a few of the Children read very well ; but Feb. 7-This day was one of blessing all have been neglected in committing and of much joy for me and for the whole their catechisms to memory. Christian, Congregation, I had, for the first time an old Catechist, was with me. I saw in my life, the unspeakable comfort of also, on my way, some people belonging receiving three Heathens, a man forty to our Congregation.

years of age, a woman, and her little girl, Jan. 31–Went to see our Candidates into the Christian Church by Baptism, for Baptism, at Cunshee Totty; and besides two Roman Catholics, who were examined them again on the principal also received with them. These people truths of Christianity, on the experimen had been under instruction while Mr. tal knowledge of which the salvation of Sawyer was here. After the Service

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was over, they came to me, two of them At the request of our suffering Brother, remarkably affected, and assured me that I read a Chapter to him and prayed with they had taken the firm resolution, with him, feeling, as before, that the Lord was the help of God, to live agreeably to the present with us : soon after, he became Religion which they now profess. very restless; and difficulty of breathing,

Feb. 14, 1829— I went again to see which had already troubled him before, our dear Brother Kindlinger: he was increased, nearly to suffocation. In this much worse than yesterday, and visibly alarming state, he often wished to sit up, drawing near the end of his pilgrimage; and soon to lie down again. Mrs. Kindbut though under much pain, and in a linger desired me to call Mr. Bannister. very oppressed state, when I came into In this distressing state, our Brother his room he reached out his hand to me shewed great resignation : he often lifted as usual, saying, “I am very happy to up his hands, and said,

O God! Thy see you: I am more and more convinced will be done: do not permit me to murmur. of what I told you some days ago—that Lord Jesus! come !-come soon !" none but the Divine Physician can cure Mr. Bannister gave him some medi.

I feel much worse to-day than ever cine, which eased him for some minutes : I felt before. I am not able now to give he repeated to him some of the most conyou proper directions for visiting and ex- soling passages of Scripture, and some amining our Schools at Pulicat; but if I Hymns calculated to compose and cheer am better to-morrow, I will do so." After his mind: our suffering Brother evia little repose, he told me to read a Chapter dently enjoyed in his soul the great and to him, and to pray with and for him: I precious promises which were presented read the 23d Psalm, and recommended to him. The Physicians who know how him in prayer to the most tender care to minister to the wants of the soul, as of our sympathizing Saviour; feeling all well as those of the body, are a great this time very deeply the reality of what blessing to mankind. I prayed again the Apostle says, If one member suffers, with our Brother; and before five o'clock all the members suffer with it. I found in the morning some of his friends came that I could with perfect confidence com to see him, but he was too weak to mit our suffering Brother, and his deeply speak much to them, though he was apafflicted Partner, to the tender care of parently in the full possession of his Jesus the Redeemer of his soul, assured senses. All the following day he was much that the present limited suffering was in the same state, breathing weak, and the nearest road to bring him to his inhe- with the greatest difficulty; and at nine ritance. The peace expressed on his coun o'clock in the evening le expired. He tenance, after prayer was ended, shewed was a humble, patient, and active serthat his soul derived comfort from it, and, vant of God, deeply interested in the for a while after, he seemed to be on the salvation of the Heathen. His desire was whole much better than before; but Mr. to leave this body and to be with Christ; Bannister told me that his recovery was but, at the same time, he was anxious to now beyond possibility. Mr. Bannister be made a useful instrument, in the hand thought, also, that it was time to declare of God, for the salvation of many souls. to Mr. and Mrs. Kindlinger the reality April 9— In the evening attended with of his case. After some very suitable our Seminarists, for the last time, the words to prepare their minds to hear this Lecture of the Venerable the Archdeaimportant communication, he told him, con at Vepery Church. He has kindly that, in all probability, he was drawing undertaken to deliver, twice-a-week, a near his end, Mr. Kindlinger heard these Course of Lectures on the Evidences of words with perfect composure of mind, Christianity, and on the right method of without surprise, and like a man who longs studying the Scriptures, intended chiefly to leave this body and to be with Christ for the improvement of the Catechists

It is true,” he said, “I have no claim and Seminarists belonging to Vepery and of my own to be admitted into heaven; Perambore Mission. He explained the but I rely on the grace of my faithful subject to them, in a simple style, and in Saviour.”

To Mrs. Kindlinger, who was a manner most adapted to their capacity; deeply affected by this declaration, he and then asked them questions, and catesaid, “God will care for you. I am com chized them. I used the next day to forted : I go to my Heavenly Father.” go over the Lecture again with our SeAbout half-an-hour after, our dear Brother minarists; and, in this way, I am hapbecame so weak, that I really thought he py to say they derived a great deal of was dying.

information, calculated to establish them

in their faith, and to make them more fit and our Redemption by Him, their coun. for the work which they are intended for. tenances changed, some scorned, and

April 25, 1829 — Last evening I left others went away. We preach Christ Perambore, accompanied by three of our crucified; to the Jews a stumbling-block, Seminarists, to visit and examine our and to the Greeks foolishness. After the Schools in and near Pulicat, which had Examination, returned to Pulicat, and been established and superintended till examined our two English Schools there: now by the Rev. J. Kindlinger.

some of the Girls read and write well; This morning I preached, in Tamul, to and some of the Boys have been instructed a Congregation of about 200 Native Chris in Grammar and Geography by Mr. tians, and baptized 7 children: these Kindlinger, and have laid a good foundapoor people shew, by their attendance on tion. After this, I visited Mr. KindlinDivine Worship, that they are sensible of ger's Compound School: 30 Children were the loss which they have sustained by the present, of whom 10 were Girls. It is a death of Mr. Kindlinger, their former great pleasure to examine this, as it is by Minister.

far the best Native School of Mr. Kind. In the afternoon, I attended Divine linger's, and probably one of the best in Service performed in the Portuguese Lan- India : a great many Young Children read guage by our Catechist.

as fluently in Tamul as Catechists; they April 26 --This morning, at half-past write any sentence in sand and on ollas, four, I set off, accompanied by our without fault; and they repeat their Ca. Seminarists, from Pulicat, to visit some techisms as fluently as I ever heard. This of our Schools. Before six o'clock we School is much superior to the others, arrived at Thatta Moonshee School: we from its being in the Compound of Brother found our Children together in the School Kindlinger, who used to employ his leiHouse, 33 in number: I examined them sure hours among the Children.— I was on all the subjects which they had tired when I came to this School, but learned while under Mr. Kindlinger : it was quite revived in going through the appeared that much pains had been taken Examination. with this School. Many of the Children After dinner, I went, with our Catewere reading the New Testament very chists and Seminarists, to Pulicat First well, and a still greater number repeated School; where we found 30 Children, all their Catechism fluently. I catechized Heathen, except one, who is a Mahomethem; and then addressed some Heathen dan. This School is much inferior to the who had come into the School to see the former : it being about a mile from Mr. Examination, Before ten o'clock I arrived Kindlinger's house, he had not so much at Peramboodoo School, and examined it; opportunity of visiting it as the one in but did not find it in so good a state as the Compound. the one above mentioned : its being fur We examined, the same evening, Edither from Pulicat may account for this, mony School, where 32 Boys were preAfter this, I examined Peranjampoorum sent: many of them read the Gospel and School, which I found in no better state repeated their Catechism fluently, and five than the former: the Schoolmaster is a write a good hand. Brahmin ; and 24 Children were present. The thought that I had this day seen I returned home about three o'clock, ra more than a hundred poor Heathen Childther fatigued, for the heat was excessive. ren receiving Christian Instruction, filled

April 27-Early this morning, I went, my mind with comfort and joy. It is imwith our Catechist and two of our possible that all this instruction be lost; Seminarists, to visit Coromandel School : for our Brother Kindlinger imparted it in 33 Boys were present; 10 of whom, at faith in the promises of God, .and with least, are Mahomedans, and the others prayer for His blessing. Heathen, with a few Roman Catholics. April 28 — Visited the remainder of The Children read the New Testament, our Schools attached to the Pulicat and repeated their Catechisms very flu- Mission; and in the evening set off for ently, but with the very worst pronuncia- Madras. tion. I catechized the Children on the June 14-Service, for the first time, Attributes of God, and on the subject of in the little Chapel at Poonamallee, our Salvation by Christ. As long as I since it has been rebuilt by our Native spoke of God and His Attributes, the Ma Association, assisted by the kind help of homedans, who came to h:ar the Exami some Gentlemen. This little Chapel was nation, shewed a good deal of attention; first erected by the Rev. W. Sawyer; but as soon as I began to speak of Christ, but, as the walls were then only of clay,

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