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72 Prayed for as a gift from God.103 Salvation from God against 73 It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. enemies, cause of joy. 74 Love to God is evidenced by 104 God's vengeance upon his and

keeping his commandments, his people's enemies, cause

and loving his servants. 1 , of joy. . 75 Love to Christ enforced by|| 105 God's word, cause of joy.

promises. Page 202|106 God's providential govern76 Prayers for them that love ment, cause of joy.Page 207 Christ.

| 107 Temporal deliverances of 77 Love to Christ enforced by God's church, cause of joy. threatenings.

|| 103 Spiritual blessing's conferred 78 Enforced by the exam- on the church, a cause of re

ple of God the Father. 1. joicing 79 - Enforced by the exam- 109 God's work of creation, cause ple of the church of God.

of joy. 80 Enforced by Christ's love to 110 Worldly prosperity from the his church.

hand of God a cause of joy. 81 Obedience to Chris: the evi-|

Page 208 dence of love to him. 111 Rejoicing in God in time of 82 Hating God, threats against worldly adversity, it.

Page 203|112 Comfort and consolation from 83 Hating Christ.

God promised. Page 209 84 Desiring God.

||113 God satisfieth. Page 210 85 Thirsting, longing for God 114 Delight in God,

and the things of God, pro-||115 Things of God delighted in by mises to such.

his people. 86 Joy in God. Page 204|116 Delight in Christ, 87 Joy in God through Christ. 1117 Glorying in God..

88 Persons encouraged to rejoice 118 Sinful glorying of the wick. . in God are the righteous.


Page 211 89 The meek.

119 Boasting in God. 90 Those that seek God. 120 Sinful boasting of the wicked 91 Those that trust in God. 1121 Hope in God and Christ. 92 Those that hope in God.

Page 212 93 Those that have faith or be- 122 The hope of the wicked, lieve.

123 The expectation of the righte94 Joy promised.

ous from God. 95. Things of God rejoiced in are 124 The expectation of the wickChrist. Page 2051 ed.

Page 215 96 The Holy Ghost.

1125 The righteous wait for God. 97 God's worship.

Page 216 98 The worship of God fixed a 126 The wicked wait not for God.

cause of rejoicing. 1127 Submission and resignation 99 God's presence with his peo- to God, the language thereple, cause of joy. Page 200 of.

Page 217 100 God's love and care of his|128 Relying upon God.

people, a cause of joy. 129 Trusting in God and Christ. 101 Godi's mercy, a cause of joy.

Page 218 102 Help and strength from Codil 130 Confidence in God. Page 22 } a cause of joy.

131 Confidence in God a security

against the fear of evil from ,,162 Persons whose praver shall man.

Page 222 be heard. 132 The confidence of the wicked. ||163 The divine influence in pray133 Assurance of the righteous. er, the Spirit's assistance. 134 Seeking God commanded. 164 Prayer to be made in the 135 God is to be sought with all I name of Christ.

the heart. Page 223165 Prayer to be made in faith. 136 Promises to them that seek

Page 232 God.

166 - With sincerity of heart, 137 Prayers for them that seek|167 With love to God. God.

1168 - With the fear of God. 138 Examples of God's people 169 — With obedience to God.

seeking him. Page 224170 - With humility, confes139 The wicked seek not God. sion, and turning from sin. 140 - Seek not God aright.

Page 233 Threats against them. ||171 — With forgivenesstoward

Page 2251 men. 141 Drawing near to God. || 172 With alms & good works. 142 Coming to God. Page 226173 _Must be frequent, fervent

Through Christ. L and importunate. Page 234 Come to Christ.

||174 Prayer with tears. 143 Following God.

175 Private prayer. 144 Christ.

176 Public prayer, a part public of 145 Forsaking God, threats.P.227|| worship. Page 235 146 Departing from God.-Not|177 Directions concerning the departing, instances.

words or expressions to be 147 Backsliding from God.-Pro used in prayer. Page 236 mise.

| 178 Of the gestures of body us148 The wicked go aside, go a3-) ed in prayer.

tray, err, wander, turn a-1179 Things to be prayed for. . way from God.

| 180 The Lord's prayer, a model, 149 Confession thereof. 181 Spiritual blessings, wisdom

Page 228 and grace to be prayed for. 150 Threats.

182 Such earthly things as are 151 Worship due to God only. agreeable to God's will, and

Angels not to be worshipped submission to it. 152 How God is to be worship- 183 Daily bread to be prayed for. ped. Page 229

Page 237 153 Worship offered by the wick- 184 Health and deliverance ed unacceptable to God.

from sickness. 154 Fasting appointed of God. 185 The prayer of the poor heard, 155 Fasts extraordinary and mi-||186 Intercessory prayer, raculous kept.

|| 187 For whom we ought to pray. 156 Fastiug acceptably. ||188 For the church of God. 157 Fasts of the wicked. Pa. 230|189 Instances of such prayers · 158 General occasions of fasts.

Page 238 159 After being defeated by en-||190 For enemies. emies.

||191 Instances of such prayers. 160 Judgments threatened. ||192 Motives to prayer, it is a 161 Discretionary fasts. Page 231|| commanded duty.

193 God promiseth that he will, 219 For the obedience and faith of

hear prayer. Page 2391 Christians as owing to God. 194 God hath heard prayer. ||220 For God's care of his church 195 Testimony of God's people,

Page 231 that he hath heard their|221 For God's great and marvelprayer.

I lous works. 196 Their expectation that God 222 For God's marvellous acts will hear their prayer.

upon the bodies and minds 197 Their intreaties that their of mankind.

prayers may be heard. ||223 For daily bread. Page 252 198 Their grief at not being||224 For deliverance from trouble heard.

and affliction. 199 The efficacy of prayer, mira-||225 For deliverance from ene. cles wrought by it. Pag.2401 mies.

Page 253 200 Armies defeated by prayer,||226 Honourdueto God, and claimand God's people delivered.

l e d by him. 201 Prayers against evil from 227 God is honoured by acts of · enemies.

Page 24111 worship, praise and thanks. 202 Prayer in trouble, instances 228 By holiness of life in his thereof.

Page 242 people. 203 Prayerless persons, or not|229 By his people in keeping the praying. Page 2431 Sabbath.

Page 255 204 The prayers of hypocrites. |230 By acts of charity and mercy 205 The prayers of the wicked to the poor.

not acceptable to God.P.244 231 Honouring Christ, motives 206 Praise and thanks due unto to it.

God, and required by him|232 The wicked dishonour God,

from the righteous.Pag.245 and are punished. 207 Praise from the wicked un-233 Glorifying God. .

acceptable to God. |234 Christ glorified God on earth 208 The wicked, their unthank-||235 Men glorify God by praise fulness.

and thankfulness. Page 256 209 Praise must be frequent. ||236 By faith. 210 Praise must be with sincerity.||237 By good work. 211 God prepareth his people 238 By various duties.

for his praise, or the divine 239 Doxologies, or glory ascrib

influences therein.Page 246) ed to God in worship 212 Thanks to God through||

Page 257 Christ.

||240 God is glorified in the restor213 Praise is a part of public ation and prevalence of true

worship. Page 247|| religion among his people. 214 Of singing the praises of

Page 258 . God.

Page 248||241 The wicked glorify nut God, 215 Subjects of praise God's) and are punished.

goodness and niercy. P.249||242 God is glorificd in the des216 Praise for Christ.

truction of the wicked. 217 For blessings from God by || 243 Sanctifying God. Page 259

and through Christ. Pa,250244 Threais against those who 218 For God's will revealed.

sanctify not God. Page 260 CHAP. XV. Characters good and, 27 The ministry, a mean of per

bad, with promises and threats. | fection. Sect.

28 Promises to the perfect. 1 Godliness in heart and life. 29 Instances of persons called 2 Promises to the godly.


Page 268 3 Means of godliness given. || 30 Hypocrisy forbidden.

Page 260, 31 Marks of hypocrites, Pa. 269 4 Godliness misrepresented. 32 Threats. 5 Ungodly described by their 33 Hypocrites hurtful to men. practice.

1134 The heart of the righteous to6 Threats against the ungodly." ward God, the whole heart 7 Righteousness required.

or sincerity in duties. Page 261

Page 270 8 Promises to the righteous of:35 Pure heart. peculiar favour from God. 36 Perfect heart.

Page 26237 Upright heart. 9 Promises of blessings to the 38 Singie heart.

righteous, as the conse-| 39 Clean heart. Page 271.
quence of righteousness by40 Broken contrite heart.
the appointment of God. | 41 Duties respecting the heart.
Page 2631

Page 272 10 The righteous shall be deliver-142 God taketh notice of the heart. ed from enemies.

43 God influenceth the hearts of 11 The death of the righteous the religious. - Page 273 blessed.

|| 44 God's judgments on the hearts 12 The righteous blessed after) of the wicked. Page 274. death.

Page 264/45 Satan influences the hearts of 13 Uprightcousness forbidden. I the wicked, instances thereof 14 Threats against the unrighte-46 An evil heart described. ous.

47 The hearts of the wicked. 15 Pardon promised to those that 48 Keeping a good conscience. forsake unrighteousness,

Page 275 16 Zeal a duty-\Vant of zeal. || 49 A good conscience how at

Page 265 tained. 17 Upright.

50 Natural conscience, instances 18 Promises to the upright.P.266 of the force thereof. 19 Uprighwess prayed for, and 51 A weak conscience not to be

prayer for the upright. I wounded. 20 Integrity.

152 Of an evil conscience. 21 Particular instances of integ-||53 Serving God commanded. rity.

54 - With the heart. 22 Sincerity.

55 With suitable dispositions of 23 Perfection a commanded duty. heart.

Page 276 Pagu 267 56 God's servants, promises to 24 Directions for attaining per- them.

Page 277 fection.

157 God's servants, prayers for 25 Means of perfection, are, them.

Page 278 God and Christ.

| 58 Not serving God, threats. 26 The holy Scriptures, a mean |

Page 279 of perfection.

159 Obedience to God commanded.

60 Universal obedience requir-!| 86 The righteous walk not in 1 ed.,

Page 27911 darkness, Page 291 61 Obedience required with an 87 The wicked and their works

high esteem of God's law. I called dead, the righteous 62 - TVith resolution of heart. il are alive from the dead. 63 Ability for obedience promis. 88 Works of the devil, children ed.

Page 2801 of the devil. 64 Ability for obedience prayed| 89 The righteous have no fellowfor.

Page 281) ship with the children of the 65 Ability received from God devil. acknowledged.

90 Works of the flesh, living af66 Instances of obedience.

ter the flesh. Page 292 67 Promises to the obedient. 191 Lusts of the flesh, forbidden

Page 282 to Christians. 68 Threats against the disobe- 92 Lusting after women. dient. Page 284

Page 293 69 Obedience to Christ comman-| 93 Lusting after meats and drinks ded.

94 The evil of lusts. 70 Promises to them that obey| 95 Corruption prevailing. Christ.

Page 285 96 Confession of corruption, 71 Promises to them that over- 97 The righteous not corrupt. come temptations in obcy

Page 294 ing Christ.

| 98 Defilement of sin. 72 Disobedience to Christ, | 99 Threats against it. threats.

|| 100 Uncleanness of sin. 73 God will render to mankind 101 Confession of uncleanness.

according to their works,|102 Promises against uncleanness. good or bad. Page 286||

Page 295 74 Good works commanded. ||103 Directions against it.

Page 287|| 104 Threats against it. 75 Ability for good works pro-105 Pollution. mised.

|| 106 Filthiness, 76 Promises to the performance 107 Directions.

of good works. Page 288108 Promises. 77 Examples of good works. 109 Threats. 78 Omission of good works, 110 Vileness.

Page 296 threats.

lui Confession of vileness. 79 Shunning evil and doing|112 Abominableness. good commanded.

||113 Promises to the just, and 80 Promises to them that do prayers for them. Page 297

good, that do well. ||114 Threatnings against the un81 Evil doers, their works to be just. avoided.

Page 289|115 The unjust hurtful in the 82 Evil doing, the character ofil earth. the wicked.

116 The general character of a 83 Threats against evil-cloers. | good man's walk and life. Page 290

Page 298 84 Darkness and the works/117 Promises to the good. thereof.

118 Evil imen.

Page 299 85 Threats against them. l119 Perverseness.

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