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anal crime,

The anahor of the olden time!

r How calon and firm and trece,
andpothest by its

He walled the dark earth through
The wash af kroer, the home of pain,

the thresund unan sin
around him, het no prues to stain

the pearity within. with that days insight which detects

great things in the smail Und knows how each marts life alteets

The spiritual life of all , he walked by faith and not by sight,

By Love and not be law;
The presence of the firmy or sight

he mather fath tham saw.

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He felt that wong

with wrong pastikes, That nothing stands alone, That whose gives the motive , makes

brothers sin his owne and, pousing ned for doubt and chrine

of wits great or small,
a listmed to that innand voice

which called away from all. Chi Spirit of that early day to pure and strong

and tous, Be with us in the narrow

Our faithful fathers know.
Live strength the evil to forsake,

The cross. Insta ty bear
And love and severent gear to make

Gebore lives

home daily

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