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law, eye-ball, haply, happily, | pail, pale, pall, peal, peel, pile, pill, pillow, plea, plough, pole, poll, pull, pully, up-hill, uplay, wabble, weighable. 095- Isabella. Sable, sea-pool, sibyl, spell, spile, spill, spoil, spool, supple, supply. 0095-Seizable.

96-Wabash. Abash, apish, apogee, badge, bashaw, batch, beach, beachy, beauish, beech, bewitch, bosh, botch, botchy, boyish, budge, bush, bushy, pacha, page, patch, peach, pish, pitch, pitchy, poach, podge, pouch, push. 096-Specie, waspish. 97-Polk, Puck. Aback, aping, back, bag, bake, balk, bang, beak, beck, beg, being, big, bog, boggy, book, bowing, buck, buck-eye, bug, buggy, bung, buying, ebbing, epic, epoch, heaping, hooping, hoping, hopping, obeying, opaque, paca, pack, pang, peck, peg, pica, pick, pig, pike, poke, pug, puke, weeping, whipping, wiping. 097-Icy Peak. Sipping, sobbing, spake, speak, speck, spewing, spike, spiky, spoke, supping, sweeping, zebec. 98-Beef, bee-hive, behave, behoof, behoove, bevy, buff, byview, pave, puff, upheave. 098-A wise bevy. 99-Pope. Babe, baby, baubee, beweep, bib, bob, bobo, booby, bub, hubbub, pap, papa, papaw, peep, pip, pipe, poop, pop, poppy, pup, puppy.

099-A wise booby.

100-Theseus. Atticise, daisies, decease, diocese, disease, doses, hot-houses, out-houses, phthisis, thesis, wood-houses. 0100-Sadducees, South-seas.

101-De Soto, Tuesday. Atheist, attest, audacity, daisied, deceit, decide, deist, dost, dust, dusty, educed, outset, outside, tacit, taste, tasty, teased, test, testy, theist, twist. 0101 Sawdust,



102-Addison, Hudson. Design, disown, dozen, out-zany. 0102-Citizen. 103-Atheism, deism, dismay. 104-Desire, dicer, dis-heir, douceur, dozer, howitzer, outswear, teaser, wood-sawyer, days of yore. 0104-Seducer, soothsayer. 105-Thessaly. Dazzle, docile, head-sail, hideously, odiously, outsail, outsell, outswell, tassel, teasel, thistle, thistly. 0105-Stay-sail. 106-Dis-edge, wood-sage, wood107-Itasca. Desk, disk, dosing, sash, a witty sage. dusk, dusky, phthisick, task, teasing, tossing, tusk. 108-Adhesive, deceive, disavow. 0107-Soothsaying. 0108-Satisfy. 109-Thisbe. Disobey. 110-Dead Sea, Titus. Dates, debts, deduce, deeds, deities, dodos, dots, dough-heads, duteous, duties, idiots, oddities, tattoos, tedious, tides, tithes, toadies, toads, toddies. 0110-States, statues, studious. 111-Diodati. Attitude, dated, dead-weight, dead-wood, debted, dittied, doted, dotted, doubted, dutied, edited, hotheaded, out-date, out-witted, tattooed, toothed, twitted. 0111-Hesitated, situated, stated, statute, studied. 112-Otaheitan, Titan, Titania. Deaden, detain, dittany, outdone, tighten. 0112-Southdown.


113-Day-time, diadem, te deum, tedium.

0113-Seed-time. 114-Auditor, auditory, dater, daughter, deter, detour, dodder, doter, doubter, eddy-water, editor, head-tire, outdare, tatter, tawdry, tea-tree, tether, tetter, theatre, thither, tighter, tither, tutor, twitter, white water, withdraw.




stater, statuary, stature.
Deadly, detail, diddle,
doodle, outdwell, tattle, tidily,
tightly, title, toddle, twattle,

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0115-East Hadley, South Hadley. Citadel, sedately, staddle, stately, steadily, stoutly. 116-Death-watch, detach, dotage, toadish, a wet ditch. 117 Dating, dieting, doting, doubting, editing, idiotic, outdoing, out-talk, tautog, teething, tithing, tooth-ache, toothing, wood-duck. 0117-Hesitating. 118-Additive, auditive, auto-dafe, dative, a dead foe, a white dove, a witty thief. 0118-Sedative. 119-Dye-tub, out-top, tied up. 120 - Adonis, Athens, Danes, Downs, Tennessee. Audience, dance, dens, dense, dunce. duns, eye-witness, haughtiness, headiness, heathenize, heathens, hotness, tansy, teens, tennis, tens, tense, thence, tines, tones, tons, tunes, twins, weightiness, wetness, whiteness, white-wines, witness.

tuned, dainty, dandy, daunt, denote, dent, denude, dint, dough-nut, donned, down-weed, dunned, heightened, high-toned, out-wind, taint, tanned, taunt, teint, tend, tenet, tenth, tinned, tint, to-night, tuned, twenty, twined, twinned, whitened, widened, wood-note, a wet night.


121-Dante, Dundee. Adaunt, atoned, attained, attend, at

0121-East-wind, Ostend, Southwind, West-wind. Astound, hastened, hesitant, satinett, stained, stand, stint, stoned, stunt, sweetened. 00121-Assistant, sustained. 122-Etnean, Athenian. Eightynine, tannin, tenon. 123-Atheneum. Out-name. 0123-Stoneham, Sydenham. 124-Atoner, deanery, denier, dinner, donor, dunner, tanner, tannery, tenor, tinner, tuner, whitener.

0124--Hastener, stainer, stoneware, sweetener. 00124-Sustainer.

125-Daniel. Denial, down-haul, down-hill, thinly, tunnel. 0125-Stanley. Stone-wall. 126-Danish. Dingy, dunnage, tench, tinge, tonnage, twinge. 0126-Astonish, staunch, stench, stingy. 127-Atonic, atoning, attuning, dank, dawning, deigning, dining, donkey, dunning, ethnic, hoodwink, tanning, think, tink, tinning, tunic, tuning, twang, twank, twining, widening. 0127-Satanic, staining, stoning, sweetening.

0120-Scythians, Siddons. Acid-00127-Sustaining.

ness, hastiness, hesitancy, sad-
stone-house, stones, sweet-


128-Do enough, a weighty knife, a witty knave. 129-Danube. Twin-boy. 0129-Stanhope.

130-Adams, Thames. Atoms, dames, demise, dimes, domes,

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mach. 138-Admove, tumefy, a weighty move, a white muff.


Damp, dump, dumpy, thump, a white map. 0139-Stamp, stump, stumpy. 140-Darius, Hatteras, Taurus,

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Thrace. Adders, authoress, authorize, authors, dairies. dairyhouse, dears, deers, diaries, doors, dowries, draws, drays, dress, dressy, dross, drossy, dyers, eaters, haters, hatters, heathers, hydras, odorous, odors, otherwise, others, tares, tears, terrace, terreous, theories, theorize, terse, thrice, tiaras, tierce, tires, tories, trace, trays, trees, tress, treys, trice, trios, truce, truss, waiters, wheat-ears, wea

therwise, wethers, a white horse.

0140-Astor House, Zuyder Zee. Oysters, satirize, sea-otters, stairs, stars, store-house, stores, straws, stress, suitors. 00140-Seceders, sisters. 141-Druid, Edward. Adored, adroit, athwart, authority, dared, dart, dearth, deride, dirt, dirty, dorado, dowered, dread, drought, dryad, hatred, hightowered, hitherto, hydrate, iterate, odorate, out-herod, outright, out-rode, out-rood, outward, tardy, tared, terwhit, thereat, thereto, therewith, third, thirty, thread, threat, throat, throughout, thwart, tirade, tired, towered, trade, trait, tread, treat, treaty, tret, triad, tried, trite, trod, trode, trot, troth, trout, troy-weight, turret, uttered, watered, weathered, withered. 0141-Saturday, Stuart. Asteroid, astride, austerity, eastward, historied, saturate, southward, steered, steward, stored, storied, straight, strait, strata, street, stride, strode, strut, sturdy, sweet-heart, sweet-root, westward, yesterday. 00141-Sisterhood. 142-Adrian, Darien, Turenne, Turin. Adorn, attorney, darn, drain, drawn, drone, etern, hawthorn, out-reign, out-run, outworn, tern, terrene, therein, thereon, thorn, thorny, throne, thrown, train, trine, triune, tureen, turn, tyranny, waterhen.

0142-Austrian, Saturn, Sterne. Astern, citron, eastern, historian, southern, steerin, stern, strain, strown, western. 00142-Cistern.

143 - Diorama, dram, drama,

dream, term, theorem, thrum, trim, wood-worm. 0143-Sea-term, storm, stormy,

stream, streamy. 144-Drury, Etruria. Adherer, adorer, attirer, darer, drawer, drear, dreary, drier, out-roar, tearer, terror, thrower, waterer. 0144- Starer, steerer, storer, strayer. 145-Hyder Ali, Tyrol, Waterloo. Dearly, drawl, drill, droll, ethereal, otherwhile, outer-wall, thoroughly, thrall, thrill, trail, trial, trill, troll, trowel, truly, twirl, utterly, water-wheel. 0145-Australia. Astral, austerely, easterly, cider-oil, southerly, westerly. 00145-Sisterly.

146-Dirge, dredge, outrage, outreach, targe, thrash, thresh, thrush, torch, trash, trashy, trudge, waterish. 0146-Ostrich, starch, steerage, storage, sweet-rush. 147 Draco, Drake, Turkey. Adoring, attiring, daring, dark, darkey, day's-work, dirk, doorkey, doric, drag, drake, drawing, drug, head-work, out-work, tarring, tarrying, tearing, tiring, theoric, trachea, track, treague, trick, trochea, truck, trying, turkey, uttering, water-hog, watering, water-oak, weathering, withering. 0147-Awe-struck, historic, satiric, staring, stark, starring, steering, stork, straying, streak, strike, string, stroke, strong, struck, strung. 148-Derive, drive, drove, dwarf, tariff, terrify, thereof, thrive, throve, trophy, turf. 0148-Historify, starve, strive,

strophe, strove.

149 Derby, Euterpe. Drab, drape, drip, droop, drop, headrope, thereby, throb, tow-rope,

trap, tribe, trip, tripe, troop, trope. 0149-Oyster-pie, satrap, stirrup, strap, strip, stripe. 150-Tallahassee, Thales, Toulouse. Atlas, dailies, delays, dells, dials, hatless, headless, hotels, idealize, idolize, idols, outlaws, tails, tales, teals, thills, tiles, toll-house, tolls, witless, woodless, wood-louse. 0150-Stay-lace, styles. 00150-Society Isles. 151-Toledo. Addled, adult, athlete, daylight, delight, delude, dilate, dilute, dolt, dull-eyed, huddled, outlawed, outlet, tailed, tallowed, tiled, tilt, tilth, toilet, told, tolled, twilight, utility, waddled, wattled, wheedled, withheld, withhold. 0151-Hostility, settled, stealth, stealthy, steeled, stilt, styled, subtlety. 152-Italian, Toulon. talon, white lion. 0152-Stallion, stolen. 153-Ptolemy, Talma. Dilemma, a dull home, a white lamb. 154-Delaware, Taylor. Dealer, delayer, dollar, dolor, dweller, idler, tailor, teller, tiler, tiller, 0154-Settler, stealer, stellar, suttoiler, wheedler, a witty lawyer.



155-Day-lily, a tall hill, a white lily, witty and loyal. 156—Deluge, idolish, talliage, theology, tillage. 0156—Osteology, stylish. 157-Dallying, dealing, delaying, dialogue, doling, dwelling, headlong, hidalgo, huddling, idling, italic, outlawing, outlook, talc, tallying, telling, tiling, tilling, toiling, tolling, waddling, wattling, wedlock, wheedling, witling. 0157-Stealing.

158-Delf, delphia, delve, outlive, | 0171-Seed-coat, staked, stockade, twelve. stocked, waistcoat.

159-Dewlap, outleap, tulip, a

tall boy.

0159 Saddle-bow, seed-lobe, steel-bow.

160-Adages, audacious, dashes,
dishes, ditches, doges, duchess,


0160-Cetaceous, seditious, stage-
house, stages, stitches.

161. Attached, dashed, digit, dished, hot-shot, out-shoot, outshut, thatched, two-edged, wetshod, white-washed.

Attacker, dagger, decayer, decker, decree, decry, degree, dicker, digger, headgear, outcry, outgrow, tacker, taker, tiger. 0174-Stalker, stoker. 175- Dangle, day-coal, dingle, dog-hole, ethical, tackle, thickly, tickle, tingle, wood-coal, a white gull.

162-Titian. Addition, adhesion, adjoin, edition, outshine, tuition. 0162-Stygian. Citation, hesita-0175-Stickle, stoical, zodiacal.

tion, sedition, station.

163-Weighty gem, witty chum.
164 Adjure, ditcher, dodger,
dowager, teacher, thatcher.

165-Dashall. Techily.
166-Adjudge, a Dutch Jew, a
witty judge.

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167-Attaching, dashing, dishing, ditching, dodging, teaching, thatching, touching, twitching, white-washing, wood-chuk. 0167-Staging.

168-Dash off, a witty chief. 169-Headship, toy-shop. 0169-Eastcheap.

170-Dix, Tagus, Twiggs. Ade-
quaey, attacks, attics, decks,
docks, dog-house, dogs, doings,
eating-house, ethics, haddocks,
hat-case, tacks,twigs, white-wax.
0170-Hastings, Styx. House-
dogs, hustings, stags, stalks,
sticks, stings, stocks, stoics.
171-Addict, adequate, attacked,


dogged, decade, decayed, decked, decoyed, docket, dog-wood, doquet, ducat, edict, educate, etiquet, tacked, tacket, thicket, ticket, tucket, wood-cut, woodgod.


Deacon, taken, theogony, thicken, token, yatighan. 173-De Gama. gum, witty game. 0173-Stockholm. Stigma, sweet

Dogma, white

176-Doggish, dog-watch, wood-
coach, weighty cash.
177-Attacking, decaying, deck-
ing, decoying, docking, ducking,
heath-cock, out-going, tacking,
taking, thwacking, tucking,
0177-Seed-cake, stacking, sta-
wood-cock, a white cuckoo.
king, sticking, stinging, stock-
ing, sweet-cake.

178 Outgive, take off, a wet cave, a white calf.

179-Take up, tea-cup.
0179-East Cape.
180-Davies, Davis, Dives. Ad-
vice, advise, adviso, deface, de-
vice, devious, devise, diffuse,
dove-house, doves, edifice, out-
0180-Staffs, stuffs.
face, thieves, typhus, white-face.
181-David, Tophet. Daft, davit,
defeat, deified, deviate, devoid,
devote, devotee, devout, edified,
out-feat, out-fit, out-vote, taf-
feta, theft, tuft, typhoid, white-

0181-Acidified, stuffed.
182-Dauphin, Devon. Advene,
deafen, define, divan, divine,
out-fawn, tiffany.

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