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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.

Memoir of Mr. Jolin Joseph Stevenson 449 Meeting of the Eastern (Sonth Wales)
The Ganpowder Treason.
452 Association

479 On Covetousness..

460 Baptist Education Society, AbergaPoetry.. 462 venny


ORDINATIONS, &c, Writers on Church Reform..... 463

480 Burls' and Wood's Sermons

468 Yarcombe, Devnu Aids to Developinent .. 469


IRISH CHRONICLE... The Sabbath Scholar's Friend




Mrs. Sarah Smith



Port Maria (Jamaica)


List of Foreign Letters lately received 489
History of the Baptist Charches in Nova
Scotia ...



West Middlesex Missionary Uvion.... 489
Recent Death
474 Winchcomb..

489 Sattees 474 Oxfordshire..

489 Address of the Committee of the Se. New Mill (near Tring)

490 ciety for Promoting Ecclesiastical Contributions ....

490 Knowledge 479 To Correspondents


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Publislied by GEORGE WIGUITMAN 24, Paternoster Row.
Sold by MARPLES, aud GRAY, Liverpool; WIKIN, and KITTON, Norwich; Pan-

509S & Co., Bristol; Brown, Vigan; ISKLRSLEY, Bradford; BUTTERWORTII,
BirininghalR; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Ycovil; Tous, Taanton;
SAMUEL HORSEY, jan. Fortsca ; RUSHER, Reading; D) 451, ktering;llall,
Madsiune; WITTE SURE, Brighton; AUG & INN", Edinburzlı; and

Pired by Lililou ('0. Ol1 Brey.


Communications have been received from Messrs. T. Wood, Dr. Winter, B. H. Clift, James Wright, B. Arnold, R. Joyce, Thomas Bickham, J. H. Brooks, J. Reynolds, J. R. Blakely. Also from J.-Q. R.-P.Q.--A Minister, and Ignotus.

We are obliged to W. G. for his communication, and shall be still further obliged if he will favor us with his Address.

J. T. L. bas referred us to the Epistle and the verse, ou which he invites the remarks of our Correspondents, but he has omitted to mention the chapter.

Scrutator's Letter is inadmissible.

Fen Court, Oct. 24, 1829. Subscriptions received during the month for the ( Bath ) Aged and Infirm Buptist

Ministers' Society.
Rev. William Jarman, London....

1 1 0
Joseph Ivimey, Ditto

1 10 John Chin, Walworth

1 1 0 George Francies, Snow's Fields..

1 1 Nathaniel Tidd, Croydon.......

1 1 0 Richard Skilliter, Great Gransden

1 0 Isaiah Birt, Hackney

1 10 Samuel Cooper, Wallingford

1 10





1. Lord's Day Morning.-Salters' Hall, Rev. J. Mack, of Clipstone.

Lord's Day Afternoon.-Salters' Hall, Rev. J. Mack.
Lord's Day Evening. -- Lower-street, Islingt Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes-

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. J. Denton, Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rev.
J. Campbell. Union-street, Borough, Rev. C. Woollacott. Stepney Meet-

ing, Rev. J. Hoppus, A.M. Higli-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. 3. Tuesday Morning.--New Broad-street, Dr. Winter, “ Christians excited to

the practical remembrance of important Principles." 6. Friday Evening.-- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. I. Mann, A.M. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter.
8. Lord's Day Morning Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.

Lord's Day Afternoon.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.
Lord's Day Evening. --- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. A. Tidman. Shakes.

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. C. Hyatt. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rer.
Dr. Henderson. Union-street, Borough, Rev. W. Broadfoot. Stepney
Meeting, Rev. R. Davis. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. James.

New Works lately published by George WIGHTMAN,

24, Paternoster Row. Second Edition, in one vol. 12mo. with a Portrait, and a Map of the Burman

Empire, price 5s. A MEMOIR of Mrs. ANN H. JUDSON, Wife of the Rev. ADONIRAM JUDSON, Missionary to Burmah : including an Account of the Commencement and Progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire. By James D. KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

“ This is one of the most interesting pieces of Biography which has ever come under our notice. It possesses all the interest of fiction, the stirring qualities of romance. It excites emotions of the intensest order, while it communicates those principles of wisdom

and piety which are of the highest importance to the happiness of man.”—Particular Baptist Magazine, July.

“We have no doubt the Memoir of Mrs. Judson, including, as it does, the history of the American Mission to Burmah, from its commencement to the present time, will receive a most cordial and universal welcome."-Baptist Magazine, June,

“ It is a work replete with valuable materials, and one which will furnish an important addition to our stock of Christian Biography. Sincere and unaffected piety appears in every page, accompanied with an ardent desire to spread among the heathen the unsearchable riches of Christ."-Imperial Mag. Sept.

WILBUR'S REFERENCE TESTAMENT, FOR BIBLE CLASSES. In 12mo. Second Edition, from the Sixth American Edition, with three Maps,

price 4s. boards, or 4s. 6d. in sheep, THE REFERENCE TESTAMENT; being the common Version of the New Testament, with References and a Key of Questions, Geographical, Historical, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental ; designed to facilitate the acquisition of Scriptural Knowledge in Bible Classes, Schools, Sunday Schools, and Private Families. To which is added, Outlines for Bible Class InstructionTable of Proper Names, accented for correct Pronunciation--Geographical Table-Chronological Table-Table of Reference to the Prophecies-and a Miscellaneous Table. By Hervey WILBUR, A.M.

This Edition contains correct Maps of the Land of Canaar; the principal Travels of our Saviour; aod the Voyages and Travels of St. Paul; which will greatly increase the utility of the Work.

Also may be had separate, for the particular use of Sunday Schools, The GOSPEL according to St. MATTHEW, upon the same plan as the above, with a Key of Questions, Geographical, Historical, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental, &c. &c. In a stiff cover, price 6d.

USEFUL TABLES and MAPS, prepared to accompany the above ; consisting of a Table of Proper Names, accented for correct pronunciatiou-Geographical Table-Chronological Table-Table of Reference to the Prophecies-a Miscellaneous Table, and a Map of the Land of Canaan-of the principal Travels of our Saviour--and of the Voyages and Travels of St. Paul.

In a stiff cover, price 1s.

“ This is, without exception, one of the most complete editions of the New Testament, on a small scale, that has yet issued from the press; and cannot fail, under the divine blessing, to promote a personal knowledge of divine truth. On every verse of the text appropriate inquiries are suggested to the 'reader, by means of references to a key appended to the volume. The tables are got up with great judgment and care, and will be found extremely useful, not only to the youthful reader, but also to the more advanced Christian.”. Christian Recorder, March 19, 1829.

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Works published by George Wightman :-continued.

A consider able Allowance to Persons purchasing Quantities for Gratuitous Distri-


Reasons for Early Piety
Vanity of Youth
Twelve Reasons against Sabbath Breaking
Solemn Address to the Spectators of a Baptism
Way of Salvation..
Now or Never..
Reasons for Believers' Baptism
The Mourner Comforted
Worth of the Soul
The Strange Sight
Conversion of John Price
Poor Joseph....
Scriptural Baptism
The Day of Salvation...

12 The Great Error Detected

12 A Compendious View of the Nature and Importance of Christian Baptism. By D. Taylor. 3d.

Professed Believers in Jesus Christ the only proper Subjects of Baptism, and Immersion in the water the only proper mode of Baptizing; in two Essays. To which are added Thirteen Queries on the Mode of Baptizing. 4d.

A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Kidd, on his Misrepresentations of the Sentiments of the Antipædobaptists, including a Review of his Treatise on Infant Baptism. Is.

Pengilly's Scripture Guide to Baptism. Is. 6d,
Pike ou Christian Baptism. od.
Craps on Baptismal Regeneration. 6d.
Rogers's Queries on Tufant Baptism Answered. 1s.6d.

Kinghorn's Brief Statement of the Sentiments of the Baptists on the Ordinance of Baptism. 2d.

Arguments in Support of Infant Baptism from the Covenant of Circumcision
Examined and shewn to be invalid. By the same Anthor, 4d.

Scriptural Arguments on the Divinity of Christ. By Ditto 3d.
Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Isaac Slee. By Ditto. 6d.

A. Scripture Manual, or a Plain Representation of the Ordinance of Baptism. By Samuel Wilson. 3d.

A Scripture Manual of the Terms of Communion in the Primitive Churches, designed as an Appendix to the above. 3d. or both together in a stiff cover. 60.

Protestant Dissenters' Manual. 4 pages. 18. 6d. per hundred.
Dissenters’ Reasons for separating from the Church of England. By Jokes
Gill, D.D. 3d.

Happy Poverty and Christian Frugality, exemplified in the Life of George
Wildman. By Rev. J. Ivimey. 4d.

The Pastor's Mite; or a Seasonable and Affectionate Appeal to the Professed Followers of Jesas Christ. 60.

The Scriptare Standard of Religious Revivals, and the Means of Promoting them; a Sermon. By Enoch Crook. 6d.

Hargreaves' Address to Christians on the Propriety of Religions Pasts. 1s.
Lacey's Reflections on Scenes beheld near the Temple of Juggernaut, &c. Od.
Surprising Case of Rachel Baker. 3d.
History of the Rise and Fall of Popery in England. 12 pages. Id. or 6s, per 100.
The Young Cottager. By Legh Richmond, 3d.
A Call to the Unconverted, 2d. or 12s. per hundred.
The Farmer's Guide. By Rev. G. H. Watkins. Id. or 6s, per hundred.

An Humble Attempt to shew that the Law of God is a Role of Moral Couduct to Believers. By Thobias Goldsmith. 6d.

Memoir of Ephraim Ainsworth, of Amersham, by Rev. J. Stratham. 1$.
Achan in the Camp of Israel. By Rev. I. Mann. 6d.
Short Discourses on the Lord's Prayer. By the same Author. 2s.
A Narrative of the Life of James Downing (a Blind Man), composed by
imself in verse. 28.

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The Profis will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.

..., 523

Memoir of Mr. John Josepb Steven. Northampton Building Fund

522 soil

......... 493 Lincolnshire Home Missionary Society 523 Os Man's Repugnance to the Gospel.. 496 J.K. Hall's Address


On the Terms Reverend and Divine 503 Shepherd's Burton, Frome..
Ou the Style of the Evangelists...... 506 Ford, Bucks

Poetry ...
507 Salisbury....

Atch, Lench

Hempland, Stourbridge

524 Wood on Education ... 508 Notices

524 Jones's Lectures on the Apocalypse 513 Cottage Similes 515 IRISH CHRONICLE





History of the Baptist Churches in Nova List of Foreign Letters lately received 533

Home Proceedings,
Departure of Missionaries

Recent Deaths
520 Mancbester ....

533 Human Sacrifices in India 520 Contributions

534 Ministerial Support... 522 To Correspondents


... 529


The Widows who have usually applied at this season of the year for assistance from the Profits of the Magazine, will renew their applications if they have not yet done so. Direct to William BURLs, jun. Esq. 56, Lothbury; or Mr. JONATHAN DAW. SON, 36, Hunter Street, Brunswick Square.


Published by GEORGE WIGHTMAN 24, Paternoster Row.
Sold by MARPLES, and GRAY, Liverpool ; WILKIH, and KITTON, Norwich ; PAR-
SONS & Co., Bristol ; BROWN, Wigan;. IN KERSLEY, Bradford ; BUTTERWORTH,
Birmingham ; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Yeovil; Tous, Taunton;
SAMUEL Horsey, jun, Portsea; RUSHER, Reading; Dash, Kottering; Hall,
Maidstone; WITTEMORE, Brighton; WAUGA & INNES, Edinburgh; and
DroDALE & WEEKE, Dublin.

Printed by Littlewood of Co. Old Bailey.

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