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This little book grows out of the experience of four generations, of which the last three have so overlapped as to be, practically, one long pastorate of nearly four-score years. These texts, topics, hints, and arrangements of Scripture have taken, in our work, the place of other funeral forms. For, after a thorough examination of all the published manuals which are accessible to American clergymen, we found so much that was incoherent, or abrupt, or unsuitable, that we were driven directly back to the Word of God itself.

We have aimed to supply a practical want in a practical way. It will be seen that we have endeavored to make a convenient volume for the pocket ; whose Services will be easily read in a darkened room ; whose Topics and Texts may be an instant .help in any emergency; and whose discussion of the important theme which has pro

duced it, will lead to hopefulness and comfort in the valley of the shadow of Death.

May it be as the “ hyssop that springeth out of the wall”—a living thing from the sepulchre to sprinkle cleansing upon the customs of our grief.


SAMUEL W. DUFFIELD. March, 1882.


THE “ Burial of the Dead” has so far fulfilled our expectations that a new edition has been deinanded within three months from its first appearance-the first edition having been exhausted. For the kind words of our brethren of all denominations, and for the hearty approval given to our work by the religious, and even by the secular press, we return our thanks. We have increased the value of the book by a careful scriptural index, embracing every quotation and reference. If it is found that in the prac. tical use of the services and topics there are improvements to be suggested, we shall always be pleased to receive any such helpful criticism, directed to the care of Messrs. FUNK & WAG



New York, August, 1882.

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“But for thee, O Saviour, the grave-stone, the earth, the coffin, are no bounders of thy dear respects; even after death and burial and corruption, thou art graciously affected to those thou lovest."-Bp. Hall: Lazarus Dead."

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