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Preach'd before the

University of Oxford,

Or before the






Formerly Preacher to that Honourable
Society, and now Rector of BODDINGTON
in Northamptonshire.

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Printed for JONAH BOWYER, at the Rose in

St. Paul's Church Yard, 1724.

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Here present the Reader with another Volume

of Sermons, long since preach'd before the fame Learned Auditories that the Others were ; being thereunto led, not only by Private Friends, but also by the Judgment of some who are, and others who very lately were, very defervedly in the higheft Stations of the Church.

It may perhaps be taken Notice of, that I multiply Sermons on the same Text; and I acknowledge that I have still been very apt fo to do:


he Church

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Not out of any Affectation; but because I always found, that there was scarce any Subject in Divinity which I at any Time chose to treat of, that I thought I could do any tolerable Justice to, in so short a Time as Custom allows us for one single Sermon. Variety and constant Change is, I know, most grateful to Itching Ears, but not most Useful to Serious Hearers or Readers, who ponder Things in their Hearts. Nor can I conceive why the Prosecution of the same Subject in several Sermons, under several New Heads of Discourse, should be more Improper, or more Tedious and Unacceptable, than


any Book divided into several Sections, all relating to the fame general Subject, and carrying on the fame Design.

And there is one Thing farther which I must own to the Reader, That fome of the Discourses which I now offer him, as (upon an accidental Delay,) they lay by me all the last Year, under my Eye, ready prepared for the Press, have received the Addition of fome New Thoughts; Chiefly some of the Four First Sermons, which are all upon the Subject of Death; as is also a Part of the Last Sermon. This is a Subject fo fuitable to my Age, that I could not but indulge my Thoughts a little

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