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Offend her not! Bow to the radiant queen! We are so wearyYea, sick unto death—of war. Our Healer comesThe Great Physician. Let all rejoice and be glad. Let us join the song, Peace unto Thee! From the Seven Sacred Centers of regenerate human bodies; from the Secret Places of the Most High, where immortal Egos sit enthroned in the wondrous brain of man—the new Jerusalem—is heard the Divine Anthem. The music of the Spheres, out and out in realms of Cosmic Law, now becomes audible, and choruses with the redeemed and glorified earth. Flowers bloom fresh in her footsteps; The folds of her white garments are like "trailing clouds of glory." The co-operative commonwealth of humanity looms behind her. The bugles all sing truce along the iron front of war. Ironclads rust. Airships climb and climb into the ether, As if seeking the portals of the Celestial City. The trenches are covered with grass. Vines clamber over arsenals, Flowers bloom on deserted forts. Soldiers become men at home, field, shop, firesides, Women love and children play. "The ransomed of the Lord return And come to ZionWith everlasting joy upon their heads." And all over and about The air is full of the scent of flowers, And the trickling fall of fountains, And free men and women have started on the Great Adventure To find God.

"And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth," The old has passed away and the sun of righteousness arises with Healing in its beams.



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