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of the Nine first Chapters should have been, Of the Neceffity of immediate Revelation. p. 22. 1.11. befeeches. p. 75. 1.9. the Law. p. 104. 1.14. the Gospel. p.107. 1. 20. is what. p. 109. 1. 30. perception. p. 110. p. 20. on our. P.113. 1.20. Man-Chrift. p. 126. 1.6. by the Light's firring, moving and enabling. p. 149. 1. 20. that is, it is. p.150. 1.16. it had. p. 170. 1.14. Water-Baptifm. p. 179. 1.8, 10. fo baptized. p. 185. 1. 35. Neceffity of the Spirit of Difcerning for P.194. 1.27. a rule. p. 197. 1. 19. that Her. p. 198. 1. 29. by him. p.199. 1. 30. d. makes. and read which makes. p. 210, 1. 12. believes. p. 231. 1.2. import. P. 232. 1. 29. extend this. P. 235. l. 11. d. Holy. p. 270. 1. 2. d. Of. p. 282. 1. 24. par







The State of the Queftion concerning the Neceflity of immediate Revelation in order to a faving Chriftian Faith.


HE Controverfies between us of the Established Church of England, and the People called Quakers, are not only many in Number, but of very great Importance. I fhall therefore endevor in the following Papers to ftate and determine the Principal of them.

Now the first Point about which we differ, is concerning the Neceffity of immediate Revelation in order to a faving Chriftian Faith. With this therefore I fhall begin.

And that my difcourfe upon this Head may be the better understood, I think it neceffary for me to premise a few things.

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