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ÉNTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS, In the year 1831, by Daniel Appleton, in the Clerk's Office of the District

Court of the Southern District of New-York.





&c. fc. foc.

My LORD, In contemplating the publication of this volume, Į was anxious that it should go forth to the world under the auspices of some illustrious individual well known for his love to evangelical truth, and his zeal in the cause of Protestantism.

With these views, I was induced to seek your Lordship's patronage, and now avail myself of the permission so readily and condescendingly granted.

Your Lordship is fully acquainted with the the. ological errors and pernicious tendencies of Popery, and its effects in the sister country. In striving to counteract the influence of that baneful system on the minds and morals of the people, your Lordship's talents and energies have been most usefully employed; especially (may I be allowed to say,) in the dissemination of the pure word of God, and the scriptural education of the poor.

The favourite sentiment of our great naval hero is frequently brought to your Lordship’s recollection. IRELAND, too, “expects every man to do his duty." Nor can he be worthy the name of a patriot who does not exert his best efforts for the diffusion of the principles of Protestantism ; since the religion of the Bible, understood and practised, and “ the Bible only is the religion of (Protestants,'') is the best pledge of peace and good order, and the surest source of a nation's prosperity.

May your Lordship long be spared to enjoy the high privilege and refined bliss of Christian exertion, and to support, by your patronage, your example, and your benevolent aid, those institutions which are the glory of the present age, and the true bulwarks of the land ? I have the honour to be,

My Lord,
Your Lordship’s much obliged

and obedient servant,



MR. BUTLER maintains, in his “Book of the Roman Catholic Church," that, "in every religious controversy between Protestants and Roman Catholics, the following rule should be rigidly observed:-'That no doctrine should be ascribed to the Roman Catholics as a body, except such as is an article of their faith.

Protestants have no objections to meet their opponents on their own terms. The articles of faith of the Roman Catholic church are to be found in its accredited creeds, catechisms, formularies, and decrees. These received the finishing touch at the council of Trent. The doctrinal decisions of that assembly are held sacred by every Roman Catholic, in every country.

In compiling this small volume, the author has aimed to delineate the theological system of the Romish church, as definitively and authoritatively settled at Trent, and exhibited in the decrees of the council, its catechism, and the creed of Pope Pius IV. He has also endeavoured to render the work interesting to general readers by interweaving historical sketches, illustrative of the spirit and tendency of the sentiments maintained by Roman Catholics. The whole is intended to present a picture of Popery as it is, fairly and faithfully drawn.

J. M. C. St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, May 20, 1831,

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