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ABEEL, Rev. D., at Kúlángsú... 50511 Boats ordered from the river.... 355
Adams, J. Quincy's letter.. 274||Bogue forts attacked...... 580
Admiral Wú visits Kearny. 333|Bogue to be blockaded.. 470
Alphabet of the Mantchous. 430||Bombay schooner, notices of.... 303
Amaurosis, cases of....

661||Books on coast, distribution of.. 131
American ships Panama and Kos- Books of the Mantchous .... 429

578||Boone, Rev. W. J., at Kúlángsú 505
Amherst's, lord, embassy... 83|| Boone, Death of Mrs..

Amherst's return from Peking.. 85 Bourchier, captain, report.

Amherst, ship sails for the coast 7||British authorities in China... 54,114
Amoy, the capture of the city... 148| British factory, quarrels of.... 2
Amoy, the defenses of.... 294 British Seamen's hospital. 191
Amoy, notice of city of.. 504|British forces, advance of... 477
Aʼnhwui province, topography of. 307 British subjects expelled Macao. 462
Ann, brig, particulars concerning 682 British subjects banished.... 244
Archives of the Mantchous ... 433||Brown, Rev. S. R.'s report..

Argyle's boat, the loss of the.... 81||Burial ground in Macao..

Argyle, the loss of reported to the Burman envoy dies at Peking. 24

Arms of the Mantchous. 431||Cabinet ministers at Peking... 53
Army, instructions for an 487|Cabinet, members of the..... 296
Army of the Chinese. ... 470||Calendar for the year 1842.. 52
Army lists in China...

602||Callery's Systema Phoneticum.. 388
Army, the British in China. 510|Campbell's sergeant, narrative... 395
Attack on British ships.

58 |Canal, notices of the Grand.... 564
Attaran schooner lost.

354||Cancer, extirpation of a.. 666
Autumnus' boat fired on. 183||Cannon, manufacture of new.... 64
Aviary of the late T. Beale..... 59|Canton at the mercy of English. 581

Canton ransomed....

BANNERS of the Mantchous ..... 431||Catholic priests expelled Macao. 21
Bath, description of a Chinese. . 215 Challaye, adventure of A. C..... 120
Beale, death of Thomas.. 59||Chamber of Com. regulations of. 242
Bean curd, mode of making. 320||Chandeliers of the Mantchous ... 428
Beds of the Mantchous... 428 Chandoo or prepared opium.... 587
Belleisle, troop ship arrives.. 676||Chapel for foreigners..

Belligerent parties, state of..... 280|Chápú, Mantchou Tartars of.... 425
Bentinck, brig, alias the Plover.. 397||Chápú, capture of city of.... 342
Bentinck's letter to gov. of Canton 2 | Chápú, military state of.

Bilbaino, the Spanish brig, burnt 469||Chápú, its situation....

Birth, a triplicate....
10 Chárhár, department of.

Blockade established..

525||Chau Tiéntsióh's memorial. 354
Blockade of the Bogue. 52 Chekiáng, topography of..., 101,102
Boats for foreigners.

259 || Chief supt.'s office abolished. 189,193

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1774 1704


Child of the Ocean, a river...... 374| Davis' qualifications for writing. 82
Chili province, the topograply of. 438||Davis writes to Palmerston... 75
Chinese national character..... 480 Davis becomes pres. of factory.. 6
Chinese lang., helps to study... 388 Decorations of the Mantchous.. 430
Chinese put Canton in defense.. 582||Defenses about Canton...... 182
Chinese schools at Penang.. 176 Demands of the plenipotentiary. 512
Chinese Repository begun. 9 Dent, Mr. Lancelot, donation... 544
Chinese thieves at Amoy,. 150||Dent, Mr. Lancelot, dananded.. 356
Chinhái, the fall of..
61||Dicey's narrative...

Chinhái, authorities at.

115 Diseases, list of cases and.. 670
Chinhái, an attack on... 233 Dragon boats, racing of... 436
Chinkau, destruction of opium at 458 Dreams of the Red Chamber. 266
Chinkiáng, the battle of.... 512,518|Drought in Canton....

Chinkiáng, the department of... 220||Duties on British ships revoked.. 24
Cholera, instances of the... 130,679 uuties on the local commerce... 183
Chrestomathy, a Chinese. .. 157,223
Chú’s-lt-gov. admonitions to people 12 EARTHQUAKE in Yunnan.. 21
Chuenhiu, an ancient king.. 616|Earthquake in Macao.... 520
Chuenpi, naval battle of.. 469 Easy Lessons, notice of the.. 389
Chuenpi attacked and taken... 578 Eclipses of the sun and moon...

Churchill, death of lord John. 525 E. I. Co.'s rights in China cease.. 24
Chusan, government of.... 627 Edge-tools, mode of sharpening. 326
Chusan, recapture of..... 60||Edwards A. P. seized by Chinese 586
Chusan, authorities at.

115|Edwards, Robert, postmaster. 240
Chusan evacuated...

579||Elliot advises gov. Tang,........ 196
City-gate, notices of a visit to... 124 Elliot's remarks on going to Can-
City gates, scene at.. 26,287 ton...

Coasting vessels noticed. 15| Elliot allowed to go to the city. 245
Cochinchina, insurrection in... 20,22||Elliot's movts. regarding peace. 581
Cochinchina, king of...... 400,675 Elliot, capt. leaves ('anton.. 410
Cochinchinese language. 450||Elliot and Bremer loave China.. 584
Cochinchinese envoy from Hué.. 21 Elliot reported to the court,.... 242
Co-hong, the evils of the...' 351 Elliot becomes cliet sup.... 189,195
Commerce, plans for extending.. 128 Elliot's interview with Říshen 579,644
Commercial houses, foreign. 55 Ellis, roy. mar. capta, report. ... 157
Commissioners, Hi-ngan, &c.... 10 Emperors of Ming dynasty. 592
Commissioners, their conduct... 571 Emperor's birthday anniversary.. 131
Commissioners, the joint..... 515 Emperor's rescript upon treaty.. 629
Commission of H. B. Majesty... 248|Empress, death of the....... 19,524
Commission of H. B. M. its policy 122||Erigone, French frigate. 64,397
Commission of H. B. M. extended 188| Evacuation of Chuenpi. 578,644
Commission, changes in H. B. M. 128|| Expedition, second, its strength. 526
Committee of Correspondence.. 244|Expeditions, the three..... 526
Committee of roads, lands, &c.. 240||
Condition of affairs in China.... 76|FABLES of the poet Sú Tungpú. 139
Confucius, life of....

411||Factories, three, in Canton burned 687
Constellation, reminiscences of.. 329||Fairy, the brig, lost on coast. ...

Constellation, U. S. frigate. 183||Falsehood, an instance of.

Consuls, list of foreign... 55||Famine in Kiárgsi..

Coolidge, J. carried into city.... 582||Fankwei, remarks on the term.. 325
Coronor's inquest by the Nánhái 355 Farewell, Gough's to the army... 688
C:adles of the Mintchous.... 427 Fast for the inundation.

Crimes of the British... 522 Fatqua's hong shut up:

Currency, regulation of the..... 129 Finance com. of E. I. C. exit of the 470

Fitzgerald, tomb of It. Edward... 50
Davis' Sketches of China ...... 81/Flags in Canton struck,.. 355

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