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Copies issued.
Zurich Bible Society, 1812.....

Berg Bible Society, at Elberfeld, 1813.

Coire Bible Society, 1813..

St. Gall Bible Society, 1813..

Schaffhausen Bible Society, 1813..

Danish Bible Society, 1814, with Auxiliaries (10,135 copies in 1889). .to 1889 404,788
Geneva Bible Society, 1814...

Hamburg-Altona Bible Society, 1814..

Hanover Bible Society, 1814, with Auxiliaries..

Lausanne Bible Society, 1814...

Lubeck Bible Society, 1814..

.to 1885, about 40,000
Saxon Bible Society, 1814, at Dresden, with Auxiliaries..

Aargovian Bible Society, 1815.

Bremen Bible Society, 1815, with an Auxiliary.

Brunswick Bible Society, 1815..

Icelandic Bible Society, 1815...

Netherlands Bible Society, 1815, with Aux's (77,309 copies in 1892). 1892 2,151,820
Schleswig-Holstein Bible Society, 1815, with Auxiliaries....

Strassburg Bible Society, 1816.

Frankfort Bible Society, 1816..

Lauenburg-Ratzeburg Bible Society, 1816.

Lippe-Detmold Bible Society, 1816.

Neufchatel Bible Society, 1816..

Norwegian Bible Society, 1816.

to 1891 530,274
Rostock Bible Society, 1816...

Waldensian Bible Society at La Tour, 1816.

Berne Bible Society.

Eutin Bible Society, for the Principality of Lubeck, 1817.

Hesse-Darmstadt Bible Society, 1817, with Auxiliaries..

Waldeck and Pyrmont Bible Society, 1817..

Eisenach Bible Society, 1818... 1885, about 15,000
Göttingen Bible Society, 1818..

.to 1885, about 41,000
Mulhausen Bible Society, 1818.

to 1885 61,071
Hanau Bible Society, 1818...

Hesse-Cassel Bible Society, 1818...

Protestant Bible Society at Paris, 1818 (8,414 copies in 1890). .to 1890 896,604
Leipzig Bible Society, 1818... 1885, about 35,000
Glarus Bible Society, 1819...

Ionian Bible Society at Corfu, 1819...

Marburg Bible Society, 1819...

to 1885 22,450
Colmar Bible Society, 1820..

to 1885 97,741
Duchy of Baden Bible Society, 1820, with twenty-four Auxiliaries..

Anhalt-Bernburg Bible Society, 1821...

Weimar Bible Society, 1821...

Bavarian Protestant Bible Institution at Nuremburg, 1823, with Auxiliaries.. 432,584
Stavanger Bible Society, 1828..

French and Foreign Bible Society at Paris, 1833, with Auxiliaries..

Antwerp Bible Society, 1834..

Belgian and Foreign Bible Society, at Brussels, 1834.

Ghent Bible Society, 1834....

Anhalt-Dessau Bible Society, 1836.

Belgian Bible Associations, 1839..

Altenberg Bible Society, 1854..

to 1885 24,100
Bible Society of France, 1864..

to 1886 558,149
Russian Evangelical Bible Society at St. Petersburg, 1831, with Aux's to 1886 1,025,467
Imperial Russian Bible Society at St. Petersburg, 1868..

.to 1891 1,457,805
Halle Bible Society, printing only for other Bible societies, to 1885, 6,350,000

The total of the above issues, it will be found, is over two hundred and thirty-
seven millions of Bibles, Testaments, and Portions, distributed through the agency
of Bible societies alone since the year 1804.

The American Bible Society is a charitable institution, whose sole object is to encourage a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures without note or comment.

Its endeavors are directed primarily to the circulation of the Scriptures in all parts of the United States and Territories, by sale at cost to all who are able to purchase, and by free gifts to the destitute.

As opportunity offers it extends its influence to other countries, Christian, Mohammedan, and pagan, to the end that the Scriptures may be translated into all the languages of the earth and distributed as widely as possible.

It invites the contributions and co-operation of all who accept the Bible as their rule of life, and believe that every human being is entitled to know what it teaches concerning truth and duty.

Contributions may be sent through its auxiliaries, or directly to its Treasurer, Mr. William Foulke, Bible House, New York.

The following suggestions in regard to the drafting of Wills are made for the information of those who desire to leave bequests to the Society, and thus to perpetuate the work when their own personal efforts are ended:

FORM OF A BEQUEST. I give and bequeath to the American Bible Society, formed in New York in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen, the sum of

to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes of said Society.

In case it is desired to give real estate, the above form can be made to read:

I direct my executors to sell [here describe the land], and I give and bequeath to the American Bible Society, formed in New York in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen, out of the proceeds thereof, the sum of

to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes of said Society.

The Society is incorporated by a special act of the Legislature of New York, passed March 25, 1841, and has by subsequent legislation received further powers. In 1888 it was authorized to take, receive, and hold any personal or real property by gift or grant, bequest or devise; and gifts and grants, bequests and devises, of personal or real property may be made directly to the Society, or to it in trust for any of the purposes comprehended in the general objects of the Society, and such trusts may continue for such time as may be necessary to accomplish the purpose for which they may be created. It is, however, provided that every such bequest or devise by residents of the State of New York shall be subject to the provisions of the Act of April 13, 1860, whereby it is enacted that

“Yo person having a husband, wife, child, or parent, shall, by his or her last will and testament, devise or bequeath to any benevolent, charitable, literary, scientific, religious, or missionary society, association, or corporation, in trust or otherwise, more than one-half part of his or her estate, after the payment of his or her debts (and such devise or bequest shall be valid to the extent of one-half, and no more.)”

The Society, by the general and special powers given to it by the Legislature of New York, can, in the absence of local statutory restrictions, take and hold real estate in other States by gift or devise.

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The facilities of the Society for circulating the Scriptures were never greater thau now. Through auxiliary societies, through benevolent and missionary organizations, through varied instrumentalities and agencies, it is holding forth the word of life for the people of the United States and of the world.


The Society is thoroughly unsectarian. Its entire work is essentially gratuitous aud not remunerative. It has made grants to mission churches, Sabbath schools, hospitals, and asylums, in all parts of the land. It has supplied hundreds of thousands of volumes to immigrants as they reached our shores, and hundreds of thousands more to the freedmen and it has paid special attention to the wants of the North American Indians. It has also prepared at great expense the entire Bible in raised letter for the blind.

WORK OF SEVENTY-SEVEN YEARS. In seventy-seven years the Society has issued 56,926, volumes of the Holy Scriptures, in ninety-five languages and dialects, thus blessing by its ministrations every quarter of the globe.

The following is a comparison of the issues of the Society in three periods of twenty-five years each:

In the first period of 25 years, the total issues were 2,798,368
In the second period of 25 years,

In the third period of 25 years,

32,448,136 During the third general supply of the United State begun by the Society in 1866, and the fourth supply, begu in 1882, the aggregate number of families visited was 11,761,416; and 350,061 of these found destitute of the Scriptures were supplied.

FOREIGN WORK. The expenditures for foreign work in the year ending March 31, 1893, were $132,602 10; and in the last ten years the cash outlay in foreign lands has been $1,479,740, besides what has been expended at the Bible House printing the Scriptures in foreign languages for cirou tion abroad.


The Society needs and seeks the sympathy, the prayers, and the.

stantial support of all denominations of Christians.

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